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ABOUT THE CONTENTS OF THIS NEWSLETTER: These selections of telepathic channelings have been taken from transcriptions of the weekly study and meditation meetings of the Rock Creek Research & Development Laboratories.


(Yada, July 17, 1985)

Why do you think that the interest is so great in the physical changes of your culture or your planet? We are puzzled by this, my friends. We do not know why you spend so much time out of your precious moments in this density puzzling your mind over the inevitable. You know on the cosmic scale that worlds are born and worlds die, that they go through changes, and that some of the changes may make it difficult for those of you who wish to breathe the air and to be able to stand the temperature to continue to exist. In the larger picture, this is true.

However, you have so few moments while you are in your body, while you are dealing with each other, and you have so much work to do, for within you there is that which is far more than your “Armageddon”; you have your egos to deal with. You have all the structures that are not helping you to live as you wish to live, to think as you wish to think. You are working toward a spontaneity of love that will allow you to become more and more aware of the universal presence of the One Original Thought. And what is your work here, but inner work? What does it matter when the ice age comes, or when the trees must die, or when the rains come and there is a flood, or when the poles shift?

These are things that will happen to your outer self, and it will go away. You probably knew that before you came here. Hah! Is that not so? You knew that before you came here: you are going to die. But there is a you that is not going to die; that is the one you must live with, if we may use the term, my friends. Put your mind on that which lasts, on the questions that matter.

What questions do you think matter at this moment? We speak to imperishable beings on a perishable sphere in space that is moving and changing. There is that that will not move and that will not change except by your will. It has nothing to do with the planet and its changes. It has to do with your will to do, to seek, to find. What shall you seek? We leave you with this question. I am Yada. I leave you in the love and in the light of our Infinite Creator. Adonai. Adonai.


(L/Leema, July 14, 1985)

The perception of any diligent seeker is correct in respect to that seeker. Each who seeks what may be called Truth, and finds any manifestation of that Truth, which may be called love, will discover these portions of Truth in a manner which is consonant with that seeker’s nature. Each entity and portion of the Creator is an unique portion. Though all seek the same central Truth, each approaches this Truth from a somewhat different angle than does any other seeker.

Therefore, though there will be many similarities in truths found by diligent seekers, there will always be those unique qualities that permit each seeker its identity. As this identity is developed to such an extent that it may become fully one with that which it seeks, it then may be given in larger and larger portion in order that that unity may be fully realized. Thus the great cycle of evolution completes itself within each portion of the One Creator. At the heart of all creation is that quality called love. It enables and ennobles each portion of the creation. All are moved by its power, yet each perceives it differently until there is no perception and only identity. Then all perceive as one.


(Hatonn, August 5, 1984)

I greet you in the love and the light of the Infinite Creator. We are most grateful to be able to speak with this group this evening. How beautiful is the desire of each heart that seeks a dwelling place in the metaphysical sense. And what beauty within beauty shall that seeking unfold.

We greet you in love. At times we feel perhaps we should make more effort to point out the reason for our greeting you and our leaving you in love and in light. We do this because of our opinion that this greeting expresses, as well as words can, all that there is, either knowable or noumenal within our experience. “The love of the One Infinite Creator” is indeed a practice in redundancy of phrase, for love is the One Infinite Creator, having been called from the deeps of the universe’s infinite rhythm that this creation and all others may be born, coalesce, experience, be flung outward, and ultimately recoalesce within the great heart that beats beyond all telling. That which you know of and think of as the Creator is already one step from the Creator. And yet this is all that we shall be able to tell you of the Creator: that the Creator is one thought, one powerful, fiery, and creative thought which we call love. This love, then, acts in infinite variety upon that material which is called light in order to make all the vibrations and rotations which cause the illusion in which you now exist, and all other illusions, including the one in which we now enjoy experience. What else could we find as words of greeting? The Maker and the material-these are the elements of our greeting, for these are all that there is besides the free will that has caused each of your consciousnesses to be as they are. Whatever your consciousness, whatever your state of mind, whatever your emotions or your spiritual path, your Creator is love, and the material of which you are made is light. The vibrations are yours to choose through the act of free will.

We wish to speak through this instrument this evening in such a way that this instrument has no idea of what is coming next. We are continuing to develop this instrument in order that it may be more sensitive to the content of our thoughts once it is assured that we are able to pass the challenge of the tuning which this instrument calls Christ and which others may call Christ-consciousness or white light. As always, we encourage each-in all cases when the vibration is felt-to challenge the entity and to bid good-bye with blessing and love to any about which it feels even doubtful. For those who are of the positive path are those of Christ-consciousness, as you know it. Christ-consciousness is love, and the teacher you know as Jesus was a perfect example of that love. The incarnation and teachings of this teacher constitute a body which, when studied, will yield some awareness of the nature of the penetration of the illusion and the understanding of freedom.

We would speak to you now about one who went about hungry for many things. Let us call this entity a woman and let us place this entity in a city. This young woman is hungry for those things which life may teach her, for those foods which life may give to her. Over and over again she pursues one path and then another, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. She looks to the sea, to the sky, to all the pleasures that can be bought with money, and the sensations that can be experienced because of the great generosity of your creation. This woman becomes older and chooses to herself a true love. She experiences the pain and the joy of loving another and in time the even more painful and joyful experience of children. In each pleasure, she reflects to herself in her old age, she has seen pain. If the sky was lovely, soon it would rain; if the earth bore her footprints lightly, soon she would get a blister. All that she loved caused more pain than joy, and at the end of her life she was still hungry for experiences, experiences which she felt instinctively were hers. Many people there are that come to illness, older years, and even the death-bed knowing nothing but dissatisfaction and hunger. And yet they do not know that for which they hunger, nor can they. For they have been separated by a belief in outer pleasure.

What we wish to share with you this evening, in part, is that there is no separation between this woman and love, nor is there separation between anyone and that same love. It is not easy to find unity with mankind when mankind is so dissatisfactory. And yet it is this mankind, person by person, which wears your face and which thinks your thoughts an seeks with your hunger that the teacher known to you as Jesus offered peace. But immediately following this offering, he said very clearly, “This peace is not what the world thinks of as peace.” He spoke of a journey, and one of those whom he taught said, “We do not understand what journey upon which you go.” To which the teacher replied, “Each of us is the journey.” The journey is not outside yourself. You do not seek for something as if you were grabbing at the ring at a carnival ride. You are seeking within yourself and this, then, will bring you peace.

We would say to you that it is a kind of peace that the world often finds suspect and sometimes even dangerous. The smile of joy in the face of apparent trouble seems not a victory, but an inappropriate reaction. The heart and the courage to lift one’s self up in the face of a daunting situation seems to a dark world the action of a fool or at least one who is not paying sufficient attention. My friends, have you ever wondered why, in various holy works, high places are considered holy? You must know that all things are holographs for all other structures. The structure of yourselves, the structure of the earth, the structure of the universe-study one and you begin to understand the others.

Yes, the high, the mountainous, the peak is holy, and not because your thinking causes it to be so, but because of the nature of height. As one looks down from a height, one sees many more things than one may see when one is in the valley, on the surface, unable to see over the next ridge or knoll, past the next tree or rock. Within yourself, each of you has the opportunity to choose to be misled, to be unhappy, to feel darkness.

Each of you also has within you the birthright and the opportunity at all times to seek the high places. Walk then in meditation up your own mountain. Picture yourself cleansing yourself at a clear, cool and refreshing mountain stream. And then, clad in cleanly garments, visit the most high place of your being in meditation and in peace. Metaphysical peace does not deny the apparent chaos of a boisterous illusion, but rather reaffirms and restates for you once again the perfection of the Creator, the Creator that is in you and the you that is in the creation.

You are old, older than rocks and sky and earth and sea. You are consciousness. You have seen and experienced and chosen many things. Today you may choose again. It is only through meditation that your choices will be consistently positive. And by that we mean that your choices will be consistently those of service to others. When one is upon the rock, how easy it is to feel that there is no one to serve, and if there were others to serve, still there is no chance of true service. It is easy, upon a rock, to wonder where you will be fed, when you will be served, and yet you have food in plenty. As you gain in compassion, so you gain in your nearness to timelessness and to infinite supply. Only you know what shall fill your appetite for peace, for love, and for giving of that which you have gained to those about you. We hope you have hearty appetites.

Our hearts are full with gratitude and thanksgiving that you have allowed us to share our thoughts with you. We are quite prone to error and are anything but authoritarian. Never take our word to be absolute, but, rather, test it against this illusion on a daily basis over a period of time. If what we say is so, your life shall be considerably simplified and most certainly changed. If the change is towards an inner joy and peace, then we have spoken well. If what we say is not appropriate, toss it aside without a backward glance, for there is inspiration everywhere. We are only one of countless sources. Listen, my friends, with inward and with outward ears to the joyous voices of the Infinite Creator. Listen always, even when you talk. For you, too, are full of inspiration. Find inspiration in silent sayings as well, for the voice of the Creator is often silent.

I am Hatonn and I bless and thank and greet each of you and assure you that we are with you at any time at which you may request us mentally to join in your meditation. We have come to you, for we are love, for you are love, for the creation is love. And we speak to you because all things manifest in light. We leave you in the love and in the light of the Infinite Creator. Adonai. Vasu. Borragus.


NEWSLETTER RENEWAL TIME. Once again it’s time for us to clean out the obsolete names from our mailing list. If you want to continue receiving this newsletter, just send us a postcard (or letter) and tell us so.

As we mentioned in our last newsletter, we hope that enough donations from readers can be generated to publish THE CRUCIFIXION OF ESMERELDA SWEETWATER. It is a metaphysical book of supposed fiction which Don Elkins and Carla Rueckert wrote in 1968. It demonstrates both the White and the Black Magician’s philosophy and methodology in clear detail. The first thousand copies will cost about $7 per book, and we will make it available as soon as sufficient donations have accumulated. From its Prologue: “And he who seeks, standing alone, accepts himself as part of the creation, and sees that he and his body and his will are part of the all, and are the all. Stiffly beginning to move, he embarks upon that journey to which he has been summoned, from one planet to another planet, from the service of the Creator to the service of the same Creator.”

Louisville Area Readers: We need a crib, playpen, swing-set, or any toys to accommodate the children during our Sunday night meditations. All items donated are tax-deductible. Our thanks to any who can help.

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