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ABOUT THE CONTENTS OF THIS NEWSLETTER: These selections of telepathic channelings have been taken from transcriptions of the weekly study and meditation meetings of the Rock Creek Research & Development Laboratories.


(Latwii, April 15, 1982)

Many of your people think about love as an activity or an action. Love can manifest in many ways, and in a clear and conscious person the manifestations of love are clear and unmistakable. However, that is not love; that is a reflection of love. No matter how beautiful the action or how admirable the act, actions are not love but merely a reflection or a manifestation of the power of love.

Love is the force of the Logos, the thought of creation. It is almost impossible to conceive a thought powerful enough to create this infinite universe. Yet such a thought exists, and you are that thought. We do not say that you have been stamped out of a mold although all of you are love, for you have fashioned yourselves as channels, as vases to hold and offer the delicate flavor of love. Such are you: each different, each complex, each still unmanifested as a perfect part of love. As you attempt to manifest love never chide yourself because of actions but only because you may have forgotten to allow your being to fill itself with the unquenchable love within you.


(Hatonn, May 1, 1983)

We shall examine the assumptions which each seeker makes concerning the quality of his or her communication with other beings. Perhaps the primary assumption, my friends, is that you must have ambition to seek and to grasp that which it is you wish to know and, therefore, that which you wish to communicate. You wish to take upon yourself the essence and the meaning of love. Although it is written in your holy work, the Bible, “Seek and ye shall find; ask and you shall be answered; knock and it shall be opened;” there is a point at which the seeking with the conscious self as ambitious seeker ceases to make metaphysical sense and, indeed, becomes counterproductive to the serious student. Therefore, you seem to be upon the horns of a dilemma. You must seek in order to be a seeker; you must have ambition; you must grasp and reach ever further than you will find. And yet in order to fully be a seeker, there is that point at which such grasping and seeking is a negative or unhelpful method of being and of transmitting your being through communication to others. The cause of this is the very nature of taking.

Examine the nature of those who take. It may all be done in the most noble spirit. But do you wish for yourself that you may become somehow glorious as the Creator is glorious? Do you seek in your relationship to be someone to whom that other person may look with respect? Do you seek somehow the glory of that great wisdom which is love? In all that you do in your occupations, in your preoccupation and your hobbies, do you seek somehow to make an impression, to take and build, to grasp a reputation or an opinion from yourself or from others? Do you even have a fantasy that you might one day experience the glory that is your birthright? We would be surprised if there were any who could answer, “Nay.” For it is the nature of those who labor diligently to attach importance to the tasks and to wish for results.

But the first rule of communication is that there is no taking but only giving. Therefore, in the process of communication, you must give all that you have away. Is your difficulty that of a relationship? Then you must give that relationship completely away. You must lose everything so that you have no stakes in the outcome of the relationship. There are no impressions to be made. There is no grasping for meaning. You are simply there to listen and to give with no possible loss. You may apply this to any of the areas of your illusion. Any reputation that you have, any pride, any thoughts that you wish to be of more service-but the structure of your environment must first change-need to be left behind. For you who have anything at stake have too much to lose to communicate love.

Is there any thing, any possession of mind or body that you fear to lose? In your mind let it go. Release it and bid it farewell. You will be bidding farewell constantly. For this process of amalgamating to the self those things which seem useful is continuous to the student. And in the process of communication, each thing must be given up. For only in the full light of compassion which has no stake and nothing to lose can you truly hear the voice of another being who speaks. You may do many things, my friends, in your attempt to experience the oneness of all creation. And each thing that you do is fine and wonderful and worthy. But the glory is not within the attempts, but within the realization, which comes to those who have given up all things, that all is the Creator. You may give away everything and for the first time experience true plenty. In fact, until you give away all things, you will not experience plenty. You will not communicate love without significant distortion.

Each entity has a unique way of expressing itself. For you to communicate with one other entity, you must come into a vibratory agreement with that entity’s deeper self, not with that entity’s words, but with the entity’s self. If you have any thing at all at stake, you will not be free to communicate with even one entity. If you are able through meditation to keep the realization fresh that your beingness does not depend upon any thing, but is and has been and will be as it is, then you can begin to experience those gifts given to what that same holy book has called the poor in heart.

We realize that this may be confusing to those who are attempting with a full heart and sincere purpose to seek the One Infinite Creator. For there is a great deal of intention and purpose needed to set one’s feet upon the path and to keep one’s feet moving, to pick one’s self up when one falls, to open one’s self to the comfort of meditation when one does not even feel worthy of such a state of being. But each of you is already full of purpose, full of desire, and seriously seeking. Therefore, the balance is necessary. You seek for yourself and then you give what you have sought back to the Infinite Creator. You can lose nothing. You can gain nothing. You are always on this journey. You are always on the brink of an utterly indescribable joy. Therefore, my friends, let your hearts be light and your voices merry and never feel that you have reached the last resort as you communicate. Simply remember that whatever it is that you are holding in your hands or in your heart or in your mind can be safely given away. That is how one loves: by action. You are blessed with infinity. Whatever you give away is yours again in infinite supply.

We ask that you come out of mediation with a thought for the joy of giving. Imagine how surprised a burglar would be if he came in your house and you said, “My friend, my brother, take all that I have. Take my shoes. I have more.” Such an attitude can convey more to one who needs to speak with you than all the fine speeches in the world. Whoever is performing has a mask beneath which lie the eyes of the Creator. Communicate with that Creator and cease not to meditate in order that your contact with infinite love may always be freeflowing so that you may touch it and it may touch others.


(Oxal, January 23, 1983)

Stars look down upon you as you rest in sleep and a deep and gentle rain falls and in the middle of that slumber, one of your telephones awakens you with its insistent sound. One asks you to remove yourself from comfort, place yourself in the rain, and drive one of your vehicles some miles to where this one is stranded. This one is your sweetheart, your beloved, the sun of your waking hours, the dream of your sleep, and you do not feel the rain and the miles cannot go by quickly enough. This one is an acquaintance, an annoyance, and it is all that you can do to refrain from saying, “No.”

You stand by the well in a hot and arid land and you hold a dipper of water, precious in a dry land. The well is deep and it costs great effort to get each drop of water from deep beneath the sandy ground. One comes to you travel-stained and weary and asks for water. This one is the Messiah and you gladly give what you have earned with such hardship. This one is a stranger whose looks are alien and whose ways are not your own, and you hand him an empty dipper and go away.

You get into a boat to cross a river. The water flows. The other side will calm your thoughts which rest upon the affairs of your world. The one who guides your boat is Gautama Buddha, and you gaze in wonder upon the water itself, the farther shore forgotten in the miracle of the present moment. The one who guides your boat is a man with a stubbled beard, jersey clothes, and your gaze once again turns to the far shore.

It is an interesting illusion you live in, my friends. Whom do you see? To whom do you react? What is the nature of your brother, your sister, yourself? If you look upon each surface, you shall always find the mundane. If you find love, then you rush to acknowledge it. If you find the perfection of him at the well who can give you greater water than that of this illusion, you will give all that you have in order to associate with the giver of such great wealth. This incident was written in that book which you call the Bible, the one known as Jesus saying, “I have water. I am not thirsty. I can give you water that will allow you never to thirst again.”

There are those who help you in your life, those who steer your boat, and you gaze at the shore, not at the one who plies the oars. But is that one not perfection? You know the name called Buddha, but what does this name represent? A man who has found the moment: it is so. Each of you can feel the greatest amount of desire for a sweetheart, for a teacher, for one who is enlightened, and yet all, beginning with yourself, have these aspects at the core of beingness that creates each entity. Whom do you wish to delete from those who are perfect? You cannot delete even one, not even one who freezes this night, drunken and penniless, not even one who fattens himself upon power in its dishonest use, not even one who has stolen all that he has, not even one who cannot recognize reality, not even yourself.

The night is full of stars and we speak as if from a great distance from beyond those stars. We weave a web of inspiration, but we are fools and we speak to the foolish. For if we were truly wise, we would not be speaking. We would be existing in unity with all. This we are not doing. We are attempting to learn wisdom. And so we are aware. Are you? It is the attempt of a fool to see perfection in the illusion. Yet it is the responsibility of the seeker to be a fool. For those who are wise in your world will live out their wisdom and it shall be buried with their bones. There is no one, no entity at all, that is not absolutely necessary for the wholeness of the universe. Each portion of the creation is utterly desirable. The next entity who seeks money from you upon the sidewalk is Buddha, Christ, your sweetheart. How fast will you run to aid him? What drink will you gain from him that will let you never thirst again? What priceless present moment can you find with a derelict?

I am Oxal. I leave you within the illusion, knowing that you are at least looking through the bars of this prison you have chosen. You have chosen this prison, this illusion, just so that you, yourself, may find perfection, reality, the ideal that is so obviously not there. We are with you and leave this instrument, blessing each, for to be foolish in the seeking of an ideal is divine folly. Seek carefully and with love. In that love we leave you and in that light we cannot help but leave you. We are Oxal. Adonai, my friends. Adonai. Vasu. Borragus.


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Once again we want to mention that Book One of THE LAW OF ONE is available from The Donning Company of Norfolk, VA. under the title, THE RA MATERIAL, with Elkins, Rueckert, and McCarty listed as authors. Any help you could be in getting your local bookstores to carry it would be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU.

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