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ABOUT THE CONTENTS OF THIS NEWSLETTER: These selections of telepathic channelings have been taken from transcriptions of the weekly study and meditation meetings of the Rock Creek Research & Development Laboratories.


(Latwii, October 26, 1980)

We see the calm that is growing within your minds, as you begin to rest in meditation, as though it were the surface of a quiet pond which had been tossed by storms, and blown by the winds. And now, it begins to calm under sunny skies and to reflect, more accurately, the beauty of the foliage which surrounds the pond.

The minds of your people are so often disturbed by the waves and the storms of emotion, emotion which has been developed by the sense of separateness of one being from another. My friends, if we could but give to you the understanding of the one simple concept that underlies all of reality, the waters of your mind would ever be calm, and the springs of your inspiration would flow clear and sweet.

That simple truth is one thought. It is written in your holy works as one word. That word is love. In those works it was written that love came into the world, this love which is light. And the world was full of darkness, which we would call separation. And the darkness did not understand the light. And so it will always be: the complex will never understand the simple.

The simple truth, as we know it, is that love, manifesting itself in your world as light, is the source of all matter, all consciousness, and all energy. All the beauty that you see is a living embodiment of love.

Would that we could say to all of your peoples who live upon your troubled sphere at this time, “Please, beloved planet whom we serve, can you but calm your minds, and see the beauty of love?”

People find their minds to be like stone, their opinions and their biases etched in the stony surface with great deliberation, and, therefore, people do not change. Yet in truth all living things are in a constant state of change. And thus the mind is water, not stone. For water can adapt itself to any circumstance, and in the end is stronger than any rock. For you can see, as you look about you, at your rivers and your canyons, that given time, as you call it, water erodes that hard and unforgiving stone, absorbing life-giving minerals, and flowing, always flowing, giving beauty and life.

Rain from the sky. Waves along the shore. That is the secret of your consciousness. Your mind is much stronger than you may think, not because of its firmness, but because of its incredible ability to learn, to change, to adapt, and to transform itself just as water becomes part of the air and is then reformed as a life-giving substance, watering the crops.

As you rest, as your mind is clear, rejoice that you are part of a consciousness which is all one consciousness of being, of all living things in all the universe. You can no more be separate from each other than can one drop of water be separate from the ocean. We are all one, and in this, may we humbly rejoice and give thanks to the Father who created us, to share His Love and His Light.


(Oxal, July 21, 1985)

I greet you my friends, in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator in whose name we come this evening. We thank you for calling us to you and hope that our humble words may hold something that may be of value to you this evening, reminding you, as always, that we are, as you, full of mistakes, full of errors and without any pretension to infallibility. Therefore, we ask you to consult your own inner wisdom. There is that within you which recognizes truth and which knows the truths that you need at this particular moment. Take what you will and discard the rest without a backward glance, for our wish is only to aid you, not to teach you any dogma. We know the path and we know the journey. But the steps you take are your own. You cannot walk as others walk, nor can you meet the difficulties that others meet or experience the joys that others experience. What is in common is the journey itself and the joy and peace that lies from the commitment of oneself to seeking the truth.

As the shadows lengthen and the evening comes into the windows of your domicile, so each of you sits, in some way broken. None of you is any longer whole; none of you is any longer confident that everything is perfect. Many of you count this to be a discomfort, perhaps even a weakness or a lack of faith. We ask you to consider the nature of transformation. We would use the example, simplistic though it is, of a cup which must be empty, emptied of all dregs and all substance before it may contain new drink. We ask you to consider a fresh-baked loaf of bread. It is useless until it is broken.

In your young wholeness, my friends, you were full of something very valuable, the unexamined and totally trusted light and love of the Creator that blows about children and makes them so special to the adults about them. But there is no learning in this untouched condition. Does bread count it as cruelty to be broken that it may be eaten? We think not. Do you count it as cruel that life has fragmented your understanding and caused you to raise questions about yourself and others and the nature of the universe? Sometimes it is impossible for those within an illusion as dense as yours not to feel that it is cruel to be so broken by experience. And yet, brokenness is an utterly necessary prelude to transformation. Whole, untouched, you are finite. Broken, you become infinite, infinitely full of possibility, of newness, and of the potential for life, life that is new and vital.

It is as though the illusion which you now enjoy is a kind of threshing machine. It is inevitable that you shall come between the grinding wheels and that you shall feel burst apart, sometimes slowly, sometimes all at once. These moments and times of your incarnational experience are the most pregnant with possibility for the acceleration of your spiritual evolution. For you have moved into an infinity when you are no longer closed.

What we say rings of the impractical and we realize that you seek not only that which is theoretical but that which may serve as an ethic that may inspire behavior which manifests that which you hold dear: service to others, love; there are many good qualities we could name for which you may be seeking inspiration. Your best quality is the willingness to be broken because that willingness is the willingness to learn. And, my friends, all things in your illusion teach the lessons of love. Each time you are broken, you are being offered a new way to come to a new understanding, if we may use that misnomer, of love. And by this we do not mean that which you call love, but rather that which you call Logos, that love which is creative and original, that love which is the Creator, that love which is all of us. For we and you and all that there is are the Creator. Closed, you are the citizen of an illusion. lt is as though your fullness were a prison. Each time you face adversity, you escape that prison and you are open to the transfiguration of another learning of love.

We do not say this simply because it is inevitable that experience shall cause discomfort and grief, although that is surely the nature of your illusion. We say this to attempt to inspire you to examine whatever faces you at this particular time, to find within it the seed of love where there was none before within your heart. As always, the best adjunct to experience for the seeker is daily meditation. It does not have to be a full-time job, as this instrument would say. A very few minutes of seeking, in silence, that still small voice, if we may quote from one of the holy works, is sufficient to put you in contact with the infinity that you can otherwise receive only from the harsh trials of experience.

For there is that within you, as we have said, that will aid you in coming to a new knowledge of your own nature and of the nature of love. Often there is great healing in such understanding, as that which is no longer needed can fall away, as those bitter feelings disappear, for they are no longer needed; as dislike and prejudice disappear, for they are no longer needed. And then once again you become whole and you manifest to those about you that which has begun to come through you, that which is infinite, that which is love.

In the inevitable cycle of experience you shall again be broken and the cycle turns again, offering you again and again the opportunity for new knowledge. Or, if you have refrained from learning the lesson given you previously, you may find yourself repeating one lesson again and again. Try as you may, you will not escape this lesson until it is learned. This is not a grim threat; this is the nature of your experience. It is our intent to give you encouragement so that you may welcome experience, so that you may, even in pain or grief or despair or loneliness, welcome being broken and look immediately for the love that you have not allowed into this moment. Open yourself at this moment that love may sweep through you, sweep you clean and make you one with your experience.


(Hatonn, October 6, 1985)

Picture, if you will, a mountain stream gushing forth from a living spring, ever fresh, ever beautiful, moving and singing along its bed and refreshing all that lives therein.

Such is the living wellspring of your spirits, my friends. Where can one go to find such a wellspring, such a fountainhead?

Can one go into the city and find it there amidst the crowds and the cries of those who barter and sell, and the angers and disappointments of those who have come in second in a trade, and vainglory and folly of those who believe they have won in the trade? It would take a special person to find sanctuary and nourishment in a city.

Shall you, then, go to the country and live through the ancient cycles of time and space, watching the trees and the foliage, the flowers and shrubs change their colors in the fall and become bleak and austere statues of dignity in your winter, only to bloom again with blossom in springtime and open their faces to the sun in the spate of full summer. It may seem to be a far more desirable haunt and yet the wellspring of spiritual life is not easily found from without, even under such beautiful circumstances.

Can you go, then, into the ocean, away from all land, into the simplicity of waves and sky and stars? The difficulty with picturing a better and better and better environment is that into such an environment, you bring yourself. The self that is you is always with you and the wellspring and fountainhead of your spirit is within you. Therefore, into each environment you project those opinions and biases, those pains and pleasures of your own experience that make you what you are. That which is outer cannot do the job of bringing to birth that within you which is to come in your search for the truth.

You do not carry this within you as if you were a basket and it the precious cargo. No, you are far more like the pipe through which is funneled the clear precious water of the fountainhead, the wellspring of that clear mountain lake, full of living water. Things do not come from you as much as through you. For in whatever you may do, you are a channel. There is no situation in which you are not channeling and being used as an instrument either by yourself, by other entities, or by circumstances themselves. The great choice to make, then, in the desire to speed up the spiritual evolution is the choice to allow that through you which you desire to be spent through you. And never, if possible, to accept circumstance or environment as a reason for ignoring the opportunity for finding love that may flow through you, that you may become a light to lighten the darkness of those about you who are seeking just such light.


(Amira, December 23, 1984)

Amira. Amira. Amira. Amira. Amira. (Chanted) I am Amira. I am with you in the love and the light of the Father. Oh, precious the moment, all glorious the hour when first you are born. All that is old, my children, may now be put away. The manger of your life is ready for the babe. Now you are new. My children, my children, this is always true. Do not forget, but turn and rejoice. Peace. Amira. Amira. Amira.


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We hope to have enough donations to have THE CRUCIFIXION OF ESMERELDA SWEETWATER printed and available by spring. We appreciate the patience of everyone who has already ordered a copy.

This Christmas we are once again happy to offer JENNY, the story of a Christmas tree angel that came to life. As a live performance it lacks the polish of THE JOURNEY, but it is proof positive against Christmas melancholy. Words, music, and story by Carla and Tommy Rueckert.

This January we will have a new cassette tape to offer: THE SPIRITUAL SIGNIFICANCE OF UFOS. It is an edited compilation of lectures given by Don Elkins, questioner for the Ra contact. Don’s abilities as questioner were developed through thirty years of research, lecturing, and answering questions himself. He had a gift for speaking that we feel that you might enjoy.

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