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ABOUT THE CONTENTS OF THIS NEWSLETTER: These selections of telepathic channelings have been taken from transcriptions of the weekly study and meditation meetings of the Rock Creek Research & Development Laboratories.


(Oxal, February 10, 1985)

The practice of meditation is central and, indeed, for most an absolute necessity for spiritual evolution. Yet it is inevitably painful in that it is a tool whereby realizations occur. One learns about one’s Self; one then turns to the self and begins picking at the self, at the past experiences which have been, shall we say, less than perfectly resolved. One becomes tangled within one’s own incarnational experiences and judgments about experiences which do not square with those things which meditation is bringing you. Therefore, you may find bitter fruit cropping up among those fruits of meditation. This is an excellent sign and we encourage each to rejoice when a past misalliance of some kind comes to mind as an unbalanced and unfinished piece of business. It is now time to finish the business.

Those who live the life of one who is asleep become increasingly bowed down by the weight of unprocessed experience. That which is childlike begins to leave and the being becomes heavier and heavier. For in truth nothing is ever resolved to the complete and total satisfaction of a judging entity. The appropriate action when one is faced with one’s own past is to take the past from the shoulders, to refuse to carry it further but rather to put it down and gaze at it until all is well, until there is no emotional pull or push to this experience. You are then lighter, more childlike, more spontaneous, more open, more joyful, and more ready to be yourself. The great treasure of being that you are must wait for you to unload the package of burdens of your past from you.

In the seeker there will be, again and again, those confrontations with the self in which one judges the self to have fallen short. We may say that when one adds two plus two and writes down the number, five, one has made an error. Later one may erase the error because of new and life-giving knowledge. The problem is then solved correctly, two plus two being four. Once errors are erased, and amends made to the extent possible, the old mistakes are ready to be left in the past. That is all that your past is. My friends, you are carrying around a collection of unsolved but simple arithmetic problems. The answers usually have to do with forgiveness of the self and a willingness to use the eraser. You do not have to live your past. You are responsible for the new life of the present moment. If you have not made amends to another, by all means do so. Usually, however, it is the self that is the great scapegoat. Remove this identity from yourself. You will have to be patient, for you cannot find all that you have done badly by meditating once, twice or a hundred times. The fully realized self is a long time, shall we say, in arriving, especially within your illusion. We ask you simply to remain unflustered and use your eraser, loving your mistakes, loving your perfection and being willing to be accountable for that which you are now, not in the past and not in the future.

To be light of heart, to be joyful and gullible and free is the sign of the child, and it is that small one within you that is the best learner, the best student. You will gain the best perceptions with your child-self. For your child-self is open and trusting, and the universe gives back that which it feels. We encourage you in your meditations. We encourage you in their deliberate discipline. Daily meditation is most central. We hope that we have been able to speak to the concern of the meditation which brings seeming difficulty. It is giving you good fruit, not bitter. It is only the conscious self which may choose to be bitter rather than to pluck the fruit and cast it aside so that new fruit may be borne in its time.


(Oxal, January 6, 1985)

Within your minds there is always the question: Is there a Creator? It might surprise you to experience the reversal of that question: Is there anything which is created? We say to you that there is that which is created. The next question, is: Why should the Creator of all that there is create that which is thrown apart from the Creator, divided by illusion upon illusion upon illusion, separated by dreams and fantasies and phantasmagoria of all kinds? The answer to that question may be important for you to consider, for within it lies the reason for your being. The ethics of your being lie within other questions. The reason for your being is very simple. You are experiencing, as we are experiencing, consciousness as if we were separate from the Creator. If you look out upon a vast bleak landscape, the skeletons of trees without their leaves standing proudly against the winter sky, the dead leaves scurrying along, blown by a bitter wind, you may have some idea of the creation without the created. All is potential; nothing experiences. The Creator could have simply created beauty according to a pattern of Its own choice. This the Creator did not do.

It is our understanding that our Creator is hungry for that which It cannot Itself will, and that is the fruit that you bear in your experiences. Each day as you go through your life within this density and this experience, you bloom a little; you send out petals of anger, forgiveness, love, kindness, jealousy, and a hunger and thirst for that which is physical and that which is metaphysical. And all these things are to the Creator as flowers, delicate and beautiful, too insubstantial to pluck, but to be watched with great joy. You feel joy and the Creator feels joy; you feel hope and the Creator hopes again. All things that you feel are gifts, are your gifts to the One Infinite Creator. Do you wish to give good gifts? Then decide in your mind that which is good but never doubt that to the Creator you are beautiful. For all experience is beautiful, for it is done in freedom, experienced in freedom, and given freely back to the creation.

Do you feel that you have made many errors today, that you have somehow gone astray, that your energies were scattered or low? Now you shall not judge, not in this moment. For in this moment we ask you to realize that this too is a gift which the Creator treasures. For all the colors of emotion and feeling, all the distortions of the One Original Thought which can be developed by an independent consciousness are as blooming flowers against the bleak winter landscape of the uncreated. Gaze into the face of the deep; gaze at that which you might call darkness and that which is uncreated and chaotic, inchoate and about to be, and you shall see nothing. And then see yourselves: vivid, beautiful and lovely, as the vibrant colors of your personal feelings, your highest hopes and your deepest sorrows all brighten the deep. 0, waters of the deep, we salute you, for you tread upon the rim of that which is a void, a void which is full of the uncreated perfection of the One Original Thought of love. Yet, love cannot speak to itself, react to itself, or even feel. That is reserved for those like you, my friends, and like me who are as yet partially unaware that we are the Creator. Therefore, we feel and we sense; we do; we think; we act. And those gifts are priceless.


(Hatonn, October 14, 1984)

Poor indeed is the man who has never asked a question. For riches do not lie in the answers but in the questions themselves. Therefore, we ask you this evening to examine what questions you have concerned yourselves about during this diurnal period. We do not care what conclusions you may have drawn, but wish to focus only upon that which has been in the forefront of the mind this day. This day are you rich or are you poor? Are your questions those of a petty and mundane nature or have you instead asked this day for that which draws you outside of the world that you know? How rich you are if you have dressed yourself in seeking as if it were a festive garment and gone forth into your environment clad with the desire to know more, with a wonder as to how to serve better and with the rejoicing question: “How can I perceive such loveliness as this day has offered to me?”

There is a great interest in your culture in what this instrument would call “the bottom line,” the final answer, the solution. Those who would be powerful within the illusion are those with a talent for creating situations within which their “bottom line” works. For you see, my friends, each of you has an inborn series of “bottom lines.” Each of you has ways of dealing with situations, typical solutions and normal habits of mind. Without meditation, what occurs is that time and again the entity bounces around from situation to situation until it finds a situation where it fits, where its “bottom line” is the answer for the question implicit in the situation. This is unconscious and not to be scorned for it is a way of learning. There is a quicker way of learning and that is to focus upon the questions and not upon the answers. My friends, you know the answers. That which we say to you is so utterly simplistic and so repetitious that you can have no doubt that you know what our opinion of “the bottom line” is. “The bottom line” is love.

But what is the question? What will you ask? What avenues will you seek? How much of the truth do you want to know within this fragile cage of your physical bodies? What great heart do you wish to realize? What great spirit do you wish to encompass? Will that fragile being that you are, full of earth and breath, be able to contain your deepest and highest hopes? How far can you reach? Meditation is a form of reaching within the vast infinity of your own being with the mute question, the question that has no words. And because it has no words and is not in any way articulated, it is the pure question and you will receive the purest answer with it. For you listen in silence just as you ask in silence. And you shall be answered also in silence but with a power that transcends our ability to express that which is creative, peaceful and energetic. You seek for nothing less than the key which shall open to you your universe, your creation, your Creator. And in asking for the light, you ask that which transforms each of you into a source of that light. The principle is simple and difficult to grasp because of its simplicity. You are what you seek. Therefore, the choice of what you seek is all-important.

We ask that you remove yourself from the question of what subjects you have sought answers regarding during this day. Take a longer view, each of you, and ask yourself, “With what attitude or point of view did I seek and ask regarding each subject, each situation, each relationship, each seeming difficulty or moment of joy?” That which is within you has an intimate and ultimate power. So seek you well for you shall be aware of what you now ask. You shall receive that which you seek. Be oh, so very careful in your seeking. For we would not guide you upon a tour of many planes and dimensions, many masters and teachers and wise ones, many wanderers and circuses and shows full of spectacular fireworks. It goes without saying that there are techniques by which you can use your seeking in order to experience that which is novel, exciting and seemingly significant. We wish to home you back to the one beacon that lies within yourself that is a pure light and a pure love, that which lies behind all the displays of the journey upon which you have set your foot. We, in fact, offer a sort of surface service ourselves. Our speaking through instruments such as this one is novel. However, it is much less novel and far more open to doubt than our appearing among your peoples and speaking as if we were infallible. Therefore, since we wish to aid you and must needs use communication of some kind, we choose the least showy display, the least gaudy method of sharing a philosophy which is not an end in itself but is only meant to point you to your own senses of discrimination, of determination, of faith and hope.

We thank you, my friends, for being yourselves. It is a great and honorable thing to be in company with you. It is now appropriate that we leave for this instrument is fatigued. We leave you only in the sense that we shall refrain from speaking through an instrument. Ours is one energy, the principle of which you have attracted by your asking. We are with you as comforters, as strengtheners, as comrades, as those who love each of you at any time that you may wish that companionship. We are those of Hatonn and we leave you now in the love and the light of the One Great Original thought that is the Creator, the creation and the created. Adonai. 0 Creation, Adonai, 0 Creator. Adonai, Questioners. So we you greet: Adonai.


Many of you are familiar with Tam Mossman through his work as editor for the late Jane Roberts. At his request, we are enclosing a flyer in this newsletter to inform you of his current effort, METAPSYCHOLOGY magazine. Under Tam’s experienced editing, it performs the useful service of putting groups with channeled information together with people who want to read such.

Our thanks to all who are contributing money for prisoners who have no money but who desire to read our books. Each week, more prisoners write us and all are very grateful for your generosity.

In 1968, when Don Elkins and Carla Rueckert first formed L/L Research, their first work was to write a book of what seemed to be metaphysical fiction: THE CRUCIFIXION OF ESMERELDA SWEETWATER. Ra confirmed that that book was a link to future events for our group and further stated, “When the commitment was made between two of this group to work for the betterment of the planetary sphere, this commitment activated a possibility/probability vortex of some strength. The experience of generating this volume was unusual in that it was visualized as if watching the moving picture.” (from personal material, Session #68, August 18, 1981). We would like to make this book available. Anyone who would like to help in that effort would receive a copy for whatever amount of donation feels comfortable. It would be available some time this fall—if sufficient funds accumulate—and would cost about $7.00 per book to print, or a bit over $7,000.00 for the first 1,000 copies.

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