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The L/L Research Transcripts

January 7, 1990, Sunday Meditation

Group question: The question this evening has to do, to start with, how does one maintain the attitude, and the manifestation of the attitude, of joy, and of praise and of thanksgiving, sincerely and heartfelt, when one is undergoing assaults of pain and limitation, nausea, discomfort, general run of the mill bad news? Then we will follow with other questions, concerning, perhaps, was Christ the only Son of God, what does it mean to be a Son of God?

January 21, 1990, Sunday Meditation

Group question: The question this evening has to do with the means by which those who are in mated relationships might use the mated relationship to further, not only the relationship, but also the metaphysical or spiritual growth that each wishes to accomplish within the incarnation.

February 4, 1990, Sunday Meditation

Group question: The question this evening has to do with how the various light groups around the [world], in different countries, different cultures and different religions, who are all working towards the realization of some sort of love, light or unity within their group, can blend their efforts and help to bring forth this light and unity for the entire planet.

February 11, 1990, Sunday Meditation

Group question: The question this evening has to do with the general topic of dreams. From previous information we understand that Q’uo is one who works with people in the dream state. We would like to know first of all how Q’uo works with people in the dream state, and does Q’uo work with everyone, or what are the preconditions necessary in order to have Q’uo work with you in dreams, and how can we further this process of having either Q’uo, or our own personal guides, or Higher Self, or any other helpful entity work with us in dreams? What is the benefit that we can get from this type of dream work?

February 25, 1990, Sunday Meditation

Group question: The process of evolution can be seen as the process of learning to discipline the personality, or to focus our expenditures of energy in a precise manner, one that moves us closer to our metaphysical goals. What is the nature of discipline? Does it have to be difficult and tedious? What qualities enable the strengthening of discipline? What qualities detract from the strengthening of the discipline?

March 4, 1990, Sunday Meditation

Group question: The question this evening has to do with the type of event or movement that has been happening around our planet, perhaps in the mass consciousness of the planet, with the concepts of freedom and democracy and self-determination seeming to win ascendancy in various places where they have not been in place for some time—in Eastern Europe, in the Soviet Union, South Africa, Nicaragua and elsewhere. We would like to know the principles behind this type of shifting consciousness, what has perhaps brought it about, what the potential outcome might be, and what it would mean for our planet and each of the inhabitants upon the planet.

March 11, 1990, Sunday Meditation

Group question: The question this evening has to do with what is perceived by many as the end or apocalyptic times that we live in, where there seems to be a great deal of activity both upon the physical and the metaphysical planes occurring on our planet. We see a great deal of difficulty around the world, a lot of turmoil, a lot of suffering, war, pain, misery. There is also the appearance of the Virgin Mary in various places, and other signs and symbols given to people that are interpreted in one way or another to help them deal with their own personal life and perhaps larger life as well. How can we find a meaning in, say, the appearance of the Virgin Mary in various locations around the world, and the message that she has to offer us in these times?

March 12, 1990, Intensive Meditation

Group question: We would like some information this evening about beginning the channeling process for this group of S1, M and S2, that is going to begin working as a group with the intention of developing S2 as a channel, and of being able to share information with other people through the channeling process. We would like to know the most important information for S2 and the support group to concentrate on at this time as they begin this journey.

March 13, 1990, Intensive Meditation

Laitos: We have spoken much about the preparation for channeling. It is now time to move forward into a more active mode, the mechanical learning of that which is called channeling. It is akin to teaching a child to play a simple tune upon the piano. This instrument would call such a tune, “Chopsticks.EThis we can teach. We cannot teach persistence, or a love of harmony, an assiduousness of practice.

March 18, 1990, Sunday Meditation

Group question: The question this evening is about limits. To what degree is accepting our limitations giving up, and to what degree is it freeing ourselves of unnecessary suffering?

March 25, 1990, Sunday Meditation

Group question: What is important in the spiritual life/search?

April 1, 1990, Sunday Meditation

Group question: The question this evening focuses on the points of the journey rather than the goal of the journey, how we are all in a process, and at times struggling quite mightily to meet the various challenges that come our way, whether it might be sickness or monetary problems, relationship problems, finding out exactly who we are [in] different facets of our being. We tend to focus upon making some sort of resolution and judge ourselves by how well we succeed in our own eyes at solving these problems. We would like some information this evening concerning the process and how this process works, not so much in helping us to achieve a goal, but in becoming a new type of person, a new soul, a new being by going through the process, by going through the struggle, the heroic struggle.

April 15, 1990, Sunday Meditation

Group question: The question this evening concerns how we find our spiritual path when we find it in a conscious fashion. How it is that we select the path that we do finally select? Are there forces or influences that come, not only from our current experience, but from childhood, from the way we first experience the world? Are there forces that come from before the incarnation? Do we set up, preincarnationally, choices or biases that eventually lead us to the path that we choose, or that eventually becomes ours? What are the forces that help us to choose our path and to follow it?

April 29, 1990, Sunday Meditation

Group question: No group question today. We’ll take potluck.

May 6, 1990, Sunday Meditation

Group question: The question this evening has to do with why is it that throughout all of recorded history, various cultures and religions and sects of one kind or another have all attempted to alter their consciousness by one means or another, whether it’s by drugs or dancing or singing or chanting or ohming or meditating. Why is it that humans have found it attractive, and even necessary, to attempt to alter their consciousness? Is there something within the human brain/mind condition that is lacking or searching, or what is the reason for this attempt to alter the consciousness that has been evident throughout all of recorded history and is evident to this day?

May 13, 1990, Sunday Meditation

Group question: The question this evening has to do with the concept of the division of the Creator into many, many portions, each of which seems to become an entity, or a person such as we are, and we were wondering at what point in the evolutionary process does each portion of the Creator become unique, and how does this differentiation, one portion from another in order that each becomes unique, occur? Where does it occur, how does it occur, and when we’re in this third density and we have this quality of uniqueness added to by the experiences that we have through each incarnation, when we die is there something of this Earth plane that we take with us that becomes part of that risen body that goes on in evolution? What do we retain, what do we leave behind? What is the core nature of our being?

May 20, 1990, Sunday Meditation

Group question: The question this evening has to do with man’s ability to ask questions that are quite beyond his ability to answer. This is especially true in the field of mathematics, where there is an endless array of questions that can logically be asked, but which seem to require an intellect far beyond man’s ability to answer. What kind of intellect would be necessary to answer questions of this nature, and of what value to the evolution of humankind is it to be able both to ask and to answer these kinds of question?

May 27, 1990, Sunday Meditation

Group question: The question this evening has to do with how preincarnative choices are put into motion in the incarnation. It seems very likely that the childhood experiences at an early age—at the age of seven, or ten, or somewhere around there—have the effect of influencing the child in the direction of the preincarnative choice, so that the child may be imbued with self-confidence, or a lack of self-confidence, with anger, or with compassion, with the ability to work with other people in groups, or the lack of that ability. It seems that there is a series of experiences, usually with the parents, or with brothers or sisters, or neighbors, at that age that imprints so strongly upon the child that the child then carries that imprint throughout the life, and uses that effect to work on himself either consciously or unconsciously, so that the desires and choices before the incarnation are focused on because they’re set in motion during childhood. Is this a correct assumption, and if it is, could you elaborate on how this works?

June 3, 1990, Sunday Meditation

Group question: The question this evening has to do with an experience of Carla’s that is generally applicable to anybody who’s in a situation which has a great deal of difficulty and stress in it. When one finds oneself, shall we say, up against the wall, with a lot of pain and suffering of whatever kind, and has very little ability to change the situation, no control over it, is totally at the mercy of it, how is it that it is possible for some people to maintain a faith that all is well, a faith in the Creator, and still be totally angry at the Creator and totally angry at the situation? Is this a helpful configuration for spiritual growth, and is there an explanation for such a situation, and how can the most helpful mental attitude be adopted in the situation?

June 4, 1990, Intensive Meditation

(Carla channeling): I am of the principle of Jesus the Christ, and I greet you in the full consciousness of the (inaudible). We find that that to which we wish to speak this day is of shifting and uncertain energies of confusions in being and loving, and manifesting that being and that loving.

June 7, 1990, Intensive Meditation

Meta: Because this circle is seeking the perfect in every way, it has yet varying levels of experience, for we shall move back through systems of protection. And as we speak them we ask each instrument to visualize each in his own light that [of] which we speak.

June 8, 1990, Intensive Meditation

Latwii: We ask each channel to speak that which it hears and nothing else, but to trust, once the work of tuning and challenging is done, that all will be well. For when the work is done correctly, when the challenge has been met and the baton taken, then it is that those who channel may release the integrated personality and surrender to that part of the personality that is not yet integrated, that is the deep mind. And it is from that deep mind and its analogous portion amongst your stars that we speak to you.

June 15, 1990, Intensive Meditation

Latwii: When one wishes to be of a metaphysical nature, clear and sure and lucid in being, one cannot bring to that stance metaphysical work on a personal plane that is undone, else all protection will be faulty, and the storms of the ever-going illusion of duality, which extends into fourth density, will affect the contact unreliably, but generally in somewhat of a negative fashion. In the case of this instrument it had received messages from a negative entity which it fastidiously and carefully answered. But the final communication from this entity was a psychic assault which the instrument felt but did not accept as being a portion of itself.

June 17, 1990, Sunday Meditation

Group question: The question this evening has to do with how a person is able to deal with a situation in which another person is a psychological drain to be around. This might be a person in the home, at work, it might be a situation where you find yourself having to deal with so much of yourself just to survive in the situation that it feels like you have nothing more to give, and that you’re being sucked dry, almost like a parasite or a leech is sucking the blood or the life energy out of you. How can a person find the inner strength, or the will, and the resources to continue dealing with a person or a situation that seems to take everything out of you that you’ve got?

June 20, 1990, Special Meditation

Group question: The question this afternoon has to do with the differences between the one who pursues the martyr’s path, and the one who pursues the path of the mystic. What are the similarities, what are the differences?

June 23, 1990, Special Meditation

Group question: The question today has to do with the concept of forgiveness. What is the purpose of forgiveness, what is the method of forgiveness, and who needs the forgiveness in any situation?

June 24, 1990, Sunday Meditation

Group question: The question this evening has to do with how we make our way through the illusion, working with the catalyst that we have planned for ourselves. We are assuming that we put the catalyst in place before the incarnation in the form of various experiences that make an impression upon us so that we have a basic personality with which to operate, and as we go through the incarnation this basic personality that is formed early in our lives then has a series of lessons that come in the form of various kinds of catalyst, difficulties, problems, confusions, challenges. How do we use the basic personality that we have put in place, and how do we face the catalyst when it is, as many people feel more and more, overwhelming, and seems to have no end, there seems to be little rest? Is this a function of growing older, or a part of the cycle that we’re going through now since it is so close to the end?

June 29, 1990, Intensive Meditation

We would like to work this evening upon the harmony of the group. We shall, therefore, be speaking of several subjects and moving quite often from one contact to another. We ask that each contact be scrupulous in checking our contact as it comes, and opening each contact in love and light, and naming who we are as it comes to you, and doing the same as you leave, for whatever we have to say can be summed up in two words and you know what they are: love and light. That is the thought and the material that is all that there is in this creation.

July 1, 1990, Sunday Meditation

Group question: The question this evening concerns UFO abductions. UFO abductions are occurring at an increasing rate in this country, and much is written about these “grayEentities who seem to do most of the abducting. Not only do the people who experience these abductions report profound feelings of fear as a result, but much is now being written about agreements between these gray UFOnauts and world leaders that suggest that these grays are seeking to enslave the population of this planet. As a result, many people who are consciously seeking the truth report a feeling of helplessness and hopelessness. What would you say to such people who feel that their free will is soon to be taken from them? In what perspective can we put this and any other phenomenon that seems to remove the ability to act as a free entity?

July 8, 1990, Sunday Meditation

Group question: Potluck.

July 12, 1990, Intensive Meditation

Q’uo: The experience this new channel has just had is the experience of being contacted. Normally, we would not do this with a beginning channel nor would a beginning channel be able to distinguish a first and opening greeting. However, this particular instrument has deeper gifts that are remembered in that portion of the mind that is reached in meditation, and so we thought we would give it a whirl, as this instrument would say.

July 15, 1990, Sunday Meditation

Group question: The question this evening has to do with following our path and learning lessons, dropping old patterns and developing new patterns of behavior, in the overall pursuit of the choices that were made before the incarnation by the soul and Higher Self. How do we accomplish the dropping of old patterns that we have known for so long, that have provided us with a great measure of support, and adopt new patterns of behavior when we feel that there is change that is necessary to acknowledge and to reflect in a new pattern of behavior? How do we find the assurance that the new pattern is truly our path that has congruency with the soul’s choices, and how do we release the old patterns of behavior?

July 19, 1990, Intensive Meditation

Q’uo: If you will pardon us, before we begin, we will chastise this instrument, realizing that this runs close to the Law of Confusion, but we shall have a much more difficult time using this instrument because it has allowed a level of pain to exist over many hours, which is a natural and survival-oriented blockage of energy in the red-ray center to deal with pain the physical vehicle is not intended to sustain.

We ask this instrument and all instruments to be aware of their bodily preparation, and if there must be some medication taken, anything that might be lost because of the side effect of the medication may be gained in the strength of the contact. We realize this instrument dislikes pain medication, but we ask all instruments to be responsible and to come to channeling as comfortable and rested as possible, that in rest and peace and confidence you may stride forth as your magical imperishable self, your metaphysical self, and so speak with spirits having sorted them out by the time honored method of challenging.

July 22, 1990, Sunday Meditation

Group question: The question this evening has to do with personal guides or guardians, the spirits that oversee the progress of an entity. We would like to know what is the purpose of the guides, how they function, and how we can become aware of their work and work with them in our lives.

August 5, 1990, Intensive Meditation

Q’uo: It is, as always, our great privilege to work with you and to share with this group a new seeking. When you are seeking together, you are most congruent, though it may not always seem so to you in your illusion as individuals, and we take great joy in being able to share with this congruency of seeking.

August 5, 1990, Sunday Meditation

Group question: The question this evening has to do with what Jesus meant when he was quoted as saying, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life; no one comes unto the Father lest he comes by Me.EWe need to try to balance that with the fact that when people pursue any particular spiritual path that person will construct for him or herself a unique path that may or may not—does it?—partake of this position or concept of which Jesus spoke, “The Way, the Truth and the Life.E/p>

August 12, 1990, Sunday Meditation

Group question: The question this evening has to do with the general topic of the energies that are in motion in the Middle East, why there seems to have been such turmoil and confrontation within this particular area of our planet for so many thousands of years and what exactly is the pattern of the playing out of these energies that is now continuing in the Middle East.

September 9, 1990, Sunday Meditation

Group question: The question this evening has to do with acceptance, and the ability to balance the responsibility one has in a situation that one sees as a problem. We have the ability to act, to react, to think, to analyze, to respond in different ways, and eventually, if one discovers that there is nothing that one can really do, it seems you are faced with the need to accept. How do we balance the need to accept what is in a situation with the need to have an effect upon a situation and to form the situation in a way that we think would be most helpful to ourselves or another person?

September 16, 1990, Sunday Meditation

Group question: The question this evening is a continuation of last week’s question, which was on the general topic of how one deals with a totally unacceptable person or situation when you have attempted to do everything that you know how to do. How does one balance the doing what is possible with the accepting of the situation? There seemed to be more information from Q’uo last time; we would like that information this time. Then at the end, if you have time, you might give us a little information about how Latwii and Ra have blended together to become Q’uo, just how do you do such a thing—equal parts of one, stir, bake at 350 and serve chilled, or what?

September 20, 1990, Intensive Meditation

Q’uo: It is our privilege to join this group this evening in the work of the development of the instrument, each instrument always needing the exercise in order to develop those abilities to become aware of information and the continued refining of the perception of that which is available to be transmitted. Each instrument works with a certain set of parameters that are entirely personal in nature, being composed of those qualities which comprise the active personality, the means of perception which allow the interpretation of that which lies outside of the personality structure, and the unique way that each entity has of relating the self to the external environment.

September 23, 1990, Sunday Meditation

Group question: The question this evening has to do with the situation that many people find themselves in when they have either a disease that does not yield to any kind of healing, or, perhaps, they find themselves in a situation of poverty, where they seldom have enough money to meet their expenses and are always wondering where the next meal is coming from. Oftentimes, people will say to such a person, “If you only would remove certain blockages, allow yourself to be in a certain way, then you would have plenty of money, and you would have good health.EThe question this evening has to do with the possibility—is there a deeper meaning and purpose to some diseases and to some situations of poverty where the person might have another opportunity opened by that situation rather than looking to heal or cure that particular situation of poverty or ill health?

September 30, 1990, Sunday Meditation

Group question: The question this evening has to do with why is it so difficult when we have ideals that we believe in: that God is love, that all are One, and different interpretations of how we would treat people using these ideals. Why is it so difficult to keep that ideal foremost in our mind? Why do we find ourselves slipping and having negatively oriented thoughts, talking to ourselves and others in negative terms, rather than living up to those ideals which we cherish?

October 7, 1990, Sunday Meditation

Group question: The question this evening has to do with Reiki energy. Some within the Reiki movement would say that the energy that is used in healing in the Reiki technique is a specific kind of energy that is different from the universal energy that anybody might be able to tap into at any time and use for healing. What we would like to know is, is the Reiki energy any different than this general type of energy that people use for healing, and if it is, what exactly is the difference, and how is it used? May anyone tap into that kind of energy, or must one have the specific Reiki training?

October 14, 1990, Sunday Meditation

Group question: Tonight we’re taking potluck.

October 21, 1990, Sunday Meditation

Group question: The question this evening has to do with free will. We know from the experience of others and from our own experience that the power of our will, when focused, is great, perhaps the greatest power in the universe. Considering the extreme power of the will, why is it that we do not automatically and always polarize towards service to each other and the seeking of the Creator and the serving of the Creator? Why is it that we have to work our way through so many, it seems to be, difficult choices, choices off the path of service, choices that seem to be other than service to others, realization of the self and realization of the Creator in all?

October 25, 1990, Intensive Meditation

Q’uo: We are the privileged ones. We were able to be perceived by an instrument who was able somehow to receive concepts and to speak words which we find almost entirely appropriate. We would speak to you at this time about this as each of you is attempting to channel ever better. It is well not to regard words with an idea to their having one effect upon people. It is not hypocrisy to speak in a language of those whom you come to serve. It is not hypocrisy but kindness to use no more of emotion in your expression than the circle is able to accept without invoking either fear or guilt, which is actually a kind of fear. The silence itself will teach you better than that.

October 28, 1990, Sunday Meditation

Group question: We need a sharp definition of the universe.

November 4, 1990, Sunday Meditation

Group question: The question this evening has to do with the concept of worship. What is worship, especially in regards to the one Creator? What kinds of worship are there, besides the kind that we’re familiar with in church? How does worship affect us, and how we can enhance this effect?

November 8, 1990, Intensive Meditation

Group question: The question is about faith.

November 11, 1990, Sunday Meditation

Group question: We continue on this evening with information on the concept of worship.

November 15, 1990, Intensive Meditation

Group question: The subject is “joy.E/p>

November 16, 1990, Intensive Meditation

Hatonn: We are sorry for the delay. However, this instrument spent only the requisite, appropriate time removing itself from the world of delusion and reorienting itself to the world of love. There was work to be done in the yellow ray. There was the greeting of the instrument in a new way which the instrument took the time to decipher and finish. And there was then the calming of the mind once again.

November 17, 1990, Intensive Meditation

Oxal: We are most pleased that this entity has perceived our vibration, which is not as readily received by this instrument, because of a strong bias towards wisdom upon our hearts, and a strong sense of compassion and wisdom in configurations that are not within our grasp at this time.

November 18, Sunday Meditation

Group question: The question this evening has to do with how individuals and groups, or any people that are in relationship with others, can work through the blockages that seem to get in the way of sharing as fully as possible the feeling of love, with ourselves, with each other, and with the group. How can we remove those patterns of thinking and behaving that tend to drain away, or even keep us from seeing the feeling of love and compassion for others?

November 25, 1990, Sunday Meditation

Group question: The question this evening has to do with how one can find the way of being of service that is the most appropriate for that person at that time. Are there any techniques or procedures or ways that a person could make this information more available or discover this information in any way whatsoever?

November 29, 1990, Intensive Meditation

Q’uo: Each of you works with a personal system of processing that utilizes both similar and dissimilar means of interpreting catalyst. Each is able to make a certain kind of sense, shall we say, out of those activities that occur as part of the day’s natural rhythm, that many entities, less aware of the evolutionary process, fail to notice or would notice in ways which would not be to the heart of the meaning and purpose of the catalyst. This is not unusual, for most entities will satisfy themselves with penetrating but the outer shell of experience and in this way will remain somewhat at a distance from the transformative effects of catalyst that has been well used.

December 2, 1990, Sunday Meditation

Group question: The question this evening: what happens, from the metaphysical view, as a channel and supporting group begin to receive a positive contact? What happens in the way of attracting negative temptations and attention, and why do so many groups end up with such a strange mix of information?

December 16, 1990, Sunday Meditation

Group question: The question this evening has to do with what Q’uo would say to a person who is just beginning the search into the area of metaphysics. What are the salient, most important concerns? What should you focus on, and are there any things that we should not consider, should avoid? What should be the most important considerations of a person who is just beginning the conscious seeking into the area of metaphysics and the so-called New Age phenomena?

December 30, 1990, Sunday Meditation

Group question: The question this evening has to do with what may be various stages or steps in the path of seeking. When the first feeling of passion for a path occurs, it seems like the seeking is more active in a worldly sense, and then it either begins to cool or calm down, it mellows with age. Is this due to a passage through the energy centers and differing kinds of expression of this passion then coming forth, is it due to getting tired and having old age set in, or is it due to perhaps natural progression of the stages of seeking? Is there a progression of this kind, where an entity is more on fire to start with and then begins to move more inwardly as the path continues?

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