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The L/L Research Transcripts

January 4, 1974, Saturday Meditation

Oxal: I am a member of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of Our Infinite Creator. I am here, as are my brothers, to serve your people. This has been told you this evening. But there are some other things that should be told unto you at this time. We of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of Our Infinite Creator are here for another purpose. This purpose is to serve ourselves. For, my friends, in serving you, we serve ourselves.

January 6, 1974, Sunday Meditation

Oxal: We of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Father are here. We are here now. You can see us if you look for us. We are here now even more so than we were previously. We are here now because it is time for us to be here. Things are progressing now that we have spoken of previously. You will see many changes in the coming year. These changes will be both of a natural type and a man-made type. There are certain things that will take place. But do not be alarmed, for you will be with the Creator.

January 7, 1974, Monday Meditation

Hatonn: Your people are somewhat unique. We have visited other planets, and made contacts such as this one, and we are listened to, for they recognize truth when they hear it. The people of your planet do not seem to recognize truth as easily as the other peoples of which I just spoke. The peoples of your planet are quite hypnotized by a false illusion created by themselves.

January 8, 1974, Tuesday Meditation

Oxal: We of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator are here now. Now is an important time. It is time, my friends, for your people to be awakened. It is time for them to understand what is happening. They have slept for a long enough time.

January 10, 1974, Thursday Meditation

Hatonn: I am in a craft, high above you. I am aware of your thoughts, even though I am quite some distance above. I am, at this time, in a craft which is capable of interplanetary flight. This craft has been seen by some of your people. It will shortly be seen by more of them. It may shortly be seen by yourselves, if you look for it. The time is closely approaching now when we must be seen much, much more by the people of this planet.

January 12, 1974, Saturday Meditation

Hatonn: We, the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator, are waiting to meet as many of the people of your planet as would wish to meet us. The reaction of the people of your planet is quite varied [as] to their realization of our presence. Some of them seem convinced that we are here now. Some of them do not believe in us at all. That is exactly the condition for which we have strived. It is a condition which will produce a maximum effort on the part of the individual to seek: to seek the truth of our existence, or of our nonexistence. This seeking will lead him upon other ideas. These ideas have been presented in many forms in your literature in the past many hundreds of years.

January 13, 1974, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: I am speaking to you from a craft known to you as an “otevana.” It is a very, very large craft compared to your standards. It is several miles in length. We have been aboard this craft here above your planet for some numbers of years. It is like a world in itself, and is used for intergalactic travel. Aboard this craft we have all of the facilities that you have in your world, plus many others.

January 14, 1974, Monday Meditation

Hatonn: It has been the practice of the people of this planet to separate their thinking from the thinking of others. This is not a common situation. It is not a necessary situation. It is a false illusion. It is very simple, my friends, to rid yourselves of the illusion that your mind is a separate and unique entity. It is very easy to establish contact with us in the same way that this instrument has. It is only necessary that you first become aware of the creation in its true essence. This causes a variation in the attunement of your mind.

January 15, 1974, Tuesday Meditation

Hatonn: We are here to serve you. We will be here to serve you. We have been here to serve you. We are here to serve all of the people who wish our service. We cannot presume that our service is of value to all people in all places. Therefore, we can only offer what we have. You must accept or reject. Sometimes, you wonder why we give you what you might consider to be relatively elementary material, or material that is repeated. We do this because this is what it needed. In actuality, this is all that is needed. It is only necessary to learn to think in the original way planned by the Creator of us all to totally benefit from all of His gifts.

January 16, 1974, Wednesday Meditation

Hatonn: This instrument receives my thoughts, and relays them to you. These thoughts are not my exclusive property. They are the thoughts of an entire creation of our infinite Creator. It is not necessary for the instrument to be used for you to know these thoughts. They are available to all people in all places at all times, for they are the thoughts of the Creator. And these thoughts were meant for all of mankind, in all places. These thoughts are the thoughts with which the Creator created us.

January 17, 1974, Thursday Meditation

Hatonn: We of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator are preparing to launch a new attack upon your planet, an attack of love. If one is to attack with love, it is necessary that it be done with utmost care. The only possibility, if one is to attack with love, is that the ones attacked desire that they be attacked. More and more of the people of your planet have become aware of this attack. More and more of them are now welcoming this attack. For this reason, it is possible to accelerate our program.

January 21, 1974, Monday Meditation

Hatonn: My friends, of what substance is the universe made? We have told you that this substance is light. You may also call this substance energy, vibration [or] consciousness. And yet, my friends, by itself, this substance, this fundamental unitary substance would remain in an uncorporate state. The shaping force, my friends, is love.

January 21, 1974, Monday Meditation

Hatonn: Why are your people at this time not very interested in these thoughts? We have said, time and time again, that thoughts of this nature are what the people of this planet need. And yet they show very little interest. This puzzled us at first, until we became more familiar with the reasons for the thinking of the population in general of this planet. We are now aware of some of the problems involved in bringing truth and understanding to a people so very long in the darkness that has been generated by those that have gone before them in the history of this planet.

January 23, 1974, Wednesday Meditation

Hatonn: We of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator have used this method of contact in many, many places, with many, many people. Upon your planet at present there are people in almost all areas that are receiving our communications. There are many of these people who do not understand what is happening to them. They do not understand who we are, as do you. They simply receive communications. The reason they have no idea who we are is that they have no concept of people coming to them from the stars.

January 25, 1974, Friday Meditation

Hatonn: I would speak to you at this time concerning spiritual development.

January 26, 1974, Saturday Meditation

Hatonn: I would like to speak with you today about a subject that concerns your very near future. I would first like to speak to you about the definition of this term, “future.” You see the future as something that will come to you. We see the future as an event that is presently here. This is a difficult thing to translate into your language, but I will attempt to give you an understanding of what you know as time.

January 27, 1974, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: I and my brothers in space, as you call it, are here with you. Yes, we are here in space, and we are also here. This is a concept that is not too familiar with your peoples, that it is possible to be in more than one place at one time. However, we have told you that there is only one place. There is an ambiguity of concept when viewed from your limited state of awareness which you presently enjoy. However, it is possible to be, from your point of view, in two places or many places at one time. To us, they are all the same place.

February 1, 1974, Friday Meditation

Hatonn: We have stated this to you, but at this time I wish to state it once more: to serve you is to serve ourselves. This truth is not only what you might call a philosophical truth, it is also a truth that is of a direct physical nature. Its origins, although [they] may lie within the realms of the philosophical nature of the creation, do in fact take their action within what you know as the physical or material expressions of the creation.

February 2, 1974, Saturday Meditation

Hatonn: Service, my friends, is an extremely difficult task to perform effectively. It is necessary first to define the objectives of true service in order to understand how one may serve. There are two classifications under which all services may be divided. The first classification includes those services that are of a transient or unlasting nature. These are the services that you perform in your daily activities for your fellow man, and they are truly services.

February 3, 1974, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: There is no necessity to establish within one’s thinking an appreciation of self. For this presupposes that it is possible to separate self from the entire creation. If one appreciates any part of the creation, then one appreciates self, for they are one and the same thing. The elimination of the concept of self is an important one in your spiritual seeking. It is necessary only to appreciate the Creator and His product, the creation. In appreciating any part of the Creation, one must appreciate all parts, for they are inseparable.

February 4, 1974, Monday Meditation

Group question: Why do animals have to kill each other? Why do earthquakes have to kill people?

February 9, 1974, Saturday Meditation

Hatonn: Your desire, my friends, is the key to your existence. Your desire is extremely important, for the Creator planned that all of His children throughout all of the universe would get exactly what they desire. That is how the universe works. That is how the Creator planned it.

The people of your planet at this time do not understand this, though it is evident to us that this is the cause of all of the conditions that you enjoy on your planet. These conditions range from those that you would call enjoyable to those that you despise. However, my friends, all of these conditions are a result of desire. Man on Earth does not realize that he creates everything that he experiences through the mechanism of desire.

February 10, 1974, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: We of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator are here for this express purpose: to serve those who seek. Our service is, unfortunately, very limited, but these limitations are limitations impressed upon us by those who are dwelling upon your planet. We are limited to use of a channel such as this one in order to serve those of the people of this planet who are seeking our service: who are seeking truth.

February 11, 1974, Monday Meditation

Hatonn: This evening I would like to speak to you on the subject of light. We have spoken recently to you many times on the concept of love, and what this word really means. Tonight, however, I would like to speak to you on the subject of light.

February 11, 1974, Monday Meditation

Hatonn: I am aware of your thoughts. I will attempt at this time to speak to you on a subject that would concern you. This is the subject of landing one of our craft to meet you. This instrument is at this time questioning this communication. He has always questioned communications of this nature. But I can assure him that this is a communication from the one known as Hatonn.

February 13, 1974, Wednesday Meditation

Hatonn: We would prefer to speak with all of the people of this planet. However, there are many who would not wish to hear us. They would not wish to know us. And they would not understand anything that we said, even though, my friends, we are able at this time to use, fluently, any of your languages. It takes a considerable amount of time, as you know it, to establish a base for communication when the concept from which we generate ideas is as largely displaced from yours as is ours. When I say “yours,” I am speaking of the general basis for concepts of the majority of the people of your planet.

February 15, 1974, Friday Meditation

Hatonn: We realize the frustration encountered at times by those of your peoples who would seek higher spiritual life. But remember, it has been said that one makes his spirit—one makes his greatest spiritual strides during these times. Look upon your frustrations and doubt as spiritual tests. Look upon these as things to be overcome. It is a most interesting paradox that these great hardships can bring such great reward.

February 17, 1974, Sunday Meditation, H’s Meeting

Hatonn: We are attempting to bring to you one thing. We have attempted to do this in many ways, but still we have but one thing to bring to you at this time. We are bringing to you love. This is all that is necessary, for when you are able to receive this love, with it will come the understanding that many of you now seek.

February 18, 1974, Monday Meditation, First Meeting

Hatonn: We of the Confederation of Planets are aware of the trivial nature of the things that involve most of the people of your planet. Their things seem of great importance to them. However, the importance of their activities is a function of their inability to still their active minds, and return to the awareness of reality that is possible through meditation.

The activities that seem so important to the people of this planet at this time are so very transient as to be in reality negligible, as are all activities within the physical, except for that activity of service to one’s fellow man. For through service, one builds one’s awareness of truth. This is the reason for life, as you know it, in the physical.

February 18, 1974, Monday Meditation, Second Meeting

Hatonn: We of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator suggest that there are certain things that are important if you are to effectively meditate. The first and most important is that you allow the conscious mind to relax. It is necessary to relieve it of thoughts that are of a transient nature and we find that thoughts concerning most of the daily activities are of a transient nature.

February 20, 1974, Wednesday Meditation

Hatonn: I would address those of you at this time who are receiving conditioning. We are attempting to form the word “I.” We will attempt to form the words with your mouth that we are attempting to communicate to your mind.

This helps you to realize the thought that we are sending. In time, we are sure you will be able to act as an instrument to channel our thoughts to others. It would be of assistance if you could constantly remember why we are doing this.

February 21, 1974, Second Meeting, Thursday Meditation

Hatonn: I shall continue speaking through this instrument on the subject of desire, for this was a subject of interest, and there are a few points which should be investigated for further use in molding your daily activities.

February 22, 1974, Friday Meditation

Hatonn: [I am Hatonn.] … clear his mind, and not to analyze what is being said. I will continue, on the subject of desire. As I was saying, we cannot overemphasize the need to realize the truth that one only experiences what one desires. We realize this is a completely different way of thinking, on your planet, but it is necessary that you realize this.

February 23, 1974, First Meeting, Saturday Meditation

Hatonn: There will be conditions manifesting shortly upon your planet, conditions that will be obvious to many of the people of your planet. They will be conditions of physical change. These conditions will bring about much seeking among the peoples upon your surface for one reason or another. It will be that in this time there be many channels such as yourselves there to speak, using our thoughts, for we have an understanding of these conditions and of their consequence.

February 23, 1974, Second Meeting, Saturday Meditation

Hatonn: This evening I would like to tell you a story. This, I believe, is an interesting story, for it has several aspects. There once was a man who dwelled upon this planet who had such wealth he had what he thought to be great security, for with his wealth he was able to do or have done whatever he wished.

February 25, 1974, First Meeting, Monday Meditation

Hatonn: The religions of your world have, for the most part, eliminated the responsibility for individual seeking. This, however, is an extremely erroneous point of view. It is very necessary for the individual to seek truth, knowledge and the ultimate and supreme level of the Creator if he is to grow in strength and spirit and understanding and take at some future time his rightful position in the Father’s creation.

February 25, 1974, Second Meeting, Monday Meditation

Hatonn: The limits of what we wish to give you are always limited by those receiving. We can only transmit that which is acceptable to those who are receiving it. We cannot, shall I say, go over the heads of the receivers. For this reason, we are hopeful that the grades of people who receive our communication are not too mixed.

February 25, 1974, Third meeting, Monday Meditation

Philip of The Brotherhood of the Seven Rays: My friends, the Father is infinite and in everything you do and in everything you see and in everything you touch there is nothing but the Father. For He is and you are. He and you are one and I and you are one and we are all one, beloved ones. There is nothing else but the Father and I. When you go through your daily lives, know this truth. And demonstrate it in everything that you do. For this, my friends, is that which is truth. This is the truth that you seek. This the truth that we all seek. For when we know this, my friends, there is nothing else to know.

February 27, 1974, Wednesday Meditation

Hatonn: I would speak to you this evening on a subject that I am sure each of you is interested. It is the subject of our contact with you. This contact at the present is what you know as a telepathic contact. This instrument is able to receive our thoughts. Each of you will be able to receive our thoughts as well as does this instrument in the near future. All that is necessary for you to do this is for you to avail yourself to our thoughts in meditation. There is a process of mental tuning, as you might call it, that is necessary. And this occurs while you are in meditation. It is much easier for us to contact you while you are in meditation since at that time you have rid your mind of many of the thoughts that constantly keep you from receiving what we would give to you.

March 2, 1974, Saturday Meditation

Hatonn: I am Hatonn of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator.

Yes, my friends, in the service of the infinite Creator. There are two possibilities. One is to be in the service of the infinite Creator. One is to be otherwise. The definition of “in the service of the infinite Creator” is very simple. It is applied to those who go forth, in this infinite universe, with a purpose that they understand to be a purpose desired by their Creator. This purpose they have determined through an understanding of the principles which govern this creation.

March 4, 1974, Monday Meditation

Hatonn: You desire reassurance of a personal nature. Conditioning is rather to make you more aware of our presence. When you feel the conditioning, you know that we are with you. If you maintain a communication this will be sent to you.

March 5, 1974, A report written by Carla

Carla: I am recording this in the form of an interview because I did not expect to get a message when I was by myself. So, I didn’t have the microphone on and all I can do is remember as much of it as I can.

March 6, 1974, Wednesday Meditation

Hatonn: My friends, we come across the deeps of dimensions you know not to speak with you and yet you are asleep. And though you hear us you do not hear us. My friends, what you hear is truth and yet not truth. What you take in with your physical senses is only true for the illusion and, my friends, this illusion is a very small part of the creation.

March 8, 1974, Friday Meditation

Hatonn: We of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator are here to help those who seek. It has been written in your holy works that if you seek, you shall find. We are here to help those who seek. We are here to help them find.

And what, my friends, shall we help you find? We will help you find life; life as it was intended. Life as you desire it. There is what man on Earth presumes to be life abundant upon this planet. However, this life is not acting in a manner ever intended by our Creator.

March 9, 1974, Saturday Meditation

Hatonn: This evening, my friends, I am going to speak on the subject of seeking. This is a very important subject. It is perhaps the most important of all subjects that could be spoken about.

March 10, 1974, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: I and my brothers are here only to serve you, my friends. And it is a very great pleasure to be here. We offer conditioning to those of you who desire this. We serve you, and we seek. Serving is seeking. The two words seem different: to seek and to serve. One suggests that you need something, and one suggests that you have something, for those who seek must need, and those who serve must have, to give away.

March 11, 1974, Monday Meditation

Hatonn: Man on Earth has very little understanding of his life. The life of an individual is not what he thinks that it is. Very few of those who dwell upon your planet have any understanding of life. Man upon planet Earth is concerned with a life that is limited by his waking hours, during a present physical lifetime. His plans, his desires, and his activities are governed by his awareness of this extremely limited portion of experience, what he considers his physical life.

March 17, 1974, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: There are many things that affect a contact such as this one. This instrument has learned through practice to be able to clear his mind of the thoughts that he became involved in in his normal daily activities. It is necessary, if a good contact such as this one be made, that the thoughts that concern the daily activities of the individual or any other thoughts be erased from the consciousness for the period of the contact.

March 18, 1974, Monday Meditation

Hatonn: There is much confusion upon the surface of the Earth. And it is a privilege indeed to be communicating with those who are seeking. The light that you see during the day is in fact beauty and power. You and your brothers and I and my brothers and each individual (inaudible) share this reality. In meditation you come, do not bring your intellect, my friends. Drop it, put it down. It will not serve you, it will only beguile you. Relax, meditate and if you wish us to serve you it is our greatest please to be with you and help in any way that we can.

March 19, 1974, Tuesday Meditation

Hatonn: My friends, your meditations are like a kind of storing up of another energy. A charging, if you will, a raising of your potential forces. Consider this, my friends, it is indeed a service, one in which we wish to help you any we can for you to channel our thoughts directly. But, my friends, are we not all channels, always in all our aspects do we not demonstrate something? What, my friends, do you demonstrate?

March 19, 1974, Tuesday Meditation

My friends, you are seekers. If you were not seekers you would not be here. Seeking, my friends, is the most important thing that you do at this time in your existence, and at any future or any past existence.

Why, might you ask, is seeking of such great an importance? Friends, we are all evolving. Upon your planet there are many theories of evolution. None of them are correct. Evolution takes place as a product of consciousness. Consciousness evolves several different ways, but consciousness only evolves at a rapid rate when directed by consciousness. This direction is known as seeking. There are many things that are sought by the people of your planet. However, the understanding of their own consciousness is sought by very, very few and this is what is necessary if they are to create an acceleration in their evolution, and this is what is desired by all of us who realize that the process of evolution is taking place, and what the rewards of evolvement are.

March 23, 1974, Saturday Meditation

Hatonn: It is, my friends, understanding that we feel to be the most valuable commodity that we can offer you. Our understanding has enabled us to do some things which those upon the surface of the planet upon which you now live do not [enjoy]. We can understand miraculous things, which are not miraculous at all to us, and [that] we can promise to anyone who wishes to seek are not miracles [and] may become natural things. And how do we do this? Indirectly, my friends. We wish to give a way of understanding; we do not wish to insist or to convince.

March 24, 1974, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: I am the one known to you as Hatonn. And yet, I am many. I identify myself to you as Hatonn, and yet, this does not mean what it means upon the surface of your planet. I am Hatonn, but what does this mean? Does it mean that I am a man, who resides elsewhere and speaks to you now using a technique you have come to know as telepathy? Or does it mean something else?

March 28, 1974, Thursday Meditation

Hatonn: This instrument has been able, as have been others, to become aware of our thoughts as we direct them to him. This is the normal way of communicating. The method used by the people of your planet is not at all normal. The Tower of Babel referred to in your Bible refers to the loss of ability of the people at that time to communicate with each other, using what you call telepathy. Telepathy is the normal technique for communication. It is simply that it is necessary to be in tune with the intended expression of love that created this universe to be able to use what you would call telepathy as it was intended.

April 2, 1974, Tuesday Meditation

Hatonn: There are many of our craft that have been seen in your skies, however, shortly more of our craft will be seen. For shortly it will be necessary for us to advertise our presence. This we will do. Primarily by being visible in your skies. This will alert many of your people to our presence, many who have heard of us previously, but who have not considered our presence of any importance.

April 3, 1974, Wednesday Meditation

Hatonn: We wish to give a few thoughts at this time. You may remember in reading the holy work which you call the Bible that the master known as Jesus had a simple reaction to the upsetting type of illusion which he faced. His reaction was to inform it that it was an illusion. When he was confronted with a very stormy sea, he said “Peace. Be still.” And by understanding that the difficulty was an illusion that vision caused his own reality to become peaceful and still.

April 8, 1974, Monday Meditation

Oxal: I am at this time in a craft above your house. This craft is of a type that you (inaudible) this type of craft (inaudible) small vehicle used for short reconnaissance type of (inaudible). We are at this time in position to (inaudible). We are at all times available to serve, however it is impossible for us at this time to meet with you in a direct physical way. We realize that you would wish to meet with us and we wish for the same (inaudible). However, at this time it is not possible for us to do this.

April 10, 1974, Wednesday Meditation

Hatonn: The conditioning wave, my friends, is sent in a blanket wave. Some physical vehicles are attuned to accept the conditioning wave in a certain way so that it shows up immediately as certain feelings of energy. Others may not experience immediate sensation yet they too are receiving conditioning and their physical vehicles are becoming more closely attuned to the conditioning wave. There are many reasons why some people experience variations in the conditions however it is sent and it is received.

April 12, 1974, Friday Meditation

Hatonn: Desire is a somewhat misunderstood phenomenon upon planet Earth, the misunderstanding lying principally in the feeling that one has desires about only certain sorts of objects. My friends, the term “desire” is very pale for what we are aware of as desire. The truth, my friends, is much closer to the intensity of fire. There is, however, no such word as what we are looking for and we use the word desire.

April 13, 1974, Saturday Meditation

Hatonn: What is it that you seek? My friends, you seek understanding. And what is understanding? Understanding, my friends, is not precisely what you think it is. Understanding is not an intellectual interpretation of the creation or of its realities. It is not an emotional response to reality in what I might call the most approved fashion. Understanding is not an emotional or intellectual response to your fellow creatures. Understanding, my friends, is very, very simply understanding the demonstration of the love of your Creator.

April 14, 1974, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: I speak to you from a craft. The craft is known to your peoples as an unidentified flying object. We are seen in your skies and we are known as unidentified.

Let us consider, my friends, the meaning of identified. Identified, my friends, is something that you understand. What do you understand? Peoples of your planet believe that they understand many things. They do not understand the unidentified flying objects that are in their skies. What they do not realize is that they do not understand anything, for they have not attempted to understand anything.

April 14, 1974, Sunday Meditation

[Hatonn]: It is very often that these words are misunderstood for one reason or another. The difficulty, my friends, is the constant use of the intellect taught to all people who have been at all educated. There is very little spiritual training that would be most helpful in supplying a spiritual development in a growing entity. As the physical body grows, the entity within is educated upon those portions of your planet which are now receiving the aid of technological advances. This enables his intellect to grow and his body to grow. There is much lacking after these two items have become mastered

April 15, 1974, Monday Meditation

Hatonn: We would like you to consider, my friends, an island in an ocean channel far out at sea. There is no land in sight and this small rock, washed by waves, bleached by the sun with small flora and fauna growing upon it, looks out upon the world, and its limited consciousness attempts to grasp the reality as it eddies and swirls about it. The little island detects many strange things as they enter its purvey. It lives through differences in climate and feeling and mood. It experiences the seasons of its flora and its fauna and it attempts to piece together a reasonable and holistic view of its reality.

April 16, 1974, Tuesday Meditation

Hatonn: It is very difficult for us to say words that have the desired effect. We wish for them to impel you or inspire you towards seeking to pique your interest and divert your attention to the subject of your own spiritual development. So many words remain simply words. We wish to effect the transformation from word to idea. Therefore, we have more to say than we can ever say and we have very, very little to say, for our truth is very simple and all we really wish to do is to propagate that truth as we understand it to you to the best of our ability to as many people as possible in the time allotted to us.

April 17, 1974, Wednesday Meditation

Hatonn: I am aware of your concern at this time, and so we will speak this evening on the subject of becoming channels for aiding the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator.

April 19, 1974, Friday Meditation

Hatonn: We would like to give you this one thought this evening, and that is that our only aid to you is to give you a concept of understanding. What you are seeking is understanding. The fire and the energy with which you seek it is drawn from within the very marrow of your eternal reality. Your true desire is to seek this understanding. This understanding, in turn, my friends, that we are attempting to aid you in becoming aware of is very, very simple. It is, in fact, unitary. There is only One.

April 20, 1974, Saturday Meditation

Hatonn: We of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator are here to serve the people of Earth (inaudible). These ways are varied. However, they seem mysterious. They seem mysterious to you … this way, to us, is not mysterious. It is logical. It is the only way that we have of serving the people of Earth, for we bring to the people of Earth a service that they desire, but they are not consciously aware that they desire this service.

April 21, 1974, Sunday Meditation

Philip of the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays: As I speak to you, there is between us an ocean amount of space (inaudible). My beloved brothers, you have truly bridged this chasm, this great ocean which lies between the understanding (inaudible) within the physical illusion, and we understand (inaudible) has the dilemma in understanding that we (inaudible). The difficulties of communicating across this gap are formidable. And yet, my friends, as this instrument has noted, I say that it must be done and that it can be done.

April 22, 1974, Monday Meditation

Hatonn: What is seeking, my friends? What is true seeking? Seeking is an attempt to understand the desires of your Creator. Seeking is an attempt to understand why you are yourself and how you may express the desire of your Creator. This, my friends, is true seeking.

April 23, 1974, Tuesday Meditation

Hatonn: I am Hatonn. I was saying that in the future every member of this group who desires to serve those who seek this service will have the opportunity to serve. If this service is to be effective, it will be necessary to one offering service to fully qualify [to do so.] These qualifications may be obtained in only one way. It is necessary to spend time each day in meditation. There is no other way that the qualifications that will be necessary to serve your fellow man can be obtained. We speak of true service. We speak about service that will bring to those of the peoples of Earth who desire understanding the understanding which they desire. This is all that we are attempting to do, for this is all that is necessary. For once this understanding is [acquired] by an individual, he then needs nothing else. For he is, then, an integral part of the Creation in every respect. He, then, no longer is separated in an illusory way by the illusion which he and his fellow man have created for their experience. And this, my friends, is the only thing man on Earth needs, the understanding that allows him to dissolve the illusion in which he now finds himself.

April 24, 1974, Wednesday Meditation

Hatonn: My friends, we wish only to speak to you very briefly this evening. We are shepherds of your flock and we see the needs of the flock. Our only desire is to aid those of the flock who seek our aid. The aid you seek, my friends, has become very much focused upon true seeking than that of most of the sheep of the flock. Therefore, what can we say to you intellectually is more and more lacking in complete satisfaction. It is for this reason, my friends, that we stress to you, even as you are gaining advancement, the continued need for more and more meditation. For, my friends, what we can give you through use of the intellect and language is a very small percentage only of what we are able to give you by direct contact—mind to mind.

April 26, 1974, Friday Meditation

Hatonn: We would like to say a few words to you about this seeking, my friends, and this is, as we have said many times before, our only concern is to help you with your spiritual seeking. A great deal of activity has already taken place upon the surface of your planet and within its atmosphere by way of interaction between those of us in the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator and those who dwell upon the surface of your planet. Each confrontation of whatever nature was intended in some respect or another to turn those people involved toward an attitude of seeking. In many cases, my friends, we would say the majority of cases, this attempt worked, in that whatever anomalistic phenomenon—as this instrument would put it—occurred created the alerting mechanism in that entity’s mind which it was intended to create.

April 27, 1974, Saturday Meditation

Hatonn: At the present time there exists a condition of confusion among your people. This creates a great opportunity for those who desire to serve their brothers.

April 29, 1974, Monday Meditation

Hatonn: I am aware of certain questions that I will attempt to answer at this time. I am at this time going to speak of a phenomenon known to you as channeling. Channeling, my friends, is something that is available to all but not sought by all. It is necessary that an individual truly desire to become a vocal channel in order to do so. This, my friends, is the most important of all of the factors involved in channeling: that the individual who is to be a channel desire to be one. This desire also governs the ability of a channel to channel different types of messages and different contacts.

April 30, 1974, Tuesday Meditation

Hatonn: We are aware that there is a question and we will attempt to give you a few thoughts on the subject of service. Service, my friends, is a concept which is very difficult to express to the people of your planet for it is a spiritual concept of such a nature that it baffles the intellect. However, we will attempt to speak of it in such a way that you may more readily understand what service is.

The most difficult thing to accept about service is the fact that you cannot give service. There is no way to give service. Service, my friends, must be taken.

May 1, 1974, Wednesday Meditation

Hatonn: My friends, we would like to speak with you this evening on the subject of the physical illusion. This illusion is very difficult to comprehend from within the illusion for like a dream it often defies identification from within itself. However, when one wakes up from a dream, one is aware that one has dreamed. And when this segment of your infinite and eternal journey has been completed you will be aware of that which is known as life. You will be aware that this life is an illusion, the illusion of the physical.

May 2, 1974, Thursday Meditation

Hatonn: My friends, we have come to a place in dealing with the information which we give to your group where we are aware that there are a certain intensification of difficulties. There is a reason for this time of difficulty. You must have thought to yourself lately that a slight intensification of difficulty seems to be occurring among those who are seeking within the group. The reason for this, my friends, is very simple. The whole mission that we of the Confederation of Planets in Service to the Infinite Creator have here is simply the alerting of those of you upon the planet’s surface who wish this alerting of the knowledge of the true pathway of spiritual seeking. Once you have been alerted, my friends, to the fact that your physical existence is the environment that you have chosen in order to learn, you will after that begin to experience a certain cycle of testing. As you learn more about the spiritual path you will find a way to either demonstrate that knowledge or to refrain from demonstrating that knowledge.

May 5, 1974, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: If you consider the source of your thoughts producing the messages that are said to be from the Confederation is within yourself, then you are correct. However, you are also correct if you consider the source of these messages to be Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator. There is confusion among those of the people of your planet who act as channels for that which we bring to the people of your planet. We are real, as real as yourselves. Our methods of communicating with the people of your planet are varied. In some instances, there are thoughts that are given to you from us. However, these thoughts are then your thoughts for they were given to you to keep. And they were given to you by yourself, for we are you and you are we. There is only one consciousness. There is no separation.

May 8, 1974, Wednesday Meditation

Hatonn: First, we would like to speak of the technique for dealing with the physical illusion, which is called meditation. We have spoken of this many times, and yet there is always another facet …

May 11, 1974, Saturday Meditation

Hatonn: There are many ways to meditate. There is, however, only one true form of meditation. It is necessary, if meditation is to be effective, that the intellectual mind be allowed to cease functioning, for this acts as a type of interference to realizing and understanding that is within all beings. In order to do this it is necessary to learn how. There are many, many techniques employed in this practice. It is extremely simple for those who have mastered it and seemingly very difficult for those who are still attempting to master it.

May 12, 1974, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: It is seldom that we are able to contact those who are seeking upon the surface of this planet. There are not too many of those people of this planet who are seeking at this time. We have spoken many times to this group and to other groups about the importance of seeking, but we feel that this is not fully understood. And for this reason we will speak this evening on the subject of seeking.

May 13, 1974, Monday Meditation

Hatonn: This instrument has learned to go ahead and speak with the thoughts that we give him. He has also learned to clear his mind to almost a one hundred percent extent. This varies somehow—this instrument has made an error—this varies somewhat depending upon the conditions that are surrounding him. At this time the conditions are quite good and he is receiving my thoughts almost in a word for word fashion, since I am familiar with your language and am also able to transmit the words that I wish for the instrument to speak.

May 14, 1974, Tuesday Meditation

Group question: Who were the UFOs that picked up Betty and Barney Hill, as told in The Interrupted Journey? Were they evil, or to be feared? Do evil planets attempt to invade Earth?

May 15, 1974, Wednesday Meditation

Hatonn: My friends, your minds are stayed far, far too strongly upon those illusory goals of the intellect which your conscious awareness makes such advanced company of. These intellectual pretensions, my friends, are no kind of advanced company to be in. Their group name is complexity, and, my friends, understanding is simple.

May 16, 1974, Thursday Meditation

Hatonn: We would like to give you a thought upon the nature of the spiritual path. Consider for yourself, my friends, the nature of your interior universe. How much of your thinking is involved with striving, attaining and grasping at things within the physical illusion? What fire consumes you? What greed or envy or base desire have you allowed to continue to have power over your thinking? And then, my friends, what portion of your thinking is clear, calm, motionless, humble, unassuming, and content?

I do not need to tell you which portion of your interior universe is more correctly called the spiritual part. The truth of the universe is a very simple truth. Correctly understood and practiced, it eliminates the striving for selfhood within the physical illusion. It eliminates it because it offers a more rewarding reality along the spiritual path.

May 17, 1974, Friday Meditation

Hatonn: There are many things which are looked upon within your physical illusion as being quite normal, which to us, my friends, look quite abnormal. And as we patiently search among the people of your planet, we find very few whose actions we would call normal. It is as though the people of planet Earth are all mysteriously prey to some widespread emotional disorder.

May 18, 1974, Saturday Meditation

Hatonn: The Pascagoula landing, my friends, was, as far as we are aware, not a completely isolated instance. However, it is the only instance which has been delivered into the hands of public knowledge. On the other hand, although it is not the only landing of that particular group of alien individuals, it is one of the very few.

May 19, 1974, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: We are aware that there are questions upon your minds, and we will not speak at great length before beginning the questioning. However, we would like to say a few words about service, my friends.

May 23, 1974, Thursday Meditation

Hatonn: It is always a very great privilege to speak to those who seek. Seeking, my friends, takes place in many and varied ways. What is important is the seeking, not its definition or its appearance. When an individual begins to seek, he will find. What he will find will seem to be different with respect to others who also seek, in many instances. However, it will only apparently be different, for they will be finding the same thing. For, my friends, there is in truth only one thing to find and that is the love and the understanding of our Creator.

May 24, 1974, Friday Meditation

Hatonn: I am aware that there is a question about what you call a UFO sighting. We are not aware of more than one sighting. We find in the mind of this instrument that a sighting has been had by one of you, with which we did not have a part. We do not know without consulting records what it was that you saw. However, we assume that you would be interested in knowing of the one which we are aware. The patterns which were drawn in the sky were drawn by a member of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of Our infinite Creator. We indulged ourselves at that particular time and for the general purpose of sending a reason (inaudible). It is very seldom that this situation is possible. A specific type of attitude must have been nurtured over a fairly long period of time in most cases. However, the attitude of accepted (inaudible) was present, and so we sent a reason (inaudible).

May 25, 1974, Saturday Meditation

Hatonn: My friends, we would like to say a few words about the nature of the physical illusion. At the time at which each of you incarnated, my friends, each of you was aware that certain lessons, hitherto unlearned, were to be the goals for achievement of this incarnation. If it seems to you, my friends, that your entire incarnation within this illusion has been a series of difficulties of one particular type, then you are almost certainly aware in some manner of one of your lessons. As you can see, these lessons are not to be avoided. They are to be learned.

May 26, 1974, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: I wonder this evening, my friends, if you have allowed yourself during this day to rest in the enormous ocean of love which is yours if you realize it to be yours. Have you allowed yourself to soak up the infinite light and love of your Creator during this day? Or, my friends, has it been a day during which you felt some lack of this love in which you felt that you were separated from the sunlight and the warmth of life?

May 27, 1974, Monday Meditation

Hatonn: My friends, as we experience this present awareness of shared fellowship with you our hearts are very light. We are, as you would say, very happy to be speaking with you. My friends, we are always very happy. We suggest that you look around yourselves and inquire of yourself as to what portion of your creation seems to be always at peace or happy. You will find, my friends, that it is the creation of the Father that remains in equilibrium while the creation of man of Earth has many unhappy phases.

May 28, 1974, Tuesday Meditation

Hatonn: I am aware of your question. The fear of, as you say, being possessed is a somewhat over-generalized fear. We may assure you that you have nothing to fear if you are under a certain amount of correct understanding as to the nature of what you know as possession.

There are basically two types of so-called possession. The first type is extremely rare, but [does] occasionally occur and can be dealt with specifically. The second type is extremely common and can be dealt with quite specifically.

May 31, 1974, Friday Meditation

Hatonn: Desire, my friends, is the key to what you receive. If you desire it, you shall receive it. This was the Creator’s plan, a plan in which all of His parts would receive exactly what they desire. My friends, often in the illusion which you now experience it seems that you do not acquire what you desire. In fact, exactly the opposite seems to be the case in many, many instances. It is a paradox, it seems, that such a statement should be made and that such apparent results of desire are manifested. And yet, we state without exception, that man receives exactly what he desires.

June 1, 1974, Saturday Meditation

Hatonn: At this time I am in a craft far above your place of dwelling. I am at this time able, however, to monitor your thoughts. This, my friends, might seem to some of your peoples to be an infringement. But I can assure you that it is not. Our capabilities of knowing the thinking of the peoples of the planet Earth are not designed in any may to infringe upon either their thinking or their activities. We do not consider the knowledge of the thoughts of others to be an infringement for we see these thoughts as our own. We see these thoughts as the thoughts of the Creator.

June 2, 1974, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: My friends, as you come here tonight I am aware that whatever differences in thinking you may experience there is one thing which you all have in common. You are all seeking the truth, my friends. You are all seeking understanding. You are all seeking reality. The seeking, my friends, has brought you here and your desire for knowledge has brought us to you. We are here to aid you in any way that we can in giving you what you seek.

June 2, 1974, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: It is a great privilege to be with you this evening. It is a great privilege to meet with you any time that you desire our contact. We of the planet Hatonn are here to serve you. Avail yourself of our service. You desire it and we bring it with love and a deep desire to serve all of those of the planet Earth who would avail themselves.

June 5, 1974, Wednesday Meditation

Hatonn: We wish to state that all entities which desire our presence and our guidance shall receive it and [we] wish to express the progress gained as most satisfactory. We are most pleased with the progress of your group and are doing everything possible to help this progress.

June 5, 1974, Wednesday Meditation

Hatonn: The man of which you spoke is a somewhat rare type of entity. He is among those who have chosen to incarnate upon the surface in order to be of some aid to those upon the surface of this planet. Much of what he is able to do is dependent upon those areas of awareness which he has brought into this incarnation upon this planet. It would not be possible for this person to be used as a type of channel were he not what you might call a somewhat advanced being. He is telling the truth about each of his experiences and there are those within the Confederation who have given to him certain access to certain thoughts, which lead him to be able to exercise his natural gifts in such a way that he is able to aid your people.

June 6, 1974, Thursday Meditation

Hatonn: We have been aware of your desire to serve for, in some cases, a considerable length of time as you know. No one can know better than some of you here tonight that our mission on planet Earth has not been as successful as we had hoped. The harvest is coming, my friends, it is coming very quickly. And the harvest will be somewhat smaller than we had ever hoped. And in this fact we experienced a degree of sadness for we attempted to the best of our ability to alert all of those on the planet known as Earth who could hear to the possibility of a higher existence. And in many, many cases this information was not recognized or desired. You, too, from attempting to express the thoughts of the Creator have often found this to be so. And I am aware of the great sadness that you too feel.

June 6, 1974, Thursday Meditation

Deltron: (Inaudible) in the radiance and love of the infinite One. I am known as Deltron. I am fairly new with this speaker. I have been here for some time and I have been observing classes of students that my brother Hatonn is working with. I have found communication with your people interesting and delightful. I have not spoken through an Earth instrument until a few months ago when I spoke through this instrument for the first time. I told him, at this time, I was not of this galaxy. I am from another galaxy entirely different from this planet’s.

June 7, 1974, Friday Meditation

Hatonn: My friends, this evening I would like to say a few words about the concept of death. Why do I bring this up, my friends? It seems the proper time to ask you to hold it as clearly as you can as a concept of a real and specific context within your imagination. Imagine your own death, my friends. Imagine each death and dismal corridor of pain and difficulty and lack of faith (inaudible). Imagine all the evil, the negativity, the limitations. Imagine it all, my friends. Allow it to build and build and build until you have a big and towering mountain of death and destruction.

June 8, 1974, Saturday Meditation

Hatonn: Man upon Earth is conscious and intelligent and yet for the most part he is unaware of reality. He is unaware of the simple reality that he is capable of sensing with his physical senses. In addition, he is unaware of the much greater reality that lies outside the boundaries of his physical senses. For the most part, man on Earth has neglected the beauty and the order of the creation that surrounds him. He neglects notice of his total support by this creation. He neglects noticing that he breathes the atmosphere without which his physical body could not exist. He neglects perceiving that he partakes of the food that is amply supplied by the Creator.

June 9, 1974, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: We wish to assure that the service of channeling will be one which is very valuable in your immediate days to come. It is not (inaudible) that you will be asked specific questions by many who seek, although this will certainly be true. It is also that this contact will give you confidence and with this confidence you may the more carefully carry on your own program of seeking in such a way that you will recognize that which is there for you to do, for you to know, and for you to be aware. Much of the attempt which is initially made by those who begin seeking to discover their inner selves is such a confused attempt that it must be simply guided into another attempt. Therefore, many questions which you will receive will have very little meaning to you in light of your contact with the knowledge and understanding of the One Who is All.

June 11, 1974, Thursday Meditation

Hatonn: There are more people upon this planet seeking than there have been in the past. However, many are quite confused in their attempts to seek and there is a need at this time for many more channels such as this one who can receive directly the thoughts that so many of the people of this planet are now seeking. We are attempting at this time to generate greater numbers of proficient vocal channels who can receive our thoughts quite readily. This requires daily meditation. This is all that is required: daily meditation. It is assumed, of course, that as this daily meditation is performed there is a desire for our contact.

June 12, 1974, Friday Meditation

Hatonn: Within the illusion, my friends, there are many obstacles. The illusion, in fact, is designed to produce the obstacles which will deliver unto you the choices which you desire for learning how to be of greater service to others. The lessons of this density, my friends, are lessons of service to others. And each obstacle is an opportunity which is a (inaudible) within the illusion think it is difficulty. Each obstacle is your opportunity to grow. (Inaudible).

June 13, 1974, Thursday Meditation

Hatonn: We are aware that you have questions at this time. We are aware that you wish to know if we are, as you say, robots. No, my friends, we who are speaking to you are individualized portions of consciousness in the same mode of being as are you. The robots or computers that you became acquainted with in your reading about Uri Geller are not of the same type as what you know as robots or computers. It is more simple than it sounds, my friends. The Confederation is a unity of thought and of mind, my friends. There are many (inaudible) and types of entities who dwell within this creation who wish to be of service to others and who have joined as brothers in this Confederation to serve the Creator, each in his own way.

June 21, 1974, Friday Meditation

Hatonn: We would like to look at this time at the aspect of meditation in which your feeling about the activity of meditation is demonstrated.

June 22, 1974, Saturday Meditation

Hatonn: As you continue upon your path of seeking, my friends, you will find that even in group meditation there will be profound silence, for with those who have obtained direct contact with us there are many concepts which may best be presented within the silence.

June 23, 1974, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: And what do we have to give you, my friends? We have to give you most of all a door. Only a doorway. Only a suggestion. We have to give you the suggestion of another world. Another complete reality. A reality that transcends this reality, that includes this reality, that explains this reality, that will completely outlast this reality and to which reality you will repair after this brief experience upon the earth plane.

June 29, 1974, Saturday Meditation

Hatonn: We are here, my friends, to assist you in any way possible. It is only necessary, my friends, for you to avail yourself. The best method, of course, to avail yourself to our help, to our thoughts is through meditation. Meditation opens the doorway—the doorway that leads to truth. The truth you seek will be realized by all of you in time (inaudible). Some members of your group are active in their seeking. Others not so active. But all, my friends, are seeking (inaudible) and will eventually arrive at the same realizations.

July 2, 1974, Tuesday Meditation

Hatonn: That which you are speaking of is not the phenomena which you are waiting for. There is another one of a more local nature. There was a sign available for you on the night in mention which some of you saw. The general and gradual effect within the night sky will be accomplished over a period of time. And you will have no doubt of its progress because those of your technology, which you call scientists, will speak, offering explanations of the subject as its progress occurs more and more within the night sky.

July 3, 1974, Wednesday Meditation

Hatonn: I would like to tell you a little story about a person who was much like each of you. His thoughts were as your thoughts, and in his, as you would say, work-a-day world he was neither perfectly good nor perfectly evil, but somewhere in the middle, attempting to do the best that he could. This man carried about his ankle a ball and chain, as you call it, a heavy weight attached with an unbreakable lock. And everywhere he went, he had to take infinite pains to make each step.

July 14, 1974, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: We of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator are always with you. This seems strange to you that we would be at all times with you. But this, my friends, is the case. Your awareness of the illusion is such that you do not understand the real properties of that principle that you understand as time. You are that principle that you understand as space. My friends, it is possible for you to be in one place or all places at the same instance. For, my friends, in truth there is only one instance and that instance is the one that you are experiencing. There is an illusion of past and an illusion of future. However, my friends, you exist only in the present.

July 23, 1974, Tuesday Meditation

Hatonn: My friends, in truth, the only reason for the illusion that you now experience is to act as a catalyst, to act in such a way as to generate a condition which helps the individual to initiate a spiritual seeking.

July 28, 1974, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: … and gives both great beauty and sweet smell, so as you open to that primary Thought which created you, you blossom within. I come, shall we say, with a watering can. I come to encourage your growth in the spirit, my friends. I urge you through your meditation neither to add nor to subtract. It is very easy to make demands of yourself and to attempt to accomplish goals through meditation. It is also an extremely likely happening that you will at some time attempt to remove some part of that which you are through your meditation.

July 30, 1974, Tuesday Meditation

Hatonn: There is, my friends, only one thing worth seeking. Nothing else is of any value. And that one thing, of course, is understanding; an understanding of your Creator’s Thought. My friends, this is the only thing that lasts. Anything else that you might seek will be transitory and will vanish with time. When man realizes that this is his true objective, then he has made that great turning point in his development. We are here to aid those who have turned the corner, so to speak, turned the corner toward their ultimate goal, that goal of reuniting with their Creator.

August 6, 1974, Tuesday Meditation

Hatonn: We are aware that within your thinking there are many shades of differences and that you are fascinated with the idea of the various steps you must take in order to proceed on the path. We are aware that you have a desire to understand the various categories of experience, the various densities, that you have a desire for naming that which you will begin to understand.

September 22, 1974, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: When we say that we know those whom we wish to help and those whom we do not wish to help, we do not speak of knowledge in your sense, and therefore that which we say to you concerning your progress as channels is prone to misunderstanding and even error. And yet the fact remains that there is a [flock]. And those of you who have the calling must be shepherd to them. And it is true that there are those who wish to be of the flock, and that there are those who do not wish to be of the flock. And we say to each of you who is a channel, your inner eye is unclouded. It is only your outer eye which becomes confused and which sees mists and quicksand. Therefore, in your work which is a good service, use your inner eye, for that alone will serve you as you do the will of the Father.

October 4, 1974, Friday Meditation

Hatonn: We, the Confederation of Planets in the Service of our Infinite Creator, are here, as we have stated many times, to aid those of the people of Earth who would seek our aid. I am aware that many of the peoples of this planet are not inclined to seek our aid. Many of the peoples of this planet are not inclined to seek anything beyond the illusion that now fascinates them. Many of these peoples believe that they are experiencing the most real portion of their existence. They also believe that there is nothing to seek of any value beyond their present illusion. This is quite erroneous. They do not realize that they are presently experiencing the illusion in which they find themselves because of their desire to limit to this form their experience. They do not realize that they are experiencing an insignificantly small portion of that which they might experience.

October 13, 1974, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: There are millions surrounding your planet, surrounding it with one purpose in mind: to bring to you understanding. Friends, this is something that we can only offer. It is necessary for man on Earth to reach out and take it, for understanding must always come from within. We cannot bring it to you and force it into you as a food. We can only stimulate your seeking through suggestion, through teachings such as we are performing now so that you through your own understanding can once more find the light that is within all men throughout all this creation.

October 31, 1974, Thursday Meditation

Hatonn: It is a very great privilege to do this, to give the service to those who desire it. It is very important, my friends, that you realize your true objective, and the means for fulfilling this objective while still within the physical illusion.

The reason for the importance is as follows: man goes through many, many experiences; some of them physical, many more of a different nature than what you presently consider physical. Within the physical illusion, he is isolated, you might say, from much of his knowledge. He is left with an intellect that is the product of his experiences within only that single illusion, and emotional biases that are the products of all his experience.

November 1, 1974, Friday Meditation

Hatonn: I am here, my friends, that I may aid you. And yet I am here to sting you and to stimulate you, as a gadfly. I am not here to give you comfort, in that I do not wish to put you to sleep, but to awaken you.

You, my friends of this group, are very close to your desire. You, my friends, are close to the opening. Going through this opening will unite you with your desire, and then, my friends, the progress you will make will be much accelerated.

But we must wake you. We must help you to become aware not only of the beauty but of the freedom and of the terrible responsibility of freedom.

November 10, 1974, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: We are here to serve the peoples of your planet. We are here to bring to them exactly what they desire. We are here to bring to them the only thing that is of value. This, my friends, is understanding.

November 12, 1974, Tuesday Meditation

Hatonn: I would like at this time to answer a question which has not been asked consciously, yet is within this instrument and may help each of those present.

That which is known upon your planet as illness is due to lack of understanding of the principle of living which is that there is only one, one place and one Being. The time is the present; the place is here; the Being is love. These things equal what is known in your intellectual framework.

November 15, 1974, Friday Meditation

Hatonn: I would simply like not to let the opportunity pass to remind you, my friends, of the unity of all things. Meditate, my friends, upon the complete unity of yourself and all that you see. Do this not once, and not simply in present circumstances, but at all times and especially in difficult circumstances. For, my friends, insofar as you love and feel at one with those things which are difficult for you, to that extent will those circumstances be alleviated. This is not due to any laws within our physical illusion, but is due to the law of love. For that body which is of spirit, which is interpenetrated with the physical body, is higher than your physical body. And those changes which you make by love upon your spiritual body, will, of necessity, reflect themselves within the physical illusion.

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