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The L/L Research Transcripts

Table of Contents

The L/L Research transcripts are available for the following years.

Choose the year you are interested in from the list. You will then be offered a short description of the contents of each of the transcripts published that year, along with links to those transcripts.

Purchasing the archives in hard copy

Much of the archives are available in physical form via an 18-volume set which include all transcripts up to May 27, 2008. Please click here see our online store for instructions on purchasing these books.

About the publication of the Law of One transcripts

The LOO transcripts have been added chronologically, concurrent with the other regular channeling sessions of the same time period. As many of the Fragments published in Book V are additional material from earlier channeling sessions, you will find those Book V Fragments dispersed chronologically throughout the years 1981 to 1984.

In the English versions of the transcripts you will see navigation links on the Law of One transcripts (Previous LOO and Next LOO) in addition to the usual Previous and Next navigation links. These links allow you to move sequentially through just the Law of One transcripts, skipping any others that were channeled concurrently. If instead you wish to move sequentially through all the channeling sessions (both the regular and the Law of One sessions), use the Previous and Next links.

About the publication of the Channeling Intensives - Channeling Circle transcripts

Starting with the Channeling Circle 1 transcript of February 10, 2008, you will see navigation links on the transcripts from those Sessions (Previous CC and Next CC) that lead between successive Channeling Circle transcripts.

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