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The L/L Research Transcripts

January 2, 2010, Saturday Channeling Circle - Channeling Circle 4

Jim: The question this evening has to do with our desire as seekers of truth and those who wish to be of service to others. In this desire we have an inner life in which we see ourselves as working on ourselves, as being of service in the way of improving our thoughts, our spirit, and our emotions. We were wondering if, when these efforts of working on our inner selves do not seem to manifest in the outer world, we are still being of service. Is this still a valuable effort to make?

January 23, 2010, Saturday Meditation

Jim: The question this evening has to do with the fact that when we get together in groups like this, where we share with an open heart, we are aware that a lot of light, energy and potential is generated. We are wondering how we can use that light, that potential, and that energy when we leave the group and go out into our daily lives and just how that light and energy effects the dawning of the New Age, the dawning of the fourth density, the density of love and understanding.

January 30, 2010, Saturday Meditation

Group question: The question this evening has to do with prayer and sending love and light. We have got a number of qualities. We wonder what effect they have on the efficiency of a prayer. [Is it better] if we focus on one person or a group of people? [What about the effectiveness of] the intention, our emotions, and visualization? If we look at life in general as if all is one and all is well, does anyone really need prayer? What are we doing when we ask to send healing energy to another person, who is in fact the Creator, whole and perfect, in truth? If they are whole and perfect, do they need prayer? Is this catalyst in their life pattern real? Is it something to be ignored or something for which to pray? Can you give us an indication as to what makes prayers effective?

February 6, 2010, Saturday Channeling Circle - Channeling Circle 5

Group question: The question this evening is, “At what point along the seeker’s path may he turn his full attention to the Creator and say, “I am ready as I am. As flawed and distorted as I may be, I ask that you use me as your instrument.” We would also like to know what qualities of attitude and orientation should accompany this statement.”

February 13, 2010, Saturday Meditation

G: This evening we will be taking questions from readers here and there. Q’uo, the first question comes from C in Tennessee, and she writes, “Q’uo, can you clarify for us how intelligent infinity and intelligent energy correlate to the terms ‘spirit’ and ‘consciousness’”?

February 27, 2010, Saturday Meditation

Jim: The question this evening is, “Various mystical teachings posit a ground-level, essential self which is unaffected and untouched by the wayward thoughts of the conscious mind. That being the case, we would like to know what power the thoughts of our surface mind have both to reveal and to obscure truth. Additionally, which is of greater consequence, the content and quality of our thoughts or our attachment to and identification with them?”

March 6, 2010, Saturday Channeling Circle - Channeling Circle 6

Jim: The question this evening is about the unconscious. We would like to know what the connection is between what we would call “drive” and what we term “psychic energy,” and the unconscious mind. Is there something we can do to protect ourselves when our dreams or problems seem to be reflected through the subconscious or the unconscious and to the conscious mind?

March 13, 2010, Saturday Meditation

Jim: The question this evening begins with a quote from Ra: “It is paramount that it be understood that it is not desirable or helpful to the growth of the understanding, may we say, of an entity by itself to control thought processes or impulses, except where they may result in actions not consonant with the Law of One.”

G’s question says, “I do not understand how an action can possibly be ‘not consonant’ with the Law of One when the Law of One, as Ra says elsewhere, blinks neither at the light nor at the dark, but is available for both polarities. How could anything, even disharmony itself, even conscious rejection of the Law of One, be ‘not consonant’ with the Law of One?

September 5, 2010, Special Meditation

Jim: Q’uo, our question today concerns the transition that is taking place on Planet Earth on 12-12-12. We’re concerned about what we can do now, in the time remaining, to help ourselves, our families, our friends, and our planet to make this transition as harmoniously as possible. Could you give us an idea of what concepts, ideas or actions that we can concentrate upon in these remaining days via service to others in this transition time?

September 11, 2010, Saturday Meditation

Jim: The question this evening, Q’uo, has to do with synchronicity. When we feel that we’re in a situation that is synchronous, that it’s giving us information that is helpful in our spiritual journey, we’re wondering just how this comes about. Do we have guides or angelic presences or friends that help bring us to a situation, a book, a person or an event that is pivotal in our lives, or is it more internally that we’re ready to see something as synchronistic? We’d like more information on this synchronicity, just how exactly it works and how we can use it more beneficially in our spiritual journeys.

September 25, 2010, Saturday Meditation

G: Our question today is: Firstly, we would like you to give us a synopsis of the development of the Creation from prior to the point of the first distortion, all the way through to the third distortion. Secondly, we would like to ask about the spiritual principles of the Divine Masculine and Feminine and where those two polarities first became manifest—how and when they split, one becoming masculine and the other becoming feminine. Thank you.

October 2, 2010, Saturday Channeling Circle - Channeling Circle 7

Jim: The question this evening, Q’uo, has to do with loving ourselves. We are wondering how we can love ourselves more, or if we don’t love ourselves, how we can begin to love ourselves. We think there might be some facets to this process, one of the most important being able to forgive ourselves for our self-perceived difficulties and failings. And if there are any other facets to this, can you talk to us about them?

October 16, 2010, Saturday Meditation

Jim: The question this evening, Q’uo, [from G], is, “Few systems of thought confer as much responsibility on the individual entity as the Law of One does. In that philosophy, the individual is completely responsible for its own choices and its experience no matter how uninformed these choices and its viewpoint may be. It is in that vein that we wish to examine the concept of responsibility through both the general and focused lens. In general, to what extent is the positively-oriented entity responsible for indirectly participating in activities which result in pain and suffering for others? There are many specific ways to approach the basic underlying principle of responsibility, including purchasing gasoline, using products which harm the environment, supporting or not resisting governments which funnel the energy of their people into nefarious ends, etc.

We would like to select one particular instance of this principle for our focus. It is understood among many spiritual seekers that except in cases of humane slaughter our second-density friends are routinely mistreated and abused in the process of converting their physical bodies into our meat foodstuffs. Specifically then, to what extent is the positively-oriented entity responsible for the suffering of second-density creatures when purchasing and consuming the meat of these animals?

October 23, 2010, Saturday Meditation

Jim: The question this week, Q’uo, is from M: “I understand that, according to Ra, when the third-density experience of an entity has ended, the soul distills the essence of that experience and nothing of value is lost. However, I’m wondering whether the personality has any value to the soul. I find the idea of the personality being lost discomforting. I understand that my soul will prevail but what about ‘me’? I mean the ‘me’ that I identify with now. If my personality is lost, isn’t that the same as ‘me’ ceasing to exist? And, in addition, isn’t my soul’s identity also lost when it joins a social memory complex? And isn’t the social memory complex’s identity lost when it merges back to the Creator? Can Q’uo please comment?”

November 6, 2010, Saturday Channeling Circle - Channeling Circle 8

Jim: The question this evening has to do with how each of us, as seekers of truth, might be able to access the truth within ourselves—the inspiration, the information that might be helpful to us with which maybe we normally wouldn’t be in touch. Is there a way that we can tune ourselves so that we can point our intentions to finding a deeper wisdom in our own selves that we can share with others? We can learn from ourselves, and of course we mean to do this in a spiritually safe environment which would help us to do this without the interference of any negatively-oriented entities. Is there a way to do this safely?

November 13, 2010, Saturday Meditation

Jim: The question this evening has to do with the feeling that so many of us have when we wonder if we’re doing what we came to do in the spiritual sense in this incarnation. Q’uo, could you speak to us about that type of wondering and just what the spiritual significance is of the question of whether or not you’re doing what you came to do?

November 27, 2010, Saturday Meditation

Y: This question is about catalyst. We know from Ra that a catalyst unused mentally and emotionally manifests in the physical body as an ailment. I am experiencing a repeated pattern of pelvic misalignment and lower back pain. I see that the cause of it lies in my difficulty in expressing my true nature, which is love, compassion and appreciation toward other selves.

I often have thoughts and intentions of expressing love and appreciation but do not find it comfortable to say or to show that. It produces conflict within; positive energy wants to be expressed but can’t. The pelvic area and lower back is within the second-chakra influence. In the emotional body [the chakra is concerned with] the relationship of self to other self.

This is my line of thinking. Would you be able to confirm this line of thinking or am I off here? If you agree with my interpretation would you comment on any spiritual principles involved in this difficulty for me to express positive, loving energy, true self, outwardly?

December 18, 2010, Saturday Meditation

Jim: The question this evening has to do with the possible types of growth of mind, body and spirit that would be possible at this time of year in particular, with the darkness of the day reaching its longest at the twenty-first and light beginning to grow more strongly then with the worship of Jesus the Christ, who came with the message of unconditional love, overcame the death of the physical body, exemplified resurrection, the giving and receiving of gifts one to another, and the opening of hearts. Q’uo, is there any particular type of growth that would be more likely or possible at this time of year that we could encourage in our own being?

December 25, 2010, Saturday Meditation

Jim: Tonight we’re going to take questions from those who are assembled in our meditation circle. (There are questions on how the Q’uo enjoy music, having a very sensitive physical body, and why one would choose that, seeing after-images, solar flares, and why we would be feeling tired all the time.)

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