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L/L Research's Law of One Podcast

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L/L Research's Law of One Podcast

In our Law of One Podcast, we gather to discuss spiritual topics through the lens of the Law of One. The panel consists of Jim McCarty, scribe of the Ra Contact and president of L/L Research; Gary Bean, Director of L/L Research; and Austin Bridges, Assistant Director of L/L Research - each a spiritual seeker and devoted student of the Law of One. In this podcast, we discuss questions sent in from seekers in light of the spiritual principles shared within the Law of One and other L/L Research channeling.

We rely on questions sent in from seekers. If you have a question for us to discuss, please send it in! To do so, you can:

  • Send an email to contact (at) llresearch (dot) org.

  • Reply to our post on the Bring4th forums here.

New podcast episodes are published on this page, with the newest episodes on the top.

(You can right click and select "Save As" to save episodes to your hard drive.)

Podcast intro and outro music: "Ong Namo" by Snatam Kaur

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*To listen to our archived radio episodes with Carla, please visit our Blog Talk Radio website.


  • Law of One Podcast - Episode 99 (Runtime: 2:01:17)

  • - We talk with special guest Suzanna about her journey of reconciling her career versus her passion, and her awakening to sacred sexuality and ecstatic energy.

    * Featuring Suzanna Miller, a pioneer in opening the doorways to spiritual evolution through ecstatic sexual energy, creator of the (retired) Blissrunner podcast.

  • Law of One Podcast - Episode 98 (Runtime: 2:13:11)

  • - We explore the Spiral Dynamics system and how it relates to the Perrenial Philosophy and the Law of One.

    * Featuring Doug Scott, MA, MSW, a mental health professional and theologian. Find more of his work at

  • Law of One Podcast - Episode 97 (Runtime: 1:24:52)

  • - We explore Byron Katie's "The Work" and how it relates to the Law of One.

    * Featuring BJ Harden Jones and Aaron Maret, founding members of the Asheville Law of One Study Group and members of the Temple of the Open Heart Anchor Circle.

  • Law of One Podcast - Episode 96 (Runtime: 1:13:03)

  • - All about psychic greeting.

  • Law of One Podcast - Episode 95 (Runtime: 1:52:37)

  • - Exploring the dynamics of desire, duty, service, acceptance, and preincarnational planning in our life paths.

    * Featuring special guest Shruthi Bajaj!

  • Law of One Podcast - Episode 94 (Runtime: 1:20:06)

  • - How can we maintain the experience of unity day to day?

    - Ego and personality.

    - How do we help people addicted to suffering?

    - What is a kundalini experience?

  • Law of One Podcast - Episode 93 (Runtime: 1:23:56)

  • - The differences between the two polarities, and how they appear in our lives and in society.

  • Law of One Podcast - Episode 92 (Runtime: 2:00:43)

  • - The sinkhole of indifference.

    * Featuring special guest Aaron Maret!

  • Law of One Podcast - Episode 91 (Runtime: 1:04:42)

  • - The nature of blockage.

  • Law of One Podcast - Episode 90 (Runtime: 1:40:45)

  • - Karma and forgiveness.

    - Racial injustice and the current protests.

    * Featuring special guest Red!

  • Law of One Podcast - Episode 89 (Runtime: 1:47:49)

  • - Know yourself; accept yourself; become the Creator.

    * Featuring special guest Tiffani!

  • Law of One Podcast - Episode 88 (Runtime: 1:11:33)

  • - Coronavirus, part 2.

  • Law of One Podcast - Episode 87 (Runtime: 1:48:08)

  • - Coronavirus.

  • Law of One Podcast - Episode 86 (Runtime: 1:37:31)

  • - Conspiracy theory.

    * Featuring special guest Joseph Dartez!

  • Law of One Podcast - Episode 85 (Runtime: 58:05)

  • - What we've been up to at L/L Research.

  • "In the Now" - Episode 84 (Runtime: 53:34)

  • - The eternal now.

  • "In the Now" - Episode 83 (Runtime: 1:18:39)

  • - Free will and responsibility.

  • "In the Now" - Episode 82 (Runtime: 1:33:15)

  • - All about social memory complexes.

    * Featuring special guests Aaron and Jana!

  • "In the Now" - Episode 81 (Runtime: 51:53)

  • - Jesus, Christianity, and religion.

  • "In the Now" - Episode 80 (Runtime: 50:46)

  • - The arguments in our heads.

  • "In the Now" - Episode 79 (Runtime: 59:57)

  • - Why do we always agree? And other insights about the show and L/L Research.

  • "In the Now" - Episode 78 (Runtime: 1:09:46)

  • - Meditation, contemplation, and prayer.

  • "In the Now" - Episode 77 (Runtime: 50:13)

  • - All about forgiveness.

  • "In the Now" - Episode 76 (Runtime: 1:01:47)

  • - The role of truth and resonance on the spiritual path.

  • "In the Now" - Episode 75 (Runtime: 50:47)

  • - How do the concepts of privacy and transparency relate to fourth density and our spiritual paths?

  • "In the Now" - Episode 74 (Runtime: 42:36)

  • - Why do opportunities for learning decrease as we cease to utilize them?

  • "In the Now" - Episode 73 (Runtime: 1:01:20)

  • - What does it mean to be, and not do?

  • "In the Now" - Episode 72 (Runtime: 45:23)

  • - Fasting, and the spiritual link between body and mind.

  • "In the Now" - Episode 71 (Runtime: 46:36)

  • - How the adept relates to society and the yellow ray.

  • "In the Now" - Episode 70 (Runtime: 46:40)

  • - The seeming contradiction of polarity and non-duality.

  • "In the Now" - Episode 69 (Runtime: 52:55)

  • - All about harvest and the transition to fourth density.

    *This statement, from 41.14, is mentioned during the show: “Those reverting to orange ray, and we may add these are many upon your plane at this time, are those who feel the vibrations of true color green and, therefore, respond by rejecting governmental and societal activities as such and seek once more the self.”

  • "In the Now" - Episode 68 (Runtime: 43:51)

  • - Accepting ourselves, and accepting when we can't accept ourselves.

  • "In the Now" - Episode 67 (Runtime: 48:34)

  • - How and when do we share our spiritual thoughts and beliefs with others? And when is it beneficial to talk about the wanderer identity?

  • "In the Now" - Episode 66 (Runtime: 41:34)

  • - Can anything go against the Creator's plan? What is "the Creator's plan"?

  • "In the Now" - Episode 65 (Runtime: 48:30)

  • - What effect do our day-to-day moods have on our service, and how can we serve better when we aren't at our best?

    - Is the primary purpose of the wanderer to learn or to serve?

  • "In the Now" - Episode 64 (Runtime: 44:43)

  • - A personal show in which we share some of the struggles on our own paths.

  • "In the Now" - Episode 63 (Runtime: 56:14)

  • - Wisdom, and how it relates to love.

    *Featuring special guest Jeremy!

  • "In the Now" - Episode 62 (Runtime: 36:06)

  • - Is it possible to open the heart chakra too early? And if you do, what can you do to balance?

  • "In the Now" - Episode 61 (Runtime: 48:15)

  • - The dynamic between discipline and acceptance of the self.

  • "In the Now" - Episode 60 (Runtime: 39:59)

  • - What is the spiritual purpose and reasoning for pain in the second density?

  • "In the Now" - Episode 59 (Runtime: 57:01)

  • - What is the "soul" in the context of the Law of One?

    - We have a discussion with Jim about his meditation practices.

  • "In the Now" - Episode 58 (Runtime: 46:47)

  • - Why do innocent children incarnate with diseases and suffering?

    - Balancing exercises and the pendulum.

  • "In the Now" - Episode 57 (Runtime: 35:46)

  • - What would happen if knowledge of an afterlife were scientifically proven?

    - Jesus, Christ Consciousness, and how they relate to Jim's spiritual path.

  • "In the Now" - Episode 56 (Runtime: 40:56)

  • - All about guidance systems. What and who are they? And what are our personal experiences with them?

  • "In the Now" - Episode 55 (Runtime: 42:10)

  • - Dropping hints and relating to people who aren't spiritually inclined.

  • "In the Now" - Episode 54 (Runtime: 38:34)

  • - The struggle of self-acceptance for wanderers.

    - Are all traumatic events the result of karma, or can they be random?

  • "In the Now" - Episode 53 (Runtime: 41:51)

  • - Why is acceptance such a central concept in the Law of One?

    - What are some tips for discernment in the age of "fake news"?

  • "In the Now" - Episode 52 (Runtime: 37:38)

  • - Why does the Confederation disclose spiritual truths which are intended to be hidden behind the veil?

    - The effects of knowing about harvest and the illusion on our spiritual journeys.

  • "In the Now" - Episode 51 (Runtime: 47:24)

  • - Are the seven bodies the same as the seven densities?

    - How does the path of the Buddha relate to the Law of One?

    - Why does Ra seem to favor one polarity over the other?

  • "In the Now" - Episode 50 (Runtime: 49:10)

  • - Why did Ra encourage balancing of positive emotions as well as negative?

    - How did we as seekers come to a point of comfort and knowing on our spiritual paths?

  • "In the Now" - Episode 49 (Runtime: 29:44)

  • - What are the causes and effects of the veil thinning as we move into fourth density?

    - Is it appropriate to offer love to a negative entity who is greeting us in an attempt to persuade them?

  • "In the Now" - Episode 48 (Runtime: 52:01)

  • - All about healing.

  • "In the Now" - Episode 47 (Runtime: 50:29)

  • - How can one polarize rapidly, and are there any dangers in doing so?

    - How do we approach the seemingly mundane details of life from a spiritual perspective?

  • "In the Now" - Episode 46 (Runtime: 39:45)

  • - Will we see the effects of harvest in our lifetime?

    - Dealing with negatively-oriented people.

  • "In the Now" - Episode 45 (Runtime: 36:52)

  • - How can we "see the Creator" in an other-self?

    - What does Ra mean when they say that "this is not a dimension of knowing"?

  • "In the Now" - Episode 44 (Runtime: 43:58)

  • - Exercises and techniques we use to help balance and explore the depths of self.

    - Understanding our body in relationship to spiritual seeking.

    - What is our red-ray body?

  • "In the Now" - Episode 43 (Runtime: 41:27)

  • - An episode dedicated to discussing intelligent infinity, intelligent energy, and the gateway to intelligent infinity.

  • "In the Now" - Episode 42 (Runtime: 36:41)

  • - All about the Akashic record.

    - What is possible if time isn't actually linear?

  • "In the Now" - Episode 41 (Runtime: 48:17)

  • - The confusing nature of time and progress between octaves.

    - How perception as a group, rather than individual, influences our reality.

    - What is the experience of catalyst once we are balanced?

  • "In the Now" - Episode 40 (Runtime: 45:42)

  • - Why does the Confederation define itself in political terms?

    - What is the significance of the computer in the modern spiritual life?

  • "In the Now" - Episode 39 (Runtime: 43:11)

    Click here to read the transcript for this episode.

  • - The third chakra has been described as the chakra of will and determination. How does this relate to Ra's description of the yellow ray energy center?

    - What is the unmanifested self and how does it interact with the manifested self?

  • "In the Now" - Episode 38 (Runtime: 36:22)

    Click here to read the transcript for this episode.

  • - The effects on events and actions in 4th density on 3rd density.

    - How can we cope with prolonged emotional pain?

  • "In the Now" - Episode 37 (Runtime: 32:37)

    Click here to read the transcript for this episode.

  • - Reconciling the service-to-others polarity while caring for the self.

    - How can we consciously participate in opening the heart?

  • "In the Now" - Episode 36 (Runtime: 33:09)

    Click here to read the transcript for this episode.

  • - The experience of mind-altering substances, intoxicants, and drugs, and how they relate to the spiritual path.

  • "In the Now" - Episode 35 (Runtime: 37:46)

    Click here to read the transcript for this episode.

  • - How can we determine that our desires are in line with our higher path?

    - How does the yellow-ray energy center relate to our social identity and personality?

  • "In the Now" - Episode 34 (Runtime: 53:16)

    Click here to read the transcript for this episode.

  • - How can we increase our honesty and sincerity in seeking, or at least understand what holds us back?

    - Being spiritual while engaging in political activism.

    *Featuring special guest Jeremy!

  • "In the Now" - Episode 33 (Runtime: 34:16)

  • - What is involved in Jim's morning offering? How did it start? What sort of daily rituals does the group perform?

    - How can a service-to-self entity maintain its polarity in between lifetimes, when they veil has lifted?

  • "In the Now" - Episode 32 (Runtime: 39:00)

    Click here to read the transcript for this episode.

  • - Can the Law of One be integrated into competitive sports?

    - How do we know we are meditation or contemplating instead of just sitting still or thinking?

  • "In the Now" - Episode 31 (Runtime: 37:24)

  • - What is unique about the blue ray energy center?

    - How are the energy centers affected when we meditate, contemplate, or practice exercises such as yoga or qigong?

  • "In the Now" - Episode 30 (Runtime: 40:53)

  • - All about energy centers! How do we balance them? What does it mean for them to be activated?

  • "In the Now" - Episode 29 (Runtime: 35:17)

  • - All about Will and Faith. What are they and how do they relate to our spiritual path?

  • "In the Now" - Episode 28 (Runtime: 36:35)

    Click here to read the transcript for this episode.

  • - Will spiritual seeking naturally attract darkness?

    - How can we look upon things we consider evil with love?

    - What does it mean to "stand farther from the light"?

  • "In the Now" - Episode 27 (Runtime: 41:34)

    Click here to read the transcript for this episode.

  • - How do Ra's teachings on healing relate to the healing of Mother Earth?

    - What is unique about our 3rd density experience?

  • "In the Now" - Episode 26 (Runtime: 35:37)

    Click here to read the transcript for this episode.

  • - What does Ra mean when they say: "Things come not to those positively oriented but through such beings"?

    - Is our progression through spiritual evolution upon a linear and sequential path?

  • "In the Now" - Episode 25 (Runtime: 42:21)

    Click here to read the transcript for this episode.

  • - Spirituality and polarizing in a mixed polarity environment.

  • "In the Now" - Episode 24 (Runtime: 40:23)

    Click here to read the transcript for this episode.

  • - Parenting - How can we introduce children to spirituality and the Law of One? How does an understanding of Law of One influence parenting?

    *Featuring special guest Lana!

  • "In the Now" - Episode 23 (Runtime: 39:06)

  • - What does Ra mean when they say, "The proper role of the entity is in this density to experience all things desired..." and then suggest, "nothing shall be overcome"?

    - Are there really "no mistakes?" How do we reconcile that with the seeming mistakes in our lives?

  • "In the Now" - Episode 22 (Runtime: 36:26)

    Click here to read the transcript for this episode.

  • - All about grace - what is it? How does it apply to the spiritual path? How is it relevant to the Law of One?

  • "In the Now" - Episode 21 (Runtime: 35:01)

    Click here to read the transcript for this episode.

  • - What is negative wisdom and how does it differ from positive wisdom?

    - Our experiences and understanding of astral travel.

    - Is it possible to have a full range of emotions and still be filled with love?

  • "In the Now" - Episode 20 (Runtime: 39:28)

  • - What is the role of the spiritual seeker in the political sphere?

    - What are some methods for staying focused on the Creator?

  • "In the Now" - Episode 19 (Runtime: 42:27)

  • - What does it really mean for our responses to be unstudied, spontaneous, and honest?

    - How does the balancing process work? Is it instant or gradual?

  • "In the Now" - Episode 18 (Runtime: 35:25)

  • - What is the energy of the chakras? And the vagueness of the term "energy".

    - The difference between visualization and silent meditation.

    - Is it possible to re-tune a corrupted channel, and how can we tell if a channel has been negatively influenced?

  • "In the Now" - Episode 17 (Runtime: 36:55)

  • - What is the most effective meditation for increasing awareness of the Law of One?

    - How, when, and why to share the material with other people.

    - What are the implications of being a wanderer in regards to the free will of those around us?

  • "In the Now" - Episode 16 (Runtime: 29:39)

  • - How does the personality shell relate to the true self?

    - What is the meaning of the cartouches on the cover of the Law of One books?

  • "In the Now" - Episode 15 (Runtime: 37:43)

  • - What's the deal with harvest?

    - What is implied in the sequencing of mind, body, and spirit, in that order?

  • "In the Now" - Episode 14 (Runtime: 36:46)

  • - Crystallization of the higher energy centers.

    - Why is there an emphasis on efficiency in the Law of One?

  • "In the Now" - Episode 13 (Runtime: 33:51)

  • - The use of the word "ego" in different spiritual contexts.

  • "In the Now" - Episode 12 (Runtime: 37:57)

  • - We discuss the past, present, and future of L/L Research.

    - What to do if one feels they have hit a wall in seeking.

  • "In the Now" - Episode 11 (Runtime: 42:34)

  • - How to deal with hatred and catalyst regarding the family.

    - How does one begin the path of polarization?

    - What is positive or negative interpretation of catalyst?

  • "In the Now" - Episode 10 (Runtime: 39:41)

  • - Is there bad synchronicity?

    - Interpreting catalyst as positive or negative.

    - Does living the Law of One mean that there is no need to fight against negativity?

  • "In the Now" - Episode 9 (Runtime: 40:02)

  • - Is it appropriate to label things or people as service-to-others or service-to-self?

    - How the Law of One has helped us think about controversial issues in different ways.

    - Death and between incarnations.

    - How does an increase of 4th density energy relate to mental diseases?

  • "In the Now" - Episode 8 (Runtime: 32:07)

  • - Are desire and intention more important than intelligence?

    - What are the spiritual implications of things like horror films?

  • "In the Now" - Episode 7 (Runtime: 31:49)

  • - Does our reality put us on the negative path by default?

    - How is the role of faith different between the two paths?

  • "In the Now" - Episode 6 (Runtime: 34:23)

  • - Is seeing love in everything is akin to appreciating the full-spectrum of art?

    - Does the veil act like a microscope for experience, and how does this help us?

  • "In the Now" - Episode 5 (Runtime: 34:33)

  • - What is the difference between happiness and joy?

    - How can we know our intuition is flowing from a positive source?

    - How do we prepare for the next step of our spiritual journey?

  • "In the Now" - Episode 4 (Runtime: 37:47)

  • - Are inanimate objects part of the Self and the Creator?

    - Does every action need balanced through karma, and how does karma work when there is mental illness?

    - Is it polarizing to be of service to others for the sole purpose of harvesting?

  • "In the Now" - Episode 3 (Runtime: 39:46)

  • - How we at L/L Research are processing after Carla's passing.

    - What is a "crystalized entity"?

    - Is everything made of light?

  • "In the Now" - Episode 2 (Runtime: 35:40)

  • - Understanding and processing anger.

    - Karma for negative entities.

  • "In the Now" - Episode 1 (Runtime: 31:31)

  • - What does Ra mean when they say: "It is not for a being of polarity in the physical consciousness to pick and choose among attributes..."?

    - What does Q'uo mean when they say: "For each of you is the universe. You are looking out at a world that is actually interior. Such is the illusion created by flesh"?

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