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The L/L Research Transcripts

January 3, 1999, Sunday Meditation

Group question: We would like to ask Q’uo about guilt. When we feel guilt we are usually overtaken by the feeling and don’t know where it comes from. Could you give us information about where guilt comes from and how to work with guilt in our spiritual evolution.

January 17, 1999, Sunday Meditation

Group question: We would like to ask a question about control over one’s daily round of activities, or the lack of control, the feeling of having lost power to be able to affect the outcome of any situation. And this is balanced with the realization that every situation offers us the opportunity to gain from it whatever we need to gain from it and that there is no way that we can lose. It is all a matter of adopting the attitude that all is well and all is one and that the moment offers each of us just what we need to grow. So we would like Q’uo to comment on the concepts of the seeming loss of control, the being able to focus one’s attention in the moment upon what is going on, and that the moment offers us the love that we need in that moment.

February 7, 1999, Sunday Meditation

Group question: The planetary awakening to unseen essences such as angels, guides and spirit guidance is part of our awakening to an even larger self-realization of direct co-creatorship with intelligent infinity. Could you speak of the process that is taking place, in which we are coming to actual awareness of our role as co-creators, with specific focus on how we are learning to become direct conductors of the eternal energies?

March 21, 1999, Sunday Meditation

Group question: How can we use our desires and expectations in a balanced way to grow spiritually?

April 18, 1999, Sunday Mediation

Group question: Our question today has to do with the concept of finding the Creator in each aspect of our everyday lives. We can understand intellectually how the Creator has made all that there is and eventually we progress through all of the experiences and all is one again, but we are wondering if Q’uo can give us information today about how to find the Creator in each moment, whether we are washing dishes or driving a car, or fleeing attacks in Kosovo, or flying in an airplane, or whatever we might be doing. It’s easier to see the Creator in the good moments but it’s harder when we find things bad or boring or nonsensical or absurd, how do we find the Creator there?

May 2, 1999, Sunday Meditation

Group question: Today we would like to get some information that would help us to clarify the work that we do in our daily lives that is of a metaphysical nature. Usually one, or many people, or lots of people, think that the spiritual journey consists of operating in the higher energy centers from the heart on up, through the throat and brow, and doing these things that seem obviously of a spiritual or metaphysical nature. But we are wondering how to focus one’s life on the spiritual journey while living the everyday life that has various relationships that are going well or poorly but is where we really live. Could Q’uo give us some information to help us clarify how we focus on what really is our spiritual work each day?

May 23, 1999, Sunday Meditation

Group question: The question this week has to do with three weeks ago when we began to ask about the devotional life and how to live the devotional life, and we would like to follow up that question by asking how we find more and more of that which we really are, that which is the heart of our being. We would like to hear whatever Q’uo has to say about ways to discover more of our true nature, how to observe our true nature, how to become aware of our true nature, our true being, that which we had planned before the incarnation to have as an opportunity, a way of expressing our soul essence.

September 12, 1999, Sunday Meditation

Group question: What words of inspiration would Q’uo have for those people who have been on the path of seeking for a long time? They are very familiar with their catalyst. They have seen it come around again and again. Maybe they are beginning to wonder if they are ever going to get anywhere with their catalyst. So we would like to ask Q’uo what words of inspiration Q’uo would have for people who might be getting a bit burnt out on the spiritual trail?

September 26, 1999, Sunday Meditation

Group question: The question this week concerns our desire to know what we are doing when we attempt to serve another person. Could Q’uo talk to us about the equality of service, if such is so, between washing dishes, raising children, sending rockets to the moon, teaching, feeding thousands, whatever we may do? We would like some information about what we really are doing when we serve another person.

October 3, 1999, Sunday Meditation

Group question: Our question this week has to do with desire. We would like to know what it is to balance desire. A lot of times we think we know what we want. We think we understand that if we had a certain ability or a certain thing we would be able to function more efficiently. We would be more whole. We would be more balanced. And then when we do achieve that it turns out to be other than what we thought. We would like Q’uo to give us information about working with our desires. How do we determine what we really want rather than what we think that we want?

October 17, 1999, Sunday Meditation

Group question: The question this week has to do with whether or not it is possible in this day and age and in the place in which we live for us to use meditation and personal works to become the seeker we hope to be, to achieve that state of being that will allow us to radiate the love and the light of the Creator and to continue to expand as learning and growing beings. Or is it still necessary to retire to a cave in the Himalayan Mountains and meditate for twenty years with some small chance for success, of some hope of achieving a realization of who we really are?

November 7, 1999, Sunday Meditation

Group question: Our question this week has to do with being able to live in the moment. How can we live in the moment more consistently? Can we ask for assistance from our higher selves to help us to live in the moment? What are the advantages of living in the moment?

November 21, 1999, Sunday Meditation

Group question: We are wondering if Q’uo can give us some information about how the mirroring effect works and how we can utilize it in our own life. It is very hard to get an objective point of view about ourselves. We have a much easier time helping other people with their problems and catalyst and seeing things in an objective way. How can we use the mirroring effect in our daily lives to enhance our own understanding about ourselves?

December 5, 1999, Sunday Meditation

Group question: What are the components of clear communication? How can miscommunication happen? What is said is not always heard or interpreted as it was intended. And would there be any non-verbal ways of communicating that would enhance our communication?

December 19, 1999, Sunday Meditation

Group question: The question today has to do with the situation of when we find ourselves being of service, whether it is the work we do for our living or it is just a favor that we do for friends, and we do it over and over, how do we deal with the anger and the frustration and the negative emotions that come into our minds when we feel like we are being pushed beyond our limits, that there are so many people pulling us in so many different directions that we don’t feel that we are really able to serve without feeling anger, frustration, doubt and being stopped in one way or another?

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