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L/L Research Homecoming 2007

The Chakras of the Energy Body

NOTE: L/L Research Homecoming 2007 is fully booked and registration is closed.

On Labor Day weekend, the first weekend in September, 2007, L/L Research invites you to attend its annual Homecoming.

The topic of study at our last year’s Homecoming, the chakras of the energy body, was so enjoyed by all who attended that it was voted in as the topic of study for this year’s Homecoming as well. We wholeheartedly feel this area of study elicits a most fruitful and excellent conversation and is virtually impossible to exhaust.

There is an added twist to the 2007 Homecoming. If you are interested in being a part of a special circle of seeking and learning to channel from the Confederation entities working through Carla, which is forming in 2008, please plan to attend. We will focus our study of the chakras by asking the question: “Who Am I?” as we go through the energy centers in our discussion. Answering this question for oneself is absolutely fundamental and necessary for anyone wishing to undertake the art of channeling. In this way, the weekend will be a precursor for forming the first channeling circle which L/L has had in twenty years. Carla’s health is guarded right now, so we have not yet set a date for the beginning of the Channeling Intensive Gatherings. We anticipate starting them sometime in 2008.

This upcoming Homecoming, however, is not strictly for those seeking to channel. It is open for all who would like to attend. It IS a lot of fun to come home once in a while and experience being treated with unconditional love by the wonderful folks who are drawn to come home at Camelot to enjoy our L/L Research reunion.

If interested in attending, please contact us at where we can answer any questions and take your reservation! For further details, see below.


Friday, August 31, 2007, beginning at 5 PM EST to Sunday, September 2, evening-ish.


Please click here for the curriculum (PDF file.)


“Camelot,” home of L/L Research, in Louisville, KY. If we have a substantially larger group than we can handle here, we will find a larger space in which to meet. Please let us know ASAP if you are interested so that we can make this decision.


Gary can provide you with a comprehensive list of hotels within a five mile radius of L/L.


Standiford Field, Louisville’s international airport, is approximately 30 minutes away from the house. If flying in and arriving before 4 PM on Friday and after 7 PM on Sunday, we will be able to pick you up from and drop you off at the airport. Please contact Gary if you have any questions.


The fee for attending the Homecoming is $160. Additionally we will go grocery shopping to provide the food for 5 of our 7 meals. We will divide the grocery bill by the number of people in attendance, which typically turns out to be no more than $25 per person.


Friday’s dinner along with the breakfast and lunch for both Saturday and Sunday will be served at home. We will eat out at a local restaurant for our Saturday and Sunday evening dinners.

If you are interested in attending, please e-mail us at so we can answer any questions and take your reservation.

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