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ABOUT THE CONTENTS OF THIS NEWSLETTER: These selections of channelings have been taken from transcriptions of the weekly study and meditation meetings of the Rock Creek Research & Development Laboratories. They have been edited to remove such sentences as, “We shall now transfer this contact to another instrument.” In lieu of this, we have indicated when the contact moves from one channel to another by the insertion of asterisks. (***)


(Amira, December 20, 1981)

My children, you call to me and I come, but am I not always with you? Is my peace not in you? My incarnation is known to you and still you seek as if I were not here. I am with you always and yet it is not I , nor all those things which I say, but those things given me by the Father: let them be so with all.


(Hatonn, April 17, 1983)

What is your source? That is a question central to your quest for truth. For that from which you come binds that which you are. If you can imagine a moment incredibly far distant in time, as you call it, when you took all of creation into your hand and flung it from you, then you can imagine the impulse which guides your destiny. You are as a whole person abiding still in the Creator, but a splinter of your consciousness was flung for each, and that splinter of consciousness has become you as you now sit in meditation.

The journey has been a long one. You have seen creations and planes and densities and lives, and through all of them you have been under the influence of that force of yourself which flings you outward and at the same time calls you home.

As you sit in meditation, parts of that journey flash before you. Colors and visions and the sensation of speed come to this moment of peace. This is the precious moment of all creation. This instant is the excellent instant, far excelling past or future, for here your heart lies and your consciousness rests, and you can receive and give forth the breath of creation, love, and light. In and out, you are filled with nothing but light, nothing but love. How interesting that you arranged this illusion so that it would be impossible for you to go through your incarnation in this state without renouncing nature, the nature of your body, your mind, and your emotions.

Do you trust yourself? If you do, then you must know that you had good reason to hide from yourself the perfection of this moment. There were some points that you wanted to learn better than you knew them before. There were some parts of the spectrum of your light and your love that you wished to emphasize and explore. As you move forth from meditation, attempt to keep in mind that you did not make a mistake of any kind in choosing the circumstances and the seeming accidents of your life. You chose well, each of you. You gave yourself food and you gave yourself an appetite. You gave yourself mental food, the food of the intellect and the mind, the food of analyzing, synthesizing, attempting to know and understand. You gave yourself emotional food, desires for love, experiences of love, experiences of apparent lack of those emotions you need. You wanted to catch your own attention and fix it. You wanted to make a point or perhaps several points for yourself and to yourself.

It is not just the physical body that needs food. Spiritually speaking, you consume far greater amounts of experience and digest far more experience than ever you do earthly food. For it is for the food of the mind, the heart, and the spirit that you have indeed stopped here, a splinter of light, for a split second in a long journey on this orb you call Earth, to experience.

And what of your future? You are an eternal and everlasting part of the One. Although in the One there is properly no past, present, or future in the subjective terms of this illusion which you now experience and which we share with you, time is passing and there is, a future before you. It is a future in which you call that splinter of yourself back to yourself as the lessons are understood, as the points are made. As you experience yourself in yourself and with others, more and more you shall be drawn closer once again to the source whence you were flung with such a greedy and extravagant hand before the beginning of time. Breathe in, then, the joy of this moment and sense the relaxation, the resting, and the peace that you share with those who dwell in meditation as do you. There are some not with you. And yet, because they are in the same condition of experience, you are together in joy, together in peace. Your time will pass and some may read these words and will then sit in meditation and still you shall be able to join that blessed company of all those who seek and sit in the glistening silence of your joyful quest.

We share your joy and thank each of you for the great privilege of blending our joy with your own. Let your hearts be light as a fluttering gauze curtain at a window in the sunny breeze, for the wind is rich with blessings, and there is music amongst the trees.


(Hatonn, March 6, 1983)

You exist within an illusion within which you find a portion of yourself seemingly divided from another portion; that is to say, your conscious mind does not seem to have a ready access to that which you may call your unconscious mind. This, shall we say, darkness of knowing, or veiling, which separates one portion of yourself from another, in effect makes it possible for your conscious choice to be free of the great overview which the unconscious mind can provide. For the unconscious mind is your direct link to all of the creation, and were its resources fully available to you, you would have no doubt as to the nature of your being, that is, of the One Creator.

The advantage of not being able to tap this resource easily is that the choices you make with your conscious mind as you travel through your illusion are choices which then carry much more weight in your total beingness. The portion of the Creator that resides within you then is given greater experience with much more intensity, variety, and purity than would be possible were you to rest in the blissful state of knowing your unity with all which the unconscious mind can provide. Therefore, as you move through your illusion, you will find your ability to accomplish the movement, the experience, the growth, and the learning of the lessons of love enhanced by the choices you make.


(Hatonn, June 5, 1983)

You are aware that you live in an illusion. You see the illusion made foolish and blurred many times in an incarnation. You see the string that holds up the conjurer’s hat. You see the hidden dove in the pocket. From time to time you are given glimpses of a finer and more carefully tuned reality or, as we prefer to call it, illusion, for there is nothing but illusion out of which to make your consciousness that of the Creator. It is simply a choice of which illusion you wish to select.

One choice which affects subsequent choices quite centrally is the choice of what to desire. When people become aware that they live in an illusion, it is often a logical response to desire to experience that which is not illusion. It is an illogical response-and one which you will not learn listening to our words-to assume that in the receiving of this desire you will find a constant and unremitting happiness, peace of mind, or tranquillity. We promise you no such foolishness. If you wish peace of mind, we urge you to go back to sleep. However, we are aware that each of you has already irrevocably chosen to awaken, to know the illusion for what it is, and to choose the experiences that you will have. Of course you wish to experience tranquillity, peace of mind, and happiness. And so you shall. But when these things are goals in themselves, you reduce the speed with which you will be able further to untangle your illusion to a near standstill.

The one who is on the way will experience some discomfort, for there is always the discomfort of travel. You do not have everything that you had in your domicile. You have not packed for every possibility. You are caught short and stranded and made uncomfortable because you put yourself at risk against the unknown. In seeking the truth, the truth is always beyond the next bend. The truth escapes at precisely the speed you travel so that it is always in front, and you have always learned more than you knew before, if you take responsibility for what you have already.

Now let us return to our comments about the moment. One decision that you may make which will profoundly affect the many choices that you shall make is the decision to seek love, not any kind of love, not any description of love; but simply to seek love. To seek love is to seek one of the primal distortions from the Infinite Creator. To seek love is to seek the great intelligence that fills the energetic consciousness of the universe with purpose. To seek love is to seek that which is omnipotent, omnipresent and closer to you than anything that you will ever experience or seek to experience. The experience of finding that love is rare. Even so, that love is so close and so near and so transparent and so powerful that it will pick up your life and move it at an ever-increasing acceleration towards truth. The reason for this is that people expect love to mean something, a physical thing, a mental experience, an emotional onslaught, a sweet peace, the great “AHA!” of philosophy. Whatever people expect, it is not what love is, because love is in this moment and has been in every moment that you have experienced this day.

As we speak to you, the moments tumble by, numberless, limitless, thousands and thousands of moments. Can you reach out and grasp even the tiniest moment filled with love? Ah, you can feel that about which we speak because you are becoming tuned to love; you are resonating with love; you are being filled with love at this moment, and you become thereby a powerful person. But it is now another moment. And when you are not sitting in meditation, you are often in the situation of manifesting the love that is in the moment.

Now you know why we urge meditation. Now you can feel the love of the moment, be taken by the rush of the wind of love, be stormed and overcome, and be in the moment. There are those who are in that moment for a short period of your time and there are those who find that moment and do not leave it for hours or weeks or years as you measure time.

But you choose to come out of meditation and go about your daily life. Now you see how the choice of what you decide to seek affects so many other choices in your life’s experience. If you desire happiness or peace or tranquillity, there are many moments that must be discarded. If you desire to know love which is the thought, the one word or first thought, the Logos, of the Infinite Creator, then you will be uncomfortable and accountable at the same time. You may be attempting to find the love in a moment that does not intrinsically appeal to you. And this will occur time and again because you will be learning.

We do not say to you that it gets easier; we say to you that it becomes more exciting, that the possibilities for service to others grow greater, that there are certain advantages to declaring yourself clearly in a universe which is crowded with intelligence, for there are many kindly and loving intelligences which will tabernacle with you as you glory in the unity of the love of the One Creation in its infinity.


(Hatonn, November 11, 1975)

You have heard many of our words, and it is as though we appear to you as tailors, measuring and cutting and detailing and analyzing, and attempting to tailor for you the spiritual path, using our tools and laying it all together in a measured way. This, of course, is because we have used these channels and we have used words. In reality, we are not tailors, and there is no measure. In reality, our message is infinite, and there is no set pattern for progress. That which we truly have to give you lies within the silence. We find that each of you is aware of this, and yet the words are comforting, so we are very happy to speak with you.

You must know that in many ways, you are no longer dependent upon these words, for you carry within you the ability to receive thoughts. Each of you does not need the channel any longer. Yet there is within each of you that which desires always to let go for a moment and simply be taught, be led. This is proper, so we welcome the opportunity to speak.

(Latwii, March 6, 1983)

We see that we have passed from the silver-tongued speech to the golden silence. We thank each in this group for allowing us to speak this evening. We remind you that our words are but guideposts, hopefully pointing the way to an inner seeking which will provide you with the true treasures of your being. Take what words we speak as lightly as the wind that blows in your spring season and move gently along the path in peace. We leave this group at this time, rejoicing with you in light and love, in peace and in power. We thank you, my friends. We are known to you as Latwii. Adonai. Vasu. Borragus.


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