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Home of The Law of One material, L/L Research is a non-profit organization dedicated to discovering and sharing information to aid in the spiritual evolution of humankind.

L/L Research freely offers virtually everything it has ever channeled, written, or created through this website. This includes more than 1,500 channeling transcripts, a dozen published books, newsletters, speeches, journals, and more.

To access this material, please visit the Library section of this website.

To connect with others and discuss this material in forums, chat rooms and blogs, or to subscribe to our newsletters, please visit our community website,

To visit Jim McCarty's daily blog, The Camelot Journal, click here.

To read The Blogworthy Report a weekly update on the work of L/L Research by Gary Bean and Austin Bridges, click here.

To read a more thorough orientation to this website, please visit our home page.



Note about this website: If you look at this site and think to yourself this looks like an old website, you would be correct, this is an old website. It was built in the ancient world of the mid-90s. The website is however updated regularly—L/L Research is very active and alive—and we are in the midst of slowly building a brand new, much more dynamic site. Stay tuned.


Translations of L/L Research material

Bulgarian: За български превод на Закона за Единството, моля кликнете тук.
За български превод на други преписи на ченълинги, кликнете тук.
Chinese: 閱讀一的法則原版書籍 - 中文版,請點擊這裡
閱讀Ra接觸:教導一的法則 - 中文版,請點擊這裡
閱讀活出一的法則(首部曲) - 中文版,請點擊這裡
閱讀UFO解密 - 中文版,請點擊這裡
Czech: Pro český překlad Zákona jednoty prosím klikněte zde.
Dutch: Als u Engels naar Nederlands kunt vertalen, klik dan hier.
French: Pour accéder à la traduction en français de "Le Contact Ra: La Loi Une enseignée", cliquez ici.
Pour accéder à la traduction en français de "La Loi Une", cliquez ici.
Pour accéder à la traduction en français de "Comment vivre La Loi Une Niveau 1", cliquez ici.
Pour accéder à la traduction en français de "Vade mecum du pèlerin errant", cliquez ici.
Pour accéder à la traduction en français de "Un ministère donquichottesque", cliquez ici.
Pour accéder à la traduction en français de "OVNI – Les messages", cliquez ici.
Pour accéder aux transcriptions des séances de channeling ici.
German: Für die deutsche Übersetzung "Der Ra-Kontakt: Das Gesetz des Einen lehren" von "The Ra Contact: Teaching the Law of One" hier klicken.
Für die deutsche Übersetzung "Das Gesetz des Einen" von "Law of One" hier klicken.
Für die deutsche Übersetzung "Das Gesetz des Einen leben: Die Wahl" von "Living the Law of One 101: The Choice" hier klicken.
Für die deutsche Übersetzung "Stimmen des Bündnisses" von "Voices of the Confederation" hier klicken.
Für die deutsche Übersetzung anderer Channeling-Abschriften hier klicken.
Hebrew: לתרגום של תמלילי התקשרות הקלק כאן.
Hungarian: Az Egység Törvénye magyar nyelvû fordítása >itt< olvasható.
Indonesian: Untuk terjemahan Bahasa Indonesia, silahkan klik disini.
Italian: Per accedere alla traduzione della Legge dell'Uno in italiano, cliccare qui.
Per accedere alla traduzione italiana di altre trascrizioni di canalizzazione, cliccare qui.
Polish: Aby przejść do Polskiego tłumaczenia "Podręcznika Wędrowca", kliknij tutaj.
Aby przejść do Polskiego tłumaczenia transkrypcji przekazu, kliknij tutaj.
Portuguese: Para a tradução em português da Lei do Uno, por favor clique aqui.
Romanian: Pentru a vedea traducerea acestui material in Romana, va rugam intrati aici.
Russian Для перехода к русским переводам "Диалог с Ра: Школа Закона Одного" здесь.
Русские переводы библиотеки стенограмм находятся здесь.
Serbian: Ako želite pročitati transkripte kanalisanih poruka na srpskom jeziku, kliknite ovde.
Spanish: Para la traducción al español de la Ley del Uno, pincha aquí.
Para la traducción al español de otras transcripciones de canalizaciones, pincha aquí.
Swedish: För den svenska översättningen av Ra kontakten, vänligen klicka här.
Turkish: Ra Bilgileri kitaplarinin Türkçe çevirileri için, lütfen buraya tiklayiniz.
Ukrainian: Український переклад книги "Закон Одного: Книга 1" – тут.


Copyright © 2021 L/L Research

All rights reserved. All of the material on this website is intended for your personal use only and is protected by copyright. Please do not duplicate it for any commercial means and please do not repost it on any website, unless you have obtained prior written permission from the authors. To learn more about our copyright policy, please visit our Copyright Policy page.


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