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ABOUT THE CONTENTS OF THIS NEWSLETTER: This telepathic channeling has been taken from transcriptions of the weekly study and meditation meetings of the Rock Creek Research & Development Laboratories and L/L Research.


Group question: We have been talking about two concepts, the pre-incarnative programming that allows us to learn the lessons we have chosen and the free will of the incarnation. The other question concerns the blending of this planet’s religions, cultures, and philosophies, and we wonder how these can be reconciled to achieve peace. We would like Q’uo’s comments on whatever seems to be of value to our evolution in these areas.

(Q’uo, October 22, 1995)

We are those of Q’uo. We greet you in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. We are most pleased and happy to be with you this day, and we greet and bless each of you. We thank you for calling us to your circle.

It is our privilege to serve by offering you our thoughts, and we ask only that you take the thoughts that ring true to you and leave the rest behind, for each has his own path to follow and each path is correct for the one person that is following it. And each has discrimination and knows what is true and right for her. If you will do that we then feel free to offer our honest opinions. They are not infallible. We ask you to realize that. We are the Brothers and Sisters of Sorrow. We come when there is a call. Your planet has a great call at this time. We feel that we have good news, and we share it with you with a whole heart and a humble spirit.

Your queries this day are most interesting. We shall attempt to speak on this subject to some extent, but we ask you to realize that this is a large subject and one which can be explored certainly further than we will this day.

Perhaps we shall begin by looking at the way that entities come into being in your density. Your density is the culmination of the first two densities, those being the elemental awareness known by your rocks and earth, your sea and sky, and the second density of animal and vegetable growth with its turning to the light and feeding from the light. You come into third density fresh from the creation of the Father as a flower or a tree or an animal. Consciousness is one, both the consciousness of the species and the consciousness of the place, and the creation and the nature of creation. There is a tremendous inter-cooperation, even to the killing of the weak and diseased of one species by another while the others are allowed to escape. There is an intimate and instinctual awareness of the Creator, yet there is no awareness of the self.

The second-density entity gradually becomes aware of love because of human energy invested in the second-density creatures such as your pets. The awareness of self and the inward turning gaze are the hallmarks of third density. As each density has its lessons, so the lesson of third density is that lesson of finding ways to love and to be loved, not only in relationships of one person to another but also in relationship of groups of people to other groups. Yours is a density that begins with primitive, small, and scattered communities and by the end of the cycle becomes an environment of great, clearly defined, and very conscious groups of entities.

The energies that are being worked on in third density are potentially all energies, from the basic red-ray or sexual energy center through that rainbow of energies. However, it is the function of third density to complete work on that orange ray of personal relationships and to study and attempt to absorb ways of learning to love within the yellow-ray energy center, that ray which is involved when group-oriented energies are shared between individuals. The instinct to gather together in groups is deep. The instinct to include some and exclude others is very deep. And it is extremely easy for the seeker to become quite lost in the sea of confusion in which all of these energies are experienced, for your world is indeed a sea of confusion.

Now if it is understood that the primary work of third density is in tuning and balancing those lower three energy centers of red, orange, and yellow and then of opening and finding ways to maintain an openness and fullness of the heart, then it may be seen that those energies are not instinctual. The refinement has begun. For you stand as a third-density entity as a kind of rough diamond with unpolished edges and without sparkling facets. And through lifetime after lifetime within your third-density experience the self that is inherent within, that crystalline entity that you truly are, begins to become visible as the friction of everyday living works to smooth and refine that crystalline self. Certainly some of the abrasive and cleansing experiences of your illusion do the work of exposing the crystal that sparkles within. And the work that is done by the seeker is work upon the self. The seeker wishes to balance red ray, for that is the basic and very important beginning of energies. That which is not freed and flowing within that root energy center constitutes a primal blockage that will slow and distort the pure light energy which you are receiving from the Creator.

Then it is that you work upon the relationship chakra by working within the self to come into more awareness of what you are feeling and thinking concerning the self in relationship to the self and to other selves. Often it is that an entity that truly does not wish to advance or finds it too painful to advance further will turn from yellow-ray work and move back into orange-ray work, that which is strictly between one entity and another, or between the self and the self in order to be more comfortable. However, at this end time of your present third-density cycle it is entirely appropriate that each set for the self the task of finding new ways of coming into harmony with other cultures, other races, and other structures of thought, logic, and being. The end result of this planetary effort to come into spiritual convergence shall be that social memory complex that is the basic structure for fourth-density work. You are attempting to learn how to be one people, sharing each other’s thoughts, hopes, and fears, carrying each other’s joys as if they are your own.

There is much work in fourth density, but once one has become able to be part of a social memory complex one is no longer veiled from that which is most true. Each of you, then, is in the situation of coming close to the ability to merge with all other people. And so there is a yearning and a desire to go further, to become more spirit than flesh, to cease striving after the way of third density. Yet the fact that you are within the incarnation is sufficient to justify the opinion that this is precisely where you should be. For places within your world for incarnation are very rare compared to the number of entities who wish to come into the Earth plane at this time in order to aid in the transformation of your planetary sphere.

You are the one who chose this foggy, barren landscape, metaphysically speaking. It was your desire to place the self within this thick and dim illusion that is the Earth world in order that you might forget that which you know instinctively, for one cannot learn as one does in third density unless there is the physical stimulus, the emotional battering, and so forth that constitutes catalyst for the individual as it goes through its daily round. So no matter how difficult things may seem it is our opinion that the situation remains perfect. For it is the outworking of the self’s plan for this incarnation that is being experienced.

Let us look at this plan. The entity who gets the opportunity to incarnate within your density upon your sphere first goes through the process of creating the scenario or the screenplay, shall we say, for your personal movie of life. You choose the cast. You choose who shall play mother, father, spouse, lover, friend, enemy, and so forth. You make agreements with these entities, not within the Earth plane, but within the finer world which this instrument calls the inner planes. No matter how difficult the relationships seem or how much pain has been experienced, this was part of your own choice. It may be difficult to believe or to understand how you would wish to choose to ask yourself to suffer, yet we can only say that when one is outside of the illusion that you now enjoy it seems like child’s play—and a good kind of playing at that—to plunge into the sea of confusion and to swim about in its waters.

Perhaps you have had the experience of thinking something was going to be fun until you have done it, and discovered that that was not fun. That was horrible and scary. Or some other negative feeling. This is the situation of man on Earth. He cannot believe that he has done it to himself. Yet, my friends, you have. You have asked for personal lessons and you have asked for the chance to serve. Perhaps it may aid you in dealing with these difficulties simply to remind yourself that this is a part of the play, or as this instrument would say, the situation comedy of life. If you can find faith within yourself, faith that believes and knows that no matter what occurs that you are on track and the deeper goals are being met, perhaps that may alleviate and soften the harshness of the lessons.

As your third density further draws towards its conclusion you shall experience more and more of the yellow-ray or group-to-group catalyst. That solar plexus chakra comes in for much use and abuse in working with these lessons. This is the time when one discovers what it feels like to be pulled at emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. These are the times when you find out how to cut the cord that develops between two people or two groups that limits their freedom. If you can approach dealing with groups with faith then we feel it is not so long until you can observe the dynamics of the various groups of entities upon your planet and see all peoples as one.

One thing that greatly disturbs and puzzles seekers is the persistent friction betwixt races and peoples. This is not a reflection upon any civilization’s or individual’s integrity, maturity, or honor. The reasons for this instinctively felt friction lie in the fact that there is more than one race of entities populating your sphere. Your planet in this third-density cycle has been a place which has accepted many other planetary third-density entities who graduated into third density or were in third density yet were not able to dwell upon their home planet.

Now each civilization or race throughout your galaxy, shall we say, has a slightly different archetypical consciousness, for it is the work of each sun or Logos to add the details to the basic plan of the One Infinite Creator. When an entity or a people move from the heart, then, they are moving from an archetypical environment enjoyed by those who have come here from places other than the one you have come from. Because of the thick illusion it seems that in order for one may of experiencing incoming sense data as real it must drive out another way of seeing or perceiving sense data. As the times roll on and as each entity gains maturity these differences in archetypal mind will begin not to repel but to fascinate entities. And as they lose fear, having become more secure in their own individual selves they will be able more and more to embrace those distinctively unlike themselves in appearance, in manner, and in thinking.

Mostly to be remembered in this regard is one simple rule: you are here to learn to love. Find within the self at any time where the love is, where it can shine. Open the self to that opportunity and you shall have acted well indeed. For each is a spark of the One Infinite Creator, capable of healing, forgiving, embracing, and transforming each other. The one known to you as Jesus said to you, “Love one another.” As you love one another you are loving the One Infinite Creator, for this spark is the basic essence of all conscious entities. You are love. There is just a very heavy coat of flesh upon that lightening spirit born of love that is you. As you have your daily periods of meditation and contemplation, spend a moment reaching out to embrace all of the self’s catalyst, all that the world has to offer, both war and peace, both heat and cold in so many ways.

Be or practice to be unafraid of trouble. Find ways to be serene while you are not understanding, for this lack of understanding will continue and is irrelevant to the process of spiritual evolution. When the heart is opening a tremendous strength fills the spirit. Whenever this is not felt and you become aware that the heart is closed, we ask that you touch in to your own faith, to the guidance that surrounds you, to the love that overshadows you, the mystery that made you and claims you for its own, and rise refreshed and peaceful.

You have much to learn. You will make mistakes, but they are not metaphysical mistakes. The mistakes are part of your learning, part of the illusion, part of being human. Forgive yourself, for in forgiving the self you become able to forgive all, and the redemption in the eyes of a peaceful person is a blessing indeed to those who behold it, and to the planet in general, for love lightens the planetary vibrations. This love does not come from you. We would not ask you to attempt to develop such a thing as infinite love. We ask only that you open the self, allow pain to hollow you out and make you a beautiful and transparent instrument through which infinite love can flow. You are a vessel, a precious, precious vessel. What shall you hold? What shall you offer?

We thank you for inviting us to join your circle of seeking this day. It has been a great privilege and honor for us to be able to share our thoughts with you. We shall now take our leave of this instrument and this group, leaving each in the love and in the ineffable light of the One Infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.


Our very best holiday wishes to each of you. May the Christ be born in every heart, and may every day be the beginning of a New Year for everyone.

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