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The L/L Research Transcripts

January 6, 2018, Saturday Meditation

Group question: Q’uo today our group question is about the shadow side. Could you give us a definition of the shadow side? And then help us to understand how we may understand the shadow within ourselves and how we might balance the shadow side.

January 20, 2018, Saturday Meditation

Group question: From love and acceptance to control and manipulation, there is a spectrum of response to catalyst. What about our relationship to the planet? Where on that spectrum does our present global culture lie? What would relationship of love and acceptance toward our planet look like, and how might we more effectively manifest that?

February 3, 2018, Saturday Meditation

Group question: Ra describes their orientation in third density to those spiritually asleep as offering the comforts meant for sleep. While not attempting to simply mimic Ra’s example, this seems like a generally appropriate service-to-others attitude in third density. However, we currently find ourselves in a situation on Earth where those who are asleep could be causing great harm to the planet, potentially leading us all down a path of destruction. Can Q'uo offer suggestions for relating and serving those who seem to be in such a destructive sleep?

February 17, 2018, Saturday Meditation

Group question: Today, we’d like to discuss the nature of relationships formed prior to our incarnation. When we have agreements and lessons planned to learn from specific people, how do we find each other while within incarnation? How are our past lives related to these relationships? And what else can you share about the nature of pre-incarnational relationships?

March 3, 2018, Saturday Meditation

Group question: Some of us are experiencing an internal disharmony in following a calling to withdraw from more active participation in social issues and instead concentrate on our inner spiritual journeys. We recognize the value of doing inner work with less active engagement, but we sometimes perceive an increasing need for active work, sometimes even feeling guilty for not being more involved. Can you speak to this internal struggle and dissonance? What is its role as catalyst, and how can we work with it?

April 7, 2018, Saturday Meditation

Group question: Would you please give us guidance on how to interpret the messages provided by the catalyst we receive in the form of bodily ailments?

May 12, 2018, Saturday Meditation

Q'uo: In reality, in the larger sense, shall we say, when one looks at the outcome of each choice—that of service to others and service to self—as each grouping of entities continues to proceed along the evolutionary path, there is a distinct difference between each choice. Separation is the polar opposite of communion and coming into unity, and yet each [polarity] deals with the desire to become, once again, the One Infinite Creator. The means by which this desire is fulfilled seems to be quite opposite and different for the negative polarity in that it intends, and does indeed, separate itself from all other selves, and compacts itself to the degree that it seems totally removed from all around it. And yet, one must remember that there is nothing in motion that has not been made, and which does not contain, the One Creator.

May 26, 2018, Saturday Meditation

Q'uo: The First Distortion of Free Will is that which could mostly be correlated, as we would see it, with what you would call the spirit, for it is that which is all, which has made a choice to become more aware of that which it is. The Second Distortion of the Love is that which we would correlate most closely with what you call the mind, for the Love of the Logos is that which is consciousness itself and begins to form the creation that will allow the first distortion to be fulfilled in knowledge of itself. The Third Distortion of Light would be correlated with what you would call the body, in our estimation, for the light is that which forms all things, all that is created as a field of being full of forms of life that are invested with the desire to grow, to be, to seek, to become.

September 1, 2018, Homecoming Meditation

Q'uo: [It] is necessary, in order to gain the confidence to continue walking this path of seeking and serving, to be able to develop your own inner strength that propels you past any doubt or fear of further movement upon this journey. To develop your own inner strength is a process which may take a variable length of what you call time and experience within your illusion.

September 15, 2018, Saturday Meditation

Q'uo: Indeed, both the states of which you call sleep and the state of which you call meditation are means by which there is a balance achieved between that which is your conscious mind and that which is your unconscious mind, or your subconscious mind. For as you know well, these two portions of your unified mind are divided or separated by what you have called the “veil of forgetting.” This veil of forgetting provides you with the means by which your process of polarization may be enhanced as it requires that you constantly seek in a conscious fashion, that which seems hidden from you: that is, more of the unity, the love, and the light, of the One Creator.

 October 6, 2018, Saturday Meditation

Q'uo: It is important that each such conscious seeker realize that no matter how much information has been gathered to describe the nature of the Creator and its ability to express itself in each iota of the creation, that still there is little that is known about either the Creator or this journey that you are upon; for this density of choice is a density in which little is known, that there is no true understanding.

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