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Carla’s Niche

Letter Tapes

Table of Contents

Carla: From 1988 through early 1992 I was horizontal and bedfast, being unable to sit up due to rheumatic problems with my neck and shoulders. I could not reach my hands to my head and in terms of physical abilities I was severely limited. During this difficult period I was able to continue being of service by recording on audiocassette tape my responses to people’s letters to me. It was a time of physical suffering for me during which the blessing of a positive way to use my time was worth everything and I poured myself into these letters. Because of severe intestinal and tummy woes each breath was painful and so my voice was soft. Yet the spirit within me was never stronger. I felt I was doing good work and so we kept copies of these letter tapes. During that time I did over 150 of them.

These letter tapes are being transcribed because of the diligent and loving efforts of Joan A and Aaron T. At my request they have removed repetitive health details and any portions of the letters which do not deal with spiritual principles.

Please be aware that these letters have not been edited by me. Expect errors! However, we wished to make this resource available to the seeker rather than archiving the transcripts until they could be put into a final form. So here they are! I hope you find the thoughts in them helpful in your process.

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