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ABOUT THE CONTENTS OF THIS NEWSLETTER: This telepathic channeling has been taken from transcriptions of the weekly study and meditation meetings of the Rock Creek Research & Development Laboratories and L/L Research.


Group question: We would like to know what the natural expression of both the male and the female sexuality is? What are the archetypical images or forces that aid or cause this expression to be as it is? How is it most appropriate for us to work with or to perceive these sexual energies in ourselves and in each other? And we would like to know if there is a way in which sexual energy exchanges can be used to experience the unity of the One Creator?

(Q’uo, April 9, 1995)

Greetings in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. We are those of Q’uo. As always it is a distinct pleasure and privilege to join this circle of seeking. We bless each that lends its complex of vibrations to this circle. The combined energy is most beautiful. We ask that each use its discrimination in listening to what we say. We ask that you not accept any of our opinions unless it seems to strike a chord of response within you, for truth is a deeply personal thing; and we ask you to guard your own truth carefully.

As we speak to you concerning sexual energy, we need to speak in a context so that we do not isolate this energy in thinking of it in an artificial manner, but rather, in a way that enables each to see and to feel the perfection of the sexual gift. Indeed, gifts that are large and contain great power are also those responsibilities which are equally great, for each guards and appreciates and shares this energy among others.

The wellspring of your physical vehicles is the sexual activity. The fructifier of inspiration is often the sexual activity. The healer of pain, even deep pain, is often sexual activity. And all those energies of friendship and the reaching of people unto people as societies: these need to be seated within strong and healthy sexuality in order for there to be depth to the processes by which energy moves toward that perfect light of infinite energy.

Archetypically speaking, then, sexuality for third-density entities such as yourselves begins with that dynamic between the male who reaches the outstretched hand and the female which awaits the reaching. Now, this is an archetypical structure, an archetypical logic. In truth, male and female both reach and await the reaching; but in terms of finding a way to grasp and understand the ways in which this energy arises, it is central to see this dynamic of the male which reaches and the female which awaits the reaching.

The difficulties that those who are seeking truth find in that seeking often seem to have nothing to do with sexuality, but rather, with things holding one back: the spouse or something about the home situation begins to be seen as being so limiting that the seeker must leave to be free to seek, unfettered by what seems to be a sea of negativity. Quite often, however, what is occurring is that the seeker has begun working upon the higher energy centers—the heart, the throat, the brow—those energies that we would call those of compassion, communication, and work in consciousness. Certainly, these indeed are those energies which beckon. And oh, how hungry the student is for more wisdom, more knowledge, more insight, and more understanding!

Yet any plant begins its life within the soil; and although you no longer are attached to the earth by roots that are visible, yet the physical body which carries you about has its origin, its life, and its energy because of its oneness with the earth plane. The amount of sheer energy vibrating betwixt earth and physical vehicle is astounding. Yet it cannot be acknowledged and used nearly so well by one who is working upon upper chakras unless that entity has the patience, the humility, and the determination to come into contact with that earth, that soil of self; for the sexual identity is as powerful and as completely unique a part of the individual spirit or soul as any other incarnationally expressed energy. This is the energy which creates a healthy plant, a healthy body, the energy that gives a primal “yes” to being. This is moreover (as are all energies), a sacred, a holy energy; and the sexual intercourse is as the eucharist of red ray, the holy communion of the body. This union recapitulates the oneness of earth and sky, the oneness of male and female, the oneness of reaching and waiting.

Now, when we speak of sexuality, we do not simply speak of sexual acts, for this energy is constant; and though its appearance in the conscious mind is cyclical, its place in the scheme of things, shall we say, is constant.

Now, how does one work upon the red ray? First, one simply has to become able to express to the self precisely what the attitude is, for we find among your peoples a great ability to gloss over uncomfortable subjects with generalities and half thought-out concepts. There is inevitable damage done, if one would call it that. There is, shall we say, inevitable distortion that has taken place for each and every entity within incarnation. For like the rest of the incarnational tools and resources, sex is intended to cause great catalyst, to cause entities to feel all kinds of befuddlement, anger, grief, and so forth. That is one of the great virtues of sexual intercourse and the relationship between two entities concerning their sexuality and their expression, one with the other. One is intended to find this a difficult thing, at least from time to time, for the journey from head to heart must be taught at every level of energy.

So, one may work on the issue of becoming more balanced in red-ray energy whether or not one is in relationship, whether or not one is sexually active. In terms of doing one’s homework, shall we say, it does not matter what the situation is, for each entity’s sexuality lies at the very heart of its individuality, and each entity must needs work upon its own issues, its own sexuality. It is well to attempt, then, gently to part the strands that are tangled in the process of perceiving one’s relationship to another sexually so that the other entity’s issues stay with that entity, so the self works completely upon the self; and perhaps its reactions may offer that catalyst for thinking which does create lessons learned and the strength of vital energy improved.

As the Creator intended, third density is always concerned with the dualities of dynamic opposites; and the male reaching and the female waiting is the strongest dynamic of red ray. So let us look briefly at the reaching and the waiting.

It is not just the mind and the spirit that are involved in the processes of reaching, for the physical vehicle has instincts that are very clear. The perpetuation of the species, as this instrument would call it, is completely dependent upon that male necessity for reaching. Thus it is, that the body itself has the instinct to reach; and of course, those females who have an abundance of male energy shall also find themselves involuntarily reaching out to the sexuality of a male that has caught the eye. This energy can be perceived as being very negative because it can be confrontive, and because the deepest instinct of one who awaits reaching is protection.

Now, what is it for which the male reaches, beyond that is, the obvious? What is it that is at the heart, spiritually speaking, of this energy? As always, it is unity. The prize is great for those who wish to purify and strengthen this energy until it finds balance within the self. Thusly, males have the necessity of dealing with the catalyst of attraction to any attractive and available female. Indeed, that male energy is capable of reaching in fantasy, in thought There does not even need to be the stimulus of the female which is present. This ensures that the species will survive as long as the planet is viable.

Meanwhile, for the female energy, there is the opposite side of this dynamic. Unity there is, but an articulated unity. Males who have much female energy also find themselves involuntarily drawn into the contractions of one who protects one’s self. This energy is so powerful that there is the necessity for the female or negative energy to be watchful, cautious, and protective. It is not for the female energy to seek the indiscriminate reaching, but rather, the careful protection. For the unity that is articulated betwixt male and female is that mystery which is the One Great Original Thought. Female energy potentiating male energy equals subconscious energy run through conscious channels. So each becomes a channel for the One Great Original Thought which is Love. And in the sexual mating betwixt two who grasp the profundity and centrality of the energies of love-making, there is the possibility of touching intelligent energy; and in this fusion, the two truly are one. From this rise male and female, blessed, balanced, and healed.

We ask each to consider the archetype known as “The Lovers”. In this figure, a male stands with a female on each side; to one side, the virginal; upon the other side, the worldly and prostituted female energy. It is the first choice, the most obvious choice, for the male who comes into possession of that sexuality which shall be its catalyst for a lifetime, to reach for that sexuality in the female which is obvious; and indeed, there is that portion of any male energy which shall always be attracted to the prostituted and the shallow. This is natural. Yet, to the man who seeks until he finds that female which he feels he can work with in all humility, to this entity is given a great deal of aid. For if male and female wish equally to work together at this energy level, then there is for both a constant supply of transferred energy—to the man the mental and emotional inspiration, to the female, that physical, vital energy—each giving what each has in abundance and receiving what each has not enough of.

We mention this archetype because there is a continuing need for entities to reconfigure and re-balance themselves, for there is little probability that a seeker may become perfect in this or any practice of disciplining the self again and again. That male energy which is such a blessing in its abundance and its strength may well fall into a season wherein images come and come and come into the mind and it seems that there is nothing but lasciviousness within. And for the female there is that tendency to allow the protectiveness that is appropriate to degenerate into bitterness and fear; and the separation that occurs because of these things is substantial.

Therefore, in working with each other in relationship, that energy we would call forgiveness is most important. This energy, as all energies within this illusion, has been set up to cause confusion and befuddlement, again and again. And while it is natural to experience negative emotions in response to the frustrations of failing, as one perceives one’s self to fail, it may seem that the subject of sex is not worth all the work. Women have an archetypical tendency to be what this instrument would call “bitches”. Males have the archetypical tendency to be what this instrument calls “pigs”. These are pejorative terms. This instrument uses them because to speak them aloud takes some of the sting from that inevitable truth, for that element which seems bitchy is only the outcropping of that healthy tendency of protection. The female fights with words. That to which it is reacting is that male nature which reaches indiscriminately, and no matter how far a male has come spiritually, the physical vehicle of that male will continue to reach indiscriminately. The student of metaphysics will, for the most part, attempt to ignore the promptings that are random and to continually re-place the attention upon the mated relationship. The male shall always fail to do this perfectly The female may attempt to be forgiving, understanding, and so forth, but again, failure is inevitable. My friends, in this way as in all others you have each other to help each other, and it is most encouraged by us that each attempt to see that dynamic that sexuality offers with a merciful and ruthful gaze, to be quick to forgive, and to be willing again and again to attempt to trust.

When there is discord at this level, much energy is blocked; and it is usual for students of metaphysics that they will be blocked to some extent at this level. We have spoken to you before concerning the dangers of working in consciousness without first clearing those lower energies, and we remind each again: the first work is that work which is the lowest, the basest, and the most fundamental. The first holiness is here, where feet meet earth, where spirit meets flesh. Here, at the level where entities are born; here where entities express their deepest physical nature; here is the beginning of a good work.

Working with this energy center shall last the lifetime, but we encourage each to work intensively in this level of energy until a balance is perceived by the self. Then, the process is to work upon the self’s mental relationships with itself and then relationships with others, and then relationships with groups. And only when this work of balancing has been touched upon should a student move into working on opening the heart, into communicating, into work in consciousness, for the energy has a natural vector from the lower to the higher; and the student needs a strong foundation.

So, we ask each to see working on sexuality as a holy occupation and part of a holy life. Let it be wonderful and fun. Free the self to rejoice in the beauty of this energy. This is a long process sometimes; however, there is much pleasure in the work.

At this time we would take our leave of this group, for we are aware of the length of your time that this working has consumed, and we do not wish to overtire those present. We are known to you as those of Q’uo, and we leave each, as always, in the love and in the ineffable light of the One Infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.


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