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ABOUT THE CONTENTS OF THIS NEWSLETTER: These selections of telepathic channelings have been taken from transcriptions of the weekly study and meditation meetings of the Rock Creek Research & Development Laboratories.


(Laitos, December 8, 1981)

How bright and snowy is the winter. How blue the cerulean sky. One lone eagle stalks far above, watching. The air is crisp; the day is long. The eagle is patient. There is a rush, a sudden emptiness where once the eagle soared. The eagle has found its food. The beauty of the sky, the whiteness of the mountain and crispness of the air do not disturb the hunter, for its seeking is quite specific. In this fair creation of the Infinite Creator which you call Earth are not only difficulties but many pleasant distractions, many lovely things. Find, then, within your being room for the eagle that seeks, keen-eyed and patient, for the bread of heaven. Those things which will aid you will not come to you in a moment, until that moment comes. Keep awake.


(Hatonn, March 27, 1978)

Within you, my friends, is the wisdom that is totally and completely aware that you are part of a being called the universe. As you look out into what you call outer space, know that within you is the true reality of which outer space is only the picture. Your consciousness is an incredible and infinite geography peopled with an infinity of creatures equipped with the collective wisdom of eons of experience. For within some part of your being, some deep and for the most part completely hidden part of your being, you have all knowledge, all power, all compassion. It is as though they were in files within a room to which you had lost the key.

Do you wish, then, to explore terrestrial space, to repair the great damages, or do you indeed think that it is hopeless? Take these attitudes away from the world and turn them into yourself, for you, yourself, are the great object on which to practice your own wisdom, on which to develop your own understanding. If you can solve those slums which exist within the topography of your consciousness, the slums within your cities would begin to take care of themselves. You say, “What can one person do?” We say to you: one person can work on one person, himself. But that one person, my friends, is a hologram of all that there is. Your consciousness is all consciousness. Work on it and you work on your race, your planet, the vibration that speaks for Earth.


(Hatonn, May 15, 1983)

Let us compare perception of other selves by consciousness as a type of mirror. The type of mirror which the illusion surrounding you provides for your use is the type which is used in your carnivals. Far from receiving an accurate reflection, each mirror is purposefully warped in order that an imperfect and distorted image is seen by the one who goes to the carnival. Some mirrors seem to reflect a jolly and harmonious image and cause one to laugh. Other mirrors seem to reflect a looming and menacing shape. And so you go through the illusion, day by day, perceiving and categorizing the images from the mirrors as good and as evil, as friend and stranger and enemy, as harmonious and inharmonious. And you do not realize that you are in a carnival and that is the only reason that the carnival mirrors are in place.

The more emphasis that is placed upon the distortions by the carnival-goer, the more distorted the images will become, the more complex, the more interesting. Each carnival-goer chooses the nature of his entertainment by choosing to see the image he prefers to see, by watching for it, by finding it, by naming it, and by calling it his own. At some point in the carnival, either by good fortune, by inspiration, or by the cold use of intellectual gifts, it may become apparent to the carnival-goer that there is an exit from the house of mirrors. And so, the carnival-goer which has decided to seek the exit leaves the hall of mirrors. Behold, he has entered another hall of mirrors. Those you discard are discarded; those you do not recognize remain a portion of the reflecting surface of your consciousness.

So begins a new carnival and at the new level of awareness that the seeker has found and cherishes and nurtures by invitation, the carnival goes on. The flags wave; the merry-go-round plays a merry tune. And still you see a distorted image of each other self, less distorted than before in many cases, until one day by good luck, or inspiration, or the cold use of intellect, the carnival-goer again finds the exit. There are many, many mirrors, many rooms full of them, and many exits, for your seeking and your learning is a process.

We cannot offer to you the instantaneous realization that will last. We can promise you that such moments will come to you when the mirrors are blown away in the wind and you see clearly, as if through glass with no lead to keep an image reflecting, and you look at yourself in every one you see, and you are indeed one with all that there is, and you say again and again, “There, too, am I.” This realization is wonderful and joyful. But we cannot promise to you that you will keep it, for you are within the illusion which you inhabit in order to work with mirrors. For a great portion of your incarnation you will be dealing with the carnival.

It may be possible, in a life-long friendship of mate, of bosom friend, that all the mirrors may be vanquished and that you may see yourselves face to face, and rejoice that you have known the Creator. It is more likely that you shall only be able to do this intermittently. But to know what you are after is the key to seeking well. As long as you seek, you shall find. This promise written in your holy works is not part of any lie. We can only ask that you take care in what you seek, for you shall find it. We ask that, at any time you become discouraged, you stop at the first available moment and look into the one mirror that you carry with you that will give you a true image. We ask that you look into the silence, for there is a center and a hope, a joy and a love in the midst of that silence that can create a new kingdom for you and for your family. Let your desire be turned to that to which you have a proper need to attend: your own consciousness.

My friends, when you lift up your consciousness into the great mirror of light, you offer a gift to yourself, to all those about you, and to your planet, the nature of which is indescribable. You can leave the carnival. There is a way out. And after you are gone and have raised yourself up into a focus too fine for this illusion, you may descend once again and join the carnival and ride the horses on the merry-go-round and eat the cotton candy and laugh and choose to find in your hall of mirrors good and kindly images.

How do you choose to see yourself in your illusion? It is your choice. We do not deny any of those things which are negative, seen against the positive standard of a healthy, smiling, vibrant evolution. We do not deny hate or death or jealousy, pain or anguish or loss. We only say to you that they are a part of that which is an illusion and that at the heart of each of these things is a transformation which is so positive that joy leaps from every tear that we may shed in the learning of these lessons.

Therefore, whatever face you see, it is your choice. Put your name to it and do not let world opinion of any type or degree sway you, for you can be a messenger of light, and you may give that message to anyone whose path intersects yours simply by seeing that other self as the Creator. We ask that you begin always by attempting to gain a true reflection of yourself, for it is only when the carnival-goer is lifted from the hall of mirrors that the mirrors become part of a manageable, reasonable, and loving consciousness.

This day has the carnival become a bit hectic? Do you wish more for yourself? Very well, then, my friends, begin that process by forgiving yourself utterly, by loving yourself most dearly, and by lifting yourself through meditation to the light. What consolation there is in that light! What healing there is in that love!


(Latwii, March 27, 1983)

There is some merit in all words and concepts wherever they originate, and there is some misdirection in each as well, for the nature of the word is to limit that which is limitless.


(Latwii, May 8, 1983)

Though the survival of the positive, service-to-others polarity becomes more difficult when surrounded by increasing negative influences, we may reaffirm that it is indeed possible and even probable that such survival may be enjoyed by those who seek the light and love of the One Creator in the positive sense. Remember that you inhabit an illusion. What seems to be one thing may be another. What seems to be the negative polarity surrounding an entity may also be your opportunity for finding the positive aspect of the same catalyst.

To remember that you inhabit an illusion is most helpful. If from time to time you forget and believe that what surrounds you is real, then you are more likely to respond in an illusory manner, shall we say, playing by the rules of a game which is not real. This, of course, intensifies the catalyst for the entity so entrapped until, by the trauma of its own experience, the entity is brought to the realization that there is much more to what is true, good, and beautiful than what it had previously imagined.

May we now move to another aspect of the catalyst which seems negative. All of your creation and all of any creation is based upon an illusion: the illusion of separation. It would seem to one observing creation that certain things, in fact, all things exist apart from each other. Yet, are not all one? Therefore, as you face the catalyst of your daily round of experience, remember that each portion of the creation, though an illusion, also contains the love of the One Creator. Your mission is to find that love. This is the work of the adept, for it requires that which has the magical or metaphysical power of transformation. As you look at what seems to be negative, look for the Creator. The Creator is there. Look for love. Love is there.

If you can find that love, that light, the One Creator within the situation and within yourself, then you, as Creator, may speak to that situation which also is the Creator, and it may be transformed by your recognition of it as the Creator. This is not an easy path, nor was it meant to be. The burden of your journey weighs heavy, yet the strength that you gain grows daily. You shall seem the fool to many. And so shall you be. For the fool knows that it inhabits an illusion and seeks to become one with that from which many would run. Thus is the way of the fool, running in the opposite direction towards the difficulty, for to a fool, no difficulty is seen.


(Hatonn, May 1, 1983)

There is no one who desires to hear our thoughts who is not paramount in our blessings, our affection, and our thanks. For only in serving you are we served. This is our method of learning about the Creator. We learn from you and we are infinitely grateful for the opportunity you provide. As always, we caution you to toss away those things which do not make sense and to keep that which is helpful, for we speak with the same inadequate tongue as any being. However, we have the great fortune of speaking to the Creator, and we salute each of you. We too are the same Creator. We leave you upon the winds of time and change. We leave you in your illusion, that marvelous prison which you have selected in order that you may learn how to escape. We leave you in the love and the light of the Infinite Creator. I am Hatonn. Adonai. Vasu. Borragus.


OOPS! We skipped the number 8 and misnumbered our last LIGHT/LINES #9. There is no LIGHT/LINES #8. Sorry. FINAL REMINDER: we are cleaning out our mailing list. If you wish to continue receiving LIGHT/LINES please send us a postcard and tell us.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: THE LAW OF ONE, Book One, is now available from The Donning Company, Norfolk, VA., but their title is THE RA MATERIAL by Elkins, Rueckert, and McCarty. It contains a new, 20,000-word introduction and 16 photographs. This 5 1/2” by 81/2” trade paperback, hopefully, will be stocked in many bookstores in the near future. You could help increase its distribution by visiting your local bookstores and informing them of your interest in the book. Any aid of this type would be greatly appreciated.

Book Five of THE LAW OF ONE will be quite long in preparation since the Questioner’s employment, which provides most of the financial support for our work, is also now taking much more of his time and energy. Some major changes will be necessary before we can get back to RA sessions. Thank you to those who have transcribed tapes from our Sunday night meditations that make up this newsletter. The backlog is gone. We’ll keep your names on file should we “back up” again. Our COLORING BOOK is still being drawn. Let’s hope for publication this summer.

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