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The L/L Research Transcripts

January 4, 2020, Saturday Meditation

Topics: New Age energies; manifestation; the sinkhole of indifference; seventh density.

January 11, 2020, Saturday Meditation

Topics: The higher self; faith; being one with the Creator; physical catalyst; understanding negative energies.

January 18, 2020, Saturday Meditation

Topics: Intelligent energy of the body; seeking love in the moment; the primal distortions; patriarchy and hierarchy.

January 25, 2020, Saturday Meditation

Topics: Karma - group karma, wanderer karma, and Jesus; protection on the positive path.

February 1, 2020, Saturday Meditation

Topics: The adept cycle; depression and anxiety as catalyst; utilizing dreams; how Ra interacts with people; finding your life purpose.

February 8, 2020, Saturday Meditation

Topics: New energies coming to Earth; thoughts and reality; healing; contagious disease; "metaprograms of consciousness".

February 22, 2020, Saturday Meditation

Topics: Initiations between the third density and the fourth density; achieving our dreams; free will as an illusion; plant medicines; Q'uo's reasons for helping us.

March 7, 2020, Saturday Meditation

Topics: Balancing emotions; random catalyst and where catalyst comes from; the effect of imbalanced masculinity on our world; the role of desire in seeking.

Note: Due to the ongoing pandemic conditions, regular channeling meditations are on currently hiatus. However, practice channelings have resumed in September. The transcripts do not appear in the main transcript library since the instruments are less experienced and the quality might vary from the main body of channeling, but if you are interested in keeping up with our messages from the Confederation, you can read the practice channeling transcripts here: Channeling Circles page.
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