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The L/L Research Transcripts

January 3, 1988, Sunday Meditation

Group question: Has to do with negative polarity, negative energy, and its direction towards us as seekers in various forms, whether it might be a magically powerful negative entity sending a greeting that has the purpose of disabling you in some way, or a person that just wishes you ill, all the way to the potential negative expression through the monetary system and the electronic funds transfer system where the controlling of the great majority of people is done by a few for their gain at the expense of the many, to what allows the energy to be sent and received in a certain fashion, or how does a seeker deal with these situations and the sendings, wishing one ill, attempting to control one or affecting one in a negative fashion. Are you getting that? Hopefully it’s all there somewhere.

January 10, 1988, Sunday Meditation

Group question: About parenting and discipline in particular. Question asked by C. Focus upon the proper relationship of the parent to the child and how best to establish that relationship.

January 17, 1988, Sunday Meditation

Group question: Concerns reincarnation and the means by which the process of reincarnation enhances our overall growth as entities.

February 3, 1988, Intensive Meditation


February 7, 1988, Sunday Meditation

Group question: C has a question about a friend of his who is suffering what has been diagnosed as narcolepsy. He’s able to contact his wife, for example, and to have what seems to be out-of-body experiences during the seeming sleep. We’re wondering how out-of-body experiences in general, and in this case as well, could be used to advance one’s spiritual growth?

February 10, 1988, Intensive Meditation

Group question: If our lives are unfolding in an appropriate manner and all is well and there are no mistakes, how do we operate within this environment to enhance our service to others?

February 13, 1988, Intensive Meditation


February 14, 1988, Sunday Meditation

Group question: (From R.) Concerns the breakdown of the bicameral or use of the two-lobed brain/mind and the development of consciousness as a result of that breakdown, so that the entity is no longer experiencing a direction from inner resources or the voices of the gods, shall we say, but is acting on his own as a conscious being, and in doing that seems to cut himself off from those sources so that he is on his own in his evolution, but once he is able to find his way back, shall we say, to the Creator and penetrate the veil, we’re wondering how this is related to the dropping of the veil between the conscious and the unconscious mind, if that is manifested in any way in the brain, and if the penetration of the veil, the contact with intelligent infinity, is something that occurs in a moment and the veil is shattered, or if it is something that occurs as a process that is ongoing, and the veil is slowly rent so the entity, in whatever the case is, returns again to the unity of the Creator, this time as a conscious being, having worked his way back there.

February 28, 1988, Sunday Meditation

Group question: (From R.) Are we sometimes influenced by the negative polarization of thought forms which have been created perhaps unknowingly through the mental activity of social groups? Do these thought forms tend to congregate in generalized areas, and if so, how may they be disbanded or neutralized?

March 9, 1988, Intensive Meditation


March 13, 1988, Sunday Meditation

Group question: There are various kinds of unseen energy or life-forms within the universe that various people see from time to time, all the way from UFOs to spirits associated with the plant and mineral kingdoms, and other forms of life and energy that we are unaware of usually. How can we make contact with them? How can we become friends with them? How can we use what they have to teach us in order to serve other people?

March 16, 1988, Intensive Meditation

Hatonn: We were of the impression that we would be of the most service by persistently contacting the one known as D in order that the deeper service might be recollected in the midst of most disquieting circumstances. This simple lesson may seem to be an allegory of the life that is lived so narrowly in the midst of such abundant glory. There must come that time when it is seen that the channel, as imperfect as it is, and remiss, nevertheless is becoming more and more able to perceive the contact.

March 23, 1988, Intensive Meditation


March 27, 1988, Sunday Meditation

Group question: “Q’uo: You have wished to know what we may think about the right use of will.”

April 3, 1988 - Easter, Sunday Meditation

Group question: Has to do with suffering. What causes suffering? Is it something to do with the general lack of a person’s feeling and knowing of the unity of all of creation? Is it something that can be generally stated? What can be done to alleviate the suffering that a person goes through? Is the suffering that people go through an individual kind of thing? How do individuals deal with their suffering? How can we use the suffering for growth and learn from it?

April 10, 1988, Sunday Meditation

Group question: (From H1.) Has to do with nuclear warfare, and the cause of the tensions that build toward the feeling of separation and anger that are strong enough to lead to warfare, and to—since we have the nuclear bombs at our disposal—the chances of using them. What kinds of energies are necessary for us to understand in order to back away from the kind of confrontation that might bring about the use of nuclear weapons? What type of growth would signify the understanding that we would rather preserve our environment and illusion than destroy it?

June 22, 1988, Intensive Meditation

Hatonn: We would like to speak about love and we shall be transferring frequently.

June 29, 1988, Intensive Meditation


August 1, 1988, Intensive Meditation


August 2, 1988, Special Meditation

Group question: The value of channeling and such information considering the difficulties that any group can run into with the temptations offered by negative entities to deviate from the original purpose of the channeling, and the general value of channeled information for any seeker of truth, considering all the other sources of information that are available, what is the value of channeling, how should one weigh it in one’s total gathering of information?

August 4, 1988, Intensive Meditation


August 14, 1988, Sunday Meditation

Group question: Concerns the changes on the Earth in relation to the greenhouse effect. There’s been a lot of talking recently with our hot, hazy and humid weather as the cause, and we’re wondering what kind of shape the Earth is in? Has the greenhouse effect been responsible for the changes that we’ve seen in the weather patterns? And just in general, what kind of shape is the Earth in?

August 31, 1988, Sunday Meditation

Group question: Has to do with lying. How does the concept of lying, deliberately and willfully misrepresenting a position or information, get introduced into our creation? From the beginning of the creation when that which is created is created out of that which is uncreated.

September 4, 1988, Sunday Meditation

Group question: How does the seeker balance the various polar opposites such as passion in the seeking and yet discrimination in the seeking? Love and giving and wisdom and how to do this? The unconscious and the conscious mind? The female nature being receptive and the male nature being active? All of these polar opposites are part of following the path. How does the seeker balance them?

September 18, 1988, Sunday Meditation

Group question: Asking for general information on the subject of selfishness.

September 22, 1988, Channeling for Channeling Intensive Workshop

Q'uo: We know that each instrument offers a special way of telling this original thought of love in a new way, in a special way, in a way that can touch someone that no other words can touch. And because words do have the power to move the heart, the mind and the emotions, we rejoice at those who wish to serve in vocal channeling. Yet, also we would say at this time that no matter what you do, you do channel and you are of service. As this instrument would say, the worst you can do is serve as a bad example.

October 9, 1988, Sunday Meditation

Group question: “Q’uo: We have been asked to speak to you this evening about hatred.”

October 17, 1988, Sunday Meditation

Group question: Who are the entities that speak through our instruments that allows them to come in the name of Jesus the Christ? What is the nature of their makeup that allows them to do this?

October 30, 1988, Sunday Meditation

Group question: Is there any value to the seeker in studying, in reading, in trying to apply everything that’s been learned consciously day-to-day in the daily life, or can you get just as far in spiritual illusion by being a “nice guy” and living an ordinary life?

November 13, 1988, Sunday Meditation

Group question: Concerns the concept of the chosen, or the elect, mentioned in the Bible by Jesus, when he said that the elect would see the Kingdom of Heaven, mentioned by the Jehovah’s witnesses when they talk about the 144 thousand, and in the new age, when the chosen people are mentioned as “those that are going to be lifted off the planet by the UFOs when they land.” So, we’re looking for comments upon the elect, the chosen. Is this a valid concept, or is this a distortion of something else?

December 18, 1988, Sunday Meditation


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