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ABOUT THE CONTENTS OF THIS NEWSLETTER: These selections of telepathic channelings have been taken from transcriptions of the weekly study and meditation meetings of the Rock Creek Research & Development Laboratories.


(Latwii, August 5, 1984)

We would suggest that the spiritual treasures which may be gained in your illusion are very infrequently gained in a conscious manner. The conscious assessment of spiritual progress is an attempt which is most futile, for within your illusion, the treasures of the One Creator are hidden beneath what may be called the veil of forgetting. And as you move through the illusion and encounter those situations which are yours to encounter, you shall deal with them in one manner or another and shall consciously register the effects within your mind and shall count the gain and note the loss and shall feel satisfaction or dismay.

But in truth, that which has been gained of a spiritual nature has eluded the notice of the conscious mind. It is as the merchant who buys and sells his goods, stores in his vault the gold of trade, and measures his success by the gold, its purity and weight. But when the day finally comes that this entity passes from this incarnation and reads his own book of life, he will find that it was not the gold that was stored, not its purity, nor its weight that is of importance in his life. Yet it was the manner in which the transactions were conducted with the other selves: the love that was given, the love that was received.

It is so with the life of each. Each counts the spiritual gold by the definition which each provides for the self. Yet, as you move within an illusion, so is the description of spiritual gold most illusory. That which is of true value, in the metaphysical sense, is indeed stored up within your being but is of a nature which is quite beyond description and beyond your comprehension, for it is not an illusion of comprehension in which you move. There is nothing which is understood completely or even in a small degree. You move within an illusion which requires faith and the will to move. You move in what might be called a darkness of being, seeking the small slivers of light. And it is within the heart of your being that such seeking is motivated and recorded in its true sense.


(Hatonn, April 15, 1979)

Within this channel’s mind there is a quote from a poet. It goes like this: “April is the cruelest month, breeding lilacs out of the dead ground.” We would like for you to ponder those words, for you must take all things personally if you would find their inner meaning. Rather than skimming the surface of the meaning, be shameless and make those things which are general specifically about yourself and see what applies.

What is the dead ground in your life? Perhaps you know the answer to that already. Perhaps there is all too much of it: the familiar, the simple, and the easy-those things which are concerned only with the transitory experience which began when you first drew breath in a chemical vehicle on planet Earth and which will end when your last breath is expelled in this experience. In the illusion this is called life, this breathing. But in reality the experience itself is without life. And yet, my friends, you are here, and it is a precious and unusual thing that you are.

Many are the souls who have wished at this time to draw breath upon your planet and experience that which is occurring, upon your planet at this time, for that which is occurring is a chance, just as a change in your seasons may be called a change. You may generalize and say, “Why, spring is the same as winter; it is the same earth; it is the same trees.” But the transformations are remarkable. Out of the dead ground there grow new things that are alive, and those that blossom and bloom. That which was skeletal and brown and bare becomes lovely, bursting with life and hope and promise, and so is your life at this tiny point which is the present.

And why is this a cruel process? Why is April the cruelest month? Why is change difficult? Let us move our vision to another story that has held the interest of many for 2,000 years. It is the story of a Master among your men, called Jesus, who was taken to a tree and thereupon fixed until he was dead. Does that not seem cruel, my friends?

You are in the midst of that which is cruel. Cruelty is a part of change. Pain is the price of growth. When the one known to you as Jesus was lifted gently from that tree, he was dead, and yet it is this holiday that you now celebrate on which he blossomed into that which was-not transient-but alive, conscious, and loving.

Flowers are for a season, and many of them are only for a season. They do not regenerate themselves. But you are not flowers. You are seeds which are sown in the dead ground of a chemical body that you may experience the thunder and the lightning, the rain, the snow, and the wind that only a chemical body can give you, for it is in those circumstances that your emotional reactions are intensified-invariably-and it is through this intensification of emotions, it is through this often painful process of emotional reaction and thought and contemplation that you grow that within you which is alive, eternal, and loving.

There is a curious peace to be gained from knowing that you are capable of using those things which are given you, not just those things which are transitorially joyful, but those things which are of transitory pain. This peace, indeed, passes understanding, for it means that in no circumstances are you without propriety, that those things which do not seem to have a purpose do have a purpose, and that purpose is to help you to grow, not in this life only but in the life that is real, that which extends in the infinite present in the great circle of time and space which is now and here forever.

We have often said to you that the Creator is a Creator of total love, and yet there was a pain in separation when that unity which was the Creator consciously separated Itself into an infinity of individuals. There was a wish that the Creator know Itself and a hope that the Creator might love Itself and, thus, It gave Its parts free will. As you gaze into your brother’s eyes you may see the Creator or you may see your brother; it is your choice. Truly, you may love the Creator in your brother and, thus, you love the Creator.

As you see the world of nature about you at this time, you may praise the Creator, or you may choose not to. Each moment you can make of your life as you will. And that, too, is cruel. That is the ultimate responsibility, for it is only the mature and emotionally strong personality who can remember the Creator and recognize the Creator and love Its parts. The good and the bad-so they seem-they are the Creator.

Some parts of the Creator do not know that there is One, that the Creator is he or she and that the definition of both is love. Thus your love of that ignorant brother may be the blessing that helps that brother to know himself for the first time.

How many times have you been in motion today? How many times have you felt the stillness within you that is the Creator-the perfect balance that is the perfect dance of love? This instrument today spent her morning singing hymns to the Creator. “Alleluia, He is risen,” she sang. We say to you, “Alleluia, you are risen.” Your body is transitory. In meditation, allow that feeling of freedom, of love, of sweet companionship, of peace to soak through your chemical body, to soothe those nerves that have been frayed by the intense emotions of your experience at this level. Let hope come into your heart, for the Creator is forever full of hope. Let love heal that which needs healing in your thoughts; let it touch your pain. The original thought that created you is love. That union can exist again in meditation. This is not an escape, my friends. This is a centering in knowing who you are.

We have heard your discussion this evening, and the conversation that perhaps meditation makes it more difficult to live among your people. Do not let this be so for you. Let love give you confidence. Let it give you a smile from the heart, Let it give you above all, compassion. Just as the one known as Jesus finished his stay to the bitter end and triumphed over cruelty, take whatever cup is given to you and drink it unafraid. If it is yours, take it. But in meditation ask for the discrimination to know that which is yours and that which is not yours. When you feel that you know, you will be as one that has come forth in the spring, in your own way, beautiful. Think of yourself as nothing less, for you are beautiful, each of you, as beautiful as the Creator, as lovely and as loving.


(Laitos, January 22, 1985)

There is a saying among your peoples, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” This is extraordinarily true of metaphysical work of all kinds. The one who takes no risk is the one who will not advance. The more carefully one guards one’s gifts, the less that gift will come to mean and the less good that gift will come to offer. It is as though there were inflation in spiritual gifts so that it is necessary always to attempt more and more regardless of what has gone before. Therefore, one which has little must attempt enough that that little may become a bit more. One which has already had much must attempt a great deal.

The responsibility for spiritual seeking is that eternal upward spiral. Seeking does not end. The road does not end. The journey goes on and on, as far as we know, forever. During that journey you shall meet those who are your companions along the way, those who wish, as you do, to serve, and with them you seek not only the truths that undergird and strengthen your life but also the application of those truths in an ethical manner so that the life experience may be productive, not in the physical sense, but in the spiritual sense. For when we speak of giving of the spiritual gifts, the greatest gift which you give may well be your personality, your character, the way that you are without any effort except that of continually repeating the search for a refinement of the truth.

Whatever the results of these efforts, your own intention will be bright and will shine so that those who see you may see through you to the source of that light that is your greater self, perhaps a self that you wish that you were but feel that you are not. This is always incorrect. All are perfect, and all is perfect at this moment. That which seems uncontrolled, biased, and quarrelsome among nations is indeed only that which gives balance to the angelic, lovely, kind, compassionate, and saintly actions of other nations and other men and women. Things are not in need of fixing. Each entity is in need of finding and sharing the love of the Infinite Creator.

It is for this reason that all have incarnated. It is for a more specialized type of service that we now gather. And yet the goals are always and ever the same: to be one with the Creator and to be one with your fellow man. Underpinning all of this is the goal of being one with yourself, of affirming yourself, loving yourself, and preparing yourself for the discipline of service to others.


(Latwii, April 15, 1982)

The journey which you find yourselves upon has no beginning and has no end. You shall encounter experience upon experience within this evolution and after this evolution. As far as we have been able to discern there is nothing but experience within the Creation. It is a fantastic voyage which you find yourselves upon. Be not discouraged by the difficulties which you face. For they are but of the moment and your journey shall have many turns and shall lead you many places. Learn, therefore, to enjoy the moment as it is presented to you and the experiences that are made available to you. For when you consider it, my friends, in the heart of your meditations, you have nothing but the moment and nothing but the experience as you travel on your journey. And it is all one journey, for we are all one being, and we share this voyage. You are not alone. We leave you now in one respect only. In the greater sense we are always together in the love and in the light we share with you in the one creation. We leave you but for the moment. I am Latwii. Adonai.


We would like to thank everyone who sent cards and letters of sympathy for and donations in the memory of the Questioner for the Ra contact, Don Elkins, who died last November 7th. Many wrote to say that though they had never met Don, they felt as though they had lost a dear friend, and we know that is true. Let each of us who remains give praise and thanksgiving for knowing Don, either personally or through his questions, for each breath that we draw, and for each opportunity to learn and to serve. It will be an unknown length of time before we consider the possibility of any further contact with those of Ra. In the meantime we shall pursue our Sunday night meditations, the dissemination of the four volumes of THE LAW OF ONE, and healing.

We have a number of readers of our books who are in prison and unable to donate any money because they have none, so we welcome any other readers who would like to sponsor a prisoner’s books.

Just for Easter we would like to offer another tape from Carla and Tommy Rueckert: THIS IS THE DAY. Like JENNY, this tape is a performance recording, and is imperfect. It does, however, offer much to the mystical Christian seeker as well as those who love trees. It is a story about a little boy and a small tree who grow up together and who are transformed by their shared experience. Songs and narration tell the story.

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