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The L/L Research Transcripts

January 5, 1986, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: As the seeker gazes down at the dusty road, at the dust that lies upon his feet and covers his sandals, he may well doubt that road and doubt the security and the promise of the journey of seeking. The staff which is intended to aid may become heavy and even those few belongings which the seeker has to carry with him begin to seem a great burden. And so the seeker sometimes removes himself from the dusty path which seems to go on forever. The seeker moves into a beautiful valley, well-watered and forested with pastures where spring the small animals and where the sweet flowers bloom.

January 12, 1986, Sunday Meditation

Q’uo: Service to others is not an end product of meditation itself. Therefore, let us work with the concepts of what the darkness of meditation is.

January 19, 1986, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: I am Hatonn, and am privileged to greet each of you this evening in the love and in the light of our infinite Creator. We are most happy to be with you this evening, and offer our services in a joint effort in seeking the One who resides behind all mysteries of being. We thank you for inviting our presence this evening, and thank you doubly so for inviting the opportunity to exercise both instruments in the telling of a story. We delight in the sharing of our humble opinion by means of the story, for in such a manner may we point a direction with less chance of seeming dogmatic upon any point, for with the story comes the opportunity for each individual to interpret the story in an unique fashion, a fashion which shall have the most meaning and impact to that entity and to each so listening.

January 26, 1986, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: We thank each present this evening for calling for our presence and humble words to aid in the seeking of those who have awakened to the need for seeking. This evening we are quite happy to agree upon the format and will speak a small story through each instrument.

February 2, 1986, Sunday Meditation

Monka: There are many questions upon your mind at this time about not just the correct way to live, for this in itself has almost no meaning, as correctness is different for each individual, but rather the most spiritually propitious way to join in community and to relate to each others within a society.

February 9, 1986, Sunday Meditation

Q’uo: We would speak with you this evening upon love. It will not seem at first as if we are talking about love, for what we wish to do is gaze with a clear eye at what many among your peoples call phenomena. The more obvious of these phenomena are those so-called occult arts of astrology, Tarot, and those who work within the trance state in inner level work as opposed to the work with those influences which are external to your planetary sphere.

February 16, 1986, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: We spoke of doubt at the beginning of this contact and we would choose at this time to expand somewhat upon this concept, for if what we have just spoken has truth within it, then it must be asked by any seeker of that truth what part doubt plays and why it seems many times that doubt plays such a large part within the process of seeking and experiencing that each of you and your fellow beings experiences in your daily life.

February 23, 1986, Sunday Meditation

L/Leema: We shall speak tonight of the positive, the negative, and the neutral; of the proton, the electron, and the neutron; of serving, of receiving, and of being.

March 2, 1986, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: As you look up at the stars, my friends, that which you see is inconceivable. Indeed, before your so-called science developed instruments capable of measuring and classifying that which the eye sees when gazing at the night sky, the majority of the inhabitants of your planet felt that they lived inside a dome through which there were tiny holes and therefore through which at night the great light beyond the sun could be seen. You are dwelling at this point in your experience within a physical vehicle which is inconceivable. Yes, my friends, you are very used to your bodies and therefore do not find them astonishing. Yet could you, without seeing a form, develop the intricate system of, shall we say, the most primitive internal combustion which is your body? The universe of man is a universe in which those things which are the true mysteries are often those things which are most taken for granted and unexplored while man turns his excellent mind to the creation of artifacts of his own making.

March 9, 1986, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: As the night sky opens, and as you come together in circle this evening, we find that there are questions upon some of your minds concerning a certain aspect of love which has to do with the interaction of entities who wish to express love for the Creator and to each other.

March 16, 1986, Sunday Meditation

Oxal: We would speak with you this evening of joy, that quality which is beyond its name, that energy which creates in fire and yet in peace, that explosion which is yet a steady state, that translation of that which proceeds into that which is.

We would speak to you of history. Those among your peoples are fascinated with history, that which is past history and that which shall be future history, and we would point out to you that if you wish a specific remedy against joy it would be history that would take the first place among the active distractions of those who seek.

March 23, 1986, Sunday Meditation

Laitos: My friends, we are pleased to speak to you tonight, for this is an occasion which we of the Confederation find beneficent for your planet. For we approach that time in which many of your planet celebrate the memory of the events of the life of one whom you call Jesus the Christ. We celebrate with you the efforts on the part of many to turn inward, to use this occasion as an opportunity, a stimulus to turn within and examine oneself, to reunite oneself with one’s Creator, for in truth, my friends, is this not the significance of that which you call the resurrection?

March 30, 1986, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: As you know, no matter what our subject may be, we are speaking of some aspect of a life lived in love, and we would choose this evening to speak to you of the art of hope.

April 6, 1986, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: This evening we would speak upon the topic of harmony, using the experience of this group this evening as a starting point, for though the topics of which you spoke upon were little concerned with matters spiritual, it was the desire behind the topic, shall we say, that allowed the work of blending vibrations together in a harmonious manner to occur.

April 13, 1986, Sunday Meditation

Latwii: My friends, we would speak to you about something somewhat seemingly different than the usual topic of love and meditation. We would speak to you of expenditures. The questions that bring you to a metaphysical group which is seeking the truth are basic. You wish to know who you are, you wish to know why you are here, you wish to determine where you are going. And somehow, philosophy often neglects that which may be called daily or ordinary life, expecting and hoping that the seeker will experience that more and more of the consciousness will be taken up with these deep and impenetrable matters so that as the life experience grows longer, the seeker will become closer and closer to the infinite mystery of the source of all that there is.

April 20, 1986, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: There is within the heart of each of you, my friends, a pathway. There is within the heart of each of you, my friends, a home. These are one and the same. Very often because of your illusion the seeker believes that the journey he is on is of a certain nature which among other things leaves him homeless. This has been the description of the seeker’s quest in many a spiritual metaphor—the road that stretches ever onward, the straight and narrow path, the craggy mountain trail, the dangerous, rock-strewn road, the endless desert. As these are all aspects of your own selves, these are aspects of the journey upon which you have set out by choice and from which you shall not return, therefore some feel homeless and others who know that they are in an oasis, comfortable, surrounded by support and love, almost feel as if they have left the path.

May 4, 1986, Sunday Meditation

L/Leema: I am L/Leema. I greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. It is a privilege to have been called to your group this evening, for although none in the circle but the instrument had a question, this instrument has a pressing question and to this we shall address ourselves. The question this instrument believes it is asking is, “Am I a Christian?” However we shall approach the answer in a way unexpected to this instrument.

May 11, 1986, Sunday Meditation

L/Leema: I am L/Leema. We greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator and thank you for calling us to you this evening to consider the question, “What is the meaning of life?” This is not an inconsiderable question.

May 18, 1986, Sunday Meditation

L/Leema: I am L/Leema, and I greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We greet each of you with great affection and thank you for calling us to your group this evening for it is your service to us to allow us to share our humble thoughts with you. And yet, you must know that in some degree we too are channels, and we pray, as does this instrument, that our words may have not only the meager understanding of our experience, but the inspiration of those who are our teachers as well, for are we not all channels of the one infinite Creator? And as we speak, do we not listen? And as you listen, does your heart not speak? We ask you these questions because the question has been asked of us, “What is the place of analytical thought upon the spiritual path of seeking the truth?”

May 25, 1986, Sunday Meditation

Q’uo: We have spoken this evening of the apparent and of that which is not apparent in order to share our understanding, simple though it is, that within your illusion you draw upon resources constantly that are far, far greater than you can imagine. And when you move within your daily round of activities, you are utilizing but the tiniest fraction of that which is at your disposal. Yet that very movement itself draws unto your limited self more and more of that which knows no limits in order to enhance your ability to experience within your illusion. Thus, we speak as we have spoken, of limitation and infinity being recapitulated within your own being and of this process being fueled by your will to seek and your faith that the seeking will bear fruit.

June 1, 1986, Sunday Meditation

L/Leema: The request that has been made this evening is a layman’s discussion of the concept of three-dimensional time.

June 8, 1986, Sunday Meditation

Yom: We would speak with you this evening about some applications of that which you call light. We shall begin with what may be seen to be a mechanistic description of the influences which light may have using various catalysts upon each entity. It is not known to your peoples the nature of light, for the necessary paradigm for grasping its nature is not available to your scientists. It is because of this lack of understanding that the nature of the crystalline structures have never been satisfactorily researched or understood by those you call men of science.

June 15, 1986, Sunday Meditation

L/Leema: We now speak upon the subject of healing energy. The question put before us, if we may paraphrase, is this: if, as Dr. Andrija (Puharich) says, healing energy is eight hertz or cycles per second, how can one achieve that rate of vibration naturally and how can it be used?

June 29, 1986, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: We would share some thoughts with you this evening upon the subject of freedom.

July 6, 1986, Sunday Meditation

Q’uo: We find the consciousness of those present this evening to be much aware of the day you celebrate in what you call your nation, as the birth date of your nation’s independence and each is our personal freedom. We find the phrase, “All men are created equal,” to be written large upon your hearts and your pride at this time. Thus, we would speak to you about how love and wisdom, to a lesser extent, function through illusion to facilitate and offer tools for the facilitation of individual spiritual growth.

July 13, 1986, Sunday Meditation

Yadda: So! We would speak this evening, and would thank you again for this great pleasure of the function of desire and of the tools that you may use to further your desire. Now you have desire [of] many things, but we speak of the strong desire for the truth that motivates the seeker. You do not want an answer as much as you want a clear understanding of the question.

July 20, 1986, Sunday Meditation

Q’uo: We would speak to you about the manifestation within your incarnational patterns of the one original Thought which is the Creator.

July 27, 1986, Sunday Meditation

Group question: From J. It is: “There is a quote from the session of 15 June, 1986 from L/Leema as follows: ‘The critical mass for achieving fourth density as a group is nearly reached.’

A) Expand, i.e. quantify, ‘nearly’, time frame, etc.

B) How large is the group? Total population, harvestable entities, non-harvestable entities?

C) How does this affect planetary geological shifts?

D) Specifically, what should we do to maximize the harvest? What is the most important work that light workers can do at this time to maximize the harvest?”

August 10, 1986, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: This evening we have observed the questions and comments concerning the path of the seeker which attempts to serve others and to radiate the light of the one Creator to those about it. We have observed that in your discussion and in your concerns, there is the noting of those instances in the experience of any seeker which seem of a negative nature and which seem to provide obstacles, difficulties and deterrents to the continuation of the positive seeking.

August 31, 1986, Sunday Meditation

Latwii: My friends, let us review what little we know, and find if we feel that it is enough. Perhaps we would all agree that we know that that which is seen is transient. We would perhaps agree that there is more than chance to the universe, its creation, administration, and creative embroidery. Perhaps we would all agree that the most important force in each personal life experience has been love, the love that creates and the love that destroys, the love that gives and the love that takes.

September 7, 1986, Sunday Meditation

Group question: What’s the point of bad moods for human beings?

September 14, 1986, Sunday Meditation

Q’uo: It is an interesting unity that all your energies make together, and we shall pause from time to time in our message in order to align ourselves with the shifting nuances of the group unity as it is more subtle than most within the harmony of those who seek. And perhaps it is to that diversity in unity that we would speak this evening, for although love is always the same and the one original Thought remains the mystery that it always has been and always shall be to the conscious rational mind, yet the codes of perception of this one original Thought of love are many and varied, not only from person to person, but in each person from moment to moment.

September 21, 1986, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: Our native home is the density towards which you now strive, the density of love, compassion or understanding. It is a density when lies are no longer necessary and masks may be tossed away, for our thoughts are all shared, and we accept and harmonize each other’s characteristics and seek together to be of service. Each of you has many impulses to live in just such a way, and we assure you that it will be your native land too when you have finished learning the lessons that you have set for yourself in this density of yours, the density of conscious awareness. Your density, my friends, must learn that consciousness has a certain characteristic which is its original characteristic. Consciousness is not a neutral thing, but rather sprang from a creative force, that creative force we call love.

September 28, 1986, Sunday Meditation

Q’uo: There are times in each seeker’s experience when the waters of life seem somewhat dammed up, and there seems to be the need for the guardianship of precious things. There is a sense that those things necessary to life must be conserved and guarded. This is the very purpose of the illusion which you have fashioned for yourself. Without the illusion, there would be no temptation to feel that one must guard what one has, there would be no experience of lack, thus there would be no fear of that lack.

October 1, 1986, Intensive Meditation

Laitos: I am Laitos, and I greet you, my friends, in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. We are very pleased to be asked to join your group this evening. It is not often, as you would reckon time and experience, that we have the privilege of working with new instruments. We are honored that another has chosen to learn the service of vocal channeling in order that it might serve as an instrument for our humble thoughts, for as each new instrument begins this process, we find ourselves in the joyous situation of having before us yet another opportunity not only to serve the Creator, and another who wishes our services, but to aid a new instrument in being of further service in its own life patterns.

October 2, 1986, Intensive Meditation

Laitos: I am Laitos, and I greet you, my friends, in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. We are again most honored to be asked to join your group this evening in order that we might, as is our way, work with a new instrument who seeks in her own way to be of service through the vocal channeling. As always, we remind the new instrument that while the contact is being sought, and while it is experienced, it is well to reserve analysis and judgment of process and content in order that both may move in their own way through the instrument and thus exercise it that it comes to know that vibration which signals the contact and that feeling of surrender that allows the contact to move through the instrument.

October 3, 1986, Intensive Meditation

Laitos: I am Laitos, and I greet you, my friends, in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. We are once again privileged to be able to join your group this evening. We greatly enjoy the opportunity to work with the one known as K in order that she might continue the process of becoming a vocal instrument.

We have listened with appreciation and affection to the conversation which you have shared prior to this meditation and we wish to express our gratitude at the careful consideration of this kind of service by each present. It is quite true that it is not a difficult service to perform, but that there is indeed a certain kind of caring that is difficult to find in many who would seek to perform this service. It is the desire to be of service to others and to do so in a manner which serves to the best of one’s abilities, that is the most appropriate motivator, shall we say, in our opinions for this service.

October 5, 1986, Sunday Meditation

Q’uo: You must understand that we are offering information to you through an instrument. There was a source offering the one you know as Nostradamus information. It came through him and this entity recorded it. It may aid in your evaluative process to regard this very devout person as the same kind of instrument as the entity who is channeling our words.

October 6, 1986, Intensive Meditation

Laitos: We do not wish to rush any new instrument past the point of confidence, yet we shall always provide the opportunity for a new instrument to continue to expand its abilities. This is true for all instruments, in fact, for even with an instrument which has practiced its art for many of your years, there is the constant opportunity to expand such an instrument’s capabilities by presenting concepts of greater scope and, shall we say, intricacy, though we do not mean to suggest complexity.

October 8, 1986, Intensive Meditation

Laitos: I am Laitos, and greet you, my friends, in the love and in the light of our infinite Creator. We have been working with the one known as K in anticipation that she might be open to the possibility of initiating a contact this evening. We may suggest to this new instrument that the faculty of analysis is, though still somewhat significant within this new instrument, that which is far less of a difficulty in this new instrument than in most. We would therefore commend this new instrument for its ability to allow the analytical portion of the conscious mind to be put aside temporarily. This is a general faculty which this new instrument has utilized far better than most and though it has at this working presented somewhat of a difficulty in the overall sense, we are very happy that this new instrument has taken so quickly, shall we say, to the reservation of judgment and analysis. At this time we should attempt to contact the one known as K, and will transfer this contact at this time. I am Laitos.

October 9, 1986, Intensive Meditation

Laitos: [I am Laitos,] and I greet you, my friends in the love and in the light of the infinite Creator. It is our great pleasure to be with you again this evening for the purpose of working with the new instrument known as K and also the rest of you who are (inaudible). We also wish to welcome the one known as S and are grateful for her presence [also].

As you know, my friends, it is our pleasure to be with you for the purpose of serving together with you in the process of your service as vocal channels. We ask [now] that each of you remain open and relaxed, putting aside any anxious thoughts that you may bring with you to this time, putting aside again your desires for analysis, and becoming simply channels as [we are meant to be].

October 10, 1986, Intensive Meditation

Laitos: I am Laitos, and greet each of you again in love and light. We have been working with each instrument present as each needs and requests such assistance. We have found that with each instrument there is a firm foundation which has been built of desire to be of service to others, and this foundation has been elaborated upon by each present as experience in this way of service has been gained. Each instrument, then, upon the same foundation of desire to be of service to others, fashions a structure, a framework, a channel, if you will, through which our contact and other contacts may move. As each of you is unique in the makeup of what you feel is significant, in the life experience in general and in the spiritual seeking in particular, the form that your structure or channel takes is completely unique unto each of you. In this uniqueness, we take our joy, for we are through such individuality able to impress our message which is always and ever the same.

October 11, 1986, Intensive Meditation

Laitos: I am Laitos, and I greet you once again, my friends, in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. As always, my friends, it is our great pleasure to be among you this evening for the opportunity of working with the instrument as well as with all those of your group, for we appreciate your service, my friends, for the work that you do as vocal channels is, shall we say, near to our hearts, for as you serve the Creator in your role of vocal channels, so you also enable us to serve by speaking through you.

October 12, 1986, Sunday Meditation

Hatonn: It is rewarding to see that the concept of meditation in this group has not broken down to include only the concept of the channeled information, for, indeed, it is the silence that teaches, perhaps more than even the most inspiring words, just as it is the space between objects which allows objects to have dimension.

October 13, 1986, Intensive Meditation

Laitos: We look upon the vocal channeling type of service as one which offers increasing kinds and depths of service to all those with whom the process is ongoing. We choose in these kinds of sessions to offer information which is more useful to the people, as you call them, that have joined in the session in order that they might serve as vocal instruments, rather than offering information which is more general in its application, for these workings are those which have been set aside for the purpose of developing the instruments which will at a later time, as you would see it, [move] into the kinds of service that will move to a wider selection of your peoples.

October 14, 1986, Intensive Meditation

Laitos: [I am Laitos, and] we greet you once again, my friends, in love and light. It is, as always, a great privilege to be with this group and to have the opportunity for working with the new instrument known as K. It has been a pleasure for us to work with this instrument over the past several of your days, and we do look forward to working with her again in the future. At this time we would transfer the contact. I am Laitos.

October 15, 1986, Intensive Meditation

Laitos: [I am Laitos.] We greet you, my friends, in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. We are pleased to see the conscientiousness with which this instrument has gone about the challenging process and are pleased to have established a firm contact with her. We are also pleased that she was able to perceive our greeting to her personally which helps strengthen her confidence in the contact.

October 19, 1986, Sunday Meditation

Q’uo: When you request information on enlightenment and appropriate methods for attaining it, you are speaking of attaining a manifestation rather than an essence, for enlightenment can only be seen by its reflection. Just as light itself is the creature and creation of love, so also is enlightenment the creature and manifestation of the thought of love which an entity has made his own.

October 22, 1986, Special Meditation

Q’uo: I am Q’uo, and am again with this instrument. We are pleased to have shared in your life stream, and shall speak at this time about those things which are upon your mind. Although many are the concerns which you have, perhaps the one you hold most in common is the desire to know more about meditation.

Each of you has consciousness. That consciousness is greater than you may perhaps have perceived. You may associate consciousness with your ability to reason, analyze and think. Many are the questions which yield to the excellent tool of your waking consciousness. Yet, let us gaze upon the frontiers of rational thought with care to examine the ultimate nature of the knowledge gained through reason.

November 2, 1986, Sunday Meditation

Q’uo: The presumption of the seeker is that all parameters are to be understood and searched out and that there is trail of wisdom to the stars, a series of questions that will lead one to infinite wisdom. This is not so. Wisdom is born of suffering, dilemma, contradiction and pain. The so-called happy times that you experience within the illusion are useful as randomly as are the difficult times, and the intrinsic value of happiness is quite low.

November 9, 1986, Sunday Meditation

Q’uo: Those things which we say are the best we have to offer through a particular channel at a particular moment, and we would not deceive you, thus we speak as truly as possible within the limits of spoken language. Yet each word has many meanings, each concept can be heard with many ears, many attitudes, and many predispositions. Those things which do not seen appropriate for your growth at this time must needs be left behind without a backward glance. The answers lie within you, not within us.

We are those who would inspire each of you to seek, to ask your questions with more and more care and love for the search itself, for your answers, as all answers, shall turn out to be illusion and with each revelation and transformation you shall discover that you have pushed back the frontier of mystery, only to find that same mystery beckoning from the new frontier. There is no information so complete and so satisfying that it constitutes the ultimate answer, for if it can be said, it is not the truth and he who says it has pride, not understanding.

November 16, 1986, Sunday Meditation

Group question: What do you say to people who are considering a divorce, ending a commitment?

November 23, 1986, Sunday Meditation

Group question: How can I better utilize my being?

November 30, 1986, Sunday Meditation

Group question: Concerns the harvest and the nature of the harvest, whether there is a physical death of the vehicle, and the types of entities that go through the harvest, the effect upon wanderers that have come here from elsewhere to be of service during the harvest. And so forth.

December 14, 1986, Sunday Meditation

Group question: Has to do with the season, more specifically, the birth of Christ, the life of Christ, and whether there may be any discrepancies in the time, place and what he had to teach, and a couple of side queries along the line of virgin birth, how it was accomplished, and the meaning of Christmas to Jesus.

December 20, 1986, San Francisco Meditation

Q’uo: You ask us about the companionship of money and spirituality. It is written in one of your holy works that the love of money is the root of all evil. We would like to point out that it is the love of money, as it is any idolatry, which is at the root of separation, whether it be the separation of true worship of the great divine mystery because of pieces of wood and stone or the separation of one’s focus from that same mystery because of the love of counting. It is not the money itself which is contrary to a life led with a spiritual center, but the idolatrous love of that which is builded by man in imitation of the Creator’s abundance.

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