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The L/L Research Transcripts

January 6, 1985, Sunday Meditation

Oxal: Within your minds there is always the question, “Is there a Creator?” It might surprise you to experience the reversal of that question, “Is there anything which is created?” We say to you that there is that which is created. The next question is, “Why should the Creator of all that there is create that which is thrown apart from the Creator, divided by illusion upon illusion upon illusion, separated by dreams and fantasies and phantasmagoria of all kinds?” The answer to that question may be important for you to consider, for within it lies the reason for your being. The ethics of your being lie within other questions. The reason for your being is very simple. You are experiencing, as we are experiencing, as if we were separate from the Creator. If you look out upon a vast bleak landscape, the skeletons of trees without their leaves standing proudly against the winter sky, the dead leaves scurrying along, blown by a bitter wind, you may have some idea of the creation without the created. All is potential; nothing experiences.

January 13, 1985, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: Once upon a time there was a tavern by the side of an old muddied road. Those who frequented this tavern came to it by horseback or walked, never rode in a carriage, for it was not a wealthy tavern but the tavern of those who work hard and long for the little pittance that enables all for whom they are responsible to live. Through the years, the farmers, the herdsmen, and those who ran the toll upon the toll road came to be in such a habit of coming to this tavern that it became something other than a tavern, it became a haven. We now transfer.

January 22, 1985, Intensive Meditation

Laitos: Meanwhile, we would like to speak a bit about channeling and about being an instrument. There is a saying among your peoples, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” This is extraordinarily true of metaphysical work of all kinds. The one who takes no risk is the one who will not advance. The more carefully one guards one’s gifts, the less that gift will come to mean and the less good that gift will come to offer. It is as though as there were inflation in spiritual gifts so that it is necessary always to attempt more and more regardless of what has gone before. Therefore, one which has little must attempt enough that that little may become a bit more. One which has already had much must attempt a great deal. The responsibility for spiritual seeking is that eternal upward spiral. Seeking does not end. The road does not end. The journey goes on and on, as far we know, forever.

January 27, 1985, Intensive Meditation

Hatonn: Once there was a horse. It was a young horse with a wild mane and a flying tail that roamed free across a plain where no people lived. Untrammeled and bridleless, the horse went its way and it thought many things. It would sip water and eat its grass and roll in the Sweet Timothy fields. Trees nodded serenely and the sun shone in summer and in winter. However, the horse, though free, and though unknowing, was unwittingly very lonely.

January 27, 1985, Evening, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: This evening we would speak to you about that which is called love among your peoples. We would speak to you of what that may mean and what you may hope from its pursuit. More especially we wish to speak about being channels for the one original Thought which created all that there is and is known among your peoples as love.

February 10, 1985, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: This evening we would speak to you about that portion of seeking which is involved in manifestation. To put it another way, we would speak with you about service to others. When each individual embarks upon the spiritual journey, there is a time when the seeds of seeking are tender and young and need to be guarded carefully and in private. This is usually known instinctively by seekers. They feel fragile and indeed they are fragile as very small children are fragile, unable to defend themselves within the new life and environment of seeking. As the seeker pursues the journey, however, there is another stage which might be called that of adolescence, spiritually speaking. The seeker has become excited by the power and mystery of the excellence of the path and is often on fire with the desire to share with others the awakening which he may have had.

February 17, 1985, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: Tonight we would like to relate a tale, a story concerning a small elfin creature.

February 23, 1985, Intensive Meditation

Hatonn: We wish to tell you a parable, a little story. Once upon a time there was an old man who with his trusty walking stick was making his way through the cobblestones of the village in which he had lived and his father before him and his father before him. This man had married and yet his wife had died, and in dying had lost their only unborn child. More than years bent the old man’s back as he picked his way along the cobblestones.

February 24, 1985, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: Once there was a man who wished to build a fence of bricks. This man was a proud man and he wished his wall to be perfect. It was with exquisite care that he laid the plumb line and found the perfect horizontal level. The man was happy as he took fastidious care to begin his task rightly. The sun shone down upon him until he was very warm, yet he welcomed the sun. Indeed, the entity welcomed the chance to do the work that was necessary in order to begin to build his wall.

February 26, 1985, Intensive Meditation

Laitos: The process of channeling is in some ways simple enough that it confuses those who are attempting to learn the techniques involved. We do not ask you to refrain from discrimination. Indeed, we ask each entity who wishes to learn to become a vocal instrument to tune carefully, to remain surrounded in white light, and to challenge each and every entity each and every time that entity appears.

March 3, 1985, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: It is always to be remembered that adequacy cannot be discovered within the human condition, as you would call it. If you allow the illusion to become real enough to mask the metaphysical boundaries under which you actually have allegiance you shall therefore become unable to be of service to yourself or to others. Therefore, we urge each as we urge this instrument most of all to dwell as your holy work says, “under the shadow of the most high,” to allow the most high, that is infinitely about you, to move within your vibratory field in order that you may then be a true channel.

March 10, 1985, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: Each of you has seen the picture of a drop of water which is then placed under ten times magnification and then fifty times magnification and so on until we are looking at the very nucleus of [it] and [the] surrounding electrons. You know, my friends, that each time you looked something had changed to that drop of water, something that was outside of that drop of water’s control. Scientists surrender to their technical informational equipment. It is left to those of the path to surrender in another way and that is to welcome, accept and encourage spiritual growth and change in themselves and others. What one may see as a drop of water, another may see ten times magnified and so forth. Each is looking at the same universe, caught whole and perfect in a microscope’s eye.

March 17, 1985, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: This evening, we would speak of meditation and of love. Let us approach the subject from the standpoint of love being offered as a goal, as some proper name like a town or a city. Within this instrument’s mind we find many popular songs which use this term. “All you need is love,” is the one we find most firmly etched in this instrument’s memory. This is indeed so, my friends, for there is nothing but love, therefore all you need, regardless of what it is, is love. The tremendous danger in looking in love as a goal is that it becomes a kind of deity unto itself, one which is drawn within the imagination of man’s mind, not that of the Creator.

March 24, 1985, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: We would speak with you this evening about those things that do occur within each of your minds that cause judgment to occur.

March 26, 1985, Intensive Meditation

Laitos: I am Laitos, and I greet you, my friends, also in the love and in the light of the Creator Who Is All. We are aware that you seek us, yet we also are aware that in each mind there is the questioning. Therefore, we shall attempt to give a good balance between the working with each new instrument and the desire for answered questions. We would, as always when transferring to another instrument, wish to provide the basic information concerning who we are and in what guise we come.

April 3, 1985, Intensive Meditation

Laitos: I am Laitos, and great you in the love and in the light of our infinite Creator. We would wish before we begin to energize this group to the best of our poor ability, for each within this circle is weary and the weariness is only partially physical. Thus, we would ask your permission which you may give mentally to receive the energy of the spiritual and the emotional in order that we may have better contact through each instrument.

April 7, 1985, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: May all that you manifest be as true as that which you manifest at this moment. This would be a part of our thoughts to aid you. It is one often missed by your peoples who are always striving for more—more food, more recreation, more freedom, more of everything, and yet more and less are irrelevant for you are who you are and what you are now at this moment, at this crux. You may choose freely and you may do well, for as far as we know, the Creator is kindly and affectionate to those of us who are upon the path and to those who are lost.

April 9, 1985, Intensive Meditation

Laitos: We appreciate the discussion that you have given to this topic previous to the beginning of your meditation, for it is helpful in such discussion to focus one’s intention more clearly and purely upon that which is the goal. As each shares each understanding and experience of this service of vocal channeling, each then learn from the other, and together you progress more quickly than if experiences were not shared and examined for their content. This is true, of course, my brothers, in all portions of your life, and is especially true as you set your feet upon this path of serving others by means of providing vocal channeling.

April 14, 1985, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: This evening we would speak a few words upon a subject which is ever and always the focus of our being: that, of course, is love. There is much upon your planet that is written concerning this concept that is described so inadequately by the word “love.” Many upon your planet over all portions of time within your past have sought to express the experience of love. These in some fashion or other have been what you would call seekers of truth, those who seek the nature of the reality in which they move and have their being, for the human creature upon your planet is one to which has been given great self awareness, and with such a great gift then it is a natural function of that gift being exercised to seek the nature of the environment in which the entity finds itself.

April 21, 1985, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: As you spoke this evening, you were manifesting the means by which seekers of truth have from ages long past been able to accelerate their own journey of seeking; that is, you have shared yourselves, your thoughts, your experiences, your opinions in a way which has offered to others the harvest, shall we say, of your lives to this point. When one offers such a gift to another, it is an enhancement of the seeking of each for that gift to be offered, for each of you, being the one Creator and having chosen in this particular incarnation to express some facet or facets of the one Creator in your own way, have therefore a great deal which to offer another.

April 28, 1985, Sunday Meditation

L/Leema: I am L/leema (pronounced “Lahleema”). I am of the Confederation, and I greet you in the love and light of the infinite Creator in Whose Oneness we dwell. What a circumstance! I know you have not called me. I have never spoken to humans. We are having a good time with this instrument, for we find that as we pick and choose that which we wish to say among the various oddments that she stores in her brain, there are many non-linear connections which cause communication using this instrument to be enjoyable for us.

May 5, 1985, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: Tonight we desire to share with you a tale of two cities, so to speak. The first was a city of no great size, possessed of no great abilities, neither powerful in war nor in learning, yet a place of calm and of repose for the soul. For it was the nature of these people to seek that which cannot be acquired upon the physical plane. The other city, in contrast, was composed of individuals, of people who sought and fought, who pursued their ambitions, people who attempted much and accomplished less, for in truth, their conflicts interrupted the efforts of each to acquire that which he sought or to gain that which he pursued.

May 12, 1985, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: The thought we send may seem at times complex, but the message all may be brought down to one simple phrase: that you shall love one another is one of the greatest services that you are able to provide to your fellow beings as you inhabit those physical vehicles that have become your temporary home; to look beyond that which is apparent but not always concrete, as this instrument would put it, and to see that essence which lies behind and beyond the physical; to look into each other’s eyes and see the love and the light of the Creator reflected and to ignore that which is often a very convincing illusion. Strive to seek that which lies beneath and beyond the illusion, for the essence of the Creator may be seen in all and may be grasped and held and felt, reflected and returned. The wholeness is there, dear friends. Strive for that wholeness in what appears to be a world divided into portions.

May 19, 1985, Sunday Meditation

L/Leema: However, there is one point which seems to be worth making at this juncture for those in this group. That, my friends, is that you are all chosen. We work with third-density individuals which are not aware to full extent of their selfhood, of their specialness, of their being chosen, yet they, too, are chosen and have been since before you can imagine, before there was time, before there was any created thing. Older than all the galaxies are the souls that move through levels of consciousness within those galaxies. More experience do you have in yourself than does this planet or the star which warms it. Many, shall we say, consciousness groups inadvertently foster an elitism based upon a truth which is seen but not comprehended logically, and that is that each person who believes in the ideals of love and service is chosen, is special, is anointed or passed by special vows, and that this specialness is a metaphysical and enduring specialness enduring far beyond what you think of on the surface as life. You may see those who have almost no consciousness at all apparently, and those whose consciousnesses, though competent, do not admit metaphysics. Yet these are not those who are lost forever; these are those who are learning a different lesson, taking a different road, going more slowly. There is time enough for all of consciousness which has been created to fully tap the birthright of that consciousness.

May 26, 1985, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: Jupiter or Jove is no longer worshipped. The great interrelationships that held so much meanings in cultures and mythologies other than your own are no more, except in the lasting bounds of literature, poetry and so on. Yet, it is often a good and worthwhile thing to gaze back upon other cultures’ seeking for the truth, others’ seeking for definition of who they are and what the nature of the world in which they live is. Indeed, it is helpful to gaze at your own culture in this way. You might move ten thousand of your years into the future in your mind and then gaze back at the passion and the majesty of the Jewish and the Christian saga. Much would be put in perspective, both about the nature that the saga teaches that man truly is and about the nature of the world in which man lives.

June 2, 1985, Sunday Meditation

L/Leema: We would then speak to you this evening of service. There is a road that always seems to lead upward. To the seeker, perhaps the most burning question of daily living is the question of how to serve those about you. For those who do not seek, the question remains, yet is phrased differently, depending upon the polarity of the entity. To those who are neutral, the question is how to get along with those about you, how to impress those about you, how to live among other people. For those negatively oriented, the question is how to manipulate other people, how to use other people, and how to enslave other people.

June 9, 1985, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: We would speak to you this evening concerning that item on the agenda of each seeker which often takes up a great deal of the seeker’s time when the problem is first presented. It has been a little while since we dealt with this subject, and periodically it seems necessary to work with our understanding on the subject of earth changes and the progression of your world’s sphere into fourth density.

June 16, 1985, Sunday Meditation

L/Leema: The concern of the group this evening is not only the nature of gifts, but what methods may be used in order to gain or regain knowledge and use of these gifts.

June 18, 1985, Intensive Meditation

Hatonn: As distant thunder signals the onset of storm and lightning, so those seekers present have heard the harbingers of growth and seeking. Who knows what the lightning holds, my friends? That it shall strike is certain. That it shall strike in the correct place is also extremely probable, for each of you has a plan, my friends, just as each soul of sufficient advancement to choose incarnations does. And according to that plan, a kind of magnetic field is set up which will attract those gifts which you desire, those experiences which are needed and the disciplines which are necessary to achieve your course.

June 23, 1985, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: This evening we would tell you a short story about a young man who was seeking and had been seeking for many years to find out what the truth was about himself and about the Creator. Who was he? Where did he fit into the plan, into the scheme that kept the planets and galaxies in place?

June 30, 1985, Sunday Meditation

L/Leema: It is because of the makeup of the group this evening that we choose the question concerning communication within the so-called spirit worlds. Many of the concepts which work into the answer we would like to give to the question concerning your “day of wrath” or the “beginning of the golden age”—depending upon your state of mind towards this grand event—are simply not available to some of those present, and without these concepts the answer would be basically an exercise in futility, not a kind of exercise which we wish to let you appreciate at this time since it is rather tedious to be bored. Therefore, we would like to take the question and look at it very carefully because there are many, many entities in a very crowded universe that wish to talk to entities upon your sphere and indeed do talk to entities upon and within your sphere.

July 2, 1985, Intensive Meditation

Hatonn: What we would like to do this evening is tell a story, using all three instruments. We believe that the one known as N is at this point advanced enough to enjoy this storytelling, for with three entities telling the story, none of the three knows how it shall end or what its meaning or moral shall be, thus illustrating the spontaneity and richness of the vocal channeling process when one is able to use the biases, experiences and thoughts of various entities while telling a story or parable.

July 7, 1985, Sunday Meditation

Yadda: We ask you a question: Why do you think that the interest is so great in the physical changes of your culture or your planet? We are puzzled by this, my friends. We do not know why you spend so much time out of your precious moments in this density puzzling your mind over the inevitable. You know on the cosmic scale that worlds are born and worlds die, that they go through changes, and that some of the changes may make it difficult for those of you who wish to breathe the air and to be able to stand the temperature to continue to exist.

July 14, 1985, Sunday Meditation

L/Leema: We apologize for the delay in our speaking with you. However, we ran into what we consider to be a noteworthy problem which we wish to share with you, for it bears upon each of your spiritual endeavors at this time to a certain extent.

July 21, 1985, Sunday Meditation

Oxal: As the shadows lengthen and the evening comes into the windows of your domicile, so each of you sits, in some way broken. None of you is any longer whole; none of you is any longer confident that everything is perfect. And many of you count this to be a discomfort, perhaps even a weakness or a lack of faith. We ask you to consider the nature of transformation.

July 28, 1985, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: It is our desire tonight to share with you some thoughts on the subject of eternity, for as your tuning has smoothed the path toward such a discussion, we desire to follow the flow of the river of consciousness and continue in the same channel.

August 4, 1985, Sunday Meditation

L/Leema: The question before us is the point which occurs well into the spiritual journey. Therefore, we wish to state the question and then attempt to put [it] in context. It is our understanding that the query involves the balancing technique described by those known to you as Ra which involves accentuating of the distortion as the opening move towards the balance in the personality of that distortion.

August 11, 1985, Sunday Meditation

L/Leema: It is a privilege and a blessing to be called to this meeting this evening and we share your path with you for a few short moments with utmost gratitude and in hopes that we may be of service to you as we discuss the question which you have put before us, that question being, “What is the nature of prejudice?”

August 18, 1985, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: The request has been made that the topic concern the accentuation of the positive path in the seeker’s life as the result of the recognition of the bi-polarities, the positive and the negative.

September 15, 1985, Sunday Meditation

L/Leema: We shall begin our discourse upon what you call stress by using information which this instrument has in her mind already. It comes from what you call Zen Buddhism. The story is this.

September 22, 1985, Sunday Meditation

L/Leema: We have been asked to speak this evening upon the subject of despair, its form, its function, and its use. We would divide our speaking into three categories—the despair of the mind, the despair of the body and the despair of the spirit.

September 29, 1985, Sunday Meditation

Yadda: We speak only briefly, and that is to ask, “What prosperity is?” We are aware that it is something that all peoples upon your sphere wish. They wish to be prosperous, to have that which will buy that which you want to buy. There is a rumor going around that prosperity is unhappy or anti-spiritual. That is a misperception. There is another rumor going around that prosperity is all that one needs for the life experience. That is a misconception also.

October 6, 1985, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: Picture if you will a mountain stream gushing forth from a living spring, ever fresh, ever beautiful, moving and singing along its bed and refreshing all that lives therein. Such is the living wellspring of your spirits, my friends. Where can one go to find such a wellspring, such a fountainhead?

October 13, 1985, Sunday Meditation

L/Leema: You question us concerning houses. We shall answer you in two parts, the first a brief one.

October 20, 1985, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: There is not one within this domicile, and, indeed, we may say there is probably a paucity of those within what you call humankind who does not question the reason for all the difficulties of the incarnational experience. We would like to address this subject in yet another way this evening.

October 27, 1985, Sunday Meditation

Group question: What opportunities are presented to an individual when an individual is in a disharmonious relationship with any other and what part do psychic greetings or attacks play in such a disharmonious relationship?

November 3, 1985, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: Picture with me if you will the Earth upon which you now are situated rolling and spinning in the darkness. It is the night side of Earth upon which you look and there seems to be darkness within darkness as the eye seeks to fathom the dark sphere in the midst of the dark sky. Such, my friends, is the nature of your Earth sphere, not in the physical sense, as you would call it, but in those portions of your density which may be called spiritual or metaphysical.

Suddenly one small flare of light is seen. You know what that is, my friends. That is one entity whose will has been turned to offering the one love and the one light inherent in the one original Thought of our infinite Creator. What a glorious light in such a darkness may we see when one entity alone orients itself to the One.

November 10, 1985, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: This evening we should attempt to speak to a concern which each seeker of truth may discover upon the path of seeking. It is often a concern to such a seeker that there is no clearly discernible pattern of thought or constructed philosophy which serves all needs of any seeker. Each seeker wishes to proceed upon the evolutionary path as efficiently as possible, and as this journey is undertaken, there is the discovery that many philosophies exist concerning how best to travel. No matter how many sources the seeker may consult, there continue to be more and more aspects of this seeking and even divergent philosophies as to how best to proceed.

The concern, then, of many who consciously pursue their own evolution is, “What is truly of value at this moment in this process?”

November 17, 1985, Sunday Meditation

Group question: What about guilt?

November 24, 1985, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: We would speak with you this evening about your portion as part of the one great original Thought. We would speak of the situation within the illusion and the situation when the illusion is dropped. In many of your people’s equations, what is lost in the transition from the one original Thought to serving others within the illusion is the consciousness that all are one.

December 1, 1985, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: There is that which is unchangeable. This is not within your presence but this is what you seek. Yet upon the sphere which you call Earth, all that you see is changeable, and all that you see within yourself from time to time may seem to be all too changeable and undependable. If that which you seek is that which is unchangeable, then there must be tools which can be used within the illusion to find that kingdom of unchangeability which is findable within the illusion. These tools are the will to know and the faith to believe that grace, or kindness, cosmologically speaking, will offer you that which there is to know.

December 8, 1985, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: Outside your domicile at this time the trees stand dignified, stately, and without reserve in their winter’s clothes of bark and root. The roadside shines pale in the dim light of your short day and your moon creates its special magic, shining luminously at this time of your year. All those things in your world of nature have gone home for their season of gestation and inner growth. Within the earth the slow process of transformation has begun. And that which is home to the seed and tree nurtures, heals and protects the delicate life within its mantle of soil.

December 15, 1985, Sunday Meditation

Latwii: We would share with you some thoughts upon the nature of that which you call judgment.

Once there was a boy with a wise father. This young man was eager to be of service and to show through his life the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. He questioned his father concerning all of the choices which presented themselves to him as he looked for the best way to be of service.

December 22, 1985, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: We of Hatonn realize that this time on your planet is one of both celebration and inspiration and that the collective subconscious of many of your race focus[es] upon the timelessness of giving and sharing. The simultaneous attentiveness toward the giving of that one you refer to as Christ in the past is recognized by your people. The giving of the present is celebrated in your customs for what you call the season and the contemplation of giving in the future all resound harmonically and attune your planet to a greater receptiveness than normal to those influences which characterize the polarity of service to others.

December 29, 1985, Sunday Meditation

Oxal: This evening we would speak to you about that which you call time and space. It is difficult to approximate in your language the resonances of what these two words approximate, for we are speaking of that which is the material out of which your creation is made and that creative intelligence which creates that which is made. It is not unusual, we have found, that among your peoples time seems to pass more and more rapidly as one’s incarnational experience builds up and that which is known as time passes. It must occur to many logical minds that the speeding of time is a kind of illusion within your illusion, for one cannot make mechanical objects such as your clocks that speed up the passage of time in concert with each person’s subjective perception of time.

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