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The L/L Research Transcripts

January 2, 1983, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: It has often been said among your peoples, “Wishes are not worthwhile. Wishing is not substantial.” And, my friends, it is this point of love to which we would speak this evening.

January 13, 1983, Thursday Meditation

Hatonn: Those within your circle have experienced our contact for quite a period of time, and have advanced well along the path of being a telepathic channel. We congratulate them heartily for the desire and the love that they have given to this service for others. The desire which is shown is indeed pleasurable for us to see. We appreciate the effort, but we feel that there may be only a little confidence lacking. Therefore, my brother and sisters, we at this time would like to share this small story with you, and as has been done in the past, go from instrument to instrument, as we feel this is the best way of upping the confidence of each instrument.

January 16, 1983, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: One of your members asked about anger at your meeting, and I would like to discuss it. There are many types of angers. Sometimes it is very good. In an emergency, if you need to protect yourself, anger is very helpful. Even in an emergency when you have to do something. If you expect company and you have to get ready, then knowing the company coming at the last minute sometimes gives you the energy to accomplish what you need to accomplish. But I would like to talk a little about another type of anger. Some people build tension within them, but yet the anger is not productive. Sometimes it is the release of tension. If one is angry about insignificant things oftentimes it is really a form of letting off steam and this can be very dangerous. If you can filter this tension through another entity, you can distill some of this tension.

January 23, 1983, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: This evening we would like to tell of a small entity who in his life would at times jump from here to there with no direction in mind. He continuously sought for whatever materialistic things his life might offer in the way of joy and happiness. In this small entity’s life he acquired many items, items that for a short while might bring happiness as they would intrigue the imagination for a short period of space and time and then would be laid aside to acquire another object.

January 30, 1983, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: We wish to speak a few words on what for you is indeed of great difficulty in your illusion, that being what you know as choice. You, as all entities, are free-willed in each thing. Each of your life situations is to you many different options of which you weigh and choose. Each entity’s choice becomes that entity’s responsibility. When your choice is made and the moment accepted, neither hate nor love the choice, but accept it for the moment.

February 13, 1983, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: This evening there are a few points we would like to consider, one of these being the looking within, the taking time to consider the well of strength and knowledge that comes from looking within your own self, to see the Creator that is within each and every one of you.

February 20, 1983, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: Many times people feel alone but in reality you are never alone. There are people who have gone away, and there are people who are coming who are involved in your life. They give you support of which you are not aware. You do not just have your friends in the third dimension, but you have friends in the third dimension that you do not even know because of the illusion of forgetfulness.

February 27, 1983, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: And so you all go out seeking the adventure of learning, and so have men gone out seeking that great adventure since consciousness began. The track is irresistible and yet there are many ways by which the seeker may slow himself down. Very often the wide paths, the most traveled and the most popular are those which accommodate those entities who desire to move at a slower pace. We are aware that each in this group desires to quicken the pace and so we would talk to you this evening about courage.

March 6, 1983, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: We find this evening a great concern among this group for that concept which your peoples call health. You have spoken this evening of many ways of viewing the healing process which is necessitated when that condition called health deteriorates in some fashion. We would hope to offer you yet another perspective. No more sure, shall we say, than any other, yet our own.

March 13, 1983, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: It is a great pleasure to speak to you this evening through this instrument, and we would, at this time, speak to you in parable.

When a child, young in years, wearies of walking, he has in your culture the opportunity of asking for a tricycle. Originally, this tricycle was a very tall wheeled machine known as a velocipede. Upon it, the adventurous young person would dare life and limb, for the front wheel was very, very tall, and the two rear wheels very small, and the element of skill and concentration and art was great.

March 20, 1983, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: We show this instrument a picture of a door, a steel door with a steel handle. The walls about the door are blank and there is no designation for this place. This is a gateway. Yet impressed upon the heart of those who face this door is a phrase taken from one of your holy works: “The first shall be last and the last shall be first.” You who stand before this door are not only capable but are also actively and continuously monitoring your supposed spiritual readiness to move through this door. And as you see those things in your existence which may seem to you to be of a simple nature, of a trouble-free nature, you may think to yourself, “I shall not spend my time thinking and analyzing upon these portions of my life experience, for then, perchance, I should miss the thinking and the contemplation that must be done for these other portions of my life which are not simple and easy.”

March 22, 1983

The Law of One, Book V, Session 102, Fragment 52

March 27, 1983, Sunday Meditation

Oxal: The teacher known to you as Jesus said to his disciple, “You shall deny me.” And Simon, known as Peter, said, “I shall never deny you.” And yet, under certain circumstances this disciple did deny his teacher. Look you now into the recesses of your own minds and find the teacher within you and find the teaching within you. Shall you deny that teaching today? Let us examine this concept further. How does one deny what one has learned? Is it by a word, a gesture, some portion of your life that is less than you would wish it? These things may be examined to good accountability and yet the fruit of deeper teaching is a person, and when you deny your teaching, you are other than your teaching would have you be. When you strip your daily living of the outer masks, that which shall affirm or deny lies in what you are. And when you deny what you have become, then you are as the one known as Peter, saying, “No, I do not know the one known as Jesus. You must be thinking of someone else.”

April 3, 1983, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: The creation is of love and of light and is increased by the love and light which joins us to you, for the love and the light is one, as we are all love and light. We often speak to you of love and light, and we hope that you are aware of the significance of these words, for love and light is all. Love and light is without; it is within; it is everlasting; it is eternal; it surrounds you; it is within you. You each have the ability to take the light that is within you and send it outwards to others, for if each entity sent its love and light to others, what a brilliant light it would be. It would be all-encompassing. It would be as if you were all aware in one moment that you were all a part of this love and this light. And while many are aware, many stumble and many do not feel or see the light that shines within them and upon them.

April 10, 1983, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: At this time, my friends, we would like to share with you a small story concerning a creature which lives beneath the watery surface of that which you call the sea. The creature is that which you term a mollusk or a clam-like shelled entity. Its awareness of itself and its universe is quite limited, for primarily its interests are limited to the acts of eating, excreting, and occasionally reproducing. The consciousness resultant from this situation, as you may well imagine, is quite limited as the entity we described is not only uninformed of the world upon which you exist, for example, but also quite uninterested.

April 17, 1983, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: Knowing the truth is an inestimably ruthless process of continually altering the viewpoint and widening your faculties of love—we correct this instrument—of observation. What is your source? That is a question central to your quest for truth, for that from which you come binds that which you are. If you can imagine a moment incredibly far distant in time, as you call it, when you took all of creation into your hand and flung it from you, then you can imagine the impulse which guides your destiny. You are as a whole person abiding still in the Creator, but a splinter of your consciousness was flung for each, and that splinter of consciousness has become you as you now sit in meditation. The journey has been a long one. You have seen creations and planes and densities and lives and through all of them you have been under the influence of that force of yourself which flings you outward, and at the same time calls you home.

April 25, 1983, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: We find among those upon your planet a constantly amazing degree of slumber which is the equivalent of completely blocking the channeling of any inward view. This is unfortunate, for the outer gifts among your peoples are largely those of difficulty and strife. The nature of your illusion is such that the apparently logical reaction to a majority of the events in any existence is a negative emotion or a negative action. Few among your peoples actually desire to be negative or gain any true satisfaction from negativity. But there is a great majority of those who slumber [and] know not how to wake. The unblocking, the [awakening] of the vessel which you experience as your physical vehicle in most cases must be a conscious thing. Without a desire to become an instrument for that which is invisible and inner, the entity most usually remains clogged with the reactions which the illusion draws from the entity.

May 1, 1983, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: Shall we examine the assumptions which each seeker makes concerning the quality of his or her communication with other beings. Perhaps the primary assumption, my friends, is that you must have ambition to seek and to grasp that which it is you wish to know, and therefore that which you wish to communicate. You wish to take upon yourself the essence and the meaning of love. Although it is written in your holy work the Bible, “Seek and ye shall find, ask and you shall be answered, knock and it shall he opened,” there is a point at which the seeking with the conscious self as ambitious seeker ceases to make metaphysical sense, and indeed becomes counterproductive to the serious student.

May 8, 1983, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: We come tonight in this time of rebirth of your planet when nature renews itself as another life cycle begins. As we have spoken to you before, each of you goes through a process of growth. At times the growth will be slightened or set back, as all the plants on your planet, when after a period of warmth and rain are faced with renewed cold, but the desire to continue growth is something that is within all of us and all may continue. As each setback occurs it may be learned from and overcome, for once the foot has been set upon the path, the need to continue increases. Each lesson and experience leads to an enlightening and a continuation.

May 15, 1983, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: My friends, this evening we would share a few thoughts on the subject of becoming one with your brothers and sisters, with your other selves.

May 22, 1983, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: We are aware that as you are interested in how we see you, in order that you may see yourselves more clearly, so you wish to know how we see ourselves because you think that an understanding of that which is to come in your future development as portions of the one consciousness will aid you in your present development. There are reasons why information about what you call the fourth density which we inhabit is of limited use and the most cogent reason is the stricture of language itself.

May 29, 1983, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: This instrument has no idea of what we wish to say through her this evening, and one of the things which we would like to say is that this willingness to speak without concern for the product of the speech is necessary for those who wish to serve by being vocal channels. There are many, many ways to serve, and this is but one of them. However, in each way that you serve, one of the keys is the same sort of relaxation into a faith in the process of a kindly universe at work within your life.

June 5, 1983, Sunday Mediation

Hatonn: You are aware, my friends, that you live in an illusion. You see the illusion made foolish and blurred many times in an incarnation. You see the string that holds up the conjurer’s hat. You see the hidden dove in the pocket. From time to time you are given glimpses of a finer and more carefully tuned reality, or as we prefer to call it, illusion, for there is nothing but illusion out of which to make your consciousness that of the Creator. It is simply a choice of which illusion you wish to choose.

June 10, 1983

The Law of One, Book IV, Session 103

June 10, 1983

The Law of One, Book V, Session 103, Fragment 53

June 12, 1983, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: It is written in one of your holy works that a small amount of leaven leavens the whole, and that without that small amount of leaven, all is without virtue. You may think of your meditation time as yeast time, for without the inspiration which you may garner from silence the activities of the day may seem quite profitless and uninteresting to you.

June 19, 1983, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: Indeed, we find that we must speak with you about the nature of creation as you find it at this particular point in your experience.

June 26, 1983, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: My friends, as you strive to serve, as you journey on, the journey may well be trying for you. You may find yourself becoming weary. In these times it is sometimes helpful for you to take a time and reflect upon those things that you have done as part of your journey. It is often easy to lose sight of the whole as you aim yourself down your chosen path, for as one singles out a specific means to serve, other opportunities may well be passed by. When you become aware that you take your chosen goal so seriously that it is all that you may see, take time, meditate, and reflect upon it, for in your illusion—and that is what you exist within—your opportunities are many, the lessons are indeed varied.

July 3, 1983, Sunday Meditation

Latwii: Once upon a time there was a planet full of people much like yourselves, and all of these people brushed their teeth every day without fail. One day a toothpaste company came around and revolutionized the world. It invented a new compound which made your teeth sparkle called dioxyethexene, and all the people flocked to buy this wonderful toothpaste with dioxyethexene. What the toothpaste company did not realize, and what the people did not realize either, was that if, when you were brushing your teeth with this toothpaste, you would speak one unfortunate word, if there were more than two oxygen molecules standing around, your jaws would become stiff, and you could no longer speak.

July 27, 1983

The Law of One, Book V, Session 104, Fragment 54

July 31, 1983, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: We are aware that all may not seem to be full of peace and joy and love among your peoples. Indeed, the quality most desired from third density is its opacity. It is not intended that you be able to see through the illusion readily. We find in this instrument’s mind the image of young men who play “King of the Mountain,” and a game which this instrument calls “Chicken,” and who run after anything in a skirt. We ask that you look at your countries, your national culture units. Those especially which concern you as you dwell within the reaches of your United States are that country and that which you call Russia. And as you look, you find these countries behaving as young men, each one daring the other, and playing chicken, and chasing any country in a skirt, so to speak. This is immature behavior developed by societal units which have not reached the age of wisdom and which wield power.

August 8, 1983, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: We should like to offer philosophical thoughts framed in parable this evening, and we shall move from one channel to another with some frequency. Therefore, we suggest that if you have tuned and challenged us mentally that you may dispense with the beginning and ending greetings until the end of the message.

Once upon a time there was a wooded copse, a beautiful leafy glade, and within that small forest lived many creatures that you would call spirits of nature; others have called them fairies and elves. To them, the smallest peony was as a towering tree and the red clover was enough to make a roof for their house.

August 14, 1983, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: We would speak with you this lovely evening about that which you may call discipline. Many and many are the sources and the messages which you may read or hear which are of an inspirational nature which express to you the perfection, the unity of the present moment. And many are the blissful moments that you may gain from taking in such beautiful and consoling thoughts. So far from being sarcastic are we that we would suggest that you make a practice of availing yourself of this idealism, this beauty, this vision of perfection, and unity on a daily basis, not only through meditation but insofar as you find it helpful through inspirational works.

August 21, 1983, Sunday Meditation

Latwii: We cannot ever express too much the importance of the dedication of each to the mutual seeking of truth, the discriminating gaze upon all materials which may aid the seeker and the sincere desire to be kindly affectioned one to another. For as you love one another, so shall you be illuminated, so shall your group be illuminated, and so shall your sphere be illuminated. The nature of seeking develops within the seeker that which is far beyond the individual and the personal in its nature. You may indeed find portions of your being becoming impersonal in that you gaze at the particular and personal circumstances which engage your attention within the illusion you enjoy, and draw from that illusory experience impersonal and general conclusions which may seem to the casual observer to have little to do with the circumstances.

August 28, 1983, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: And so we would ask you to follow us in mind as we bring you to another place. For when we speak of time, we must first bring you away from time, so we would bring you through all imaginable densities and experiences, planets, suns and galaxies until you have found the wide open, vast and limitless zero that is at the core of timelessness and of your own being, and see within that timelessness all, an unmoving, timeless, infinite, black all. You are the Creator and you are all.

September 3, 1983, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: This evening we would like to tell you a story. There was once a young man. He was faced with the burden of adulthood. All things lay before him, and he did not know what he should choose. But of one thing he was sure, and that is that he wished to get that out of his life which he would feel was enough, for all his life he had heard his parents say, “We would like to do this or to have that but we do not have enough time or we do not have enough money.” The young man was quite determined that he would accomplish the possession of enough.

September 18, 1983, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: A great linkage exists between you and all that exists, and you are taking part in what you may call the drama of each existence that has ever been, is now occurring, or will ever be. This is a difficult truth to evaluate, and we would guess it is even more difficult to evaluate its importance. There is a longing in each of you for a dramatic happenstance, a change within the consciousness which will say to you, “I am still making progress; I have made progress at all.”

October 2, 1983, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: It is impossible, perhaps, for you to know the magnitude of the work that you create by your offering of your being seated in this circle with like-minded people. You make an offering that would indeed stagger you by its magnitude. For you, as you multiply your wills together and send your desire towards the stars asking for truth and seeking a light, you are such a source of planetary healing that we are aware as you might be aware of lights as you came into an airport and gazed at the city about you. Perhaps it would be a small airport and the sources of light would be few. Perhaps it would be large city and you would see many, many lights.

October 16, 1983, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: There are many times each of you may feel set apart from many of your brothers and sisters upon your planet’s surface. But this is not so. Each must follow his heart to the Creator and each must learn to allow his brother or his sister that choice, that freedom to follow his own way, for each path does indeed eventually lead to one point, and no matter how one gets there, the end will be the same. Just as each of you have chosen, maybe for a short while, to be a part of this group in its seeking, there are many other groups who seek in their own way. These are no less right than your way. Each must find in his heart the place that will touch him as each of you have been touched. Remember, my friends, there is no right and no wrong, only experience in the creation.

October 19, 1983

The Law of One, Book V, Session 105, Fragment 55

October 23, 1983, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: The one thing from which all else has been removed in spiritual writings has often been referred to or compared with a precious gem, a pearl of great price, or a jewel. The crystalline quality of that which you seek is, indeed, one with the gem, but the nature of that crystalline goal which you have set for yourselves and for which you have given all is mutable, moveable and infinitely changeable, far more [than] the qualities of water, which may be steam or rain or ice or sewage.

October 30, 1983, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: Many of you have been enjoying the beauty of the trees and the weather. My friends, nature always offers you the opportunity for growth. Its stillness, its silence, its grandeur, its beauty, offers magnificent opportunities for praise, and praise, my friends, is growth. Gratitude is growth, and it is difficult to watch the change of the seasons without recognizing the infinite Creator, and as the one known as Carla has indicated, change and growth has taken place in this group in the last year or so. You are more tolerant people and more understanding as a result of your meditations. The setbacks that occur from time to time, or what you call setbacks, are not really setbacks but they are opportunities for reevaluating and learning from the so-called setbacks. Never be discouraged, my friends, because the power and the peace and the joy of the universe always surround you. Indeed, one is never alone.

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