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The L/L Research Transcripts

March 15, 1984

The Law of One, Book V, Session 106, Fragment 56 and Epilogue

April 15, 1984, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: We find in the instrument’s mind a phrase which passed her ears this day. It is from your holy works and concerns the teacher you know as Jesus. It was said of him in this writing, “He can save others; himself he cannot save.” This is a greatly misunderstood portion of the writing which surrounds a greatly distorted telling of this teacher’s life and work. We shall explore it with you with your permission.

April 22, 1984, Easter, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: We of Hatonn are of the density of love, and this is our message. Our message to your people is a message of love. It is a very simple message. It is a message we have repeated millions and millions of times, uncounted millions of times, my friends, to the peoples of your planet. It is a message of love for other beings. Actually, my friends, this is all that is necessary to be communicated to your peoples at this time. There are many other things that we have told you, and many other things that we will tell you. However, if this single message could be fully understood and fully applied during each instant of your experience in your present illusion, all else would be unnecessary, for you would then realize personally everything else that we have had to give you, every other concept, for we come to you to help you understand the nature of the creation in which you dwell, the creation of which you are an integral, single, unified part.

April 29, 1984, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: The transparency of your experience is dependent upon your willingness to use the tools which are yours as a birthright but which take discipline and energy to use. To one who is completely unaware of any need to pierce the illusion, the world is an opaque thing. The sky is sunny or stormy. Friends are good or false, and circumstances vary. It is the work of those who seek truth, upon arriving at each portion of what you may call truth, to apply it towards the lightening of the opacity of your experience.

May 13, 1984, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: We do not deny that some information may be considered advanced and some concepts refined compared to the basic message which we of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator offer. Yet, the heart of each message is the same, and that is that the one original Thought, when sought with a full heart, yields the spiritual path which will be most helpful to the sincere seeker.

We begin by stating this in order to assuage fears that exist in this circle that one is more advanced than another or one’s state of meditation may not be acceptable. All seeking modes are acceptable, and, indeed, closed minds are also very acceptable to us. However, we cannot by the Law of Free Will communicate through channels effectively when such an entity is present in the circle. In this instance we find that it is well to go over some very basic material. We will begin by speaking of lettuce.

May 20, 1984, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: There was once a young man, an ambitious young man of great attractiveness and many desires. Very early in the young man’s adult life he fell in love with the enchanting smile of the woman who became his wife. He pursued her relentlessly, for she was indeed an elfin and enchanting creature, and once having enchained her, [he] tucked her into appropriate accommodations and largely forgot about her nature, for his desires were for power and money and success, and he used every portion of his mind and will to work towards those goals.

June 3, 1984, Sunday Meditation

Laitos: We would speak to you this evening upon the subject of love. This is an old favorite, and we enjoy coming back to it again and again. In this particular application, my friends, we want you to consider love as work and work as movement and movement as initiation and initiation as transformation. It is quite common for those who are seeking upon the spiritual path to feel that they are going through transformations of one kind or another. Quite often these so-called transformations are surface ripples upon a very shallow pond, and the seeker, rather than being transformed, is entertaining himself, playing a sort of game which passes the time without motion being accomplished. This often can only be seen by the seeker in retrospect and sometimes cannot be seen at all.

June 17, 1984, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: We take you as in a story to a castle. You look at the ruins of a castle. It is gray. No smoke rises now from the once bright turrets. No rushes now adorn great halls. Battle has passed by; centuries have passed also. There is no life within the castle any longer, no nobility, no slave, no joy and sorrow. And yet the life that was is read by one who studies the ruins, by one who sees laid out upon the plain the stone delineation of each wall, the stark skeleton of the battlements, the suggestion of the once great flying buttresses and castellated points of defense, the now heaped moat, dry and full of earth.

June 24, 1984, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: We find this instrument much involved in the challenging of a new entity. Therefore, we are giving this instrument time to tune to us that we may speak of that power which is that in the universe which is always sought in one way or another by those who dwell upon your surface.

July 1, 1984, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: Though your group is small, we observe a great desire to know more of that which you call the truth. My friends, we share that desire with you, and cannot claim to know all that there is to know of the truth, but our experience has been such that we have gained some knowledge of this truth. And what we have gained thus far indicates in every degree that the greater portion of truth is what you call love. The foundation of all knowing is that quality of being known to your peoples so imperfectly as love. This quality of being is hidden within each portion of your creation and within each entity in order that each might have the opportunity to find it, for it has been our experience that there is nothing but the love of the one Creator with which the Creator has made all that is made, and that each portion of the one Creation seeks at its heart to purely manifest the love of which it is made and by which power it moves and has its being.

July 8, 1984, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: We wish to spend a few moments of your time as we attempt to share a few thoughts with you. We are aware of the abundance of confusion that those upon your planet experience. It seems that when one finds itself in a so-called ball of confusion, the escaping this ball is often difficult, for often the confusion has a tendency to feed itself, and we might suggest that at those times when you find yourselves somewhat enclosed by this bubble, you take a moment of your time to sit down and relax and close your eyes and see yourself rising to the top of the bubble and turning into a form of gaseous light and entirely escaping, and in so escaping, you might see the confusion for what it is. It is not real, it is a—we correct this instrument—it is an illusion, and you may at any moment escape to your meditative state and find yourself in the palm of the Creator where the confusion is no longer apparent.

July 15, 1984, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: There was once a young boy who searched for freedom. He felt the restrictions of his parents as they asked him to do many chores and to live up to many expectations, many of which he was unable to fulfill, some of which he was. Yet he did not wish to differentiate between what he could and could not do. He simply wished to be free from all the expectations and from all the responsibility. And so this young man left his home and went out into the world to seek freedom. He quickly discovered that it was wise to furnish oneself with enough of your people’s money that he could buy those things which made him happy, and so he began to accumulate the accoutrements of freedom. He had libations that would make him feel very happy. He tried various chemicals that altered his consciousness and made him feel ecstasy. He chose among the pretty young girls and found sexual fulfillment to add to him happiness also. He bought the clothes that he liked, he lived the way that he liked, and for a while he was very happy because he had found his freedom.

July 22, 1984, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: There is a relationship between you and the infinite Creator. This is one of the most general affirmations upon your sphere, spiritually speaking. The only entities who would disagree with this statement are those who believe that there is no Creator, and therefore there is no possible relationship. Your philosophers and theologians have said many things about the relationship of humans to the Creator. We would suggest that you examine what occurs when two bluebirds mate. Is not that tiny entity which breaks through the egg a bluebird? Just so, when an acorn falls from an oak tree and germinates, in good time does not the oak tree duplicate itself so that yet another beautiful oak will wave its leafy fingers through the winds. And so, when among your peoples those who are mated have children, is it not common to say, “Oh, this child takes after the mother and this after the father”? The relationship in all cases is an identity within which uniqueness of each entity is preserved.

July 29, 1984, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: This evening we would speak of a portion of information about the one original Thought, which is love, and your relationship to it that is called gratitude. It has much been studied within the distortions you may call Christian, and we find within this instrument’s mind a great familiarity with the story called the prodigal son.

August 5, 1984, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: We would speak to you now about one who went about hungry for many things. Let us call this entity a woman and let us place this entity in a city. This young woman is hungry for those things which life may teach her, for those foods which life may give to her. And over and over again she pursues one path and then another, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. She looks to the sea, to the sky, to all the pleasures that can be bought with money and the sensations that can be experienced because of the great generosity of your creation.

August 12, 1984, Sunday Meditation

Oxal: It is perceived among your peoples that the heart cannot give freedom from pain, that the heart cannot see clearly and that the heart is useful only as a means of generating experience, much of which is painful. This perception of your illusion may well be true. That is for each of you to say. For what is the heart? We with our wisdom gaze at compassion and realize that that balance between compassion and wisdom shall be our next lesson. But let us for a moment assume that there is in many of your peoples an excess of compassion which causes pain and then a desire to seek. Very well, my friends, the pain has its first meaning, for seeking is the activity of the deity. It is in some ways the definition of the Creator, the sign of the creation. A tree may appear to be rooted and still, yet, does not each leaf seek the light? So you feel that love is so weak a tool that you must instead seek wisdom.

August 19, 1984, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: This evening we would speak with you about that which one might call a kind of reality that is hard to discover within the heavy chemical illusion within which you live, think and act. It has been sometimes called the Kingdom of Heaven. The most apparent condition of this reality which each seeks—as it is more closely aligned with what you would call truth than is your experience—day by day is its harmony.

August 26, 1984, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: We are often surprised by the amount of confusion that overwhelms some of your peoples at this time, for we sometimes think that it would be so simple if your peoples were able to escape this confusion by simply allowing themselves to enter their own being where the confusion is less apparent. But this is not always the case. We look upon your planet with love and hope in our hearts, and we are so honored when the love from groups such as this is returned to us and we are grateful for the love and light that is shared between us. We are always hopeful and ever looking forward to the next meeting, and we look upon those past meetings with a good feeling in our hearts, and we are humbled by the love expressed at these times.

September 30, 1984, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: I am Hatonn. We greet you through this instrument once more. We wish the one known as C to know …

(Most of the following is not sufficiently audible to transcribe.)

October 7, 1984, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: We find that we often have difficulty in finding new and more exquisite ways of praising that message which is invariably simple and always the same. We are not always able to speak in a manner that is precise, for the same simple message may seem to some to be tedious or repetitive. However, we assure you, dear friends, that the message is the message of love and no amount of words can ever express that which is so simple than to use the word love. The meaning of the word often gets lost upon your planet and few seldom stop and think about this word when it is heard or spoken.

October 14, 1984, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: Poor indeed is the man who has never asked a question, for riches do not lie in the answers but in the questions themselves. Therefore, we ask you this evening to examine what questions you have concerned yourselves about during this diurnal period. We do not care what conclusions you may have drawn, but wish to focus only upon that which has been in the forefront of the mind this day.

November 11, 1984, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: With our thanks and our disclaimer aside, we would speak to you about a fair, a grand and glorious carnival, a bazaar in which all of the merchants display their wares and thousands come to try their luck and to view the excellence that people have made with their hands, and above all to rejoice in the feeling of being part of a happy crowd.

November 18, 1984, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: We would like to tell you a story, my friends, of a princess. The heroine could just as easily have been a prince upon some levels of storytelling, but for our parable it is quite necessary that this entity be female. As is the custom in fairy tales about princesses, she was awaiting one man who could stir her heart, a heart that was hard-bitten by many, many years of power and lonely beyond words because of that power. Courtier after courtier, peasant after peasant filed by with their best gifts, hoping to win her favor. She had offers of everything from livestock to pearls to kingdoms, new realms to govern. In none of these things was she at all interested and sadly at the end of each feast day she would close audience, still powerful and still lonely.

November 25, 1984, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: Because of the nature of the atmosphere this evening, in that there are many channels and but one message, the message of love and gratitude and service, the message of the one original Thought, we are using this meeting, if we may, to tell a story using each instrument who would be willing to speak. We shall move about the room and tell our story, giving each of those instruments the exercise of the gift which each offers to the Creator, and through each allowing us to give our poor gift to each of you. We shall begin our small story.

November 30, 1984, Intensive Meditation

Latwii: It is a privilege to speak to this group and to be able to use this instrument, as we seldom are able to channel through this instrument. We wish to work with the one known as L first, as we are aware of the pressing concerns, which though transient in the larger view, loom large within your daily routine. So we say over to you, L, we will exercise you if you will relax. We are aware you are rusty about the edges, but it is like falling off of the bicycle—one never forgets.

December 2, 1984, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: We of Hatonn desire to share with you this night a simple tale concerning a young child who chose to travel among others of his nation. The child of whom we speak was young, yet not afraid, for the child in truth had yet to learn to fear his other selves, as we know this is an acquired trait. The child then was able to wander fearlessly through forest, through city, to experience many new sensations, for in being young and without fear, the child perceived no distinction between himself and the other occupants of his world, both of second and third dimension.

December 9, 1984, Sunday Meditation

Oxal: We would speak to you this evening about that which has been upon the minds of several, that is, the manner in which one uses one’s memory. We see how easy it is to gaze back into the misty and distorted realms of memory in order to chastise oneself for what one has done or for what one has not done. We find this to be a significant preoccupation of third-density entities who have reached the level of attempting to account each for his own actions so that each is responsible for himself. In many cases there is a further distortion which is laid as inappropriately as a stone upon a rabbit. That distortion is judgment, the judgment of whatever deity you may profess as yours.

December 16, 1984, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: Once upon a time there was a young man. He was determined to learn the truth. He had spent his childhood and his young manhood studying both the natural world and the world within books, and nowhere could he find the metaphysical base for existence that took into account all of his experience and all of his thinking. Nevertheless, this young man was positive that such a work existed, for in his reading he had found traces of others upon the same journey as he, footsteps before him, footprints wearing down the stones of time, so many were those of the number of those who sought the truth of existence.

December 23, 1984, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: From the beginning there has been darkness; from the beginning there has been light. Side-by-side were these two created. Darkness does not comprehend light. So it is written in your holy works. Neither does light comprehend darkness. You live upon the hairline shadow which lies between light and darkness. Your illusion is that of twilight.

December 30, 1984, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: The clouds had been gathering for a day, and the electric tension of the storm was in the air. A man and a woman stood and watched and questioned, “Shall I stay upon this outcropping of land that is so exposed to the weather? Shall I go safely inland where storm and hurricane can never touch me?”

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