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The Origins of L/L Research


Telepathy Data Collected By D. T. ELKINS



Republished by L/L Research

Copyright © 2008 L/L Research

ISBN 978-0-945007-30-2

This book is not to be construed as a continuation of The Saucerian Bulletin or other magazines.


Printed and Bound in the U.S.A.


For Further Reading And Study

Recommended Authors And Sources Subject
Aimé Michel Flying Saucers
Professor Donald H. Menzel (Harvard University) Flying Saucers
Major Donald E. Keyhoe (U.S.M.C. Ret.) Flying Saucers
M. K. Jessup Flying Saucers
Professor J. B. Rhine (Duke University) Extrasensory Perception
George-Hunt Williamson Flying Saucers and Anthropology
The Association for Research and Enlightenment
(Virginia Beach, Va.)
Paranormal Phenomena
Lt. Col. E. J. Ruppelt (U.S.A.F.) Flying Saucers
Harold T. Wilkins Flying Saucers
The American Society for Psychical Research
(880 5th Ave., N. Y., N. Y.)
Paranormal Phenomena
The Society for Psychical Research (British)
(Travistock Square, London, England)
Paranormal Phenomena


Any attempt to introduce the subject of telepathic channeling to individuals with little or no background in this general area will, I am sure, result in confusion. Therefore, if the reader is lacking in this area he may expect to be somewhat confused by the material presented.

This book was originally intended to be disseminated only to those individuals intimately familiar with “flying saucer” research. Recent developments, however, have indicated that quite soon, interest may be aroused in many who have remained for many years in total ignorance of this subject. I am, therefore, making an attempt to give a brief background of “flying saucer” research. I realize that any attempt of this nature can only hope to point out to the interested novice sources of additional information.

To begin, let us consider the attitudes of two well-known scientists, since, of course, their work communicates most acceptably with orthodox thinking. Prof. Donald H. Menzel of Harvard University has been able to “prove” in his latest book that the entire flying saucer phenomena are due to explainable occurrences of a strictly terrestrial source. Aimé Michel, a renowned French scientist, has been able to “prove” beyond reasonable doubt that these elusive saucers are space craft from other planets.

I would recommend that the works of both of these highly orthodox researchers be read by anyone interested in this field. Since I long ago gave up what would be called orthodox techniques as being relatively fruitless in this unique area, the material which I present may be quite confusing to any but the “hardened” researcher in this most exasperating field.

There are, of course, many other researchers using “orthodox” techniques, such as the U. S. Air Force and NICAP in Washington, D. C. The most recent official attitude of the Air Force is that “saucers don’t exist.” The attitude of NICAP is quite the opposite. There is also a great number of people who claim contact with “the space people.” I find it quite difficult to dismiss the works of Dr. George Hunt Williamson and the others who have endeavored to present the results of their contacts in as “scientifically” an accepted manner as possible. I would definitely recommend Williamson’s “THE SAUCERS SPEAK” as the best source for an explanation of how the transition was made from radio contacts to telepathic channeling. This is, of course, assuming that you get past Menzel’s book “proving” the non-existence of what is called “the flying saucer.”

From the point of view of those limited to the five physical senses, “proof” must always communicate with these senses. It will therefore be quite obvious to this group that my presentation offers no proof at all. In fact, my objective has nothing to do with what is popularly called proof. I am simply attempting to make available to interested persons one more piece of data.

I have in no way modified the data presented. For this reason it may seem to those who would wish to get directly at the “meat” of the text a bit cumbersome. I feel, however, that the editing of any single communication would detract from the value of the material presented, and possibly lead to erroneous conclusions. For this reason the communications are printed exactly as received. Group meetings were held approximately once weekly and the information received through the mechanism of telepathic channeling was recorded on tape. The material in the text is simply selected transcriptions of the recorded material.

I have selected messages dealing primarily with the development of the channels for the first half of the text. It is an almost impossible task to explain what happens to the channel during his training program. Although it is necessary that the individual volunteer to undergo the training or conditioning, it is not necessary for him to in any way believe in or have faith in the reality of the so- called space contact. Many vocal channels who are now delivering rapid and coherent messages were quite skeptical and volunteered at least partially due to curiosity. In every case the messages are delivered without a trace of discontinuity in thought or normal lack of expression. Since most of the people acting as channels are totally untrained in public speaking, this is a minor miracle in itself. I would like to emphasize the fact that every word captured by the tape recorder is transcribed without the slightest modification. Even the orthodox researcher may have difficulty in “explaining” the perfect continuity even though a single message may be transmitted through several individuals of widely varied backgrounds. It is also interesting to note that in some instances the individual channeling the latter part of a message was not present during the reception of the first section and was contacted almost immediately upon entering the building.

The second half of the text will deal primarily with the general philosophy and some of the concepts transmitted by what we are calling “the space people.” I am quite sure that at least some of this will be beyond the understanding of most of those who read this work as it is with those involved with the communication. It seems that the objective of these “space people” is to increase this understanding, regardless of how long it takes, of those who will put forth the effort.

I am including the first half of a message to a new group of interested people in this Introduction, since I do not wish to present any conclusions of my own. I will in no way attempt to influence the conclusions of the reader other than to vouch for the accuracy and honesty involved in recording the data just as it was received.

D. T. Elkins



I am Hatonn, I greet you my friends in the love and light of our Infinite Creator. I consider it a privilege to be able to speak with you this evening. As there are several new people here this evening, I should like to speak to them. If our friends who have heard what I am about to say before, please bear with me. I and my brothers who are visiting your planet at this time are not strangers to this planet. Our people have had the planet Earth under surveillance for a long, long time. And we are here at this time to render a service to the people of Earth.

I and my brothers are here to attempt to teach love and understanding. This may seem strange to most of you, however the planet Earth has had many, many years, many generations, many centuries in which to learn love and understanding. I am quite sure there are many who are seeking love and understanding, a new way of life because they have started to think for themselves. They know deep within their very beings that the way that the people of earth are living at the present, they know there is much to be desired than this way of life

We are here through guidance and suggestion to bring truth as we understand it to your peoples at this particular time. It is now most important that the people of Earth learn truth. Shall we say in the Father’s plan or scheme of things, if you wish to put it that way, a people has a period of time to develop and grow. If this is not accomplished in a certain length of time …

I will attempt to continue this communication, speaking through this instrument. I am very sorry for the delay but we are not perfect and our methods of communication are not perfect.

Sometimes we also have unexpected difficulties. I was saying before the interruption that people are put on a planet such as this one for a period of time and given an opportunity to learn and grow spiritually. After a certain length of time it is necessary that those who have learned these lessons, those who are ready for a higher way of life, be given an opportunity to graduate into a higher class, so to speak.

This is what soon is to happen on the planet Earth. This does not mean that those who have not qualified through their own efforts will suffer or have great hardships as some of your teachings have said. It simply means that they will have to wait. They will have to wait through another period of learning similar to the one which has taken place in the history of your planet. I should add that this period of learning of which I speak—or cycle—I would prefer to call it a cycle, commenced quite a while before your recorded history. At any rate, this cycle is soon to terminate. This is what the many references to a new world, a new kingdom of heaven and similar references such as your holy works have referred to—not the end of the world, my friends, but the end of an age, and the beginning of a wonderful new age. An age of such beauty and grandeur that you could not begin to comprehend it with your present understanding.

Thursday, August 28, 1958

First message from our new teacher after our vacation

I greet you in the light of the infinite Father. I am your new contact. I am very happy to be with you, my friends. This is an occasion I think. This is the first time I have had the opportunity of talking to you. I am the first person to contact this instrument. This was accomplished through another instrument. I was requested to teach this group, and it was, and is an honor and a pleasure to have this assignment. This is the only one I am going to teach for a period. I am devoting all my time with you. I will do this for a period. I am not going to discuss that any further at this time. I was obliged to stand aside while all of you were conditioned by another brother.

You have gone through quite a lot. However this was necessary. Everything we do is necessary. I know that there were times when there was some unhappiness in the group, but you continued and that is why I am talking to you this evening. I have a great job ahead of me, and you have a lot of work ahead of you. This will move along, and will be not only enjoyable, but it will be very fruitful for you, if you are sincere and serious enough to think. I have a job to do. You are my students. This is a very serious subject that I am going to teach. The things I am going to teach you will depend on your development. You will have to consider yourselves as one.

Therefore we will progress at the rate of the least one in the group. This is very important. I am going to tell you something else. This group has come a long way. I am telling you now that there will be others in this group who will be developed into instruments. Not an instrument like the one I am talking through. You will receive contacts in a different manner. I thought that I would rather just talk to you this evening. I have talked through this instrument, every night this month. He has a record of the things I have told him and his mate. These messages are only a sample of the future messages I am going to present to you.

This will depend on each one of you. This is an opportunity to prepare yourselves to help your people. I am going to help you, and at any time in the future you wish to ask a question I will be delighted to help you. We are going to be together for quite some time. This instrument’s contact will change as we go on. I will be talking through him directly. In other words I will take over. I have assured his mate that there is nothing to be concerned about. We are not here to harm anyone. We are here to help. Our love for you is unbelievable to you. In time you will have the same love for your people. All you lack is understanding. I am going to leave you and before I go there is one request. I would like all of you to read some of the messages I have given to this instrument and my daughter. They will help you.

I am going to leave you with my blessings.

Adonai, my friends, Adonai

Thursday, October 2, 1958

Regular Meeting

I greet you in the love and light of the Father. I am a little afraid that I should greet you in a different manner in order to let you know when I am ready to speak. This will be done.

I am very happy to speak to you this evening. I have been very busy, as you all know, giving messages to our new instruments. This has been a pleasure. I can assure you of that. They are doing extremely well. As a matter of fact, they are doing a lot better than I expected. This should not be a surprise to me, however. This, as I have told you before, is an excellent group.

There are a few things I would like to tell you this evening, and after that I should request that we have our little meditation period. The first thing I would like to do, at this time, is introduce our newest instrument. This is a pleasure for me and I am quite sure it will be a pleasure for this new instrument. The new instrument is Jack. You, my son, are to be an instrument of the same type as the others just developed. I am very, very happy and I am going to enjoy contacting you, my son. I have been conditioning you for quite some time and now I will be contacting you. I am asking this instrument to repeat his performance, shall we say, and this time to avail himself so that I may talk to you and help you. This is an experience, my son, and as you continue in your chosen work you will enjoy it, I know, as much as the others are enjoying their contact. There is no special time. You simply avail yourself whenever it is convenient for you. I will be there contacting you. I am very pleased. This has been a pleasure, my friends.

I am now going to talk to the rest of the group. There is one missing, however I am quite sure this message will be available to her. The rest of you, my friends, are to play a very important part in our plan. This also was your choice, not anyone else’s. You as the others have been conditioned and you are developing also into the type of instrument you are. This type of instrument I am going to call the Introductory instrument. That is an interesting name. It is exactly what you are to be. You are to introduce our work to your fellow people. This is your work for the service. You will be impressed and informed and directed in your work. Your type of instrument is an amazing type of instrument. While you are talking you will be receiving impressions. They will come to you at the right time. You will relay them to whomever you are talking to. This is an important job because you are going to bring the people into the service. This I know sounds like a difficult job. It will not be difficult because you will have ample material to work with. I am very happy to tell you what your job will be in the service. Your work will be very interesting and very enjoyable. I am very, very pleased with everything.

I would like to do a little something this evening that I am a little happy about. This instrument has not received the contact as given him. I would like to have our little meditation period now.


Adonai, my friends, Adonai.

Thursday, October 9, 1958

Regular Meeting

I greet you in the light of the infinite Father. I am very happy to be with you again this evening.

I am very pleased that all of you are developing so well. I am going to tell you a little story. This story takes place in a little period from now. This story is an unusual one in that it is going to take place in a short while. I am able to tell you this story in as much as I have arranged this little story myself, and I know what is going to take place, because I am willing it that way. There in this story will be a group of people a lot like all of you this evening. As a matter of fact, it is you. I am enjoying this very much. I am looking forward to reading your minds when I tell you this story. I am enjoying working up to this story. You see all of you are being tested. This is interesting also, because you see when I told you that all of you were being tested, that gave me an interesting reading. I am aware that this seems a little unusual, and I am looking forward to your reactions.

In a short while all of you are going to be able to contact me. This is what I have been waiting for. This you were told some time ago, and at that time I am quite sure that none of you believed that you would be contacting our people. There are remaining a few who have not as yet contacted us, but your turn is coming. This, my friends, you can depend on. The ones who have not been contacted are wondering if that was just a story. Believe me, my friends, this is no game. This is very serious work and we need every one of you. The time will come as I said before when everyone of you will be contacted and be aware of his contact. Then, my friends, then there will be a beautiful reaction among all of you. There are still a couple who do not believe me. They are going to be surprised.

I am very pleased with this instrument, as you have probably realized. I am able to talk to you this evening with more expression. This will improve as we develop this instrument to the point he will sound and be completely different. I am very pleased with him, and also the rest of the instruments.


I have an announcement to make at this time. You are about to be told of a new instrument. Yes, that is right. A new instrument.

Very interesting, isn’t it? This person is in my estimation an excellent worker for the service already. This person has been conditioned for some time, and it is time to develop this person and assist this person. I am enjoying this also, as you probably know. As a matter of fact, my friends, I am enjoying this evening very much. The new instrument I have been speaking of is known to you as Harold. And I might add that he will be a very important instrument. As usual I am asking this instrument to contact this new instrument soon, as he has been doing in the past. I would like very much to talk to him and help him.

I almost hate to leave this evening. I am enjoying myself so much. However it is necessary for me to leave now. I am very pleased with all of you.

Adonai, my friends, Adonai.

Thursday, October 16, 1958

Regular Meeting

I greet you in the light of the infinite Father. I am very happy to be with you this evening.

It is a pleasure to listen to your conversations before I am able to speak to you. There have been many things discussed this evening. I am very happy that the information I have given is being read to you.

I am aware, that in your group, there are a couple of instruments. Yes, my friends, all of you are at this time instruments which are not yet developed, but that will be soon. These instruments, I am speaking of, are saying one thing now. Later they will be saying a different story. This is inevitable, my friends. You think very lightly of the story I told you that all of you have made this choice a long time ago. This will become aware in time, my friends. There will be, in the very near future, things that will come to you. You won’t know why, but you will know and recognize these incidents. This will happen as you develop.

I have the pleasure of announcing another instrument this evening, and it is a pleasure. You have no idea how happy this makes me. As you know I am your teacher and I enjoy watching my students develop. The new instrument I am announcing this evening is the one known to you as Lee. I am very happy for you, my daughter. You will be an excellent instrument. There is a little change in our procedure. I am not at this time requesting that this instrument contact you, my daughter. This will be announced later, however you will be able to contact me very soon. I have the feeling that you are pleased also. And now, my friends, I would like to have our little meditation period if you please. I would like to suggest this evening that you completely relax every muscle and nerve in your body. Do not try and think of anything. I will attempt to impress you … LOVE … LOVE … LOVE … RELAX … RELAX … LOVE … I AM LOVE … I AM LOVE … IN EVERY LIKENESS OF MY FATHER … LOVE … I AM LOVE … RELAX … LOVE … I AM LOVE …

You have done well, my friends, and in the future I suggest you meditate for only through meditation will you be able to discover your true self. And I am trying to impress upon you to do this, because, that is where you will find your true Creator.

Adonai, my friends, Adonai.

October 30, 1958

I greet you in the Light of the infinite Father. I am happy to be with you this evening, my friends. I am your new contact. This does not mean anything to your guests. These people have been contacted in the past by another brother. They have been informed that they were to receive another contact when they were ready. I am not going to identify myself this evening. That will come later.

I am very pleased that most of the guests were able to be present this evening. There is a purpose for this meeting. As you know, these people were requested and told to close their group for a period of time. This is the first time since then that they have had guests. I am sorry. It will be a little time before I adjust myself with this instrument. I have not had the pleasure of talking through him before. This is a new experience for him also. There are many things I would like to talk about this evening. There are so many that it is difficult to choose a few at this time. There is one thing I would like to talk about first.

This instrument and the other instruments in the group have been told of an enlightenment for the people on your planet. This enlightenment is soon, my friends. There will not be a spectacular exhibition. This will come slowly. There will be much work for all of you. There will be no need to contact other people. They will be searching for you. They will be seeking and all of you are conditioned to help. There are a number of groups in this area. There are a great number of groups in your country. There are more than you are aware of. There are groups and there are individuals working for the same purpose. These people are not aware of our people, but their principles and purposes are the same. These people are being contacted but they are not aware of it. This, my friends, is a beautiful period to be on this planet. This is a privilege that you have earned by your experience. This will be an experience that you will cherish.

I am pleased to have the privilege of spending some time with this group. I am looking forward to many beautiful experiences and you will be having beautiful experiences.

I would like to talk primarily to our guests at this time. We are very pleased that you, my friends, were the instigators of this group. You are to be commended. They are a good group. They have had their difficulties. I am happy to say that they are persistent. They were conditioned in the beginning by another brother. That was quite an experience for them. After a period of development, they were contacted by another. This was another phase of development. Now they are experiencing another phase. This time I will be contacting all of you, and your messages, that is the information in your messages will be of a different nature. There is one thing I wish to announce at this time. The instruments are not being contacted by one person. Each of you is contacted by individuals. This is something I wanted to tell you. There is another announcement I would like to make.

There is another in this group developing into an instrument and I have decided to announce this instrument this evening. I am trying to contact this person. I am quite sure that this person is aware of my contact. The person I am contacting is the one known to you as Jo. The last two instruments, I should say three now, are being contacted continually in a form of conditioning and in some cases by impressions. This will continue for a time. This gives me great pleasure, my daughter. I am very pleased.

There is something that we have been doing in this group, and that is a short period of meditation. I would like to do this now.

I suggest that you relax completely.

(Period of meditation.)

Adonai, my friends, Adonai.


I am a brother working within this area. I have not spoken to any of you before but I am particularly interested in this group. I am speaking by special permission through this instrument. As you are aware, there are many working in this area in the physical, walking your streets and rubbing elbows with your people. Several of you here I have been close to several times. This you are not aware of.

But this is not important. We have come here on a mission and our mission is to help you of Earth to help yourself. Those of you here have gone through a short period of training. An attempt to help you in reaching for truth. Also to help you to know and understand yourself for this, my friends, is the thing that you must know before you can reach heights of any degree of understanding. You are beginning to get … This instrument seems to be having a little throat trouble … You are beginning to get a slight understanding of the powers that are contained within you, but believe me, my friends, it is only the beginning for locked within each of you are powers of which you have not dreamed. The power of mind. The power of thought. None of you here have so much as scratched the surface. In the new age when your awareness is more complete, you will know, understand and be able to use these powers to much greater extent. And to the good of all mankind. In order to retain these powers indefinitely, they must be used for good. For the good of all mankind. Many civilizations have gone down because man attained these heights and then misused it. He used them for selfish purposes and his civilization destroyed itself. And this always happens in these cases. This is the law. For when good is used for negative purposes, it will destroy you, and this, my friends, is good for all of us to remember.

The powers that be are pleased thus far with the operation of your group. You have great possibilities; I say possibilities if you continue to cooperate in love and understanding. You have an ideal situation here to make great attainments for each of you here are complete. You have an ideal situation. If each of you can continue to improve, your relationship as a group and as a pair you can develop great power, for man functions more efficiently under these conditions.

I am pleased to have had this opportunity to speak with you because of the way in which I must come to you in my present situation, I cannot reach you through your instrument. We are well aware of your group and are doing what we can in our situation to help you. It has been my pleasure to spend a few moments with you and I leave you by extending to you my love, my blessings and my understanding. I leave you in love and truth.

Good night, my friends.

November 13, 1958

Greetings in the love and light of the infinite One. Blessed are ye who gather in His name.

Many things have taken place upon your planet. Many wonderful things and some things not so wonderful. But be assured your brothers are working with you and will lend themselves in aiding their earth-plane brothers. Some of you will be contacted as this person has been. The guess part can be put on the shelf. For in reality lies truth and he who is sincere in his efforts of service on the path shall be taken by the hand and shown the way.

Each of you is an instrument in His service. This you know. In practice, you are being prepared for contacts. These contacts are important. They have a job to do among your people and there are many of us now upon the surface of your planet doing just this thing of serving your people.

Our ships are many in your skies. Your people are noticing us from all corners of the earth. Although you do not hear all these reports, those that filter through to you, added to your own experience, tells you the story. You see, my brethren, it is hands across the ethers that makes these contacts possible. It is cooperation between all peoples of all planets that are in His service. This does not come as a revelation to you but rather as a form of assurance to urge you to continue the important task ahead.

Ah yes, you have heard many times, “Many are called but few are chosen.” Let me say this: There isn’t a person upon the face of your planet that will not be contacted. Each one has an equal opportunity to volunteer his role, his part in the service. In spite of our disappointments in the contacts we have made with our people, we continue to do our part to impress you and to awaken you in spite of no response.

We do this in love because it is only through love that such contacts can be made. We can only help in two ways. By helping in your awakening and by, if needs be, intercession. We prefer the first for it is only love that we volunteer for and it is only through love that our mission may be accomplished with your cooperation. This you know, you feel within your hearts, the temple of Him. Ah yes, my friends, be aware:

Be aware of all about you in your daily work, in your daily life. It’s for strangers. Ah yes. In entertaining strangers, sometimes you entertain angels. Your brothers have only your interest in their hearts. Be aware, for many times they will contact you by thought impression and any way they can without embarrassment or inconvenience to anyone. Perhaps in the stillness of your homes you will note this. Your cooperation shall be appreciated.

Our ships are many. Our servants are many. Won’t you join hands with us and share in our burden to help each of you to help yourselves. In love, in light, may His blessings be upon each of you, your homes, and your families. And may you be aware in your awakening for the coming of His emissaries that love you very much.

Vasu. Vasu. Vasu beloved.

Thursday, February 26, 1959

Regular Meeting

I greet you in the light of the infinite Father. I am Hatonn. Greetings my friends, I am greeting you in the love and light of the Infinite One.

I am happy to be able to talk to you this evening. I am happy that this instrument is willing to avail himself every Thursday evening. For you know some of you, I am unable to contact any other way. I am sorry about that, however, because by now I should be able to contact every one of you. It is not because of me, my friends. I am trying.

I have decided to talk to you this evening about the subject I mentioned some time ago. That subject was the area of understanding. I have waited until I felt that you were ready as a group. I am going to talk just a little at this time, and then it will depend on you how soon I am able to continue. The new area of understanding will require a little thinking on your part. This instrument has not been told about this subject, therefore all of you are starting at the same position.

In our worlds, I shall call it, that is the areas in the space confederation, we are living in a society. Shall we say completely different from yours. This type of understanding, we have found, is necessary for our people to understand the true way of life. As I have told you, our way of life is very different from yours. I am going to use an example. I am a man. I am able to feel and love as you do. However I am not living as you do. I am not living with a woman. I am not living with a family. I am living with everything in the creation. I am not able to call any particular thing mine. This way I am able to realize the oneness with the entire creation. Everything is the same. No greater, no lesser, everything the same. At one time our people lived the way yours live, and through a period of time we discovered the true way of life. This example I gave you this evening is only one. There are many, many more. However, I will let you think about this one first.

I am going to talk to you now about the sightings your people witnessed. This my friends will be accelerated in the future. There will be more of our people in your skies. As I said once before it will not be a spectacular exhibition, but it will be steady. This will arouse a few of your people and in time you will be contacted by many. Yes, even your papers are cooperating. How nice and a little surprising too for you. Our people are working in many ways. Trust in us my friends, and be patient. Above all be patient.

I am Hatonn. Adonai, my friends. I am your friend and teacher. You are my brothers and sisters.

Adonai, Adonai.

(Delivered by Walt later in evening by his teacher.)

Good evening, my friends. I am very happy to be with you this evening. I greet you in the light of the One who is all. I am Latue, your brother in the service of the Father.

Many things have been spoken of this evening, some of them quite nonsensical. You are quite right in your thinking that our life is very different from yours. You will be amazed at the difference and utter simplicity of our lives. The Father created only love and perfection. If you live in any other way you are putting forth more effort to do so than it would take to live the truth of creation.

Your peoples can understand nothing but force. Forcing one’s ideas of religion, business, social life, and so on, seems to be a pastime with your peoples. Throughout all creation there is balance. Force of any kind upsets this balance of creation. Learn to live in love, peace, and harmony with your fellow man and keep this balance of creation. When this is done blessings of the Father will be forthcoming to all. These blessings are yours. They are from the Father. They are for all who seek. Do not be impatient. Think and learn your lessons well. As you learn you will grow. As you grow you will realize that love is the way. The way of and to the Father.

I leave you with my love and blessings. It has been my privilege.

I am Latue, Adonai Vasu.

Thursday, March 5, 1959

Regular Meeting

I greet you in the light of the infinite Father. I am Hatonn. I am your teacher and friend. I am contacting you in an effort to tell you the true way of life, as it was meant in the beginning. I am in a little bit of a hurry this evening. I am very sorry that, as you might say, everything happens at once.

Last week in your meeting I told you a little bit about our thinking. I am not ready to tell you any more at this time. I will wait a little longer.

As you have been told, it is much easier to receive than give. That seems to be the thinking of your people, and your philosophy. However it is written in your Holy Works, it is much better to give than to receive. I am amazed at the number of people on your planet who know the phrase I just stated from your Holy Works. They know that phrase yet they think in the opposite way. Very peculiar, your people, in their thinking.

I am aware that it has been difficult for all of you here this evening to attempt to live as I have stated and which is stated in your Holy Works. It is difficult for you because there are not many of you, compared to the entire population of your planet. However this means one thing my friends, you must put forth even more effort to overcome the masses. I am suggesting that you continue to have good thoughts for your fellowman, and look at him as yourself, for he really is you, yourself, because you are all one, and no one is different from the other. You are all brothers and sisters in this creation.

Your people talk about brothers and sisters, and they know not of what they talk. It is just words. Words, that my friends, is all your conversations amount to. Do not let this happen to you. Live, my friends, as you have been directed. Not only by us, but by your own inner self. Live, as you really feel and if you do this you can feel and live only good. And only good can be received by you.

It has been a long time since I discussed this subject with you. I feel that this little talk is necessary at this time. In your daily work or pleasure or leisure hours, think of love for all, and you will discover that all there is is good. This is what you are seeking. This will make you whole. I am leaving now and in my parting I am suggesting that you have more compassion for your brothers and sisters. They are you, as one.

I am Hatonn, Adonai Vasu Borragus.

Thursday, March 12, 1959

Regular Meeting

I greet you in the light of the infinite Father, I am your teacher Hatonn.

Greetings my friends. I am in a way looking forward to this evening. I have been asking my teacher a few questions, as you have asked me questions. I have a teacher also. I am also a student, as you are. As you go on, in your studies, you will find that in a very short length of time that you have a very, very long way to go, as all of us.

I am endeavoring to enlighten you on the subject I have chosen to call the new area of understanding. I have been waiting and carefully evaluating all of you. I am not going to present anything to you that I am not sure of. At this time and place it is most desirable to give you only enough information. I am attempting to enlighten you without any confusion.

Now I am about to begin. Everyone in this room is asking what will all this lead to. I am about to tell you this, my friends. You are on the threshold of a bright new future. I am very happy to give you your first glimpse of true understanding. I am being very careful as I am giving you this information.

As you sit in your home looking and waiting for something to happen, it is happening. You are able to realize a change taking place. Others about you are able to sense a change. And my friends, you are going through a change, in your entire thinking. As you watch and listen you will become more aware of it. I have told you before that we are working with your people constantly. And now you are realizing a change. This change will gain momentum, and very soon will realize a whole new universe of understanding. Each of you in the service will feel and know that it is now. I have talked long enough on this subject. I shall wait for a while before I engage this subject again.

I am very pleased with the understanding of this group. It pleases me very much. I am also very pleased with your cooperation. In the future you will be very busy. We are working constantly arranging and directing. I am watching over all of you.

I am Hatonn. Adonai my friends, I am your guide. I am your light. Love my friends, in your love. Adonai.

Thursday, March 12, 1959

Regular Meeting (continued)

Greetings my friends. I am very happy to be with you this evening. I am Latue, a teacher of this instrument. I am greeting you in the light of a loving Father.

Many heads were scratched, as you say, and many perplexing questions were thought of concerning the message of my brother Hatonn. You are quite right in your assumption that what you are to be told is entirely different from what you have known.

Our way of life is simple but it requires great understanding. This understanding will come slowly because of your prior conditioning on this planet. If you were living with us at present you would find it quite simple because you would have the understanding.

Many times as you go onward and upward you will find many problems that require new understanding. Eventually your understanding will cover all things. That is your ultimate goal, understanding of the Father’s Creation.

When you reach greater understanding and are able to control yourself, many things will be known to you. Patience is a great necessity. To learn is to grow, to grow is to understand, to understand is to love, to love is the Father’s wish for all his children. Prepare now the firm foundation for the things to follow.

It has been my privilege. I am Latue your friend and brother, Adonai Vasu.

Thursday, March 19, 1959

Regular Meeting

I am Hatonn. I am greeting you in the light and love of the Infinite One. I am very happy to be able to talk to you this evening.

I am also very pleased to be able to talk to our guest this evening. Our love is with you, my daughter.

I have been in this room for some time this evening, listening to your conversations and enjoying it with all of you. I am very sorry that my evaluation of that group you were discussing caused any hardship on anyone. I am however not surprised with the reaction of your people. They are very dubious of everything. Even themselves at times. I have witnessed a lot more ridiculous things than the one you have witnessed. I am very sorry for these people. I am sure that we will be able to help them adjust their thinking.

I am very amused at your realization of your development. It is amusing. I am using that word, however I find that my usage of a word is sometimes misinterpreted. I am amused or shall we say happy or pleased. I felt it necessary to interpret that word for you this evening.

I am here this evening for a purpose. I am looking for a certain thing shall we say. This thing is not material. This has to do with your thinking, my friends. I am having a little difficulty with some of you. Your thinking is quite confused. At this stage my friends, it should be clearing up.

What are your objectives? Do you know? I have told you. Now can I do any more if you yourself are not sure? How can I continue until you yourself are willing? This puts me in the position that a few members of your group were in the other evening. I am offering you the way of the Father and you are doubtful or uninterested. It can’t be that. You have been together much too long for that. What is that thing that prevents moving forward? That is what I am searching for. I have told you the way of life as your Father, the Creator created it. I have told you how you can live and enjoy the true creation. I am aware my friends that it takes time and you are living in a society that relies not on the faith of the Father, but they rely on material. The material my friends is nothing compared to the true way of life. You would gain more material than you ever dreamed of, in living as the Father meant you to. However that is not where your heart would be.

I have been with you for some time now. As your teacher and friend I have only one objective. That is to teach you and help you. All I ask from you, my friends, is a little time and a little thinking. And most of all love. I am Hatonn, Adonai Vasu Borragus.

Thursday, March 26, 1959

Regular Meeting

I greet you in the light of the infinite Father. I am Hatonn. I am greeting you, my friends, in the love and light of the Infinite One.

I have been in this room with you this evening. I am looking and watching as you were talking to each other. I am having a very enjoyable evening. I have a sense of humor, my friends. After all I am a human being. I am able to enjoy your humor also.

I am at this time looking at each one of you and reading your thoughts. I am amazed at the results. You are not aware of the thoughts I am readying, my friends, because you are not even aware of them. I am able to read each one of you as you would read a book. I am amazed at your progress. That my friends is very important. And even though you are not aware of your progress, you have come a long way. Much longer than you think. Oh you have at times realized your development, however you will be able to actually know your development in time.

I have waited or a few weeks before continuing our talk on the new area of understanding. I have decided to proceed this evening for a little while. I am very happy to be able to continue. As you sit here this evening listening to my message through this instrument, you are not aware that you are sitting on another realm, listening to a message. However you are, my friends. There are more than one of you at all times. I am not referring to the phrase, “That we are all one.” This my friends is a new understanding. Something you have not heard of before in your period on this planet. There are many of each of you. That is intriguing, isn’t it? I might be one of you. That is even more intriguing. I am not trying to make this complicated, nor am I trying to make it mysterious.

This, my friends, is as it was in the beginning. You have a consciousness, and wherever you have been from the beginning, your consciousness is there in every experience you have had, and in every place you have had it. I am going to let you think about that for I believe you have a little something to work on.

I am going to change my message now and discuss something else. I have talked to you many times about your development. I have suggested many times that only through meditation will you understand. I am suggesting again for each one of you to meditate as often as possible. It is not necessary to meditate a long time. Just a short period will do wonders for your understanding, This, my friends and students, is very, very important. I have talked to you and I am sure by now that you are interested in helping yourselves as well as your fellow man. I am not asking for much. Only to meditate. If only you would try. I am offering you the wisdom and knowledge and understanding of the ages, my friends. This is not a game. This is the way of life as the Creator created it. I and my brothers are here waiting and helping all we can. We are willing. It is up to you, my friends. We can only do so much. The rest is up to you.

I am going to leave now, my friends. I am leaving you with love and understanding.

I am Hatonn. Adonai Vasu Borragus.

Thursday, April 9, 1959

Regular Meeting

I am Hatonn. Greetings my friends. I am greeting you in the light and love of the Infinite One.

As I have told you before, there is only One. One mind. You are thoughts of the One Mind. Therefore, my friends, you are one with the Creator. You and the Creator are one.

I am very happy to talk with you this evening. I am very pleased, at this time, with the development of you, as a group. I am looking forward to having a most pleasant relationship with all of you. I am referring to a vocal type of relationship, my friends.

I am happy to announce that our little group is able to progress a little further this evening. I am very pleased with that. I will continue with the new area of understanding. I am only giving you what you are capable of digesting. In the new area of understanding it will require a certain amount of acceptance at first on faith. I will have a logical understanding for you later. And in the meantime I am suggesting that you, each one of you, ask yourselves the understanding. You are quite capable of asking and receiving the answer.

When you were created, I should say when we were created, I am quite sure you were told that you were created as thought. That my friends is true. This happened in the beginning. I am not able to say when, because we do not know. I am able to tell you that you and the entire creation were created at once. As it is written in our book, I and you were one. One thought. Yes, my friends, we were one thought and we are still one thought. That my friends is the original creation. As it is written in your Holy Words, GOD created Man, not men, MAN. I have gone far enough at this time. I have had a great satisfaction, my friends, in telling you the beginning as it really is.

I would like to talk at this time about the future of this group. As our plan develops it is quite evident that your activity will increase. I am very sorry that you have only the one tape to present to the new people interested. However it is serving its purpose and when it is necessary you will be supplied with sufficient equipment to carry on. I am very pleased with your efforts thus far.

It will be discouraging at times but it is causing many people to think. That my friends is very, very important. These people you have contacted are not lost. You will find them asking for more. I am watching and helping all the time. I and my brothers are working with your people continuously. I am very happy that through your efforts you have organized two groups. I am very happy to say we are very, very pleased with their efforts. We are helping them and conditioning them with our love and understanding.

I am your teacher Hatonn. Adonai my friends. I am in your love and light. I am your love and light. Adonai.

(Hatonn returned after our regular message.)

I am Hatonn. I have been listening to your conversation this evening. I am very grateful for the opportunity to talk to you this evening. I have enjoyed this evening and I am very impressed by your thinking. I am also amazed at your understanding. I am sure that you have noticed something different.

I have been waiting a long time for you, my friends, to actually discuss one of my messages. It has given me a great deal. I am looking forward to our next meeting. That my friends is a little new to you. This is the first time in my contact with you that I have felt anxious enough to tell you that. It is very consoling for your teacher. I am very, very pleased with you, my friends. I am, as you would say, raring to go on with our new subject. I am leaving now. I am Hatonn. I am in oneness with all of you. I am all of you. Adonai my friends. I am. I am. There is but One.

Adonai Vasu Borragus.

Thursday, April 30, 1959

Regular Meeting

I am Hatonn. Greetings my friends. I am happy to be able to talk with you this evening.

I am a little afraid that I am not able to continue with our new area of understanding. Perhaps later.

I am a little unable to understand what has happened to the thinking of this group. I am trying to analyze the difficulty. I have a few ideas, however it is too soon to appraise them. It is not as difficult as that. That you almost give up thinking.

This is the way of life and it is very simple. Love is natural. It represents the Creation. That word love is the Creation. It is the natural way to live. It is an effort to think otherwise.

Your people have tired themselves out deliberately thinking in the wrong direction. Why do your people grow old? Why? They do that to themselves. Thoughts of love is all that you are required to have. Why take on more created thoughts of man and hate your people. That, my friends, is the cause of all your difficulties, your illnesses. They are all brought on by your negative thinking. Think of love and you will he in perfect harmony with the Creation. Love, not a possessive love, but love. A love for everyone. Kind thoughts for your neighbor. They, my friends, are you. In spite of what you think of certain people on your planet, they are you. YOU. I am trying to impress upon you that it is much, much easier to love everyone. This my friends, is natural. This my friends is the Creator. This is you.

I have had the pleasure of conditioning you my son, Harold. I have been contacting you and conditioning you continually. I am very pleased with your efforts to avail yourself my son. I am aware of the few difficulties involved. However I am sure that it will be, at the most, a few more weeks. I am suggesting that you continue to avail yourself as often as you can. I have enjoyed our contact.

I am looking forward to the evening, my friends, when I am able to continue with the new area of understanding. Believe me, my friends, it is very, very interesting, but you must be ready.

I am Hatonn. Adonai, my friends, I am leaving you in the love and light of the Infinite Father, Adonai.

Thursday, May 7, 1959

Regular Meeting

I am Hatonn. I am greeting you in the love and light of the infinite Creator. Greetings my friends, I am very happy to be able to talk to you this evening.

I am always very pleased when you are having your meeting. This gives me an opportunity to talk to you almost, as you say, face to face. I have been listening to your conversation this evening and I am very happy to say that I have enjoyed your sense of humor and also your discussion about the little message I gave the other evening. I am going to tell you a little more later.

I am aware that your entire group is not present this evening. I would have liked to continue our discussion on the new area of understanding. I would rather wait until the entire group is present.

I have an announcement to make at this time. This is a very happy announcement. I am wondering if you perhaps know what it is already. Indications should have told you. I am aware that one or two know already. The rest are not thinking. Think my friends.

I will ask my son Harold if he knows. Would you care to tell them my son? “Does it have to do with my development?” No my son, not your development. At the beginning of my little message I told you something. The clue was in the first part of my message. I am happy to say that this instrument recognized it immediately. I announced that I was going to continue with the new area of understanding. However, the complete group is not present and the happy announcement I have to make is your group, as a whole, is ready. That, my friends, is very, very important. I am instead going to discuss a few other things and wait until our next meeting to continue the new area of understanding.

Life for most, I shall say, of your people is very, very complex. They are confused. They do not know why they are here. They do not know why some of them have to labor very hard to eke out a living, as you call it. They do not want to know evidently, because they are too wrapped up in all this confusion. All they do is complain and continue to carry on as before. If only they would think. If only they knew that everything they do is love. Every form of occupation or activity of any kind should be an act of love. Then their work would not be a hardship, and even though they may not have as much as others, they would eventually realize that they do have as much and more than others. They would have the understanding of the Creator. My friends, you cannot have more than that. That is all there is. Material is your idea. Spirit is the Father’s idea. Live not in material, live in spirit. That, my friends, is your kingdom of heaven that is spoken of in your Holy Works.

There are many, many people on your planet, living as you might say, as kings and queens. Believe me, my friends, all that is gold is not as you think. I have had the pleasure and opportunity of seeing many, many people living as kings. They are miserable. They live only for material. They are empty. Love is not material, love is spiritual, and love, my friends, is all there is. I am looking forward to telling you much more about spirit and the truth of life, as it is at this time, and has been and always will be.

I will discuss something else now, my friends. I would like to, at this time, talk to our new instrument, Harold. I have been conditioning you, my son, for a very short period. I am very pleased with your efforts, Is there a question you would like to ask? “Yes, in the last few days has there been any change in the conditioning, where there are occasions when I was being given impressions of certain words along with the conditioning?” Yes, my son, you have received impressions. And in a very short period of time you will know what to do. It will be given to you. Do not be concerned now. You will know and you will respond when the time is right. I will answer one more question, my son. “I can’t think of anything else right now.”

I will leave you now and look forward to our meeting next Thursday evening.

Adonai, my friends, I am Hatonn.

Friday, May 8, 1959

At Walt’s

I am happy to be able to talk with you this evening. I am Hatonn. I am greeting you in the love and light of the Infinite One.

It is very soon, my friends, when all of us will be gathered together in the service. As you continue with your understanding your development will increase and soon we shall be together. I am very fortunate to have an instrument to contact. I have enjoyed talking to you, however the time will come when you shall be able to not only hear my message, but you will be able to see me in person. Then I will teach you in earnest, my friends. We will then begin our real classes, shall we say, and then you will be taught the knowledge of the ages. Then you will understand. And then you will be able to reflect your true perfection to your fellow man and teach the truth. The true way of life as it really is. This is something to strive for, my friends. Our meetings will become very, very interesting. I will be able to express myself as it really is.

I have contacted this instrument for quite a period. I have enjoyed our relationship very much. I have enjoyed the trials and tribulations you have been put through. I say enjoyed, it is a proper word. I have enjoyed it because you have responded very well. Had you not, I would not have enjoyed it. I have gone through this before with many groups, and some I did not enjoy. However most of them were able to continue and I am contacting them all the time. Helping them and teaching them to know themselves. That is very important, my friends. You must know yourself first before you are able to know your fellow man. Yes, very important.

I am looking forward to our many, many meetings we shall have in the future. Our class is a long one, my friends, it will be from, now on. The important thing is you have joined a class and you are ready. That, my friends, is the most important thing.

As I have said before, “In my Father’s house there are many mansions.” I like that phrase very much and one day you will understand that phrase, “In my Father’s house there are many mansions.” If only you could realize how many mansions. How many mansions. You have been living on a little dream, very, very minute dream. There is so much more. So much greatness and you can realize that now. You will be able to know now, not after, but now. And you can live a life of perfection in your present surroundings. Everyone can who seeks.

I am going to leave now. I have had a very pleasant talk. I have enjoyed it very much. Adonai, my friends. I am Hatonn, your teacher and brother.

Thursday, May 14, 1959

Regular Meeting

I am Hatonn. Greetings my friends. In love and light I am with you. In love and light I am you. I am in you and you are with me in the Father’s house. I am and you are. I am. I and the Father are one. I and the Father are one with all. I am, as you might say, at one with each one of you. I am of the One Mind. You are also reflections of the One Mind. As we continue with our meetings you will be told many, many things in regard to your oneness with each other, and the Creator. I and my Father are one. You and the Father are one. As I am with you, so is the Father. As I am you, so is the Father.

This is information you have been aware of for a long, long time. All I am going to do is awaken this understanding within each one of you. This we are able to do if you are willing to avail yourselves. As I am going to awaken you, perhaps I should tell you a little more about yourselves. I am quite sure you do not fully appreciate yourselves. Believe me, my friends, this is a privilege to be. And that, my friends, is exactly that, to be. I and you are privileged to be. And you ask to be what. That, my friends, is a very important question. The answer is, to be in my Father’s house. You see you are living in the Father’s house. You are living in the Father. And when you have reached the perfection, it will be in the Father and in me. I am with you always. I am and always will be with you.

I am very, very happy that I am privileged to talk to you, however everyone, every person on your planet has the ability to contact us. I am and always will be your teacher. A teacher of love and life, everlasting life. If only you would realize this beautiful life you are privileged to live. This, my friends, is a gift that only the Father can give. If only you could appreciate just a very little bit of this gift right now. If only you could realize what a true magnificent array of love you are living in, and you have been in this state from the beginning. You have from now on to enjoy this gift from your one, and only one Father.

I and my brothers are having a little difficulty trying to hold back our enthusiasm. It is difficult to express ourselves to you through this means of communication. Our love and kinship for you is trying to penetrate your peoples, and in only a few more moments, yes, my friends, a few more moments, and all your peoples will know and understand. Our moments, my friends, are years to you. Actually they are only moments.

I am your teacher Hatonn. Adonai Vasu Borragus. Our love is with you forever and ever. Adonai, I am Hatonn.

Thursday, June 18, 1939

Regular Meeting

I am Hatonn. Greetings my friends. I am greeting you in the love and understanding of the Infinite Father. I am very sorry that I was unable to help you. This is a little unusual. I am referring to the other evening that I was unable to talk to you.

I am able to this evening, and I have chosen a subject that I think is very interesting. I have not given you any information on our new subject for quite some time now. I am not able to do so this evening either. Therefore I have chosen a subject that in time will create much thought.

Out of every individual there comes a vibration. This vibration, as you have heard before, is a thorough understanding of the person. Therefore when you are able, I say when because one day soon you will be able, to understand the vibration of a person or a thing, other than a human being. This will enable you to understand everything you come in contact with because then you will be able to know the truth of everything including yourself. The vibration given by a thing, shall we say, is truth. This, my friends, is truth. You are unable to control your vibrations, that is to cover up any thoughts. Your vibrations are exposed and they reveal the true self, unchanged. They cannot be tampered with. This is truth in its purity, and knowing everything in the creation by its vibration you will then know complete truth.

I have chosen this subject for a reason. I am helping two people, in your group. They were discussing this very subject. Coming very close. I chose to help them this evening with my humble interpretation. This, my friends, is a very interesting subject, because that is the key to truth. I am very happy that this subject was brought up. It is much greater, however, than I have told you this evening. It goes way beyond. You have only begun to introduce your thinking on this subject. It would be well if all of you would dwell on this subject. You will be amazed how it will grow. I am very enthusiastic about this thinking. It opens another door, shall we say. A very, very large door, and with a little effort on your part, our people will try and help any of you who decide to concentrate on this subject. Believe me, my friends, you will have a complete new concept, a very beautiful concept of your creation. I am pleased.

I will be available, my friends, whenever you are able to have your next meeting. And in the meantime I feel I must inform you that wherever you are, I am there also. I am waiting patiently, my friends, for your enlightenment. You are close. Just a little more effort.

Adonai, my friends, I am Hatonn.

Thursday, July 9, 1959

Regular Meeting

I am Hatonn. Greetings my friends, I am happy to be able to talk to you this evening. I am in this house with you. I have been in this house for quite some time now. I am with each one of you all for the time.

I have a little message for you this evening. I am remembering the message I gave you the last time. I understand that it meant very little to you. I am sure it served its purpose. I have a definite purpose for everything I say. That my friends, you can be sure of.

As we sit here this evening, you waiting for a message that I am relaying to this instrument, have you asked yourselves many times what is this all about. I know you have. I am very happy to tell you what this is all about, when you are ready. And you must be ready before I am able to tell you in detail what this is all about. I have started but I am unable to continue.

I and my brothers have talked to you and we have told you that it is necessary for all of you to meditate. Our people have talked to you and asked you to meditate only a very few minutes at a time. For through meditation you are preparing yourselves for truth. I am making a statement now. That in spite of what you think you would not understand if I told you what truth really is. You have been told truths before to the limits of your understanding. I have many truths to tell when the time is right. I might add that one truth you have been told that will not change, That all of you are one with the Creator and love is the only way. That love is the only way created by the infinite Father. There, my friends, is a truth. I will also add that the entire Creation is a reflection of the Creator, which is perfect and good. However there are many, many other truths when known will increase your enlightenment and make you aware of yourselves as one. I am waiting for you. I will continue to wait for as long as you choose to wait. I am quite familiar with the condition of your thinking, my friends. I might add they are quite normal to others on your planet.

I am very happy that you are continuing with your group. I have witnessed others that did not continue in a period such as this. It has slowed the conditioning of your new instruments also. We are still conditioning all of you.

I would like to say a few words to our new voice instruments. I and my brothers are conditioning both of you for your new duties in the services. Continue to avail yourselves.

Adonai, my friends, I am Hatonn.

Thursday, August 13, 1959

Regular Meeting

First Meeting After Vacation

I am happy to be with you this evening, my friends. I am Hatonn. Greetings from the light and love of our infinite Father. Greetings from our people out in space. I am very happy to be back with all of you again.

I am aware that it has been a little difficult for you during the last three weeks. I am a little unable to have a look at the future of this group. This may sound strange. I have been with you for a period of approximately one year of your time. During that time I had the pleasure of personally teaching your group. I am unable to evaluate your progress, for the period I mentioned. You are aware that it is quite impossible to evaluate zero. I am very sorry that my report has this.

We, my friends, have a great deal of time. I am going to continue to try and help your group. I will continue to do so for I am sure that sooner or later you will become aware of the importance of our teachings. However I would suggest that you plan seriously to avail yourselves to your teachers and also to each other. That, my friends, is the object of a group. So that you may help each other. I am ready to continue with our teachings whenever you are prepared. I will continue to talk to you once a week through an instrument as long as you are meeting. We have great patience.

I would like to talk at this time about the two new voice instruments we are conditioning. I would like to tell the instrument to the left of this instrument, that we understand your problems and we have not stopped the conditioning. As soon as you stop you will be aware of it. I would like to talk to you, Walter. I have this to say, that in a very short length of time you will be able to receive and talk as this instrument is doing right now.

I would like to talk to our instruments that receive their messages through thought projection and record the message on paper. Your service is of the utmost importance. Try to continue when it is convenient.

I am hoping we will have a greater amount of progress this coming year. I will do all I can. I have enjoyed talking to you again, my friends, and when you are able to, think of our people, trying to help your people, and respond with love.

I am Hatonn. Adonai, my friends, and students.

Adonai Vasu Borragus.

Thursday, September 3, 1959

Regular Meeting

I am Hatonn. Greetings, my friends. I am very happy to be able to talk to you this evening. I and my brothers greet you in the love and light of the infinite Father. Our people are looking forward with great expectations for the day when your people are enlightened unto the true way of life. This, my friends, is inevitable. We know that for sure.

Every corner of your continent, and all the other continents on your planet, are developing groups such as yours. These groups are contacted by our people in much the same manner that you are contacted. However there are some groups advanced enough to be able to receive their lessons with the aid of one of our brothers with them, talking to them direct. I will be doing the same when your group is ready. How soon will you be ready? That, my friends, is dependent entirely on each one of you. I am hoping it will be soon.

I have a few words to say to you this evening through this instrument. I will then transfer my contact to your new instrument. I have this to say now. In the very near future, my friends, I am going to make an announcement. This announcement will affect your group to a certain respect. I wish to tell you this now, for very soon I will make this announcement I just mentioned.

I am very happy to be able to contact your new instrument. I am going to contact him now. Are you ready Walter?

Walter: Yes

Just relax.

I am with you again. This instrument was not sure of his contact. It is very new to him, and he seems a little nervous. This is understandable. It is quite an experience to go through for the first time. Eventually it will be more natural to him. This is only a trial contact. The contact will improve I assure you. We are most happy to have another instrument. All will be needed in the days to come. I am sure we will have many enjoyable contacts with this instrument. I am certain his nervousness will disappear in a very short time … I am sorry for the delay. This instrument lost contact. I believe this is enough for this time. Perhaps later we can talk longer. I am very happy to have made this contact. I leave you with my love and blessings.

Adonai Vasu, Vasu my brothers and sisters, Vasu.

Thursday, September 24, 1959

Regular Meeting

I am Hatonn. As you sit here this evening waiting for my message and wondering what you will be told this evening, I am standing here looking at each one of you. I am not in the room with you this evening, however I am able to see each one of you very clearly, even though you have very little light in your room. Light, you have all there is. That is the divine light of the Infinite Father. Each of you has the same amount of creative light, exactly the same, but your spiritual awareness of this light, that is different, and why should it be?

All of you came together at the same time. All of you have received the same information, week after week. Why are some higher than others? I can tell you this, each one of you were seeking in the beginning, and even though most of your seeking was in the form of curiosity, at least you were seeking. A great number of people are curious, but not enough to follow through. That makes you different. You were willing to go along and you have been going along for quite some time, according to your time. I am aware that the curiosity has worn off and now you have lost interest. Before you were seeking you did not know what, and now you still do not know what but it has lost its mystery. Curiosity has been lost, reality has shown its face. That makes a difference.

My friends, I have told you many, many times that this is serious, not a lark. This, my friends, is the way of life, not a way of religion or government. That should be of great importance to you, and later you will realize how important the way of life is. This, my friends, is an opportunity. We are offering you the way of life free, freedom from everything but happiness. We offer this to you. All you have to do, my friends, is to know yourself. To really know your true self and then demonstrate your findings to your fellow man with love and understanding. That is all.

I am now going to leave this instrument and contact my son, Walter.

I am here now. It gives me great pleasure to speak through this instrument at our meetings like this. It is excellent training for the work to come. It is much better when you are among friends. You are more at ease, more relaxed, and we are able to have a much better contact.

I am looking forward to having our other instrument speaking very, very soon. He has had many trials and tribulations, shall we say, but his time is almost here. I believe he is aware of stronger conditioning at this time. In the near future we will make our contact.

There will be others contacted in this group such as this instrument is being contacted. All of you have a place in the service of the Father. As I have told you before, all of you have chosen this path a long time ago. We are trying to help you fulfill this choice. A choice to do service to your peoples, at this time in your earth’s history.

As I said before, this is not a lark. This is serious. It means so much to your peoples to learn the true way of life. The life your Father created a long, long ago. This way of life has not changed. It is only the people that have changed. Many, many of your brothers and sisters have discovered this way of life and are living happily in the many, many realms of the Father’s Creation. It is time for the people of earth to join their brothers and sisters in this way of life, and it is necessary to start now. Now, not later, but now.

As you progress in your training many things will light your way. Understanding will build more understanding with which to help your peoples. One must help himself. He must learn and know what to do in order to help others. This we are trying to do. Help you help yourselves. We have brought no harm to anyone. All we have offered is love and understanding. I believe no one here can see any wrong in that. Love and understanding for your fellow men. With this you can reach great heights in the Father’s Creation. We realize many things seem so important to you now, but are they really so important? If you just think, really think, my sons and daughters, you will know what we have said is true. We bring you only love, that is all. All we ask is that you return this love. Not to us, but to your fellow man on the planet earth. It is so needed. If only you knew how much this love is needed.

I believe I have spoken long enough for this time, and my parting remark is this. Love, love one another, that is the reason for your being. Love one another. I leave you now with my love and blessings, and wishes for greater understanding among you. I am Hatonn, Adonai Vasu Borragus.

I am here now, my friends, speaking to you through this instrument. This is a very happy time for me. To be able to contact not just one instrument but two. That is progress, my friends. This is an opportunity. You are ready for this opportunity. Take advantage of it now. Sooner or later you will. Do it now.

I am your teacher Hatonn. Adonai Vasu, my friends, in love and light I greeted you, in love and light I leave you. Adonai Vasu Borragus.

Thursday, October 1, 1959

Regular Meeting

I am Hatonn. Greetings, my friends, I am very happy to talk to you this evening. I am aware that not all of your group is present this evening. I am also aware that it is not because they would not like to be here.

I was with you the other evening when you met at the (name) house. I am very happy that the group has decided to take an interest in our work. And you were correct, I would not go any further with our messages until you were ready. I intend to continue with the new area of understanding, however I am going to wait until everyone in the group is present.

I have a message for you this evening that I am sure will help your understanding of life as it was created. I have discussed the original creation to you before. That message you have. I will outline a part of the message and perhaps answer a question or two.

I am not able to tell you how the beginning began, however I can tell you what took place at the creation of man. In the beginning the Creator created man as thought, only thought from the Creator, which is spiritual. This thought was extended outward. At that time everything was created that is. This, my friends, is very important. Everything in the creation was created then. Not part, but all was created then. This is very important also. There are many, many consciousnesses about you that you are not aware of. You should be, but due to your limitations that man placed upon himself, you are left very, very limited. Now the creation, I shall say man, chose to express himself, and having the power of thought reflecting from the One Mind, the Creator, man through his thought gathered about him and arranged the creation as it is today, according to man, not the Creator, but man.

In the beginning, my friends, the Creator created everything and that was the end of the creation. No more, no less. It has never changed, mind you, according to the Creator, but according to man it is changing constantly. That, my friends, is what we are trying to reveal to you. That this is a perfect, harmonious universe. It does not change. It is just as it was in the beginning and it is infinite. You are infinite. You are you, and you will be you from now on. Not in the form you are in now, and I might add you have had different forms before. However your true created consciousness has never changed. Only your ideas of the creation changes.

I am very, very happy to be able to talk to you in all seriousness. I am very, very pleased. I would at this time like very much to answer a question or two. Perhaps one of you has a question or you do not understand some particular part of my message.

Harold: I have a question. The consciousness that we are aware of now, at this time, is that the consciousness that was created at the beginning or is it only a part of a consciousness that was created?

I am very happy to answer that question, my son. In the beginning you were created as an essence, we could say. In other words you are a part of the One Mind. This Mind created your consciousness, I will say at this time, and your consciousness has been and will be the same. Your awareness of your consciousness at this time, I am afraid I cannot answer, because I am not sure that you are aware of your consciousness at this time, my son. Perhaps you could discuss that a little further to me.

Harold: Well, would my consciousness be what we referred to as my higher self that I might not even be aware of in my present condition. Is that what you mean?

You, my son, at this time, have not even begun to contact your original consciousness. You are heading in the right direction, but until you are able to reach or tap that consciousness you will not be exactly aware of the created consciousness. However when you do, my son, and you will, you will know. There, my son, lies all the experiences and in that original consciousness you will find all your answers. That does not mean that I will not try to answer your questions at this time, because I am trying to encourage this enlightenment. You, at this time, are aware of something you call consciousness. There are many interpretations on what you call consciousness, but I believe I know what you are interpreting. You are conscious, at this time, of being shall we say alive, as well being aware of your five senses, being aware that you can taste and see and smell and feel, but my son, your five senses are very, very limited, and when you are able to tap your original created consciousness, then you will go beyond your limited senses that you are aware of now. Something, my son, to strive for. Am I not right?

Harold: Yes I think you are. I have just one more question. You speak of my original created consciousness. Is that mine exclusively? Am I only one expression, or are there other expressions of the original created consciousness similar to me? There has been a little confusion about that point.

As I said before, my son, you are a thought from the original, or I should say the One Mind, but there are a few others, my son. Millions, billions and you, my son, are one with all of them. Now, you might or might not be in the same category as others, as far as spiritual, shall we say, understanding. That is another very, very long and complicated subject. It is very difficult to answer your question at this time, however I am not going to tell you that I am not able to answer your questions at this time. I am going to give you an answer. Whether you are able to accept it or not, because in time you will understand. However you are one with the entire creation, because you are the Creator that created the entire creation. Is that of some help to you?

Harold: Yes I think so.

Jo: In other words are we everyone of these people in the room. That everybody in the creation living in a different experience?

Yes, you are.

Jo: Then there is just one.

One with everything, my daughter, but you are living different experiences to your neighbor, shall we say, however you and your neighbor are both striving for the same goal. You have an idea of what you are striving for. Your neighbor, at this time, may not. So even though you are one with each other, your experiences in the past have undoubtedly been different, and your thinking at this time is undoubtedly different from your neighbor. Have I confused you or answered your question, my daughter?

Jo: Well I’m not sure. I don’t know whether I made my question quite clear. I meant we are living in the same, or in other words I am living everybody’s experience, but I’m not aware of it. Say I’m living everybody’s experiences in this room only I’m not aware of it at this time.

Let us say you are playing a part with everyone in this room. You are not living an experience for them, but you are taking a part in your experiences as well as their experiences due to the fact that you are in a common understanding with them at this time. Each individual has to strive for himself. No one can intercede for you. Has that answered your question, my daughter?

Jo: No, because it is my understanding that we are all one. If we are all one I wonder why … how you can explain so many …

I am afraid, my daughter, that you do not understand the all one. For an example, my daughter, you have a family. You have children. I am using this only as an example that I feel you will understand. I am not making this a point. You have a family. You according to the popular belief on your planet, gave birth to your children. They are at one with your family, but each one of them will have to gain their own experiences. Yet they are one with your family. Do you understand that, my daughter?

Jo: Yes, I understand that.

But do you understand what I am saying? Do you understand the interpretation? The relationship of your family to the Creation?

Jo: Yes, I can understand the one with the Creator. That’s as far as I can understand.

Well, perhaps after my message you can discuss this with the others in the group and perhaps later I will be able to explain it more explicitly to you.

I would like to contact our new instrument, Walter at this time.

I am here now. This instrument is becoming a little more receptive to my thoughts and he is picking them up very well. I am doing this at your meetings like this to give this instrument a little experience that will help him very much. I am sure you do not mind if it helps him.

I would like to ask our other instrument if he is picking up my vibrations at this time. Are you feeling vibrations on your head, my son?

Walter: Yes, slightly.

Just relax for a few moments. Think of nothing. Just relax. I will try to make you more aware of them. Are they getting stronger at this time?

Walter: Yes.

Just relax, my son. Do you feel the urge to speak? If you do go right ahead.

Walter: I’m not sure whether I do or not.

Perhaps we should wait a little longer, my son. Continue your availment to me. I am quite sure it will be very soon.

I would like at this time to have a little meditation which we have not had for some time. Please, all of you just relax, and think of nothing but love, of perfection, of peace and harmony. Let your minds drift. Relax … I AM … I AM THE TRUE CREATION … I AM LOVE … LOVE OF THE FATHER … I AM THE LIGHT … I AM PERFECT AS THE FATHER CREATED ME … I AM LOVE … LOVE … LIGHT AND LOVE THAT IS ALL THERE IS.

Thank you, my friends. I wish to say it has been a pleasure contacting this group this evening. I am looking forward to many, many enjoyable evenings in which we all … I am sorry this instrument made a little mistake. It should be in which you all will gain more understanding and love for one another, and your fellow man.

I leave you in the love and light. I am Hatonn. Adonai Vasu Borragus, Adonai.

Thursday, October 22, 1959

Regular Meeting

I am Hatonn. Greetings, my friends. I am very happy to have the opportunity of talking to you this evening.

I am aware that there are a few missing in the group this evening. I have had an opportunity to contact each one of you during the past week. I have an announcement to make. That was the reason why I decided to wait for the entire group to be present. I seem to be having difficulty waiting for all of you to be together. I have decided to go on with the announcement.

Our people are able to look upon your people with much love and understanding. This has been accomplished for a long, long time. However in the future we will be able to not only look upon your people with love and understanding, we will be able to do more than look. As I told you before, our people are trying to contact your people and due to the fact that the number of people on your planet, seeking the truth and trying to receive it, with various means of availing themselves, this has created a type of vibration, which gives us strength to contact your people. In other words, the vibrations on your planet are becoming higher. This enables our people to do more than just look upon your people. I have a very wonderful announcement to make because of this condition. If this vibratory condition continues as it has, it will be a very short time when I will be able to contact your group in a physical form, and talk to you directly without the aid of an instrument. This does not mean that there will be no need for the instruments. They will be needed just as much as they are now, for I will not be able to contact your people all the time, therefore it is imperative that we develop and continue on with our instruments.

I am planning to talk a little this evening on our new area of understanding, however I am going to request the aid of our other instruments. We will begin with Walter.

Carrie: May I ask a question please?

Yes, you may, my daughter.

Carrie: These vibrations that you speak of, do they have anything to do with these vibrations that we, have been experiencing now and then? Would that have anything to do with your coming here directly, or wouldn’t it?

I am not able to understand the vibrations you are mentioning.

Carrie: The vibrations that I mean are these rumblings that the people in this particular area have been experiencing.

Oh yes, I am aware of that too, my daughter. No they are not one of the same. The vibrations I am referring to are silent. We are however aware of the vibrations you are thinking of, and I am happy to say the vibrations you are speaking of are an asset, not a detriment. They are very necessary at this time to neutralize foreign elements in your atmosphere, and later perhaps I shall discuss that in more detail. Does that answer your question, my daughter?

Carrie: Yes.

I am always happy to answer any of your questions, my friends. I am your teacher and through questions I am able to talk to you and perhaps help you. So please do not hesitate to ask questions. Are there any other questions at this time? If not we will continue. If I may I would like to contact you, my son, Walter.

I am speaking through this instrument now. This new area of understanding we are about to start upon, I believe you will find very interesting. I have told you some of the things, and I believe all of you understand them quite well. There may be a few things not quite, shall we say, right in your minds yet, but as we continue I believe that they will clear up for you … I am sorry this instrument is having a little difficulty. One moment please … I am returning now. In this new area of understanding we will deal with many phases. Some of these things you have heard of before, although not in much detail. Just, shall we say, scratched the surface here and there … I am still having difficulty. Perhaps I should change my contact to the other instrument Harold and see if this difficulty clears up. One moment please.

Greetings, friends. I speak now through this instrument. I will try to continue with the message that I started. The new area of understanding is not going to be easy for all of you to understand unless you follow closely and think thoroughly about the things I tell you. The information that I will be giving you is more complicated than what you have received in the past. That is the reason that I have waited until you have had a better understanding before I started on this subject. I will continue by saying that there are many things that will seem very unusual to you in what I am going to give you in these lessons. You have only begun to scratch the surface of some of the interesting things that are to be learned about the Creation. Many of the things that I will be discussing, you may find very difficult to believe, but I assure you that I will be giving you only truth. You must bear with me until these things eventually fit into the pattern that is being developed in the philosophy of each one of you.

In the beginning, as I have told you before, all of you were created by the Father, and you were set free, you might say, to gain experience as individuals so that you could be a part of the Father and yet have gained experience as an individual with free will. You all started as perfect spiritual beings, being a part of the perfect Creator. Millions and millions and more than you have language in which to express the numbers of spiritual beings which were created by the Father in the beginning. Each was identical in the beginning, but none are identical now. The eons and eons of experiences that each spiritual being has gone through has resulted in making each one a separate and individual personality, you might say, and all are at different levels of understanding and development, because of different experiences. All are seeking a common goal, which is to return to the perfection that you once had. I mean by that that you will at that time have perfection of thought but according to your own free choosing. Your thoughts will be exactly what the Creator would want you to think and yet you will be having these thoughts of your own free will. When you can think as the Creator would have you think and be thinking that way because you want to, then you will have qualified yourself to come back as a companion for the Creator, and to be a Co-Creator. There are some individuals who have come close to reaching this goal, but to our knowledge none has yet completely attained this perfection. This is not a bad thing though, because there is no hurry as far as the Father is concerned. He has an eternity of time to wait for all of his individual parts to reach this perfection, which each one is striving for whether or not they are aware of it.

The reason that you as parts of the Creator, may not be aware of your goal, is due to the fact that this awareness has been lost to you temporarily. The first most important step is to regain this awareness of who you really are and what your goal really is before you can make any rapid progress toward that goal. Man on this planet has become separated from his true awareness of himself as the original spiritual creation of the Father. The reason that meditation is so important is that this is the way in which you can regain this awareness and realize, who and what you really are and what your goal really is.

I am going to attempt to transfer this contact back to Walter at this time.

Hatonn here. I am sorry we have had a little difficulty with this instrument. I can’t seem to see what the difficulty really is, however I will attempt again. As you progress in these lessons that we are about to start on, you will learn things that will help you help other people. If you are to be teachers of others you must learn how to do things. You must be able to demonstrate these principles of which we speak. I know the thoughts that are running through your minds at present. “I’m not qualified to demonstrate. I can’t do that.” You are able to do anything if you think you can do it. This is where your thinking is so important. Many years ago a great teacher upon your planet said, “These things I do ye can do also and even greater.” Those were not false words, my friends, they are true. You are able to do those things if you put forth the effort and think and believe you are able to do them. This will depend on your effort, and I am happy to say I believe you can do it. Words are empty things unless they can be backed up by demonstrations. And through our teachings and through your own thinking we hope you will be able to demonstrate. Your peoples are very difficult to convince them of anything. Even your teacher Jesus had trouble convincing them. I know some of you do not believe what I have said, but I am hoping you will put forth the effort to try. I and my brothers will do our utmost to help you.

I would at this time like to transfer my contact back to the one you call Al. One moment please.

I am with you and always will be for our task is to help and direct and guide your people. We have had a long message this evening, therefore I will leave now and in my parting I have a suggestion to leave with you. BE OF GOOD SPIRITS AND LOVE. ABOVE ALL LOVE.

I am Hatonn, Adonai, my friends, Adonai Vasu Borragus.

Thursday, December 2, 1959

Regular Meeting

I am Hatonn. Greetings my friends, I am very happy to be with you this evening. No, I am not in the room with you. I am with you in words only.

As I am able to contact you this way, I am also able to contact you in another way, which when the time is right, you will understand. When you are ready to see me, I will be there. For you see it is up to you, my friends, how long this will take is up to you. I can only do so much, and you will find as we continue that most of everything you do yourself. We only suggest. You see we cannot control your minds. They belong to you. We do not choose to even try and attempt to control your thoughts. Every thought you have is yours. You cannot blame anyone else but yourself. And you have many, many thoughts. Some of you are aware, others of you are not, and in time you will know all of your thoughts. And at that time you will know why you think different things. For what you recognize at times in thought is not the true thought, it is distorted. That is why they appear strange to you. Just as your dreams. You are able to comprehend only a portion of your dreams, therefore your dreams are usually confusing. In reality they are a replay, shall we say, of another period, another time.

As I talk to you this evening it is quite obvious that you are wondering, “Will I ever, ever be able to understand?” And the answer is “No.” You will not be able to ever understand everything in its entirety, but at this time your understanding is practically zero. That is not your fault, my friends. You are at least attempting to gain knowledge and understanding, and you have been willing to go along and listen, not too much thinking, but listening. You must think, my friends, analyze, look about you. Even the smallest thing, think about it, don’t just brush it off. Give it thought. Everything that happens to you is important. Recognize it and give it its true importance.

In this period, my friends, you will find changes, and they will be coming more rapidly all the time. And in time you will begin to see the development of a new age. An age your planet has never known before. This age is so different from the one you are in now. There is nothing at this time, not a single thing, that resembles what is to come. Fascinating, interesting; you are very fortunate for you are preparing yourself for this change, even though you are not entirely aware of it. You are preparing yourself. You are fortunate. We are fortunate also to have some of your people prepared. For that is very, very important.

Some of the remarks that are made in this group amuse me greatly. I will say this for this group: it does have a sense of humor, and that is very important. This group has met each week, or almost every week, for three years, and I believe I can say that all of you have enjoyed these meetings. You have enjoyed each other’s company, if you care to use that expression. And this is also very important, because you people in this group are learning, whether you realize it or not, to live with one another; in a sense of the word, you are getting used to each other. The difference in people is tremendous, but each and every one of you can learn to get along with the other, with no strife, no hate, and no misunderstandings. And I am very happy to say there have been very few misunderstandings in this group. This group has had several slack periods, shall we say, but that is only normal in most of our groups. But now I think you have been together long enough so that you are able to meet in love, harmony, and understanding. And by so doing you will help yourselves more than you realize, because, my friends, we cannot contact you, we cannot teach you, we cannot be with you very well unless there is love and understanding in a group. This helps very much. There have been many groups formed, but they did not last very long, and this we are very sorry about. There were misunderstandings of this and that, of petty things, but if you are to meet in love and understanding, these petty things must be put aside. You must look forward to a goal and let nothing sway you from that goal, and after three years of meeting I believe you are well on the path. I am very happy to have had the opportunity of teaching this group and I am going to continue until it will be no longer necessary for me to teach this group. As long as you are willing and put forth the effort, I and my brothers are available to you. We will help you in all possible ways. We will guide and direct, but only in love and light will we do this. We have three instruments in this group at present and my brothers and I will be most happy to use these instruments in talking to other people. There are some people though who are just, shall we say, thrill seeking, but I will leave it up to you, the instruments, whether you wish to talk to these people or not. All who are sincerely seeking avail yourselves and we will be ready.

I have many, many things that I would like to say to you but my speaking is limited by your ability to listen and remember, and you do not remember as much of what I say as I would like for you to remember. So I can only say a certain amount at each one of our meetings.

These three instruments are going to become very busy in the service and we would like to make sure that the new instruments are ready when the time comes. So it is very important that we speak through them at every possible opportunity, so that they may gain more confidence and experience at speaking. They will experience some slight difficulty when they speak in front of strangers until they have become more accustomed to doing so. But it will not take long until they feel quite comfortable when they are doing this, and it will not bother them at all. It will be an interesting and enjoyable experience for them. This instrument is sometimes a little apprehensive before the contact is made, but after it is established he is relieved to realize that it is not difficult and that he really doesn’t have to make any special effort. Just relax and leave everything up to me. It is a little unbelievable, even for the instruments themselves, the way these contacts work. It is not something that could be explained exactly in words, but all that is necessary is for them to relax and it seems to take care of itself. They do not have to think about what is being said or what will be said next; it just seems to come automatically as far as they are concerned.

There are many, many instruments of this type who have been developed on this planet, and many who are now being developed, all over your planet, and in every country, and we are speaking through them in every conceivable language, that is used on your surface, and when the time is right they will be available to teach and explain to all who are seeking. I should have said that they will be available so that we can teach and explain. Although each of you will have a lot of talking to do to seekers in the future. People who are seeking information and do not know what they are seeking even, must have quite a bit of background information before they are quite ready to let one of us speak to them through an instrument. They have to be prepared, shall we say. Many people who hear us speak through an instrument will have difficulty in believing what is taking place. But nothing will have been lost by talking to them. They will have gained, a seed will have been planted, as we say, and it is quite possible that others they come in contact with will be turned into seekers because of the experience of these individuals, even though they may not pursue any further knowledge of the service and of the teachings that we present.

So I would like to say to all of you, do not be afraid to talk to others about these truths. If they seem sincere and interested give us the opportunity to speak to them. We would rather speak to a large number of people and accomplish nothing, if this were true, although I have said it would accomplish something. We would rather do this than miss speaking to one person who would really become a seeker and want to learn more about the Father’s way of life. We are looking forward to the time when many, many people will become interested and will be seeking truth and will be coming to all of you to get answers, and you will have these answers for them, we will see to that.

You already have answers to many questions that may be asked and as you need them you will be given other answers. I do not wish to keep you any longer, my friends. I am grateful that I have had your attention for this long. It is difficult to sit still and listen for this length of time. So I am going to leave you now and may you continue to seek further advancement along the path of truth and of love and light.

I am Hatonn. I am going to leave now. Adonai Vasu.

Thursday, December 10, 1959

Regular Meeting

I am greeting you, this evening, in the love and light of our infinite Creator. I am Hatonn. I am very happy for this opportunity.

The new area of understanding which we have just barely begun, will be difficult to understand by all of you, because things that we will be discussing and trying to learn will be entirely different from your present way of thinking. The way of thinking of the people of this planet is due to a conditioning they go through, and due to the beliefs that have been handed down from the past. Only a very small minority of the people on your planet have had the truth all along. These people who have carefully guarded, shall we say, the truth about many things, have been waiting for the right time to release these truths to the public. As you know the time is now and your assignments are going to be in this endeavor, helping to present truth to all of the earth’s people. It will be quite amazing to those who will be open minded enough to seek and listen and try to learn the truth, and to learn how wrong they have all been. They will not be able to believe that so many people could be so wrong for such a long period of time. Most of the earth’s people haven’t the slightest conception what life is really like. This is partly due to living under such limited conditions.

By this I mean limited in the physical body, and limited because of the conditioning which prevails on the planet Earth. Many of the things which go to make up the truths we have been speaking of are very difficult to put into words. Your language is one of the greatest barriers that will have to be overcome in presenting information to the public about the true life in the universe. That is why this will be a slow learning process for many people. Only as their understanding progresses, one small step at a time, are they able to comprehend progress, one small step at a time, are they able to comprehend a little deeper truth. This is a thing that will increase though as they go along. The more understanding that you acquire, the more rapidly that you can acquire even deeper knowledge and more subtle truths. One of the things we will be discussing in our new area messages will be a truer understanding of the different levels of life, and of the change you call death, and how reincarnation does enter this picture. The present concept of this is confused, and this is understandable, because this is not an easy thing to comprehend, especially from your present point of view. I believe that you are ready to gain a little deeper understanding of what actually does take place, but I will try to present it to you in a way that will not confuse you any more than you are now. One of the things that there is a lot of misconception about, is that the next level or where you would find yourself when you transcend from where you are now, would be tremendously different from what you are experiencing now. This is not necessarily so. You will have the same awareness that you have now, you will see each other as you do now, and to you your surroundings will be as real, if not more real, than they are now. But there will be a definite difference. Many of the limitations which you accept now as necessary will not necessarily restrict you in that level. It will be very easy to overcome these limitations that we are speaking of. Everything will be on a more spiritual level and less on a materialistic level. It will be natural to think in terms of the spiritual and not the physical.

How many are there in this room who believe that you leave this planet you are on and go to another place called heaven? I see, my friends, that all seem to agree on that point. You are living in what you call heaven, on your planet, right now, and heaven, my friends, is everywhere in the Creation—not just for your people. You are living. I am living. They are living. Nobody is dead. Nobody is of the spiritual world, as you would say. There is only life, my friends, life, everywhere about you is life. I am living. You are living. I am able to see you, but you are unable to see me. I might add there are people that I am not able to see. I intend to in time, but right at this moment I am unable to see every person about me. But your limitations are even greater than mine, because all you can see are the people on the same level as you.

That is due to your own limitations. Life, my friends, is just what life is, life—you live on and on. You are living now and when you decide, shall we say, to leave the body you have now, you will go on just the same, no difference, and you will be in a body just as real to you as your body is at this time. You must realize this. This is very, very important. There is always now and everyone is living now. Feel that thought. Know that thought and, my friends, believe it, because that is just how it is. I know you have been conditioned in another belief. Now I am introducing truth. For one moment realize that everything about you is crowded with life. Everything about you, my friends, is alive. Nothing is dead. Because it is motionless does not mean it is dead. Everything about you is dancing, moving, jumping. Life, my friends, life and you are right in the middle of nothing but life.

I am going to leave now, my friends, and in my parting I have this to say to you. Live every moment, my friends, as if you were not going to live another, and enjoy everything you do: your work, your leisure, and your rest. Enjoy every moment because it goes on and on and on. When you realize the enjoyment in everything you are living in the Kingdom of Heaven, my friends. You are realizing your true surroundings.

I am Hatonn. Adonai Vasu Borragus.

Thursday , December 17, 1059

Regular Meeting

I am Hatonn. I have a little message for you this evening, for it has been a very difficult week for us. As you probably know, we are having our holiday arrangements also. You are surprised. I am surprised also. I am referring to the holiday you are preparing for. And as we are all one, my friends, we become involved also. You are now able to understand my first statement I presume.

A great number of your people are so involved in purchasing items to give to others. An excellent gesture. What we are unable to understand is why all these people are purchasing items with the lack of love and happiness within them. For according to your custom this is supposed to be a joyous affair. Yet your people do not appear to be joyous.

What has happened to the original idea? For when man was created, and I am referring to One Man created in the image and likeness of the Creator, what happened to the other remembrance of him? Way back in your history, way way back, the people at that time celebrated the Creation. Which I believe, if you must celebrate, would be of greater significance than the reason you have now for your celebration. It appears that the Creation has been ignored and man only began much later. I am referring to the man you call Jesus. For most people it appears that that was the beginning. Yes, my friends, to most people they believe that that was the beginning. We know differently. And your children and you were taught differently, but people can only think for a very short period, and that is why we are here. To wake the people on your planet to stop being adolescent children, to start thinking and acting as men, not infants.

You were created in the beginning, you have lived from the very beginning, you have been around for a long, long time, and you will continue to be around for a long, long time. Celebrate that, my friends.

I have had many, many experiences which I am aware of. Believe me, my friends, your time should be spent in developing yourselves. Your spiritual selves. And I know of no place on your planet where you can receive this. Only within yourself.

Adonai, my friends, I am Hatonn. We are with you always. Our love and light of the Created One is with you.

Thursday, January 7, 1960

Regular Meeting

I am Hatonn. I am greeting you in the love and light of our infinite Father, which I am a part of, and you are also. We are a part of the whole. We make up the Creation, which is the Father.

I am aware that the interpretation of the Creator is a little confusing to the people on your planet, and we speak of the Creator in your terms, such as the Father, God, and so forth. Actually that is not true. When you speak of your fellowman you are speaking of the Creator. Perhaps this will cause you to think before you speak of your fellowman.

You see, on your planet, way back when your so-called Christian religion was organized, I am afraid there was quite a lot of confusion, and the leaders—so-called leaders by the people—chose to establish the foundation of your present day Christian religion. I might add it was, shall we say, a political instead of a spiritual arrangement. Very unfortunate.

We, our people in space, if you choose to call us that, have the advantage over your people, for we have had the advantage of truth for many, many centuries before your people. Therefore it is our responsibility to avail our findings to you. Proof of our teachings you will find within yourselves. They do not need proof, for when you reflect truth people will not ask you for proof.

I will continue for a while longer through this instrument. The truth that we would like to present in more entirety than I already have is so completely different from the many concepts that have been accepted and believed by your earth societies over a long period of time, that it would be difficult for you to comprehend our point of view. The point of view of the truth that is. Because even though you may think that you are very open minded, you still see many things from the point of view of earth thinking. You may wonder sometimes how can so many people be so wrong about so many things. Sometimes we wonder too. But I will say this: It took a long, long time for the present accepted ideas and beliefs of your society and religious organizations to evolve to their present point.

This type of thinking cannot be changed very suddenly. It is a gradual process of re-education. Most of you are beginning to get the idea that maybe a lot of things, in reality, are not quite as they may appear to be to most of your people. And this is a very important step in the right direction. If the people, as a whole upon your planet, would know the truth about the Father’s way of life, and would live accordingly, all of your various troubles, mental, physical, political, social and otherwise could be resolved in a very short time. The conditions, that have been so long in the making, could be changed in a short time, but the change in the thinking that must come first before the earth’s people can live according to the true way of life, will take a little longer. It is true that the people’s thinking has been very gradually changing for quite some time now and this is being done very deliberately by we of the Confederation; but we realize that it will have to be very gradually up to a certain level of understanding, and then the new understanding can come at a faster pace. Many of the earth’s peoples are so completely engrossed in just simply surviving, that they have very little, if any, time for thinking about new ideas or seeking new understanding. It is conditions such as this that hold back all of the earth’s peoples. People who are having such a terrible struggle just to survive, are not as a rule, able to find the time or inclination to seek new spiritual truths. However the situation is not really as bad as it may seem from what I have said. The changes which will be coming about from now on will be less gradual than those of the past twenty years, shall we say. The general level of thinking and understanding has improved to a point where we can move a little faster than we have before.

I realize I have spoken for quite some time so I will not speak much further, but I have saved this until the last so that you may think about it for a while. I was very pleased in the beginning when this group first came into being. You were seeking and that was good. You were seeking a new way of life, a new understanding. You put forth great effort at that time. Much more than you realized. I wonder what has happened to that seeking. I am aware that some of you are trying a little harder than others, but I am also aware that you could do much better. We have not asked very much of you. A little meditation and love, that is all. My friends, if you only knew how much we wish to help you. We can’t do this unless you are willing to help yourselves.

I am hoping that this little talk this evening has started you to thinking. I am sure it has. I am not saying these words in anger, but from love. We wish you to progress. That is why we are here, but you must help yourselves.

I believe I have spoken quite long enough this evening and in my parting I leave my love and my blessings with each one of you, with the wishes that understanding will grow and grow.

I am your friend and teacher Hatonn.

Adonai Vasu Borragus.

Wednesday, August 3, 1960

Regular Meeting

I greet you, my friends, in the love and light of our Infinite Father.

I am most happy to be able to speak with you this evening. I am very happy that you have decided to end your vacation. I am aware not all are present this evening, however my message will get to the one that is absent.

I know that you have not heard from me for quite some time. I also realize that some of you have thought that I have forgotten you. I have not. I am with you always, always, my friends. I am with you all your time. I am aware of everything that you do, you say, you think.

I know you have had the opportunity, in the last few months, to practice what you have been told. To some extent this has been done. I am also aware you could do better. I have told you before, each one of you has a part to play in the Father’s plan. I am also aware some do not believe this to be so. If it is not so, it will be of your own choosing, because we will help all we possibly can to condition and have you ready for your part.

I am wondering how many times a day you see your fellowman and look upon him as perfection, look upon him as the Creator. You know this is so, but do you really practice it? You should be, my friends. I am sure you know that this is the Creation, that all are perfect, all is good, all is love. You must practice this. You must practice continually. This is not something to be done haphazardly. This must be done continually. See everything as perfect, see everything in love, and soon a great awareness of love will awaken within your being. This is possible, my friends, but only you can do it. We may guide, we may suggest, but only you can accomplish this feat. The results of all our teachings, of all our messages, is to no avail unless you arrive at an understanding whereby that you can look upon all in love and understanding. I will be with you from time to time to speak to you whenever it is necessary, but, my friends, you must put forth the effort yourselves. Your results are gained only by effort.

I would like at this time to try and contact my son, Harold. I realize it has been quite some time, but I would still like to make the attempt. Are you willing, my son?

Harold: Yes.

I am going to leave this instrument now and try to contact you. One moment please.


We are ready now, my friends. I am sorry that there was such a long delay. It was necessary to condition this instrument. He was having some difficulty. I will continue with the remainder of the message and make it as brief as I can since you have been waiting so long already.

I would like to tell you at this time that your work in the service will be as important as any job that anybody else will be doing. The job I am speaking of is bringing truth to those about you, who, when the proper time arrives, will be very hungry for it. You will not have to sell your beliefs or your truths. It will not be as though you are trying to push something on someone or trying to convert someone. Believe me, my friends, those who will come to you seeking truth will know that there is much lacking in their old beliefs. They will know that there are many things that are unanswered for them and they will see the answers that you give them fall into place in their pattern of thinking as most of you have done.

This will be a very interesting and rewarding experience for you, my brothers. There is much satisfaction in helping your fellowman in this way. There will be many things apparent in the near future which will make these truths much more obvious and much easier for those about you to accept and understand.

I will not go into this any farther at this time because we have already mentioned many things that are to happen. It is just a matter of time, my friends, and do not think that the time will never come. It may surprise you with the abruptness of its arrival, but with the instructions that we have given you and with the conditioning and development that you have had you will be ready when the time comes, and you will know what to do. We will be working with you, helping you. In the meantime, my friends, try to follow the pattern that we have outlined for you. It is a much more satisfying way of life than that pursued by most of the Earth’s people. True happiness can be found only when you live in the Father’s way of life. You will learn this one way or another eventually. If you do not accept it because we have told you, you will learn it the hard way, shall we say, through many experiences.

I am going to leave you now, my friends, but I will be speaking to you again in the near future. I am pleased that you are going to continue with your meetings, and I will be with each one of you constantly. May you follow in the Father’s path, my friends, and experience the great joy in serving those about you.

Adonai, my friends, I am Hatonn, Adonai Vasu.

Wednesday, September 21, 1960

Regular Meeting

I greet you in the love and light of our infinite Father. I am Hatonn.

I am greeting you this evening for a purpose. I am aware that you have come to the conclusion that you are at a standstill. A standstill in your development, as you would say. I have spoken to each of you many times over a period of more than two years. I have given you many things to think of. I have answered many questions. I am aware there are many more questions to be answered. However before we get into the questions, as you would say, I would like to ask you a question. How well have you practiced what we have brought to you? How well, my friends? Are you sure you have done your best? I am wondering.

Your Creator recognizes and knows only love. Love is all there is. This I have told you many times. I know practicing love upon your planet is quite difficult. However what we are trying to teach your people is to love as the Father intended, not as you have been living in your own creations. There is a difference, my friends, a great difference. You speak of suffering, ailments, illnesses, these are in your creation, not the Creator’s. You are only able at this point to be aware of the Creation through your thinking and your thoughts. At a time in your future you will be completely aware that the Father’s creation is all there is. I wonder if perhaps you cannot think of love more often, for all things, for everyone, at all times. Meditate on this, live with that thought of love, and I am quite sure that you will become aware of a greater understanding of all things.

I am aware that you are wondering about how to conduct your meetings. This you are well aware of how to do. You have practiced it quite often. But you have grown to a point where you think some of these things are not needed. We have told you of the power of light and love. Use these powers, they are yours, gifts of your Creator. Do not be afraid to discuss something with one another. You are friends, do this more often. Meditate, as we have said this is so important. Meditate, love, reflect love to all; call upon the great light force of the Creator to help you. This force is there for your benefit if you will but use it. Try it. Have you tried it lately? I think not very often.

I am going to answer one or two questions if you have them this evening, and then I would like to transfer this contact to my son, Harold. Are there any questions at this time?

Harold: Could you give us any better idea of what we can expect the results to be, or what we expect to accomplish if we could love and meditate more as we should be doing?

I am quite sure, my son, if you meditate and love, practice this love, you will notice a great difference in your outlook on life, the conditions of your living, many things will become apparent to you that are much better. I suggest that you try and see.

Harold: Could there be any beneficial results in the method of meditation that the yogi uses?

I have told you before, my son, all there is is thought. Change your thinking to thoughts of love, perfection, as your Creator, and I am quite sure your benefits will be great. Have I helped you in answering that?

Harold: Yes I think so.

Are there any more questions at this time?

I cannot impress upon you too much the benefit derived from your thoughts. Everything, all things, are thought. All conditions, all Creation, was brought forth through thought. You have that same power. What you bring forth in your thinking is up to you. Your Creator endowed you with free will. He has given you this free will to use. How you use it is up to you. I am only suggesting the higher you keep your thoughts the higher will be your development.

I am wondering if I might transfer this contact to you, my son? I am going to leave this instrument and contact my son Harold.

We are ready now to finish speaking this evening by continuing through this instrument. My friends, you are thinking that there must be some other way, or some simpler way, than that which we have pointed out to you. Nothing is simpler than just to love one another. It is not difficult to do this once you come to the realization that you can do this. All that is required is, as I have said before, a slight change in your thinking. Try to keep the idea uppermost in your minds, at all times, that love is all that is important. If you can learn to respond with love, to any and all situations, no matter how trying they may be, you will have mastered life in this level. The Creator is all love, the Creator is all things. If you can love all things then all things will respond by loving you, and you will be living in a heaven on Earth, so to speak. Nothing is more important than loving and being loved. However do not confuse the universal spiritual love that I am speaking of with what is sometimes thought of as love on your planet. As I have said before, true spiritual love is not a possessing love. It is rather, shall I say, an impersonal love. And this love should be felt equally toward all parts of the Creation, all persons about you, everything and everyone. This is a type of love that asks nothing in return. It is a giving love not a asking or taking love. This is not as difficult as you think it is, my friends. If you can get really started going on this as you should, it will come easier for you very rapidly. The thing that is most difficult for people living in condition you are in is getting started. You have a feeling that you are lowering yourself by loving as I have spoken of. But this is not a receiving love; however if you give this love you will receive a return which is even more than you have given out. This is according to the Father’s Law, but this should not be the motive behind your giving this love, even though it is true. Think about this, my friends, really think about it and really attempt to put it into practice. This is the key to the type of spiritual growth that all should be seeking. If there is such a thing as a short cut to spiritual development, love is the greatest short cut. The shortest way to the Father is through love which is the most important thing in the Father’s creation.

Are there any more questions this evening, my friends?

Walt: I would like to ask one. A lot of times when I’m delivering these messages I wonder if I’m putting my own thoughts into them. In this type of contact is that possible?

This may be possible to a certain extent, my son, but this is controlled by the person speaking through you. It is true that sometimes we phrase what we say in a pattern after your own way of thinking, and this to the instrument may seem as though it is his own thinking, but what you express verbally is exactly what we wish for you to express or we can stop you right then, as you know. Does this answer your question, my son?

Walt: Yes. Thank you very much.

Any other questions this evening? If not I will leave you now. I am confident, my friends, that you will be able to progress rapidly in the future. There is no need to be at a standstill in development. You have come a long way in the years that you have been meeting, even though you may not be aware of this. As you progress, progress will become easier, so do not give up at this time when you are much nearer to your goal than you may think. I am going to leave you now.

Adonai, my friends, I am Hatonn.

Friday, December 16, 1960

At Belle’s

I greet you with love and light of our infinite Creator. I am Hatonn.

I am amused at the thoughts, shall we say, that have gone through your minds in the last few moments. I am quite sure some of you were wondering if you would receive a message or not this evening. This, my friends, was done for a purpose. You see we find out many things while you are sitting in quiet meditation. It is truly a great experience to know the thoughts, as I have known the thoughts, of you people this evening. I’m in a position to know what each one of you are thinking. This is very favorable for the mission or work, as you would say, that we are to do upon your planet. I’m aided greatly in knowing your thoughts. This helps me, shall we say, prepare what we are to say to you.

I am quite sure most of you were amazed at some of the things you have heard this evening, on the tapes you were listening to. Fantastic, unbelievable, yes, my friends, it is all of that, but even greater things, more wonderful, are in your Father’s Creation. You have not even begun to scratch the surface of what is yours, the Creation. The Creation, my friends, is yours.

I am going to inject, shall we say, a thought or two for you this evening. I am sure most of you know in the beginning was the Father or Creator, as we call this great One. Your Creator created everything that is. I am sure you are aware of this. Your Creator created everything that is. I am sure you are aware of this. Your Creator, great shall we say, as He was, I am sure this may come as a surprise to you, but your Creator was lonely, He wished companionship. From this loneliness, the desire for companionship, you were created. As it is mentioned, in the likeness and image of your Creator. In the beginning of your creation you were given great powers. You were given the power to think, the power to create. This I am well aware, some of you do not believe—that you have the power to create. All was created perfect and good in the beginning. Man was the Father’s greatest creation. He was given the universe as his home, but man, having the power to think and create, began to create on his own. You are those creations. You are living at this time, not in the Creation of the Father, but you are living in your own creations.

I am going to leave you with those thoughts for a few moments, and I am going to, shall we say, switch instruments at this time. I am going to leave this instrument and contact our other instrument, Harold. One moment please.

We are ready now, my friends, to continue with the message. You may wonder why this procedure of using two instruments for the same message. We have good reasons for doing this, my friends. One reason is to give both instruments more experience. The more experience an instrument has, the more contacts that we have made through an instrument, the better they are as instruments.

The contacts that we make through these individuals are constantly and gradually improved, and we wish for them to reach a high degree of compliance, shall I say, to bring forth the message exactly as we wish them to, and to arrive at a point in their development as an instrument, where more of the personality of the speaker is apparent.

To continue with what I was saying before. It is very difficult for many people living on a planet, in your situation, to realize that this is not as it should be. This is not living as the Father really intended for you to live. The Father intended for man to be a co-creator, to have dominion over all other things in the universe, and to live a life of great joy and happiness. Suffering and want are not in the Father’s Creation. These things are the results of man’s creating the wrong way. I should say, creating that which is not in harmony with the Father’s original Creation. Man’s greatest goal on this planet is to regain his proper perspective and see things as they are in the Father’s Creation. He is in a rather hypnotized state. If man could only realize that he is living actually in the True Creation, but is unaware of it. If he could become aware of the True Creation of the Father around him, these things of his own creation, which are not harmonious, would fade away and cease to be. Strife, unhappiness, sickness, prejudice, hatred, these things are not in the Father’s Creation, and in the wonderful age which is very close ahead of us on this planet, man will be living in the True Creation. All these things of his own creation will be overcome, so to speak, will cease to exist. This will be a most wonderful situation in which to live, as you can probably imagine.

But I assure you, my friends, your wildest imaginings are still not able to comprehend what this true living in the Father’s Creation is really like. Any sacrifice that you could make at this time to move toward this type of life, that I am speaking of, will be well worth the effort. Think about this, my friends. It is much easier to live in the Father’s way. It requires much less effort than you must put forth to live the way most of the Earth’s people live now. In your manner of speaking, I would say the people are doing it the hard way, when the Father’s way is much more natural and much easier. All that is required is a little different approach and a new way of thinking. You must see things in a different light. We have repeated many times before, try to see everything about you as perfection, and try to see a perfect Creator in all things, and especially in your fellowman. How can you have less than love for the Creator. When you look at your fellowman realize you are looking at the Creator. I know that this is difficult for people on your planet to do, but do not be discouraged because the results are not immediate and definite. Keep trying and you will make progress. All that is required is sincere effort and a wish to progress in spiritual development.

I am going to leave you now, my friends, and may each of you strive and succeed in this great undertaking. You must help yourself first for this change in thinking is an individual matter. I will leave you now.

Adonai Vasu Borragus.

Thursday, December 22, 1960

Regular Meeting

Greetings, my friends. I am Hatonn. I greet you in the love and light of the Creator. I am pleased to have this opportunity to speak to you once more.

I am going to speak tonight to you a little more along the lines of that which I was speaking of at our last meeting. I am not sure that all of the group take me seriously when I tell you things, but as to this matter that I am speaking of now, you will see soon what I am speaking of. Whether you take me seriously or not, the events of the near future will let you know. I refer to the statement concerning the activity of this group. And the activity of the group will be somewhat of a contrast to the inactivity which you have been experiencing. I do not want to have you think that you are being commanded in any way to do anything for the Confederation or in the service, but I know each of you well enough to know that you would not have continued to meet as long as you have unless you were willing to take part in the Creator’s plan, and I also know each one of you well enough to know that you will be happy to have the opportunity to serve your fellowman in this great cause.

As I have told you before, there is no greater service that you can do for those about you than to help them to grasp some of the truth which they so desperately need. Truth is the only thing that is lacking on this planet at this time, my friends. If enough of your peoples had enough truth, they could change their ways and live in a perfect society as their Father wishes them to. All that is required is a little different viewpoint and to know the truth is to see things from the proper viewpoint, which very few of the peoples of Earth are doing at the present time. It is true that there will be some, even many I should say, who will not wish to change their thinking and their way of doing things. But all will have the opportunity to do so, as we also said before, each individual will realize that he or she has a choice to make. They will be aware of the two different paths which they can follow. If the path of the true way of life, the path of love and light, seems too difficult for them, requires too much of a sacrifice of ego, I shall say, then perhaps they will not wish to take that path. And this is their right to choose, but the time has come, my friends, when those who will not take the right path can no longer hold back those who wish to take the right path, and those who wish to live constructively, and at peace, and with love for their fellowmen. We of the Confederation are very happy to be able to tell you that this that we have waited for a long time is at last beginning in earnest. I know that many, many of the earth’s peoples will be very happy also to see things changing to what they should have been all along. I am not going into any great detail about these things this evening. I will speak to you in greater detail about things in our later meetings.

I would like to speak through our other instrument at this time if he is willing.

Questioner: I’m willing.

All right, my son. Please wait one moment, my friends.

I am with you now, my friends. I realize some of you have become quite discouraged because we have not been speaking to you as often as we used to. I’m also aware that your thinking is changing. I am also aware that you are beginning to realize, I should say some of you are, that some of the things we have told you are coming true. We have told you there would be many things that would happen in your daily lives, such as coming in contact with people and beginning to tell them of the service. I am sure each one of you has had that experience of late. I am also quite certain that this will happen more often. I am going to say something else too this evening. Our instruments will also be changing. As we speak through you, you are gradually improving. Each contact makes you a better instrument. I mentioned this at another group the other evening. And we wish for these instruments to develop so that more of the personality, shall we say, of the speaker will be expressed through them. This will happen as if it was a normal and natural thing. The instruments themselves will be amazed at how natural it will be. I am quite sure that you realize if we are able to express ourselves more fully through an instrument, we can deliver a message much more rapidly, with more feeling, with greater understanding. This is also a great aid in talking to new people. Some people are quite surprised when they hear an unfamiliar voice coming from somebody that they have heard speak before.

I am quite sure all of you people will find it more enjoyable in the future working in the service, helping your fellowman to find truth and understanding. You can do no greater service to anyone than to help him find truth for himself. You can help him but he must find it for himself. Through your suggestions and guidance many will be able to find truth and live a far greater life than they have ever known before. If you are able to do this, my friends, serve your fellowman with love. I am quite sure you will also be rewarded. Rewarded in the satisfaction that you know you have done something good. All may not be what you would call a bed of roses in contacting people. You may come up against quite a bit of opposition, but with love and understanding and a little thought before you speak, I am quite sure you will get along all right. We have many groups now that are prepared, shall we say, to start work in the service. There will be much to do in the near future for all of you. And I am looking forward to helping each and every one of you in the task that you have chosen. I am extending my love to you always. May you extend your love to your fellowman on Earth. That is the only way, that is the Father’s way, my friends.

I am going to leave you now, my friends, and I wish to say it has been my pleasure to speak with you. I shall do so more often in the future. I and my brothers are ever willing to help you. I and my brothers are wishing for you to help yourselves. I leave you now. I am your friend and teacher.

Adonai Vasu Borragus.

Wednesday, April 5, 1961

Regular Meeting

I am your teacher Hatonn. We are very happy to talk with you this evening. We recall doing this many times in the past. Our arrangements rearrange themselves many, many times. We are often directed by our teachers and often we are directed by our so-called intuition.

I am particularly interested in our attitude toward mankind as a whole. Our people throughout our creation are all one with each other. One Creator for One Creation. At this time you must consider the entire Creation when consulting various items, such as race and color of your people. You are not alone on a small ball floating in space. You are a part of many, many small balls floating in space, and placed upon the surface of these small balls are people of different color and race. As you think, you think as the Creation, not as an individual small microscopic creation. Your very small planet, as you call Earth, is a very minute particle in our great and glorious Creation. However there is no individual who is considered insignificant in this great Creation. We move and live as one with each other. You on one extreme corner of the Creation, to an opposite planet in the corner of the Creation, one, you are one with them. So you must think as a huge container, and you are as the container, huge. Our Creation is made up, as you might say, as entities. Everything that was created was created in the Light of the Infinite Creator. Our opinions of our brothers and sisters should be as it was created, perfect, and if you choose to think otherwise you are not of the Father’s Creation. You are of your own creation, and you will respond accordingly. You cannot blame the Creator for defects in yourself or others about you.

I am ready to contact our other instrument, Walter.

I am with this instrument now. I shall speak for a few moments longer and then I shall contact our other instrument for a few moments.

I am asking all of you to remember that you are love. You are created from love, from the love of our infinite Father. All are the same, there is no difference, all are children of the one Father, created perfect, in love, in peace, in harmony. I am asking all of you to look at each other, to look at those you meet, as perfect. I am sure all of you realize you do not do this as often as you should. This should be your nature, to love, reflect your perfection, reflect your Creator. If this were done many wonderful things would come to you all. A feeling of joy, of peace, of contentment, such as you have not known for a long, long time, a very long time. All things are good, all things are perfect. Get yourself out of the way, let your Creator express through you. This is your objective. Let your Creator express through you.

I am going to transfer this contact now to our other instrument, Harold. I will continue for a few moments longer. One moment please.

We are ready now to finish with the message. It has been quite some time since we contacted all three of these instruments in succession, as we are doing this evening, but it is true that each of our instruments continues to improve with more practice.

Some of you have wondered why we have contacted you less frequently of late. There are several reasons. One reason is as you have been told, you have been given a great deal of information and this information has not been entirely put into practice, shall we say. Also we are very busy ourselves, at this time. We are developing many new instruments. You are aware of several of these here in your own small area. If you will multiply this by the number of areas this size, all over your planet, I should say in the more heavily populated areas of your planet, you will get a small idea of how many different groups we are contacting and how many instruments we are developing. When the time comes that great numbers of your peoples will be very anxious to listen to what we have to say, there will be many instruments that we can use to communicate with these people. Do not think that we go to the trouble to develop an instrument so that we can contact a few people. Everything that we do is for a purpose, and as you have been told in the past, there is a great plan involving your entire planet. This plan is unfolding much more rapidly than you would think with the limited viewpoint you have relative to this area that you live in. I will not speak any further about this this evening, my friends, because I would just be repeating things you have heard many times before. Let it suffice to say that when these things actually take place, then you will be sure that we have not exaggerated, and that we have not told you things just as a test. We only hope that you will be prepared for the great changes that you will experience. Prepared to the extent that you cannot only help yourselves, but be available to help many about you, who will be in much greater need of help.

I am going to leave you now, my friends, but once more I would suggest that you keep uppermost in your minds the things that you know you should be doing, the things you should be thinking, and the way you should be living. It is true that you have made much progress since this group was formed, but I am sure you are aware there is a long way to go. I will be looking forward to speaking to all of you again in the near future. May our infinite Creator give you wisdom and understanding to help you in applying these truths which we are bringing to you.

My love to each of you.

Adonai, I am Hatonn.

Wednesday, April 12, 1961

Regular Meeting

I am Hatonn. Greetings in the Light, with our love.

With my message I am trying to incorporate what was mentioned this evening in your group. Our understanding with your people has improved. We have learned new techniques in presenting our truths to your people. For you see, as your people grow in their desires for truth, we must alter our presentations. Therefore a new group will be approached in a manner different from that by which we started a group a year or so ago. We are aware that the teachings must progress with the times. That, your people have not discovered as yet. Some, but very few.

As to your various levels in the beyond, as you often refer to it, it is very difficult to pinpoint the other side, shall we say, because my friends, this is a huge Creation, and as I spoke to you the last time we met, you must think multiscopic not microscopic. You are a part of a huge whole. Greater than you can ever imagine, for there is no end. Our people have become aware of that. We have progressed and there are many, many beyond us that we do not even communicate with. However we are aware of this. I am trying to impress upon you that this very small period of time you are spending on your planet Earth is so insignificant. Yet you make so much of it, which is understandable. I am not ridiculing you. I am, however, trying to give you a small impression of what you are a part of. And you are a part, you are never separate, only in your own understanding. Complicated and complex, yes even to us, but life is beautiful, even on your planet. I am aware of many, many conditions on your planet that you consider undesirable. But only because you let them be undesirable, you recognize them as such. Rise above this, my children, rise above, and enjoy your Creation, your inheritance that your Father has given you. Don’t wallow in the lower intelligence, live in the true created intelligence.

We were all created by the One Creator and this took place at once. Not a long period of time, but immediately. And on through our evolvement some progressed rapidly, others did not. Some progressed rapidly and then returned many, many times. However I wish to announce now that the important period of your life in this Creation is right now. You must start somewhere, and you can only start now, not after or before, but now, for that my friends, is all there is.

I have enjoyed talking to you this evening and I am quite sure that I have helped some of you.

Adonai, I am Hatonn.

Wednesday, April 19, 1961

Message Through Clyde From Yuma

Good evening to you, my friends. With your kind permission I’ll spend a few moments with you this evening. I’ve been asked by the instrument and his teacher if I would give you my understanding of what you have been talking about here this evening.

In my understanding, each planet that has physical life upon it has also about it an envelope, or an atmosphere, or whatever terminology you care to use. On each planet there exists a form of life that has adapted itself to that environment and has also a certain range, or shall I say has certain ranges … I sometimes have difficulty finding the words in your language to express what I would like to say. Do you understand? I hope you will bear with me in trying to express myself in the language that is quite strange to me. However, I shall do my best … But a certain range of spiritual development. In other words, as you understand upon your planet, quite a wide range of understanding … Would that be a better word? Would that explain it better?

Questioner: Yes.

A wider range of understanding, or those who have very little understanding in this particular environment, and then it ranges on up to a certain level and there it stops. So this is true, my friends, on every planet that contains life. Therefore these particular peoples are confined to this planet and are not able to go beyond the envelope of this planet, so to speak, without a type of conveyance, or something that will protect them or that they can take their environments with them. And also this applies to the spiritual body as well as the physical body. That is why the people of Earth will not be able, in the present type of vehicle that they are working with, to go beyond the earth’s envelope. In order to do this they are going to have to have a vehicle where they can create the atmosphere that they are accustomed to and take it with them. You see the people that have come to your planet from other planets have had to go through a stage of preparation before they were able to land upon your planet and to exist here in comfort. That is how, what you call your astral range, are contained within a certain confined area in space. They are not able to go beyond this point, until they have refined both their physical and spiritual bodies...or perhaps I should say the physical....or the spiritual body, for once you have refined the spiritual body it automatically takes care of the physical, because you would not create a physical body that is … would not be able to contain your spiritual body … You understand? You understand what I am trying to say? I know that this is difficult to get into your words that are understandable.

This, my friends, is true in any planet. So you see the beings, who are in the etheric around another planet, would be of a different state of development. I do not like the terms higher or lower, for we do not think of ourselves as being a higher or lower form of being. We are all brothers in this great sea of life, each striving to reach a higher point of understanding. According to my understanding at this time, there is a long, long journey. For as I know a great deal, I do not understand and can’t conceive of beyond in the realms of higher understanding.

Life is a continual climb on the ladder of understanding. But to get back to our original subject. There are also, I understand, those planets that do not contain physical life at all upon them. That is to say, there is no life as far as living beings are concerned living upon the surface of the planet, but they are living in the bounds around this planet. And then there are those too who do not even require this, who live in space.

Each individual level of life will have its own individual type of being and this is strictly a matter of environment. We adapt ourselves to the environment in which we must live. It has been said that if a certain amount of radioactive radiation was released in the atmosphere of this planet, life would not be able to exist. And this, my friends, is true to the type of life that now exists here. But if this condition were to continue upon this planet, you would find that a form of life would develop here that could live under this condition. Nature will create for the environment which it has to deal with. This is very evident as you look about your own planet, in your animal life, your sea life, and so on. Life will adjust itself to that condition that exists there.

Have I helped you any, my friends?

Questioner: Yes.

I have tried to bring this picture to you so that it might clarify some of the questions that are on your minds.

Now, my friends, since your hour is late, and the instrument is quite fatigued tonight, I will not continue to bore you with my talking.

Questioner: You don’t bore us Yuma.

Thank you, my sister, thank you.

I would like to extend my thanks and my gratitude to the members of this household for accepting me, and to the rest of you for your kind indulgence. It has been my pleasure to be in your presence.

Questioner: Thank you for coming.

Now, my friends, I would like to extend to each of you my love and my blessings, and my peace. May each of you in your search for truth and understanding have great success and joy.

Good night to you, my friends.

Wednesday, April 26, 1961

Regular Meeting

I am Hatonn. I am very happy to talk to you this evening. From the beginning, as if there was a beginning, we have discovered that our created consciousness was introduced at various levels, whereby a few were endowed with a little more than others. We have arrived at this theory for it would be almost necessary to have a condition as such. By having an enlightened few, this would enable the Creation to have guidance for their enlightenment. Then you might ask, who was decided to be the enlightened few. This I am of course not quite positive of, we are only assuming, but in the process, shall we say, of Creation, any person or shall we say created consciousness, would be qualified to evolve to the point whereby they would be chosen. I am trying to be as understanding as I possibly can. One created consciousness is exactly the same as the other, or all the rest. However every created consciousness is, shall we say, tuned in to the Creation. A few were more sensitive than others, or the rest. Therefore they were able to absorb this truth, thereby giving the truth to the others. When I say a few, my friends, you must realize that we are all thinking multiscopic. Please remember that. A few under the term multiscopic would be possibly billions, not four or five. I believe you understand that. I am aware that, in the minds of each of you, this particular question was present at various times. 1 am assuming that our theory would help you with this question.

I am love. I reflect love. I and my Father are love, and I and you are love. I am aware also that our presentation of love has a very different approach to your understanding. As it was told to you, your God is love, and everyone has his or her interpretation of their God. I believe that telling your people that your God is love has been a rather empty explanation. When you think of your God, you visualize Him as a being such as you. And at times you tell yourself, no, God is Love, and yet at the same time you are not happy, shall we say, with that explanation. I will not attempt to give you an explanation of our Creator. It, I am referring to the Creator as it, when you speak of your Creator, you must remember that It is our Creator. You are the Creator. I am the Creator. We are a drop of water, and as a drop of water, we are a part of a huge body of water. We as droplets of water make up the huge body of water, therefore we as consciousness make up the Creator. Our Creation being created with love, we we refer to the Creator as love. Why do we choose the word? Our word, of course, is not love, but it has the same inference as your love. As you think of love you are aware of kindness, beauty, serenity and happiness. For when you are in love you are generally happy. This Creation was created as happiness, beauty, and serenity, and so forth. We are a part of a perfect, harmonious awareness.

What does it take to become aware? An understanding of yourself. What are you? You are part of a beautiful, harmonious existence. Always as your Creator.

I am going to leave you now, my friends. I am Hatonn.

Wednesday, May 21, 1961

Regular Meeting

Greetings in the Light, my friends. I am Oxal. Once more, my friends, it is my privilege to speak with you.

As we are sitting here in space, outside your solar vortice, continually making observations and calculations, we find that the negativity that has collected in the aura of your planet, over many generations of your peoples, is beginning to have its reactions upon your peoples and their affairs. We find a great tension growing among your people. A great unrest, but as we look farther we find that behind this unrest is a desire that is growing in the minds and consciousness of your people.

As we told you in the beginning of our contact with you, people of earth are being awakened to a choice. They are beginning to realize that there are two ways to go, and that they must make a choice. However the choice in the minds of all people is not as we would like to see it. There are those who are not using the path of service, the path of light, love and understanding. But many too are those who are coming into the realization that to follow a path other than the path of service to humanity would be folly. And also in the mind of these is being raised a realization that they must be freed from the shackles that have bound them for so many generations.

And so you see a great movement beginning to take place among your peoples. A movement to free themselves from the bondage of which they have found themselves victims. But the realization of the true desire that lurks within their hearts has not yet come into the consciousness of most of them. A realization that burns deep within, that has not yet been recognized for what it is. And this, my friends, is a desire that burns within the hearts of all mankind: to truly know who and what he is. To come into a true realization of the inner man, of what it is, and what he consists of, and what his desires and abilities are. Earthman has not yet come into the realization that he himself is a great spiritual being endowed with great powers to create, that he carries within him the full power of his Creator. If man but comes into a slight realization of this, he is on his way to new heights in understanding, to new heights of experience, to experiences that are beyond his fondest dreams.

The search for truth, my friends, is a long search, but as man treads the corridors of time with a realization that he has locked within him all knowing, and realized that each moment, each experience, is bringing him nearer and nearer to some of the great realizations that he is destined to experience. We who have experienced somewhat more than Earthman, perhaps have a greater appreciation of what lies ahead. Yet our understanding of this great power that lies beyond is only slight. We too are searching for higher and greater truths. We realize how we too must search and grow. We also realize that those who have stepped beyond us in understanding are reaching back to give us a helping hand. And therefore we also must reach down and give a helping hand to our brothers who have not yet reached our level of understanding.

Man must grow by his own efforts. The more effort he puts forth the more he can be helped. So you see, beloved friends, it is important for each man to realize the importance of his own efforts in his spiritual growth. Earthman has reached the point where he must grow spiritually. Many civilizations have come and gone upon your planet. The failure of each civilization has been its lack of balance. Man has not kept pace with his spiritual growth and understanding. Man seems prone to put forth great efforts to achieve scientific advancement, and to neglect his spiritual growth. Thus the balance becomes more and more unbalanced. And soon man has achieved scientific knowledge, but lacks the spiritual understanding to handle the powers that he finds himself in possession of. Thus he brings destruction upon himself. Earthman again stands at this point. We hope to be able to bring into man’s heart a realization of these things, that he may bring about his own salvation.

We do not want to intervene in the affairs of Earthman, and we sincerely hope it will not be necessary, but for the good of your system, your solar system, it is possible that this might have to be done. But we shall do everything in our power to bring man into the realization of what he must do to bring about his own salvation. And believe me when I say many minds that are in high places in your civilization are not easy to influence. The greed for power has so possessed their hearts that they are not easy to reach, and Earthman is going to find it necessary to pass through some very unpleasant experiences in order to bring these realizations into his heart. But these things are only the results of man’s own actions. They are only the workings of the law. For universal law is so constructed that it brings about its own reaction, and no one escapes the law.

My friends, I leave you by extending to you the love, the light and the understanding of my people.

I am Oxal.

Friday, June 23, 1961

Greetings! I greet you beloved friends in the love and light of the infinite Creator. I am Hatonn.

With your permission, I should like to speak for a few moments tonight upon the importance, some of the techniques and some of the preparation for meditation.

My friends, there is nothing more important in the life of man, both in the physical, chemical life in which you live now or upon any other plane of existence than meditation. Meditation is man’s time to withdraw from the normal functions of whatever plane of life he may be in at the time, and to attune himself with the cosmos. To use the energies, to gain wisdom and understanding—to take in so to speak, that he might come out, go forth and give in service to his fellowman.

In the first place, it is necessary to discipline one’s self, to some extent, and set aside a certain time each day for this practice and you will never become proficient at the art of meditation unless you practice consistently. It is not enough to practice this art once a week or once a month, or even every few days, but this should become a daily ritual. For unless you do this, your progress shall be slow in mastering the art.

Once you have become proficient in the art, you can spend much less time for you reach the state of contact with the Infinite Mind much more quickly. As man starts to practice the art of meditation, he should also attempt or perhaps I should say that he should immediately begin to bring his own life into order. For unless you bring your own house into order, you will find great difficulty in mastering this art. For to withdraw from that which is uppermost in your intellect, your mind, you will find that it is necessary to have there the higher thoughts—for it is much easier to drift away from thoughts of love, peace and joy into the silence than it is to release thoughts of anxiety and fear.

Thus as man brings his house to order, he finds he is more quickly able to quiet himself and to drift into the silence, immerse himself in the light of creation and merge with the One Great Mind. In the early stages of going into the silence, you will find it helpful if you will concentrate upon something. Many techniques are used—your Yogis concentrate upon what they call the “third eye,” others concentrate upon a light of one type or color. This is not of great importance, but only an aid to help you release yourself and draw yourself away from the racing conscious mind. But on the other hand do not attempt to force the thoughts of your conscious mind to cease, for in doing this you only build a tension.

Relaxation and letting go of all conscious or perhaps intellectual things would be a better term; as these things are released you find your inner consciousness taking on an awareness—an awareness of many things. An awareness of your physical body as you have never been aware of it before. You become conscious in certain stages of every cell of the physical body and each cell seems to take on an awareness of its own. In other words you become aware from head to foot, yet it is not an awareness as you know it through the intellectual mind.

As you move forward in this practice, becoming ever more conscious of the “Inner Things,” you find you are becoming conscious of the “Universal Mind.” You are tuning in with Intelligence and Wisdom and Knowledge begins to flow to you in ever increasing amounts.

It is possible my friends through this technique of Meditation to attune yourself to anything or any Being. There are those who through long periods of devotion are able to attune themselves and communicate with plant life, with animal life, or most anything you could name, for consciousness—beloved friends—is everywhere and you are attuning yourself to the consciousness.

As you meditate, keep the spine straight and erect, for the energies that flow through to you will flow more freely. The spine in the physical structure is the center of your Being and all the cosmic energies that come to you must flow through these centers. By keeping it straight and erect you allow for free flow of energy to your Being and the results shall be greater. Many have the difficulty of wanting to sleep in meditation. Perhaps not wanting to sleep, but they find that the physical gives way or the mental rather gives way to the physical and you find yourself going into slumber. But this can be avoided by using the concentration method and by keeping yourself in good posture for meditation. For only through good posture can the cosmic energies reach you in proper proportions.

My friends I must leave you now. May each of you through your efforts in the search for Truth reach great heights in your climb for Understanding. And may each of you soon master the Art of Meditation so that you might reach the point of rapidly attuning yourself with the “Infinite Mind” whenever you desire.

Adonai [1], my friends, Adonai. Vasu Borragus [2].

I am Hatonn.


[1] Goodbye.

[2] Love Brothers.

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