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ABOUT THE CONTENTS OF THIS NEWSLETTER: These selections of telepathic channelings have been taken from transcriptions of the weekly study and meditation meetings of the Rock Creek Research & Development Laboratories.


(Hatonn, November 9, 1980)

If you can picture with me the formation of mineral crystals, you will be aware that there is a great deal of rock that is not at all crystallized and is, therefore, relatively insensitive to delicate vibrations. This is analogous to a large portion of the peoples of your planet, who feel the new vibrations of what you may well call the Golden Age, but whose crystallization of purpose or intent in seeking the path of truth and the love of the Creator is so truncated that it does not matter to them. They go about their business and lead the lives that they would lead, their relationships being guided almost entirely by their needs for procreation, companionship, and financial aid. This governs the relationships of most of those among your peoples. When these conditions are not met: when finances are inadequate, when the procreative instinct of one does not suit the other, or when the need of companionship is not agreeable to both, then this type of union will cease.

There are seeded among your peoples more crystallized souls or spirits who are much more oriented towards reflecting and refracting the light and the love of the Creator. These are people of magnetism and illumination to some degree or another and are committed, each in his or her own way, to the path of righteousness, as this instrument would call it. However, it is the nature of most crystals to be flawed. And the delicate vibrations of the Golden Age are such that each crystal will begin to disintegrate to a certain extent along the flawed line. It is within the free will of each of these entities to rebuild his or her crystallized self in such a manner that the flaw no longer exists. However, this is extremely painful It is much more common for the individual not totally understanding the purification that he or she is going through to blame the pain of transformation upon those nearest the entity. Thus many who are undergoing personal and individual purifications in order to become more purely crystallized and free of flaws on the path to what you would call mastery, are interpreting this pain as having to do with a relationship rather than recognizing that the problem is completely personal and is no reflection upon any partner, child, or situation. This is the great contributing cause to the many seemingly synchronous relationship difficulties that you are now observing and, indeed, experiencing.


(Yadda, June 24, 1984)

I am Yadda. I am requested by this instrument to greet you in the name of love and light of Creator. We do. We have had some time here challenging, this instrument challenging us in the name of Christ. We say, “Challenge us any way you like. All Creator. How about Buddha?” She say, “No. Christ.” We say, “Okay.” We greet you love and light of Creator.

We Yadda. We come because call. Not usually speak to groups of this kind. Very honored to be called and only called because request of “Who are you?” That is question: “Who are you?” We say to you, you are not anything like you think you are. You are not what you do. You are not nine o’clock, ten o’clock, eleven o’clock, twelve o’clock. You must remove from yourself ideas this kind. Not help you. There is intense seeking in this group to know who you are. Remove from yourself all your clothing, your name, your nationality, your society, your neighborhood, your wife, your kiddies, and your golf cart-all gone. Now, who are you? We are not taking away from you; we wait for you to add to yourself the Creator.

You have heard of the masters. Do you think people become masters because they do not know who they are? Do you think you can take course to find out who you are or any kind of teaching? Not so. Not so, my children. Move along to a clearer perception of who you are. This is fundamental question which you must answer in order to do work. If you have machinery, you got to plug it in; you got to know amperage and voltage; you got to have right plug, male/female. You got gasoline engine, you got to know it’s gasoline; you got kerosene, you got to know the fuel. Now you are a spiritual engine. You were made to do work. What is your fuel? Who are you?

We thank you for calling us, and we thank this instrument also for the challenging. Although we find the insistence upon Christ somewhat naive, we also feel it to be essential and recommend the practice in some form that is workable to each who does work in channeling. Never receive without the tuning and the challenging. Otherwise you get pretty strange programs. No need to confuse you.

I am Yadda. We suggest to this instrument that it do research. There has been this contact before. Not to this group. We leave you in the love and in the light of the One that is. Adonai. Adonai.


(Hatonn, August 22, 1982)

My friends, your entire people and their culture have a marked tendency toward the appreciation of convenience and quickness in all things, and this tendency to expect and look for a convenient spiritual journey is a natural outgrowth of your culture. Your peoples set aside certain places, certain occasions, and certain entities to image and mirror more conveniently the presence of the One Creator in manifestation within this illusion, and this is indeed a good thing. For many are the times that each of you may need that place, that occasion, or that entity to aid you in your journey. But we take this opportunity to spread out before you the scroll of life and to say to you: if your spiritual life is comfortable, you are not filling your scroll with the essence of your spirit, but instead are leaving great gaps where the spirit is not entering.

What portions of your lives have you allowed to bear no searching glance from your spiritual eye? In each case we are aware that these gaps are many and that the reasons for them are overwhelming, for your illusion is indeed a difficult one. But each place where the spirit is not is a missed opportunity for learning and for radiating the love and the light of the One Creator, and for appreciating the thoroughness and the unity of that one great original thought of life. It is the nature of your physical manifestation that you shall seek comfort, and for us to ask you actively to seek discomfort could scarcely be called a bid for popularity. Nor do we suggest that a life lived in constant consciousness of the Creator is not joyful. We suggest only that in order to grow in that life as you wish to do and to learn those things which you have come into this sphere to learn, it is necessary to cultivate that divine discomfort which is called inward seeking.

Perhaps the greatest aid that you can be to any entity is to continue in all ways to seek, at whatever cost, the path of love and service to others. Your mistakes will be myriad, for the illusion guarantees misunderstanding. The moments in which you lack confidence will be many, for no entity can hope to see through your illusion more than imperfectly.

And yet, if you are willing to take upon yourself what seems to be the greatest burden that we could describe to you-the burden of yourself-if you take it well, thoroughly and truly, you shall find an ever-expanding experience, an ever-further-reaching journey of seeking. It is not within our grasp to express to you the joy, the freedom, the bliss and the peace of total commitment to seeking. And to ask that is to ask far more than any may accomplish in one incarnation. But we recommend the attempt, for the merest shadow of such an attempt has a stature that is great among your peoples.

In your meditations, if you wish, we shall be with you, as always. But know, also, that there is another great being with you. There is a portion of the Creator with you which has been perfect and whole and wise since the beginning of creation. That being is you. For each of you is part of One Infinite and perfect Creator. Seek that aid and then as you come out of meditation, as you live your life, call from that meditation not merely comfort, but strength, strength to delight, and to be overjoyed, and to bless all those about you, all that you see and all that are you.

In your holy works it is written that when the one known as Jesus told his disciples what was expected of them, many, being unequal to such a great charge, left this teacher, never to return. It is written that the one known as Jesus asked the one known as Peter, “Will you also leave me?” And the one known as Peter replied, “I have no choice. Yours is the only voice that speaks of the spirit and of life.”

We cannot urge upon you any ethic, any conditions, or any thoughts that are not yours, borne within you and truly thought by you. But we do wish to inspire not only the realization of the enormous comfort and healing and protection of the Creator but also the stringent challenge that a life as a disciple of the Truth shall offer. Take you this challenge, then, my friends?


(Oxal, June 22, 1980)

We speak of a simple truth and we would express it to you by saying that to serve the Creator is perfect freedom. This is a universe of love. The entities upon your sphere, being co-creators, have distorted that love in many ways. But if you can look about you to see the world the Creator has made for you, you can learn the lessons of love, of service to others that we bring to you.

The sun that rules your daytime and shines upon you so abundantly at this time of your planet’s travel about that sun offers its nearly infinite supply of light in service to all who dwell upon this planet that you call earth. Without it your ability to survive would be negative for you are creatures developed in your physical vehicles to be adapted to that which the sun can give: its warmth and the life that it brings to plants, the evaporation that it gives to water so that there may be rain. Even your nights are illuminated by the reflection of the light of the sun. There is a darkness that exists in your density in order that you may understand the light. As it has been written in one of your holy works, light may come into a dark world and the world may not comprehend it, but still it exists. The light of which we speak is love. For when we of the Confederation greet you in light and love we are saying the two manifestations of the one thing that animates all of creation.

And what is your role as you bear witness to a world of duality, darkness and light? For those of you who seek to know the truth, your role is one of seeking the light. For in the light is unity. In the light is love. And these things speak to the inner self of a deeper reality. It is true that some seek the dark and separate themselves from the rest of your kind and attempt to gain power over others of their kind. There is indeed power in darkness. The power that is in love, the power that is in light, is like the flaming wheel that moves eternally, unifying all those who seek its wisdom and its warmth. It is necessary that you gain first-hand knowledge of this light and this love through meditation or prayer. It is not enough that you study, for study will not bear fruit without the catalyst of understanding. And spiritual understanding comes in silence.

Seek, then, within yourself that spark of the infinite love and light of the Creator and then we ask you to make the giant step, to cease being observers of your own light, and to speak, when asked, of those things in which you may believe. We do not ask you to volunteer information or to press thoughts and ideas upon people who may not request these concepts, for each student is ready in his or her own time. But when you are asked, be courageous and speak of those things which are within you, bearing witness to the light in your own way and with your own words. For the kingdom which is called heaven by many on your planet is within you. And as you manifest it in your love, light begins to shine from you, and your being begins to touch those who may need you.

This is the kindliest service that you can perform for your fellow beings. So be aware when someone asks for your aid and plant the seed of thought where you may. It does not matter whether or not you may think that they have borne fruit for that is not within your provenance. It matters only that you have been true to the understanding that you now possess, just as we are true to the understanding that we now possess in sharing our thoughts with you.


(Hatonn, June 24, 1984)

Ah, my friends, to say, “We are one,” is to repeat ourselves. To spend some time each day within the vastness of infinity, within your own inner quiet, is most highly recommended for those who wish to pursue the least powerful and the most powerful of all powers: the truth. We remind you that that which we give you is our experience and our opinion. In your life and your thoughts, use those things which we have said which may inspire, but quickly discard those things which do not seem proper, for we would not be a stumbling block to you but only an aid as we gain in service be being able to serve you. We thank you for the opportunity to polarize in service to others. It is our great delight. We leave you in the love and the light of the Infinite Creator. We are those of Hatonn. Adonai, my friends.


Our great thanks to everyone who has helped his/her local bookstore to carry THE RA MATERIAL. If anyone’s bookstore has had difficulty getting THE RA MATERIAL from The Donning Company in Norfolk, VA.-as we understand some have-please let us know the details.

Our next newsletter won’t be put out until Christmas, so keep this order form handy. Our Coloring Book is a good alternative for children, we hope, and you may find our tape and record to be appropriate gifts also.

We did as Yadda suggested, and our research revealed that another contact from Yadda was recorded in a book called THE MAGIC BAG by Mark Probert in the 1950s.

It may be of interest to know that the message in this newsletter, “Your Spiritual Eye,” was channeled by Hatonn immediately after our group had conducted a baptism for a new baby and its parents.

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